Friday, December 10, 2010

The Importance Of Original Content When Marketing Online

There are so many programs and automated software out on the web that promises amazing articles. They will either write an article for you or take an article you have written and spin it into a unique article which you can submit to all the top article directories again. People are spending hundreds of dollars on these programs not understanding the power of a unique article. If you spend the time doing creating your own articles rather than having a spinner or creator do the work you are guaranteed better results. I understand that there are many people out on the web hoping to make money online without working every day, but article spinning is not the way to go. When you write your own content on a regular basis it will become easier and easier. One problem though is when people begin running out of ideas they don’t realize they need to be learning more about their niche so they have material for new unique articles.

The most common use of article spinning will be for a person’s internet marketing campaign. They will want articles they can submit to article directories. There are some lower class article directories that probably won’t actually read the entire article before publishing them. The problem with these article directories is they will not bring in the amount of publishers you need to succeed. If you tried to submit a spun article to one of the major article directories such as they would quickly decline the article. I find that with these top directories not only do they read the article they go as far as checking the links in the resource box making sure the links follow their guidelines. People don’t realize that a software program cannot write nearly as well as a person. Yes they can switch out sentences and words making the article look new, but they cannot make the article contain the same substance as a human written article. You may think that you can use the software to submit your spun articles to lower class article directories, but these directories will not have the same power in the search engines and will not help your article spread.

You may think that you cannot write unique articles consistently. This is a fear for many new webmasters and bloggers, but this is a unrealistic fear. Anyone can learn how to write articles on their niche if they are willing to practice. One important thing to do is read the publishers within your niche. The more you read the better your writing will become. You will learn how to express different ideas from these publishers. Spelling and grammar is another difficulty people struggle with including myself. They way I have overcome this is by using a quality word processor such as Microsoft Word. The great thing about writing for the web is quality writing is not determined by the level of technical writing skill, but rather the voice or personality of the writer.

If you would like to build links with your original content check out:

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

List of Lenses and Article Directory Update

I know the title may be somewhat confusing, but what this post is about is giving a list of all my squidoo lenses which you may find helpful and letting you know I have updated my list of article directories. Anyway here is a link to the new improved updated List of Article Directories

Here is a list of my Squidoo Lenses:

Get Google Page One

The Easy Internet Business

Review Of Donnie Darko

Review Of The Mummy

How To Optimize A Brand New Website

Getting One Way Links

Learn Real Internet Marketing

Paid To Read Email

Paid To Take Surveys

Learn About Google Adsense

Room For Online Business Growth

Create an Online Business

Make Money Free and Avoid Scams

Put Google Adsense On Your Blog

Do Not Purchase SEO Services

Relationship Between Google And Backlinks

Expanding Your Online Business With Niche Websites

How To Market A Forum

Understanding Blog Readership

High Paying Surveys

Automated Blog Software

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites

How To Start A Forum

3 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Finding Online Business Ideas

Well these are all of my little squidoo lenses and they range from every little side project I have ever wanted to create. I have done reviews on books I have read and movies I have watched. The majority are articles which were reformatted into a lens format then published on squidoo so you may recognize some of the work on these lenses. I would like to take note on how I use the lenses to market other lenses and use the RSS feed module to market this blog. Now for the majority of marketing I heavily rely on article directories which you can see at the very beginning of this post, but also the Free Traffic System

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

Monday, April 12, 2010

Moving This Blog

Well for some reason or another Google will not rank this blog. It is possible that it is banned or some other issues have happened. Anyway I am going to set up the exact same blog with the same set up. I am going to keep the old posts on this blog, but all new posts will be written on a wordpress engine on my own domain. Personally I feel like telling Google to bite me, but I guess it is not their fault they can't index the blog. I have never had the problem of having every sub page indexed, but the root URL not indexed so I am going to move. I will be spending the rest of the night setting up a brand new wordpress blog and I hope to see everyone over there for future posts. I will edit this post to add the link to the new blog.

Hey guys I have the URL though no content yet I will work on getting at least one post by tommorow:) Anyway here is the URL where I will continue this blog at my online business blog

Work With Google Not Against

When people try to build a marketing campaign that leads to free web traffic they will sometimes make the mistake of thinking that the only way to gain this traffic is through beating Google. This is not the case if you work with whitehat methods to increase traffic not going up against Google or trying to trick the search engine it is possible to reach the top for many different key terms. One thing is certain those who get away with tricking Google using blackhat methods will reach the top and receive some traffic the problem with using the techniques is when Google realizes that the website has tricked them they usually will be banned. If you get banned the only way to be re-indexed by Google is to remove all black hat seo techniques and then submit a request which usually takes over a month and is not a guarantee for re-inclusion. If you spent years working on a website then implemented a dirty technique all the years of work could possibly go to waste and the income that you were making from the website would disappear.

When you start out building a website you should consider Google from the very first line. Include the title tag with the title or closely related keywords that represent your website then fill in the keyword and description meta tags. You should do this for not only the root domain, but also all sub pages. When writing content for your website make sure that you put keywords throughout the page and in headings. If your website is about fishing then putting the keywords “fish”, “fishing”, “learn how to fish”, “how to fish”, will not be hard to put in. If there is no room for the keyword then think about creating a sub page for that word or term. You should use Google’s adwords keyword tool to find the best keywords which have the most traffic. When you are putting keywords into your site there is a couple things you should keep in mind. The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you are not stuffing keywords meaning don’t repeat the keyword over and over make sure the density of the keyword does not go over ten percent. The second mistake many internet marketers make when trying to SEO a website is not worrying about the readability of the website. Never under any circumstances sacrifice the readability of your website for keywords or any other SEO technique your visitors should always come first.

The next thing you will want to do is build links slowly and naturally. Don’t jump into link farms they are a waste of time and will place your website into the spam category of the web. When link building stick with reputable websites that have a decent amount of time and page rank behind them. Some of these websites include digg, prlog, and v7n forums. All three of these allow you to build links and all have a good name meaning the links that they send out to websites will be of high quality. Articles are another great way to get links write plenty of articles and submit them to the free traffic system and Ezine articles. If you do these things regularly you will reach the top of Google and be able to make money online free.

Tips On Blog Commenting

Well I run a few blogs some that I write for and some I just manage and enjoy the income for. One thing is I moderate all the comments on all the blogs. Now when you comment on a blog such as this one which has the no follow removed and allows keywords in the name box meaning you get a keyword targeted do follow backlink it is a good idea to actually read the post. If I get something like Great Post! Very informative I will return soon! I am going to delete it immediately. I have used comment kahuna which is blog commenting software and I know what general comments look like. If you want to get your comment published then first read the full post not skimming. Then take a minute to absorb the information and post a useful thoughtful comment.

If you really want to get your comment published then bring up something within the post. If someone wanted to comment on this post they could say "good post on blog commenting I did or didn't agree with taking time to absorb the information" or whatever part of the post you want to bring up. This tells me that you actually read the post and remembered at least one point brought up in the post.

You should also not be to concerned with if a blog has the no follow attribute or not. The point of blog commenting is not to increase your backlinks, but rather increase your network "who you know". If you were to comment on my blog for a while then asked if you could guest post by emailing me asking to guest post and including the actual post showing that it is done. I would of course give you full credit, but I would only publish the article if you had been hanging around the blog for a while. Anyway just a few tips.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little On Interlinking

Well for now I am going to get into the personal aspects of this blog. First and foremost I could not beleive the fact that this blog did not gain it's PR back with the newest update last week or the week before. I am not sure why or how, but the 1,500 links could not even provide a PR of 0. On the other hand my Internet Marketing Forum jumped up to a page rank of two and my website Make Money Online also jumped up to two page rank. My root domain jumped up to page rank of 1 without anything done to it. Yet this blog that had a PR of 2 months ago has had nothing the last two updates. I know some of you may be thinking that it got banned for some reason or another, but when I checked Google and Yahoo they showed that every post that I write and the main domain help their page rank. Personally I think that I have been marketing the hell out of my other websites not really having time to build links towards this page which is why. Either way I just wanted to catch you guys up if you have any suggestions please leave a comment on with the post.

Now when I say interlinking what I am referring to is the links from one of your websites to the others. This has been called a link wheel, but personally I like to only put websites in my blog posts or on my websites that I think will help the visitor to that presence. Now if I have a new website such as the one I have just began marketing which is called Free Web Traffic. This is going to be one of my bigger websites I started out with a four page website really basic just listing the ways to gain more traffic. It of course has links to the resources that I use, but what I am planning to do with it is add a few dozen tutorials covering the basics of SEO, Link Building, and Social Marketing. Now I wanted this website indexed quickly so I put links on everything I own and created a few different presences to support it such as a hub page.

Anyway all four pages are indexed though they don't come up for their keywords yet. The main income for this website will be Google adsense and now that is has been indexed I will be building backlinks very slowly for the next few months. If you are curious why slowly at first look at the post before this one called Overcoming Google Sandbox. I go over why they first few months should be a restful period only making sure that Google has indexed your website. Now after these months I will build a few hundred links and only continue building if Google drops the site. After these months I will then launch a full fledge internet marketing campaign to try and hit the top of Google. It is much easier to reach the top of Google with an older site and if the site does has age then it is much easier to hold a high SERPs position. I will with the link building be adding the tutorials to show Google the site is growing and becoming more useful to readers. After a while the traffic will stablize and I will know my set income. I am not planning on holding the top of Google for free web traffic or free website traffic since:

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

Has the number one spot and will not be going anywhere for a very long time. I will attempt to become second for the key terms. Anyway after I begin marketing hard I will remove the backlinks to the website that are from websites that are not in the same niche. If the website does not have anything to do with internet marketing or internet business I will not have a link to the free web traffic site. I only want relevant links that will actually help. Anyway I am going to attempt to gain upto PR 3 and the top of Google for this site with a constant supply of keyword filled backlinks. Please if you have questions on this matter such as when or how to link your websites leave a comment.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Overcoming The Google Sandbox

This idea came to me recently after doing some searches for my newest website Make Money Online I found even though I have enough backlinks and content to show up my website does not have the time. So what I will be doing in the next six months to a year with this website is building a link or two weekly making sure the website does not get de indexed (Google thinks it is dying). I will add content on the wordpress blog I installed with the site maybe a post a week or so nothing real big just enough to let Google know it is growing. That is it "the big plan". Now it may not seem very big to someone that does not know about what it means to be an internet marketer, but if you know about Google you know they don't trust new websites. You must prove yourself with time and once Google and other search engines knows you are here to say then your marketing will not go to waste.

Sponsor Website (The Website I Use To Market My Websites):

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

For those new bloggers and webmasters out there here is some tips that will help you save time rather then waste. If you start a blog build a few hundred links making sure that Google indexes your blog. Over the next year make sure to post new and helpful content often, but do not worry about search engine placement or backlinks. If Google does not keep your home URL in their index then go ahead and build a few hundred new links to get re indexed. Over a years time you should have at least a few hundred good quality posts with great information. It is after this first year that you want to begin your link building campaign. This is the time to go all out and build thousands of good quality one way links that are optimized for your keywords. It is now the time to really attempt to take the top of SERPs for your niche and start building an income through traffic generation.

Now for a webmaster who has their website complete and ready to go they are not able to write post after post since they will not have a blog. For these people they will need to build a few hundred backlinks making sure their website is indexed. That is it they are done for the next six months to a year. Only check to see if your website is still indexed do not worry about traffic or position for a certain term. This is the time to let Google build trust towards your website. Now with a webmaster rather than writing hundreds of post during the wait they can build more websites which will increase their network and reach.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Expanding Your Online Business Presence

Make Money Online

One mistake that webmasters make is thinking that after the completion of their first website it will make enough to support their online needs. There are a few websites that I have seen which have enough to them to support not only one, but many different webmaster the problem is with most sole webmasters this is not enough. If you create a single blog or website that is of average size 40-50 pages and begin basic internet marketing you will find the restrictive nature of only having one presence. First off when trying to gain links to a specific post or the main home page you will have nowhere to turn, but if you set up a few squidoo lenses and hub pages finding a couple quick one way backlinks for your website becomes much easier. When you are out on the web internet marketing you will usually come across websites that are social and allow you to set up profiles. I have found these types of websites very beneficial when trying to grow an online brand. When you are trying to build a business online or brand you will need to be everywhere possible and really focus on hitting your target not only through SEO, but also social medias.

When webmasters attempt to expand their online business by the creation of more unique web presences they sometimes have no idea where to start. Some of the most common places that webmasters increase their online presence I suggested in the previous paragraph (squidoo and hubpages). If you market your online business with article marketing then you have noticed that the article websites usually want you to sign up. Usually you will be able to write a bio, add a picture, and on advanced article websites such as Ezine articles you will be able to add twitter link, facebook link, and a youtube link. You can only add these links if you are in the social online world and being social online these days is mandatory for any webmaster that wants to be successful.

If you are a webmaster, but have no online portfolio which includes social media then the four websites that you will want to begin building your social presence with are facebook, twitter, youtube (buy a twenty dollar web cam and talk about your niche), and big social bookmarking websites like digg. If you are new to the online social world you will find out quickly that if you spam you lose your social power. The best way to succeed with an online social brand building campaign is to interact and try to help, be funny, or unique. These three things are great for all the social presences that I listed previously and will help you succeed in your online business. Remember the most important thing to learn about being a webmaster is the only ones that fail are the ones that give up and if you would like to learn more about marketing your business feel free to visit this internet marketing forum.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Content Creation is Important to Web Development

When I began my online business career which is about how to make money online I was told one thing by many different webmasters and bloggers which was “backlinks rank your website within major search engines”. Well this is not exactly true and in most cases backlinks only have a small effect on where a website will be placed. If you go into the news niche up against major companies such as cnn and forbes you will find that constant update of fresh content is much more important than gaining new text links. I am guessing if the content on the news site is good enough the story will be linked to from related blogs trying to provide their readers within informative content as well as major websites within the niche. Now if you are in a more static niche such as literature, history, or something similar where there is not always new news then backlinks from authoritative websites will be what drives websites to the top of search engines. In most cases though it will be a mix of the two content creation and link development.

A problem with quite a few webmasters and bloggers is they are not sure the amount of content they should be adding to their website. Personally I have found when blogging 5-14 weekly posts is suitable to sustain enough content to keep a blog on top of Google. When creating content write about things you think people will want to look up such as how tos and list of. These kind of titles are typed into Google all the time and if you get a post to the top of Google for a well searched term then you will see a good jump in traffic. Another important thing to do when working on a blog or other web presence is make sure that the URL is well SEO’d. What this means is if you have a blog in your control panel make sure that you pick the permalink that shows the post title rather than just a bunch of random characters. If you have a website then when saving make sure to give relevant names to the folders and save the file with the title of the subpage rather than something like page1. If you put the title which should be the search term for the page it will have a much better chance for ranking high within the serps.

Now after you create content and post it on your blog or website that is not it. Content is one of the greatest marketing tools on the web today and if you want to get loyal readers or visitors then content marketing is a must. There are many different places which you can gain exposure for your work. After the completion and publication of your article on your presences the next step will be publishing your work on top article directories and using social bookmarking. Websites such as digg let you submit every article you create and as long as it is good quality you will probably gain some votes and traffic. You can also use forums within your niche and let people know if for example you write an article on internet marketing you could come to my internet marketing forum post a link and a description and ask the members what they think about it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best Link Creation Method

As a webmaster who is driven by the want to succeed with search engines and really make money online there is one thing that I have found beats out most others and that is link creation. When I started my online career I did not care where I got the links so I began submitting to any website that would accept URL’s including link farms and ffa pages. Well this quickly lead to my website being banned (pretty much the worst thing a webmaster can experience). I did not know what to do so I started a new website dedicated to the same niche “make money online”. Rather than repeat the same mistake I took a few months and read everything I could about the correct method of link creation and white hat internet marketing. I had no idea there was a right and wrong path when you are trying to get to the top of Google and I was a little irritated by the fact that Google only liked websites that had links from relevant high authority websites.

The webmaster forums were a great way to start the search for relevant high authority one way links. I asked all the experienced webmasters and every time I got two answers on how to accomplish this task. The first way to accomplish this is to become an authority within my niche the person everyone looks at when they want to find out something about making money online. This was even more depressing since I was in such a populated niche there would be a very unrealistic chance of me climbing above the rest. The second answer I got was create link bait. I found that I did not have to be the expert of a niche to be linked to, but no matter what I needed content worthy of linking to. There are many ways to create link bait some good others can lead to more problems than they are worth.

When you are trying to create link bait keep in your mind what you would link to as well as what would be extremely unique and very hard to duplicate. One of the best ways to create link bait is to be the first to report. If someone searches for news within a niche and you already have a blog post before everyone else then people will find your post within the SERPs and if the news is important enough they will place a link from their blog or website to the piece. The second way to create link bait is when writing make sure to do your research. A good example of this is when I tested which gave more traffic Digg or Stumble Upon. This post took around 3 days to produce with all the stats and the content was linked to very quickly (on the other hand if you do not do research then your credibility will be quickly wrecked and no one will link to you). The last way to create link bait which has worked for me is large lists. Everyone especially webmasters and bloggers want lists of resources so on my blog I made sure to have a post with 500 article directories and a post with 100 social bookmarking websites. I found that these posts by themselves acquired their own page rank. So if you are looking to gain high quality backlinks be sure to create content worth linking to. If you would like to learn more about internet marketing or link building visit my internet marketing forum.

Diversify Your Internet Marketing Campaign

As a new webmaster I spent plenty of time in the webmaster forums more specifically in the SEO and Google forums which helped me reach the top of Google for many different keywords. I did see really good traffic and made a bit of money, but later as Google changed up their algorithm my website dropped deep into the darkest depths of the index where no visitor travels. After getting over the fact that all of my work had pretty much been for nothing since I had nothing to show I decided to begin a diverse marketing campaign. This time I would hit all the major traffic sources such as major video, social, and article websites. I would become well known within my niche so if Google decided to drop me once more I would be able to continue getting traffic from various traffic and still have an income. You must remember when marketing online do not devote all of your marketing efforts to only one form of traffic especially if you want to make money online. This article will explain some different methods of gaining traffic from multiple sources.

The first way to get traffic that I would like to talk about is gaining search engine traffic through link building and SEO. This traffic is extremely targeted and monetizes easily. Search traffic is the only traffic that can be easily monetized with Google adsense and other PPC campaigns. To gain this traffic you will need a basic understanding of SEO and the ability to build thousands of backlinks to your web presence. I have found The Free Traffic System a great way to build links and increase traffic. You can also use free directories, press releases, and article websites. When you are building links be sure to place the keywords between your anchor tags. If you place keywords rather than some obscure words or the Url of your website your web presence will begin gaining SERPs placement for the keywords which you place.

The next form of traffic that I would like to talk about is Social traffic. People say twitter is worthless when it comes to traffic, but if I post a link telling my followers about my new product or ask for their help with my new internet marketing forum they have always come through for me. Also when you build social relationships it is much easier to gain rank within the social bookmarking websites since your friends will have no problem digging your blog posts or web pages. Personally my favorite social website is facebook. I join large groups and interact making friends almost each and every day. I then convert a friend on facebook to my blog reader and follower on twitter. Social medias are also extremely fun to participate in something I cannot say about submitting a website to a general directory.

The last type of traffic I would like to talk about is You Tube and other popular videos. Usually a basic web cam great for making informative videos for your niche costs around 30 dollars and when you upload to you tube you are placing your video in front of millions upon millions of potential visitors and blog readers. If you make videos often then you will see your videos coming up in google, bing, and yahoo searches.

What Will People Search For?

Guys this is one of the most important topics of SEO and internet marketing. You should be on the constant look out for what people will be typing in to find your website, blog post, or sub pages. So how do we know what people are searching for? Well there is one great tool that I use ~ You type in any keyterm and google will pull up how many times in the last month that term has been searched for. You can also use this tool~ (it is no longer in beta so I guess they decided to keep it) anyway this tool will tell you the popularity of a keyterm over an extended period of time. So let say you go to the adwords tool and type in the term "make money online" you find that last month there was around 200k searches for that term. Most people would stop there not concerned about how the term did a year ago, but not you. You go to Google trends and find that it has been riding very low and had a 1000X spike last month and if you go after the term it will fall back down to its average. Now this is not the case with the term make money online it is a very good term.

It is not all about tools and anaylitcs when you want to know what people are searching for. Let say you own a website that offers a massive list of directories. You have a goal of listing every free directory on the web and quickly banning any that begin charging. Well you have a list of 2k solid free directories. The problem is you have not been building any links and have very little traffic even after months of work. You know the list will be extremely helpful to webmasters on a fixed budget and really want to get the word out. You begin the process of working the SERPs ranking high for keywords that are well searched for and explain your website very well. To begin choosing keywords you go through the tools checking what people search for when wanting a large list of free directories some of the test would probably include "list of directories", "directory list", "free directory list", "free directory", "free directories", "general directories", and on and on. Now the problem is you are looking at term after term putting them in software wanting to find the most traffic. You have not thought about the subject with common sense and picked at least two or three terms which fit your site the best and didn't worry about traffic just went after the keywords. If I had a big list of free directories the terms I would certainly rank for no matter what the search volume would be "list of free directories", "big list of free directories", "free one way links", and "free directories". This is what I would spend my time with at first making sure I was ranking well for the keyterms which best represented my website.

As you dig into the world of search engine optimization and keyword research you should be keeping one thing in mind and that is if it was easy everyone would do it. You can look at big terms in your niche all day long it won't help you rank well for them. If you want to rank well for the "bank" terms in your niche the ones that pay the bills then expect to be working for a very long time. I have just passed my second year as a webmaster and I just reached the top for a term with 20k monthly search. This has definatley grown my income, but I still can not yet sit home and do this full time I need to keep working on the bigger keywords 100k+ terms. The reason I will get there is I am willing to build a few hundred links each and every day. It also helps that I will not be giving up any time soon.

Anyway if you liked this post please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Core of Internet Marketing

When you join the online business world in the attempt to make money online it is important to understand the basics of internet marketing and continually revert back when lost in the internet marketing world. This article will cover some of the things that if you do each day your website will do much better. These are the basics which the majority of successful webmasters do over and over again and have been proven effective in almost every circumstance. One tip I would like to share with you about everything you read and learn about internet marketing and that is don’t think you will find the one big “answer” in any one spot it will take learning from tons of different sources before you can begin to master internet marketing. I have found there is no one true guide that will teach you everything, but the experience of many who have tried and failed where you will pick up your best knowledge.

The first way to stay in touch with internet marketing is by joining a few internet marketing forums. These are where webmasters come together and discuss what is and what is not working. I have learned the keys to basic and advanced SEO as well as branding and link building. These forums are great to review and see what the new webmasters are asking. Usually it will be things you know about and know quite well, but perhaps left deep in the back of your mind. You can of course help these webmasters and make a new online friend if they are in the same niche then you can work together to create a cross promotional campaign.

You should also look to the blogosphere for any new marketing concepts. There are many great internet marketing blogs that you can find by using Google. The best way to pick which blogs are best use the tactics the bloggers publish if they work keep reading the blog if they are junk ideas then delete the blog from you reader or favorites. If you read these blogs often and build the relationship between you and the blogger there will be a greater chance for the possibility of a guest post or link exchange.

The last thing every webmaster should be doing is creating content constantly as well as backlinks. These two things are the basic driving force behind the web and internet marketing. If you do not have new articles or backlinks on a weekly basis then you can expect to drop within the SERPs. Make sure to do your research on these two things since they will be extremely important in your internet marketing campaign. If you work hard on both of these two things as often as possible within a year you should be a competitive presence within your niche rather than just hitting a few hits daily. Remember the more you do the better your web presence will do.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Matt Cutts Talking About Link Building

I can not beleive that I did not find this video until now. I was actually doing some reasearch for my new website make money online and found a blog which had this video. The blog is which I want to give some thanks.

Anyway I love this video because it asks the question that I think Matt is not to found of. It asks how to get links "WITHOUT" good content or what are the other methods besides good content to get links. He of course puts in the tip writing good content is the foundation of good links, but also talks about using social media. I also really like the fact he covers some of the bad/overused ways to get links such as list building and controvery. Anyway it is an excellent video and I would love to here your thoughts. Personally I use this system to get links:

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

How To SEO Your Website

The first part of any optimization is choosing the niche you would like to build your web presence in. A niche is the category such as “make money online”, “fishing”, “internet marketing”, or whatever category your website is about. You want to make sure that there is enough traffic within your niche to support your goals. If your goal is just to practice being a webmaster and discuss a topic then traffic will not be much of a concern, but if you are planning on spending thousands of hours on this website and hoping it will make you wealthy then niche popularity will be an important factor when trying to decide what niche you would like to create your presence for. Once you have picked your niche it is time to begin looking at all the keywords in your niche. You will want to take the top 10 keywords and work them into your website. Personally I like to use two keywords per web page then build links with those keywords in them. You can use one keyword or ten keyword, the great thing about SEO is the lack of right and wrong just what works and what doesn’t.

Now as you create your website with the keywords in mind try not to over populate your content with your keywords this is called keyword stuffing and can have adverse affects on your website within the SERPs. You should also never sacrifice readability, overall visual look, or usability for any SEO. The SEO should only be incorporated where it will not have a negative effect on your website. If the visitor gets to your website, but automatically clicks off because it has ugly SEO crap all over then your SEO efforts will be wasted. Now after the website is created and the keyword rich content is published the next step will be to make every web page suitable for landing equipped with full meta tags.

This is the part of SEO where we focus on the bots. A bot is a program that searches the web for websites then indexes them into search engines. Every major search engine has a bot and the bot is usually named for the search engine it represents such as Google bot and yahoo bot. There are a few meta tags that you should be filling out for every page that is suitable for a landing page (the page a visitor hits your site from a search engine). Remember you can rank sub pages in your website for number 1 if you build links for them. The meta tags you should be filing out is the title and description these are going to be displayed in Google so don’t worry about keywords just make sure that they explain your website very well. Do not put content in the title or description unless it describes your site fully this content is what google searchers will be looking at when they decide if your website is the right one for them. If you have any question about SEO feel free to ask in my Internet marketing forum.

SEO and Article Marketing

When you dive into the online business world you will find the golden rule which is fresh new content always wins. Now if you are creating new content there are steps which you can take to get the most out of the new fresh content. You should be aware of the SEO aspect which a new article holds and how to place links throughout the article which have keywords within the anchor tags. I have also found it useful to place the article in multiple places online giving all of my readers and repeat visitors something new. It also looks good to Google when you have your web presences updated with new content it shows that you are not letting your website or blog die.

Now when you begin if your goal is to make money online free you must worry about traffic and the Search Engine Results Position for every article and web page you own. Focus on creating content which is going to be searched for. There is a couple ways to do this the first is with Google adwords keyword tool which you can find by doing a Google search. The second way to find what is being asked is going to forums and social networking sites looking at actual questions. After enough research you will find a great article topic that has been asked about frequently across the social sites. Make sure to take time and think about the best title for your article then double check the search volume and begin writing. It is good to take parts of the title and have them repeat at least once within your article as long as you don’t sacrifice readership. If you notice I have already used SEO within this article and before the end I will have put in article marketing without sacrificing readability.

Now that you have your article written and ready for publication it is time to begin finding the best places to market your article. Personally I really like article directories, my blogs, and the free traffic system. All of these allow me to get the most out of my content in my article marketing campaign. Each of these three things offer a unique aspect for both my traffic and backlink building tactics. When I post an article on an article directory it will be republished throughout the online world and every time it is published the website or blog that it is published on gives me two or so backlinks. When I get published on buzzle or ehow the prestige is what helps my brand grow. Now when I publish my articles on my blogs it gives my readers new content to read and the impression that my blog is new and fresh. The free traffic system is an entire different entity. It shoots my article out to thirty blogs which are related and gives me two backlinks from each blog all for free. Anyway if you want to get the most out of your article marketing be sure to learn SEO an use different publishing platforms.

Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

One mistake that many bloggers make is they market their blog the same way they would market a website. This is one mistake that can be avoided if you stick with the social aspects of the web rather than being strictly concerned with SEO, link building, and SERPs placement. Also after the creation of a website you are pretty much done with the content creation, but with a blog you will continue to create content on a regular basis especially if you are trying to make money online. I have found that blogging and blog promotion is much more time consuming compared to being a regular webmaster. Blogging takes quite a bit more ambition and a greater work ethic, but if you are willing to sit down every day and really work hard creating content and networking with other bloggers there is no reason you cannot succeed. You will need to set up a daily schedule which you write and write and write. One good thing with wordpress is you can create a post and schedule the publication of the post at a future date. Whether you write every day or spend a lot of time writing a few posts one day and scheduling them for release at future dates it is still necessary you take the time to write.

When you set up your blog one important thing to think about is the topic or niche of your blog. It is imperative that the niche you pick has people interested in it and you are very passionate about the topic. You should realize that if you want to be successful you should plan on blogging for the next year or two at least so don’t think just because you wrote a few posts your blog is going to explode with traffic. After you pick your niche begin posting personally I get around 50 posts up before I begin marketing my blogs. If you need help with post topics hit the forums and other communities within your niche. It is always a good idea to sign up and participate in a Internet Marketing Forum to learn new ways of promoting your blog. When you decide to begin building links a great place for blogs is the social websites such as twitter, facebook, digg, technorati, and the others. These websites usually have communities packed with bloggers so when you meet new people and they have a blog somewhat relevant to yours you can begin setting up guest posts and other cross promotional campaigns.

Even though you should spend the majority of your time on these social websites it is ok to do some basic link building. A few places that offer free one way links are directories, article directories, press release websites, and the free traffic system (which you can find with a google search). These are great for all web presences, but for bloggers social medias tend to be a bit more productive.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

After the creation of your website and some basic internet marketing you may be wondering how you are going to make money online with your website. One of the easiest and highest paying ways to make money with your website and the traffic flowing through is with affiliate marketing. If you are not sure where to begin has an amazing affiliate program that caters to every niche on the web. They have books covering every topic all you need to do is sign up for their affiliate program then create your widget and copy and paste the code to your website or blog. Whenever anyone clicks on one of the books or products you are paid a commission the more people you have coming to your website or blog the more clicks on the products and the more money you will make. Now it is also important to investigate different places to put your affiliate adverts. On my website the top right of my blog seems to bring the most traffic. I have tried placing the ad in my header, in the middle of the page, and even after every post, but it became clear quite quickly that the best place for me to place the ad is on the top right of my blog. For you it could be completely different perhaps an ad in the header would be the best place or within your posts.

To make any money online you will need to have a decent amount of traffic to your website or blog. When trying to increase website or blog traffic you should focus on a few key elements of internet marketing. The first point you should focus on is fresh unique keyword rich content creation which will be the driving force of your website or blog. If you take the time to really write excellent helpful content you will drive traffic much faster than someone with low quality content. The second point of internet marketing is having an understanding of SEO. This is one the biggest separators between websites which webmaster knows more about SEO. When you SEO a website you should focus on four different things. The first two are on site and off site SEO. On site SEO is everything you do on your website whether it be content or meta tags. Off site SEO is backlink creation and brand building. You want to get everyone possible to link and talk about your website this has shown to greatly improve search engine placement. Now the last two types of SEO are sub types of on site SEO. The first is On page SEO and this is everything that a visitor sees when they come to your website. This includes content and headings. The last type of SEO is off page SEO and this is what the robots see when they come to your website such as meta tags and robot text files. Anyway if you would like to increase traffic Google all of these and learn all you can before the creation of your website. If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing or internet marketing feel free to visit this internet marketing forum to ask any questions you might have.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Promoting Within Your Niche

One of the biggest mistakes that webmasters make when trying to make money online is not marketing towards their target audience and attempting to promote within their niche. When you create your website it is important to do research on the niche (category of website) that you are going to be joining. If you create a website within the fishing niche and spend all of your time within the webmaster niche your marketing efforts will be in vain. If you are willing to spend the time within your niche finding blogs, forums, and other web presence when you acquire backlinks from these websites they will be worth much more than backlinks acquired from non relevant websites. There are some exclusions when marketing which we will talk about later in this article, but for the majority of your internet marketing campaign you will want to stay within your category.

When seeking out different websites within your niche Google will become your best tool. I recommend finding at least 5 niche forums to participate in the reason for this is they give backlinks that are relevant as well as keep you informed of new information within your niche. You should also be on the lookout for the top blogs especially if they are do follow. Build a list of around 10 top blogs within your niche and begin commenting religiously in the attempt to build relationships with the bloggers. If you gain their trust and friendship it will not be a problem to find blogs to guest post on which could lead to a substantial amount of readers. If there are any news websites that cater around your niche keep them in your favorites so you know of any changes happening and if they allow you to submit press releases do so when you change your website and/or blog. One important point to remember is when you look at your competition and think partner rather than competitor marketing will be much easier.

Now there are quite a few general marketing platforms that every webmaster or blogger should be participating in. The first category of websites that all webmasters should be participating in is social networking. It is important for webmasters do be on websites such as twitter, digg, facebook, twine, and others. If you have been building relationships with webmasters in your niche when you digg one of your articles you should be able to rely on your online friends within your niche to digg the article as well. Another type of website that every webmaster can and should utilize is directories both article and general. These types of websites allow you to categorize your links into the most relevant category meaning that the link will be coming from a somewhat relevant link. It is good if google sees that your backlink is coming from a web page that has other backlinks of the same relevancy and the title of the web page is also relevant to your niche. If you have any questions about marketing within your niche feel free to ask on my Internet Marketing Forum.

Improving Search Engine Placement

If you would like to learn how to make money online one of the most important factors is increasing traffic and my favorite method of increasing traffic is through search engines. This article will focus on some of the basics when trying to increase your SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) placement. When you become a webmaster you may have the notion that when you build a website it will instantly be ranked number one in Google and other major search engines, but the reality is it takes a lot of work and time before you gain the search engines trust and they begin placing you higher and higher in their index. If you are willing to truly take the time (6 months – 2 years) to earn the search engines trust you will see the payoffs and if you would like to make money online it will not be difficult.

The first and most important part of ranking well in search engines is the creation of your website or blog. This is what will make or break your website and should be done with extreme care. Take the time to research whatever niche you are entering and find what keywords are bringing in the most search volume. There are many webmasters that advise against going after competitive (highly searched) keywords, but I think the reason they are so competitive is they will pay the bills if you rank well. So pick keywords that have a high search volume 10k + searches monthly. When you build your website put the keywords in your meta title, the heading on your website, and throughout the content in your website. You want Google and other search engines to know where your website fits in their index and the best way to do this is by placing the keywords throughout your content.

The next step when trying to increase your search engine placement is moving off your website into the web and acquiring backlinks with the keywords you would like to rank well for. When building backlinks there is one very important thing to keep in mind the best backlink is one with high authority, one way, and comes from a relevant website. So if you build a website or blog that is around the topic of internet marketing then you will want to seek out and acquire backlinks that are from the external website to your website (no link back on your website), relevant (also in the internet marketing niche), and high authority (high Page Rank or big brand such as cnn, nasa, wikipedia, ect). You should also when building backlinks be concerned with the keywords between your anchor text. Do not put unrelated keywords or the URL between your anchor tags this will not help your search engine placement. You should place the keywords you would like to rank well for between your anchor tags. If you are not sure where to gain backlinks try social bookmarking websites, niche communities, blogs, article/general directories, and the free traffic system which you can find by doing a google search.

How To Start A Forum

Hey guys I wrote this step by step on how to start a forum as you know I started a forum by doing this which you can find at Internet Marketing Forum. Anyway here is the how to guide:

This article will explain how to install a phpbb forum onto your webhost whether free or paid. You must make sure that your hosting company supports php and mysql before you begin the installation. If you run into trouble at the end of this article you will find links to phpbb installation guides. Also before attempting to install a forum you will need to know the basics of FTP and HTML. Let’s build a forum!

1. The first step is to sign up for hosting and download a FTP application. Personally I suggest two different hosting companies who both offer support for php and mysql. The first is free and you can find them at Free Web Host they do set limits for bandwidth and space so if your forum does grow large you may be forced to move it to a paid hosting website. Now the paid hosting website (which I use for my forums) is Hosting 24 either one of these should work fine for your needs. You will also need to download File Zilla which allows you to upload files to your server for free. You can find File Zilla here~

2. Now that you have a host and FTP downloaded the next step will be to download phpbb. This is a free forum script which allows you to run a forum for free and without ads. It also allows you to change the source code which is extremely beneficial for experienced webmasters. To get the forum script/source go to phpbb downloads and click on “full package” then click on “Download phpBB 3.0.7-PL1 (zip)” which will download the files. After downloading extract all the files and copy the entire directory which will be called something like phpBB3 or something very similar.

3. The next step will to be placing the files onto your server. To do this open File Zilla and put in all of your ftp details which you can find in your web hosts user control panel. Once logged in to your host drag the phpbb3 directory wherever you want it. For this article I will assume that you are installing the forum script on your root domain such as rather than

4. Now that you have all the phpbb files on your host the next step is going to be changing the file permissions. This is an important step which you do with your FTP. I will explain step by step what to do with File Zilla if for some reason you use a different FTP you will need to investigate how to change the file permissions with your FTP. With File Zilla open up the main directory phpbb on your server by double clicking it. A long list of files and folders will come up the file you will first be changing is config.php. Once you find config.php you will right click on the file and at the bottom of the box click on “file permissions”. In the text box called numeric value: type the number 666 which makes everything writable. The next changes you will do is folders within the main folder phpbb. The folders you will be changing are store (right click on the folder and click file permissions then in the numeric value box type 777), cache which you will also be changing to 777, and files which you will be changing to 777. Remember just right click the folder name then click on file permissions then type 777 into the numerical value box. Now the next folder we will be changing is a sub folder. You will need to be in the main phpbb folder then double click on images then double click on avatars then right click on upload. You will click file permissions for this upload file and change them to 777. So here is a list of the files and folders we have changed file permissions for:

config.php phpbb33/config.php changed to 666

the folder store phpbb3/store/ changed to 777

the folder cache phpbb3/cache/ changed to 777

the folder files phpbb3/files/ changed to 777

the sub folder upload phpbb3/images/avatars/upload/ changed to 777

5. Ok now we have all the file permissions correct it is time to set up a database. This will be done within your hosts control panel under the option “create mysql database” or “install mysql database” you will see a button if your host offers my sql support which will allow you to create a database. Again I know about my host which you can find by clicking HERE. With my host I click on “my sql databases” then an empty box comes up for the database name. I enter the name of my database (which I/you will need later) then hit create database. On my host I also have to create a new user where I input the username and password for my database. The next step for me is to add user to database. Now what is important is keeping track of your database details. Here is what you will need:

The Database Type (TIP: it is a my sql database)

The Database server hostname or DSN (only some hosts need this one don’t stress if you don’t have it)

The Database server port (only some hosts need this one as well don’t stress yet if you don’t have this)

The Database name (A must you need the name of the database you created which you get to usually pick the name)

The Database username (Another must you need the username you picked for your database)

The Database password (Another must you need the password you picked for the database)

So you have WRITTEN DOWN the type of database (mysql) the database name, username for the database, and the password for the database. Now when you created the database if it gives you the server hostname or port write them down as well these are usually not mandatory, but if they give them to you go ahead and write them down.

6. Ok we have the file permissions done and the database created (tired yet?) it is time to begin installing your forum. To do this you will need to go to the URL of your forum. If you installed the forum on your root directory then it will look like if you uploaded the script to a sub directory it will look like If you are not sure where you uploaded the files I will explain how to get the address from File Zilla your ftp. Open file zilla and login to your server (where your files are) make sure you are in the public_html folder. This folder is what your domain points to. If you see the folder phpBB3 then the URL will be if you installed the phpbb directory in a deep sub folder the address will look like you can see the names of the folder in your file zilla. The point is in your web browser you need to put in the address to either the folder phpbb3 itself or the install folder phpbb3/install it may take some time, but with enough tries you will get it.

7. Once you bring up the phpbb3 in your browser you need to click the install tab. The first check it will run is the file permissions which is step 4. If all of these are right click continue and the next thing you will need to enter is your database details.

The first one it asks you for is what type of database this is usually a drop down box make sure it is on my sql.

The second thing it will ask you for is The Database server hostname or DSN like I said in most cases you do not need to worry about this.

The third thing it will ask you for is The Database server port this like the server hostname will probably not be needed (if these are needed you will need to contact your host to get the details).

The fourth thing it will ask is for is The Database name (which you should have written down from step 5. If you don’t login to your host go to your databases and find the name of the database)

The fifth thing it will ask you for is The Database username which again you should have written down if not go to your host and find it.

The six thing is the database password and again this should be written down.

8. Now hit continue and it will make sure your database is working and it can connect if not you may need to recreate the database on your server and re-enter the details. Once the database is accepted the next thing screen it will bring you to is the Admin details. This is where you will be entering your login details and email. Hit continue to the next step which is the configuration file. You changed the permissions in step 4. If you did not do this then go back to step 4 and redo the config.php file permissions. Hit next and it will bring you to Advanced settings which is all up to you. They will ask for stuff such as the URL your forum is on and some other settings. If you are not sure what to put then don’t change these it is fine to leave them blank. Hit next and finish up that is all there is to it. I personally set up a phpbb forum manually to write this article so I know for a fact that it works:) anyway the next couple steps is setting up threads for your users to post on as well as some basic marketing resources.

9. In your administration control panel click on the tab forums and create your first forum. Put the topic then the forum title. Usually I like my first forum to be “rules”, but you put whatever you want. It is a good idea to have a second window up to refresh when you make changes or additions to your forum. It takes a little while to get use to so spend plenty of time in the forum administration control panel looking around and learning. There are many different options that you can choose just try to get the hang of it (something that takes practice and can’t really be taught). Add a few forums and begin posting.

10. Ok now we will get into the marketing aspect of a forum (once all the different forums are in place and you are ready for users). The biggest tip I can give is to set up hundreds of posts where you ask questions and post informative posts on how to do whatever your niche topic is. After you have a hundred or so posts and feel there is plenty for your users to do the next step is marketing. I will not go to in depth since I am already around 2k words, but I will give you some resources. Now if you want to talk to me and ask about the marketing please visit my Internet Marketing Forum which I created with PHPBB. I will happily answer any questions you have about marketing a forum. I also run a blog which teaches the basic-advanced aspects of internet marketing it is called Website Marketing the majority of topics discussed will apply to forum marketing.

Also if you are interested in affiliate programs to place on your forum I suggest the programs on my website Make Money Online

True Internet Marketing

Well as my readers have followed this blog I have spouted off how to gain rank in the SERPs. Now I would like to move into something a little more in depth I want to reach the essence of Internet Marketing. Now I am not the number one expert by any means I am a regular guy struggling like the majority of regular guys out there. I do get paid from my online adventures, but I still work my ass off every day. So let's move into some theories that may help those reading this.

The first big misconception behind internet marketing is you should only be worried about do follow links. Guys do follow is great for increasing SERPs position, but it is usually so saturated by links you will only get a small amount of juice. Personally when internet marketing you want your link all over the web whether it is no follow or do follow (without spamming of course). Lets really get into this lets say you do a search for a keyword related to your website. For example I search for "backlinks" in Google. Go ahead and follow along if you want make sure to use the real global Google not a local google.

Now this blog has a lot to do with backlinks and I want people interested in backlinks to either look at this blog or my website Free Website Traffic either one is fine. Now when I do the search I am really interested in the top ten positions really breaking them down. If you are lazy and don't want to go to Google and search here is what I see (I had to shrink the text down to fit all ten sorry):

Now I am sorry if you have a hard time reading it, but I will of course go over the position and what you can do. So this blog I want to be visible for people who are searching for backlinks. On this search I notice that wikipedia is number 1 like usual, but what sucks is that they offer no comments or anywhere to add your website. This is fine we can just move down the list. The second website that comes up for the word backlinks is a sub page of Now usually sub pages that rank well are either articles or blog posts so this is one I should investigate. Well it is a PR 2 blog post, but the comments are closed. So I look for something else there is backlink watch which will not help, then thirty minute backlinks, but then something happens I find a web directory that ranks very well for the term backlinks. I of course submit my website, but this is only the beginning. Close to the end position 8 I see squidoo someone of course built a ton of links to reach the top of Google for the term backlinks. It is a PR 3 lense with only 8 comments and still accepting comments? Am I the only webmaster who is running an internet marketing website that wants to be in front of their audience? I guess me and 8 other people.

Anyway I will be commenting on this squidoo page putting either my link or my squidoo profile in front of potential readers. I will be one of few that actually search my niche to find the true players and when it is ok such as the directory and the squidoo lense be placing either my name, site, or url in front of targetted traffic. Do I care if the backlinks are no follow? Hell no I want my name or site in front of potential readers/traffic don't you? I mean that is the point in ranking well for keywords, but why not place your name, site, or link on websites that are already ranked high? I no longer need to rank well for the keyword "backlinks"
and guess what I will be doing the same thing for building backlinks, build backlinks, how to build backlinks, keys to backlinks, on and on and on. Web comfs had the right idea with their backlink builder try it out~ Backlink Builder it searches google for keywords then pulls websites that have submit link and others. Anyway don't think backlinks are out of your reach you need to be online searching if you want to do well online.

Building Visitors and A Brand With Youtube

All types of online marketing have spawned and one of the most popular on the web is video sharing. This is creating a video and allowing anyone who would like to view your video view it. No longer do you need any money whatsoever when wanting to build a commercial now all you need is a web cam and internet access. The problem with this ease of use is everyone uses you tube to upload their videos and it is becoming quickly saturated. If you would like your videos to succeed above everyone else then you need to separate yourself and market your videos externally. Video marketing is usually a marketing platform that is over looked by many webmasters and proves to be a platform which is slowly becoming as valuable as good Google placement. The first part of any video marketing campaign is the creation of the video.

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

Creating a video can be a very boring process or exciting depending on how you create the video. It is ok to go outside of your house and record the videos in various places. I have seen videos being recorded in cars, outside (with beautiful backdrops), and other interesting places. The point is if you want to have fun and have it show in your videos then attempt to create the videos at a different place somewhere that throws you off your game. When you are uneasy it means that you will be less likely to babble on and really think. Another important factor on the creation of a video is will the video be helpful, funny, valuable, informative, and why would anyone actually want to watch it. It is ok to tell jokes while you are doing an informative video or tell a personal story so you are not looked at like a robot. This is the ultimate personal outlet so if you really want to get attention then be something different rather than just the same old blah that so many video marketers are.

After your video has been created the next step is marketing. This is done in two ways the first is through SEO (search engine optimization) and the second is through social networking. After the creation of your video it should be placed on your blog, website, facebook, and links should be built wherever possible. It is ok to build links when blog commenting and article writing to the videos URL. Make sure to create a keywords to optimize the link building for if the website is about making money online then a good keyword would be make money online. Build plenty of links and your video will start coming up for searches in the major search engines. The next form of video marketing is through social means. This is done by using social websites to market your video. One big way to do this that many video creators miss is the social factor on youtube itself. You are able to make friends, subscribers, comment on videos, and much more. If you would really like to be successful on youtube then take the time to meet people who are creating videos in the same niche.

Article Marketing Tips

The internet is driven by new information whether text, video, or pictures. People search for the newest product or for an informative article which fits their needs. Now with content creation comes a much more difficult process which is how to get people viewing the content which you have created. This is done by using the multiple social websites and article directories out on the web. If you spend a week researching and writing a large article it would be disappointing if only one or two people was able to enjoy your content. Article marketing when done correctly will increase your article views greatly. Personally I have had videos and articles viewed thousands of times. If the content is of great quality then after the first few hundred or so views the people viewing your work will begin sharing it with their friends and you will see a viral affect, but only if you implement at least basic article marketing tactics.

The first step in any article marketing campaign is the actual content creation. This is the most important part and should be done with great care. When you begin an article make sure you treat the creation as a representation of your web presence and nothing less. If you own a website full of spam and it holds no real usefulness to visitors then it is fine to spend 10 minutes or so writing down poorly written paragraphs and submitting the article to thousands of low quality directories. On the other hand if you have a web presence which you are truly proud of and holds unique and useful content for your visitors then try to take the time necessary when writing your article making sure you are writing a representation of your web presence. Keywords should also be taken into account when writing an article I usually use the google adwords tool to find the most searched key terms then use those key terms in my article titles. When you submit your article to high authority websites usually your website will rank on the top page of Google.

After you have the article written and you are ready to let the web/world read it then begin your article marketing. Personally I start with the web presences I own then branch out from there. Remember Google looks highly on websites that have been recently updated so use your article to update your web presence. The next step is submitting your website across the web into high quality directories and hubs. If you are not sure where to submit your articles search Google for “top article directories” or “list of article directories” and Google will bring up many lists which you can use in your article marketing campaign. The three article directories that I submit each and every article to is,, and these seem to have the most authority and traffic.

The Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

When someone steps into the online business world with the attempt to make money free they will need to learn SEO. The problem is when a webmaster tries to rank their website high the easy way is to use spam tactics which are in the realm of black hat seo. Things like link farms, building tons of blogs full of links, placing ads where they don’t belong, and hiding both links and tags internally all fall into the category of black hat seo. On the other hand working really hard creating masterful content and actually taking the time to seek out and build promotional relationships may be much harder, but the pay off for using these white hat techniques will be much more beneficial. If you are confused about the difference between black hat and white hat seo it is pretty simple. Black hat seo is using unethical techniques to rank well in Google whether it be spam or tricky link building. White hat seo is using both external links as well as internal content and keywords to rank well. Google is in a constant battle attempting to destroy black hat seo so even if you do acquire top ranking with these unethical techniques more than likely after a few weeks or months your website will be targeted and dropped from the SERPs (search engine results page).

I will not go in at length about black hat seo because I do not want to inspire poor internet marketers, but I will explain some of the white hat seo basics. First and foremost when you build and market a presence never let seo affect readability, the visual look, or the authority of a web page. If you find yourself questioning whether words or links should be added more than likely your website can do without them. You should also understand that seo is in a constant state of change and you should be keeping up with top sources such as matt cutts (Google him),, and These will keep you constantly updated on new seo techniques.

SEO is using onsite and offsite techniques to rank in the appropriate place within major search engines such as Google. The offsite techniques include link building, content marketing, and branding. The onsite techniques include internal link structure, keyword optimization, HTML, and meta tags. The internal link structure should be very clear and rather than have words within your anchor tags such as “home” and “page 1” you should have keywords you would like that page to rank well for. When I say keyword optimization this covers quite a bit. You should be concerned with the keywords in your content as well as the keywords in your title. The keywords in both should reflect your website fully and you should be using keywords that are popular (have a decent amount of monthly search volume). The HTML and meta tags are more for webmasters rather than bloggers. Your meta tags should be unique for each page that is suitable for a landing page and you should be aware of your HTML tags such as the headings and bold text. If you have questions about anything covered within this article feel free to ask at my internet marketing forum.

Learn About Backlinks

The best way to increase traffic which will help you make money online free is to increase your backlinks and make sure you understand how to anchor keywords within your backlinks. To begin a backlinks is a hyper link from an external website to a website which you own. The main reason for backlinks is they show the popularity of a website the more backlinks the more important or popular that website is at least in the eyes of major search engines. Backlinks are not the only necessity of web development and marketing you will also need to create fresh unique helpful content on a regular basis. If you spend enough time creating your content then other webmasters and bloggers will link to you lessening your link building work load. This of course can only occur after you build at least some backlinks letting the world know you exist. If you are able to create both excellent content and keyword optimized backlinks you will be able to increase traffic and succeed online, but where to get backlinks is a difficult task even for the most experienced webmaster.

Personally my favorite place to learn about linking and other internet marketing aspects is in a whitehat internet marketing blog. These blogs are great when you need to stay on top of internet marketing topics. There are many blogs that help with internet marketing aspects. If you would like to find some of the top blogs within this niche go to google and type in “internet marketing blog” or “seo blog” and you will find hundreds in each category. If you are unsure which ones to follow begin reading and if what the blogger is saying actually works and makes sense then follow them if they don’t move onto the next blog. There are many that spout they know how to get to the first page of Google for any keyword, but out of the thousands I have read only 1% or so actually had really good information on them. Forums are another place that will help you learn about internet marketing, building links, and SEO. Personally my favorite forum is v7n webmaster forum which you can find by doing a google search. The webmasters here are extremely friendly and will help you build an online empire if you are willing to work hard and learn.

Now after the learning you will need to actually go out and acquire backlinks. There are hundreds of ways to gain backlinks online. I am going to cover some of the most basic ways which you should consider following when trying to gain backlinks. The first and most prevalent is general and niche directories. This includes websites such as and other free directories. They are usually free and offer a backlink with the keywords you would like to rank well for. Article directories are another way to get backlinks as well as social bookmarking. One that I have used and seen good results is exchanging links with relevant websites. You should make sure the website is a decent place before linking to them. The free traffic system which you can find by doing a google search is another excellent way to gain backlinks and is one which I have used over and over.

Work Hard and Prosper Online


When you join the online world in the hope of being able to become rich there are a few things you should be aware of. The first and most important thing I tell my blog readers who are trying to find ways to make money free is nothing including online money comes free they must work their butts off if they would like to succeed online. When asked “how much work does it take to succeed online?” I usually respond an endless amount because when you stop working your website stats will suffer. This may be disappointing to some, but if you work hard and earn the top spot within your niche (category of website) the work load will decline. The reason for this is when you first build a website or blog you have to catch up your backlink count and content with websites that have been online for years. Once you have your backlinks and content up with your competitors no longer are you trying to catch up you are now keeping pace. The workload to keep up with your competitors in my experience will take around 20% of the work it took to catch up with your competitors. There are some different ways to stay up with your competition and they do not always mean working hard.

The main way I keep up with my competition is through content and backlink creation. Doing this everyday at least a little bit will keep me in the first page of Google SERPs (search engine results pages). I have been thinking of ways which to beat my competition and though I can out work them it would be much easier to out think them. Through different social networking websites such as my internet marketing forum I have learned ways to brand my website becoming the authority which helps when I need links I create new content and it is automatically linked to. Twitter is another excellent platform to learn the newest ways to market a website since I can look at those internet marketers that I admire so much. I have also been following some of the internet marketing leaders through their blogs. I really enjoy such blogs as,, and if you keep up with these three then you will know of the top ideas coming out within the internet marketing niche. It is also a good idea to keep up with social marketing and to do this I make sure to read out everything new on Anyway this is the best way to stay ahead or at least on the same level with your competition.

Before we end I would like to suggest some courses of action if you have the time to complete these then your website will be much more successful for it. The first is setting a backlink number and following through. Personally I try to build 50 backlink each and every day using many different platforms. You should also understand that content creation drives the internet so creating content at least one article a day is a must when trying to compete online. You should also attempt to network as much as possible with the social networking sites. Personally I really try to find those within my niche and become friends in facebook or twitter then when I need to promote through guest post I have friends which I can count on. If you keep these basics your online marketing campaign will be a success just remember nothing comes easy it takes blood, sweat, and tears.

SEO and Article Marketing

When you dive into the online business world you will find the golden rule which is fresh new content always wins. Now if you are creating new content there are steps which you can take to get the most out of the new fresh content. You should be aware of the SEO aspect which a new article holds and how to place links throughout the article which have keywords within the anchor tags. I have also found it useful to place the article in multiple places online giving all of my readers and repeat visitors something new. It also looks good to Google when you have your web presences updated with new content it shows that you are not letting your website or blog die.

Now when you begin if your goal is to make money online free you must worry about traffic and the Search Engine Results Position for every article and web page you own. Focus on creating content which is going to be searched for. There is a couple ways to do this the first is with Google adwords keyword tool which you can find by doing a Google search. The second way to find what is being asked is going to forums and social networking sites looking at actual questions. After enough research you will find a great article topic that has been asked about frequently across the social sites. Make sure to take time and think about the best title for your article then double check the search volume and begin writing. It is good to take parts of the title and have them repeat at least once within your article as long as you don’t sacrifice readership. If you notice I have already used SEO within this article and before the end I will have put in article marketing without sacrificing readability.

Now that you have your article written and ready for publication it is time to begin finding the best places to market your article. Personally I really like article directories, my blogs, and the free traffic system. All of these allow me to get the most out of my content in my article marketing campaign. Each of these three things offer a unique aspect for both my traffic and backlink building tactics. When I post an article on an article directory it will be republished throughout the online world and every time it is published the website or blog that it is published on gives me two or so backlinks. When I get published on buzzle or ehow the prestige is what helps my brand grow. Now when I publish my articles on my blogs it gives my readers new content to read and the impression that my blog is new and fresh. The free traffic system is an entire different entity. It shoots my article out to thirty blogs which are related and gives me two backlinks from each blog all for free. Anyway if you want to get the most out of your article marketing be sure to learn SEO an use different publishing platforms.

Improve Your Websites Rank

Many webmasters that reach the first or second page of Google will slow their marketing campaign thinking they have done the work needed to succeed online. If their plan was to work hard reaching right below success then give up they succeeded. Now if you would prefer not to be one of these webmasters and truly reach success unmatched by none and become a dominating factor within the search engines. If this is what you would like to do then just reaching the top couple pages is not enough you must work on your content creation and link building. Now if you reach the top position for a keyword and begin enjoying the traffic why not try ranking well for another keyword or begin building links towards one of your sub pages. This is what will set you apart from the rest being able to rank for more than one or two keywords.

Sponsor Site:

Another aspect that will help you increase your online presence is through increasing your knowledge of Internet Marketing and personally I prefer to do this with an Internet Marketing Forum. The reason I use forums to gain my information on internet marketing is they offer the most up to date info out there. You will find forum posts that are that day and you will be able to make your own posts asking questions and making comments. Another nice thing about forums is the ability to build links the same time you are learning. If forums is not your thing then blogs may be useful. I read and to keep up on my search engines. The problem with reading blogs is they are not nearly as interactive as forums. You cannot create the topic of conversation like you can with a forum, but they still offer excellent information for both those new to SEO and even the most well known SEO experts.

The last aspect I would like to discuss is while marketing online you should be aware of your brand. If you build your brand well enough it can and will outlast any position on SERPs. When building a brand you should choose between your name or website title and when marketing make sure you know enough to be an expert in your field. This will take a lot of studying, personally I really enjoy reading blogs, forums, and articles within article directories for my information. Usually when branding building links take a back seat to networking. You will need friends if you want to build a successful brand those who will talk about you and help promote you or your websites name. Social networking websites make this process very easy and should be taken advantage of when trying to build a network. My favorite social networking site when it comes to branding is facebook I have many bloggers as friends and with a couple messages I can have a guest post lined up on their blogs. If you take anything out of this article I hope it is the fact that you are never done keep going.

What Sets Me Apart

This will be the defining question of your internet marketing campaign and will be the deciding factor of whether or not your brand will stick. Remember when you are online there are millions of people wanting the same thing you do which is to be a success. Do not start a generic website in the hopes that ok content and a couple backlinks means thousands in monthly income. On the other hand if your willing to build thousands of links and keep relevant updated content on your website you may over time reach the top of Google for highly searched terms. If you are able to keep up the content and backlinks then you will be able to sustain the traffic and income. Personally I use:

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

But you may find other ways to keep up backlinks. Now even with these basics you will need to find something that sets you apart from the others in your niche. You will need to know more or at least have something unique within your presence. One thing that sets this blog apart from the majority is I focus on where and how to build backlinks. If you look on the right side of this blog there is "My Best Posts" where I list posts such as The Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites and 5000 Free Directories. For webmasters wanting to reach the top of Google for any keyword these are a must.

So when out there marketing think about what you have that sets you apart. If it is something which your audience agrees with then you will do quite well in the online business world.