Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get On Facebook and Start Making Friends

Facebook has well over 200 million people on it and lets you use your page however you please. This is important for us internet marketers and rather than having the majority kids adults tend to be on facebook frequently why is this important you may ask well for the majority of us anyone under 18 falls out of our target audience since they "usually" can not sign up for programs or they do not have a credit card. So you want to begin networking with people or have an interface for your customer or traffic base for this I would highly recommend Facebook.

Once you have your facebook page go to your profile and use that URL to point others to become your friend. If you look through my side bar on the right side of this blog you will see a link which says "Join Me On Facebook" click it add me as a friend and I will of course do the same. This is one of the easiest ways to get to know your traffic and in the world of affiliate marketing usually your referrals will need help no matter what program you are selling or product you are selling.

I have also found facebook fun as well and a great way to spend time. I can chat with others making actual friends. I also love the games on face book. Right now I play Mafia Wars and Evony every day they are both great ways to break up the monotony of internet marketing letting me break up the long days. This is a great resource for us it only takes minutes to set up so if you are an internet marketer and not on facebook today is the day.

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  1. I agree with you...Facebook has drastically alter the face of social networking had made the sharing of information much easier and faster...I have to admit, I'm so hooked with Facebook now and also the different games you can play Country Story and Social City.