Saturday, October 17, 2009

The "Bad Places" or "Bad Neighborhoods"

One of the discussions around the web marketing forums is what types of websites to stay away from. These are called the “bad places” and “bad neighborhoods” and when performing SEO and e-marketing these places should be avoided. There are a few different types of bad places and there are also different levels of bad where some will not do much damage if you link to them yet others will actually hurt your website and make you drop within the SERPs. Notice how I say link too rather than get links from this is because no matter where the links are coming in they will not hurt. If you link towards a bad place then you will see a drop within the SERPs. Black hat seo is the reason that links towards a website do not hurt it, back when Google cared who linked to you black hat seors would place their competitors links on spammy places. This is no longer the case and Google does not care which links are pointing to you they will never hurt, but some will not help. What is looked at thoroughly is the links which you place on your web presence so if you have a website on blog be sure to look through the links that you place on your site being sure that the site will not only be helpful to your visitors, but also does not have more out links than in links.

Before we get much further discussing who to link to lets talk about what a bad place is. There is two different types of bad places the first being “bad” such as immoral which by the way is looked down upon by Google. If you run a porn site or drug site don’t expect to be getting visitors unless you SEO the site correctly. Google has pulled Porn sites from the rank no longer can you type in a very obscure keyword which has nothing to do with porn and have tons of porn sites come up. Don’t get me wrong if you correctly seo your site and build links from the appropriate sources you will do good. Now the second and much more seo unfriendly type of bad place is spammy places such as the Viagra, make money, and other niches which have a bad rap for being really spammy. I have found after running a make money site it is quite hard not only to get people to link to me, but to move up at all within the serps. I of course understand why others are somewhat scared of linking to me and why I must work so hard to keep my top page serps. So any place that is spammy such as porn, gambling, Viagra, make money, and many more stay away and never link to. Remember Google will judge your website by the links you point out to so if you would like Google to see you in a good light it would be a good idea to keep good links rather than crap.

Now that we have a good understanding of what the bad places are remember that any website which has many more out links than in will probably be looked down on by Google. There are some exceptions, but the majority will be looked down on. If there is no manual review of the link then the link is worthless and you should not link to them for any reason unless you yourself are running a link farm. Remember be careful out there if Google does not like you more than likely they will not change their mind so try your best to follow the best path.


  1. Very well said Kris. We should take extra care about whom we are linking to. Its almost equivalent to referring somebody and if they are not credible enough then it will spoil our reputation. Thats the same principle search engine uses also. I use on of my friend's tool to check how spammy is the link check. You can also have a look at it if you are interested. Below is the link.

    Also we should have an eye on the no of links found on a page from where we intend to get a link to our site. A page which has more than 100 external links is not worthy.

  2. I don't agree that inbound links don't hurt you. Maybe not directly, but if you are trying to get inbound links that are from "bad neighborhoods" you are hurting yourself by wasting your time. Maybe its a link but a search engine won't put any value on it. Your time is better spent finding high quality links.

  3. Very well said CC you should try to gain the best quality links possible. Of course is this was easy there would be no need for low or moderate quality link sources. Personally I always have my eyes out for the best, but will settle for any place which allows me a link. Ever since I reached the top of Google for a few keywords I get 5-10 link requests daily since doing rep links requires me to place a link on my site I usually turn them down. Thank you for commenting.