Friday, December 10, 2010

The Importance Of Original Content When Marketing Online

There are so many programs and automated software out on the web that promises amazing articles. They will either write an article for you or take an article you have written and spin it into a unique article which you can submit to all the top article directories again. People are spending hundreds of dollars on these programs not understanding the power of a unique article. If you spend the time doing creating your own articles rather than having a spinner or creator do the work you are guaranteed better results. I understand that there are many people out on the web hoping to make money online without working every day, but article spinning is not the way to go. When you write your own content on a regular basis it will become easier and easier. One problem though is when people begin running out of ideas they don’t realize they need to be learning more about their niche so they have material for new unique articles.

The most common use of article spinning will be for a person’s internet marketing campaign. They will want articles they can submit to article directories. There are some lower class article directories that probably won’t actually read the entire article before publishing them. The problem with these article directories is they will not bring in the amount of publishers you need to succeed. If you tried to submit a spun article to one of the major article directories such as they would quickly decline the article. I find that with these top directories not only do they read the article they go as far as checking the links in the resource box making sure the links follow their guidelines. People don’t realize that a software program cannot write nearly as well as a person. Yes they can switch out sentences and words making the article look new, but they cannot make the article contain the same substance as a human written article. You may think that you can use the software to submit your spun articles to lower class article directories, but these directories will not have the same power in the search engines and will not help your article spread.

You may think that you cannot write unique articles consistently. This is a fear for many new webmasters and bloggers, but this is a unrealistic fear. Anyone can learn how to write articles on their niche if they are willing to practice. One important thing to do is read the publishers within your niche. The more you read the better your writing will become. You will learn how to express different ideas from these publishers. Spelling and grammar is another difficulty people struggle with including myself. They way I have overcome this is by using a quality word processor such as Microsoft Word. The great thing about writing for the web is quality writing is not determined by the level of technical writing skill, but rather the voice or personality of the writer.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

List of Lenses and Article Directory Update

I know the title may be somewhat confusing, but what this post is about is giving a list of all my squidoo lenses which you may find helpful and letting you know I have updated my list of article directories. Anyway here is a link to the new improved updated List of Article Directories

Here is a list of my Squidoo Lenses:

Get Google Page One

The Easy Internet Business

Review Of Donnie Darko

Review Of The Mummy

How To Optimize A Brand New Website

Getting One Way Links

Learn Real Internet Marketing

Paid To Read Email

Paid To Take Surveys

Learn About Google Adsense

Room For Online Business Growth

Create an Online Business

Make Money Free and Avoid Scams

Put Google Adsense On Your Blog

Do Not Purchase SEO Services

Relationship Between Google And Backlinks

Expanding Your Online Business With Niche Websites

How To Market A Forum

Understanding Blog Readership

High Paying Surveys

Automated Blog Software

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites

How To Start A Forum

3 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Finding Online Business Ideas

Well these are all of my little squidoo lenses and they range from every little side project I have ever wanted to create. I have done reviews on books I have read and movies I have watched. The majority are articles which were reformatted into a lens format then published on squidoo so you may recognize some of the work on these lenses. I would like to take note on how I use the lenses to market other lenses and use the RSS feed module to market this blog. Now for the majority of marketing I heavily rely on article directories which you can see at the very beginning of this post, but also the Free Traffic System

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Moving This Blog

Well for some reason or another Google will not rank this blog. It is possible that it is banned or some other issues have happened. Anyway I am going to set up the exact same blog with the same set up. I am going to keep the old posts on this blog, but all new posts will be written on a wordpress engine on my own domain. Personally I feel like telling Google to bite me, but I guess it is not their fault they can't index the blog. I have never had the problem of having every sub page indexed, but the root URL not indexed so I am going to move. I will be spending the rest of the night setting up a brand new wordpress blog and I hope to see everyone over there for future posts. I will edit this post to add the link to the new blog.

Hey guys I have the URL though no content yet I will work on getting at least one post by tommorow:) Anyway here is the URL where I will continue this blog at my online business blog

Work With Google Not Against

When people try to build a marketing campaign that leads to free web traffic they will sometimes make the mistake of thinking that the only way to gain this traffic is through beating Google. This is not the case if you work with whitehat methods to increase traffic not going up against Google or trying to trick the search engine it is possible to reach the top for many different key terms. One thing is certain those who get away with tricking Google using blackhat methods will reach the top and receive some traffic the problem with using the techniques is when Google realizes that the website has tricked them they usually will be banned. If you get banned the only way to be re-indexed by Google is to remove all black hat seo techniques and then submit a request which usually takes over a month and is not a guarantee for re-inclusion. If you spent years working on a website then implemented a dirty technique all the years of work could possibly go to waste and the income that you were making from the website would disappear.

When you start out building a website you should consider Google from the very first line. Include the title tag with the title or closely related keywords that represent your website then fill in the keyword and description meta tags. You should do this for not only the root domain, but also all sub pages. When writing content for your website make sure that you put keywords throughout the page and in headings. If your website is about fishing then putting the keywords “fish”, “fishing”, “learn how to fish”, “how to fish”, will not be hard to put in. If there is no room for the keyword then think about creating a sub page for that word or term. You should use Google’s adwords keyword tool to find the best keywords which have the most traffic. When you are putting keywords into your site there is a couple things you should keep in mind. The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you are not stuffing keywords meaning don’t repeat the keyword over and over make sure the density of the keyword does not go over ten percent. The second mistake many internet marketers make when trying to SEO a website is not worrying about the readability of the website. Never under any circumstances sacrifice the readability of your website for keywords or any other SEO technique your visitors should always come first.

The next thing you will want to do is build links slowly and naturally. Don’t jump into link farms they are a waste of time and will place your website into the spam category of the web. When link building stick with reputable websites that have a decent amount of time and page rank behind them. Some of these websites include digg, prlog, and v7n forums. All three of these allow you to build links and all have a good name meaning the links that they send out to websites will be of high quality. Articles are another great way to get links write plenty of articles and submit them to the free traffic system and Ezine articles. If you do these things regularly you will reach the top of Google and be able to make money online free.

Tips On Blog Commenting

Well I run a few blogs some that I write for and some I just manage and enjoy the income for. One thing is I moderate all the comments on all the blogs. Now when you comment on a blog such as this one which has the no follow removed and allows keywords in the name box meaning you get a keyword targeted do follow backlink it is a good idea to actually read the post. If I get something like Great Post! Very informative I will return soon! I am going to delete it immediately. I have used comment kahuna which is blog commenting software and I know what general comments look like. If you want to get your comment published then first read the full post not skimming. Then take a minute to absorb the information and post a useful thoughtful comment.

If you really want to get your comment published then bring up something within the post. If someone wanted to comment on this post they could say "good post on blog commenting I did or didn't agree with taking time to absorb the information" or whatever part of the post you want to bring up. This tells me that you actually read the post and remembered at least one point brought up in the post.

You should also not be to concerned with if a blog has the no follow attribute or not. The point of blog commenting is not to increase your backlinks, but rather increase your network "who you know". If you were to comment on my blog for a while then asked if you could guest post by emailing me asking to guest post and including the actual post showing that it is done. I would of course give you full credit, but I would only publish the article if you had been hanging around the blog for a while. Anyway just a few tips.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little On Interlinking

Well for now I am going to get into the personal aspects of this blog. First and foremost I could not beleive the fact that this blog did not gain it's PR back with the newest update last week or the week before. I am not sure why or how, but the 1,500 links could not even provide a PR of 0. On the other hand my Internet Marketing Forum jumped up to a page rank of two and my website Make Money Online also jumped up to two page rank. My root domain jumped up to page rank of 1 without anything done to it. Yet this blog that had a PR of 2 months ago has had nothing the last two updates. I know some of you may be thinking that it got banned for some reason or another, but when I checked Google and Yahoo they showed that every post that I write and the main domain help their page rank. Personally I think that I have been marketing the hell out of my other websites not really having time to build links towards this page which is why. Either way I just wanted to catch you guys up if you have any suggestions please leave a comment on with the post.

Now when I say interlinking what I am referring to is the links from one of your websites to the others. This has been called a link wheel, but personally I like to only put websites in my blog posts or on my websites that I think will help the visitor to that presence. Now if I have a new website such as the one I have just began marketing which is called Free Web Traffic. This is going to be one of my bigger websites I started out with a four page website really basic just listing the ways to gain more traffic. It of course has links to the resources that I use, but what I am planning to do with it is add a few dozen tutorials covering the basics of SEO, Link Building, and Social Marketing. Now I wanted this website indexed quickly so I put links on everything I own and created a few different presences to support it such as a hub page.

Anyway all four pages are indexed though they don't come up for their keywords yet. The main income for this website will be Google adsense and now that is has been indexed I will be building backlinks very slowly for the next few months. If you are curious why slowly at first look at the post before this one called Overcoming Google Sandbox. I go over why they first few months should be a restful period only making sure that Google has indexed your website. Now after these months I will build a few hundred links and only continue building if Google drops the site. After these months I will then launch a full fledge internet marketing campaign to try and hit the top of Google. It is much easier to reach the top of Google with an older site and if the site does has age then it is much easier to hold a high SERPs position. I will with the link building be adding the tutorials to show Google the site is growing and becoming more useful to readers. After a while the traffic will stablize and I will know my set income. I am not planning on holding the top of Google for free web traffic or free website traffic since:

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

Has the number one spot and will not be going anywhere for a very long time. I will attempt to become second for the key terms. Anyway after I begin marketing hard I will remove the backlinks to the website that are from websites that are not in the same niche. If the website does not have anything to do with internet marketing or internet business I will not have a link to the free web traffic site. I only want relevant links that will actually help. Anyway I am going to attempt to gain upto PR 3 and the top of Google for this site with a constant supply of keyword filled backlinks. Please if you have questions on this matter such as when or how to link your websites leave a comment.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Overcoming The Google Sandbox

This idea came to me recently after doing some searches for my newest website Make Money Online I found even though I have enough backlinks and content to show up my website does not have the time. So what I will be doing in the next six months to a year with this website is building a link or two weekly making sure the website does not get de indexed (Google thinks it is dying). I will add content on the wordpress blog I installed with the site maybe a post a week or so nothing real big just enough to let Google know it is growing. That is it "the big plan". Now it may not seem very big to someone that does not know about what it means to be an internet marketer, but if you know about Google you know they don't trust new websites. You must prove yourself with time and once Google and other search engines knows you are here to say then your marketing will not go to waste.

Sponsor Website (The Website I Use To Market My Websites):

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For those new bloggers and webmasters out there here is some tips that will help you save time rather then waste. If you start a blog build a few hundred links making sure that Google indexes your blog. Over the next year make sure to post new and helpful content often, but do not worry about search engine placement or backlinks. If Google does not keep your home URL in their index then go ahead and build a few hundred new links to get re indexed. Over a years time you should have at least a few hundred good quality posts with great information. It is after this first year that you want to begin your link building campaign. This is the time to go all out and build thousands of good quality one way links that are optimized for your keywords. It is now the time to really attempt to take the top of SERPs for your niche and start building an income through traffic generation.

Now for a webmaster who has their website complete and ready to go they are not able to write post after post since they will not have a blog. For these people they will need to build a few hundred backlinks making sure their website is indexed. That is it they are done for the next six months to a year. Only check to see if your website is still indexed do not worry about traffic or position for a certain term. This is the time to let Google build trust towards your website. Now with a webmaster rather than writing hundreds of post during the wait they can build more websites which will increase their network and reach.