Sunday, October 4, 2009

Social Media and Search

Being an internet marketer for quite a few years I have heard many people talk about the incorporation of social media into Googles algo. I have thought and thought about the subject, but find that with the majority of social medias using No Follow and usually redirecting the URL this will probably be unlikely. Even the place where millions went to get there first backlink and get indexed into Google quickly is no longer webmaster friendly. My guess is that this is because of the importance which Google places on outgoing vs. incoming links. If your outgoing links are above your incoming links then expect to see an adverse affect on your SERPs placement and Page Rank. This incorporated with the amount of junk and spam which social sites are filled with leads me to believe that Google and other major search engines will not be looking to the social medias to find which sites are carrying the most important.

Now I would like to discuss what I have noticed which is a little different and have in common with The Free Traffic System. You can have a hundred thousand backlinks and still be at the bottom of the search engines. This happens because you are not creating and new links. Now they I wouldn't say believe this but have theorized it. I personally put the plan into action leaving a site which was at the top of the search engines for many different keywords for months watching it fall deep into the SERPs. I made sure to keep track of my competition and noticed that not one had more backlinks or better quality backlinks than me the only thing which separated us is they were getting new backlinks.

So when you stop building backlinks you will run into this problem. Now if you decide to let a website fall deep into the SERPs and in my case pretty much off the SERPs it is very easy to get it back. It took me two weeks to get back what a year of work got me. Something interesting is now after only a couple hundred backlinks I am doing better for super competitive keywords than I was doing before I stopped. The website which I am judging is How To Make Money Online if you want to look at it.


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