Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothing New In Internet Marketing

Well I am officially out of ideas when I type into to google free backlinks and free traffic the only thing that comes up is my videos, articles, websites I know and work with, crappy programs, ect. You know I started a couple years back never thinking my work online would be in a new niche. Internet marketing has no black and white it is in a constant state of evolution. There are great programs one you have heard me talk of before which is:

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

Which from one article gives you thirty backlinks published on blogs that you choose. Is it better than going from article directory to article directory? Heck yes and that is why I use this system rather than manual article submission. Anyway it is a great system, but what else is there. I have found something new which I think you guys will love it is called Comment Kahuna. Here is the link~ www.commentkahuna.com.

Now let me explain what this new program is about. Comment Kahuna is a browser and searches the internet just like your internet explorer or firefox. The diffrence is it was built for internet marketers and it's primary purpose is to search out do follow blogs. You can search for do follow blogger, typepad, keyword luv, comment luv, and more. They also offer an autofill feature so you no longer need to put your name, email, and comment though I highly recommend writing a comment relevant to the post since it will have a much better chance to get posted. Anyway go to the site and download the software it is good.

Now if you are missing some of the basics then ask questions on my Internet Marketing Forum. I have also created a good website to help those in need of internet marketing resources it is called Free Website Traffic.

Internal Linking and Networking

When you build your first website usually it is depressing when the stat counter you have pasted says 0 day after day. This will usually be the case for about 6 months until you learn how to build free website traffic. There are a couple basic steps which you will need to learn before having organic traffic will even be a possibility. The first step is creating a web presence that has good quality keyword rich content. The second step is a bit more tricky and that is creating keyword anchored one way backlinks. Remember having good SERPs position is key when trying to learn how to make money online. This article is going to go beyond the basics and reach into the more advanced aspects of internet marketing such as creating backlinks by creating a user generated website therefore not having to create any backlinks yourself. I have personally used several means when doing this the most successful being a forum and the second most successful being a wordpress blog submitted to the free traffic system.

The reason I call this article networking and linkbuilding is I will be going over why you should be linking all of your websites together when trying to increase backlinks as well as providing your websites with a solid keyword anchored navigation. One mistake many webmasters make is after creating a website they think the work is done. I have personally found it is extremely difficult to be on top of Google with only one website especially if it is static. The most common websites on top of Google are websites within a network. There are many simple free web presences that you can build after the completion of your website that will help advance it higher in the SERPs. If you do not have a blog to help your website then visit blogger.com or wordpress.com and start one for free. If you don’t have the time to blog then squidoo.com and hubpages.com allows you to build single pages free and send backlinks to your website. Free scripts are also out there so even if you do not know php or other server side codes you can create interactive websites such as forums. I used the free script at phpbb.com to create my forum and found every single post that is made is another backlink towards a few of my websites since I placed links on the main template. The backlinks have really soared since I did this and my competition has to work overtime just to keep up.

The last topic I would like to cover is making sure to have an internal linking structure which promotes your website within the SERPs. Too often I have landed on a website and found they use the word home to point to their main index page. This is a huge mistake. When you create your navigation be sure to first have the link back to your index on all sub pages and replace the word home or index with your websites title or your most wanted keywords. You should also put the keywords towards your main sub pages in your navigation so they too will receive the SEO benefits.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Learn From Scammers and Spammers

I hate to say it, but simply the only reason that these two still exist is their ability to market. In this post I will be going over both and how to accomplish using their tactics without going across into spam or scams. First you need to understand the difference between these two and exactly what each one is. A scam or scammer is someone marketing a product or service which has no actual use or value. The best example of this is a pyramid scheme which is somewhat like a affiliate marketing website the only difference is the affiliate marketing website acquires income from either advertisers or some other external source whereas a pyramid scheme makes money from the downline of existing members. I don't know if any pyramid schemes still exist and to tell you the truth I really don't care, there is tons of affiliate marketing websites though. One popular affiliate website is Amazon. Now the big one which I market and make most of my money is:

It is a survey website which gains its income from advertisers who are looking for gaining insight from customers and they are willing to pay for it. Now the reason I really like this survey site rather than others is first it is free to join. When you are out on the web trying to gain referrals for affiliate programs it is important that the site is free. Remember what I said about pyramid schemes they gain income from their members internally rather than offering a worth while service or product. Cash Crate offers companies a chance to see what their customers want by running surveys.

So before working with a company find out where it gains income and how long it has been around. If it is still brand new then you may want to pass. I found out the hard way spending time with a new company can turn into a big loss when the company goes under. I sent hundreds of people to a ppc website where they were paid to click on ads and read emails. Well a couple months later they went under not paying me or the people I sent. Just remember it is important to check before you jump in head first.

Now spammers are the people who place ads anywhere. They are not bad people just really annoying since they lack internet etiquette. One thing they are decent at is getting links, but if they were more tactful their links would probably stick around a little longer. These are the guys who go to forums and rather than post useful content they post an ad about their company. It is important to learn from these people. They do work hard and got the right thing on their mind which is links. Now if you keep links in mind, but gain some etiquette you will be doing good. Go to a forum with the thought of getting links (this is fine), but rather than posting ads put some good content and place your links where they belong which is the signiture. I really try to teach people how to be good marketers at my forum~ Internet Marketing Forum, but I still run into those who go place their ads on my forum then leave. I of course delete any posts they have made making sure they do not gain any links.

One guy I warned about putting ads actually had the balls to put 30 or so more ads so rather than giving him a second warning I banned his email and IP. Don't let this happen to you forums are everywhere and are a great place to gain info and links as long as you put good content rather than crap. If you know nothing about the category of the forum then post a question and start learning. Once you have asked enough you will be able to post answers. Anyway watch these guys they both have something to offer don't follow in their footsteps, but keep their tactics in mind when marketing your website.

Now I haven't done this in a while, but I could really use your help in gaining links for this blog if at all possible please post a link on your web presence or mention this blog in a forum. Here is my linking code:

Thank you in advance.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Google SERPs Is Changing Big

As I continue to run check after check I have noticed considerable changes within the Google index. The first and probably biggest change is my websites and blogs not coming up high in the SERPs for closely associated keywords. Before if I typed in a keyword which was very close to a keyword I was building links for I would show up. For example I worked hard on the keyword make money online free and was showing up within the top hundred for make money online. Well I checked and now Google is not even listing me in the top 1000 for make money online. I understand that I did not build links for this keyword, but I was ranked high and the thousands of links that I built were closely related to the keyterm.

This is when I realized that Google is no longer guessing what sites should be ranked for which keywords. Before they would allow a website to rank high for multiple keywords as long as they related to the keyword which the webmaster was building links for. Well the change happened and now from what I am seeing you must bulid links for the keywords which you would like to rank well for. This means building links for every keyword or term you would like to rank well for. What will be nice is there will be less competition in the long tailed keyword department so keywords which have low traffic will be a waste of time for most webmasters and easily taken by the newer webmasters. This also means that you should not spend to much time only working on one keyword and really spread out your SEO and link building campaign to take all keywords which are associated with your main keyword.

Now this is only my view and I would love to hear if you guys have seen any changes in the serps.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Focus On Your Brand

One thing before we begin is branding does not mean you have to have a multimillion dollar corporation. Anyone can build a brand around there web presence or name. Bloggers usually specialize in separating themselves from the crowd so I will be using them as examples when discussing branding. Now the first blogger which built their name from their presence rather than name is Darren over at Pro Blogger. Most people in the blogosphere has heard of Pro Blogger, but not the blogger behind the blog. He focuses on making the name "Pro Blogger" bigger than his name for a reason. This is branding taking the website name and making it well known. Now let's move onto a blogger who has branded his name. The blogger who sticks out in my mind when I think of who made a brand out of his name is John Chow over at JohnChow.com. Everything including the domain has his name in it and that was his plan to brand his name then associate it with making money online.

Sponsor Site:

Now lets move onto my thoughts on branding. The first and one of the most important factors when trying to brand your web presence or name is gaining the trust of both visitors and competitors in your niche. If everyone hates you then expect to do poorly and have horrible things written about you within your niche. When the average Joe types in keywords for your niche and a post trashing you comes up. Guess what happens when that guy visits your website, they bounce. Well this is why making enemies may get you backlinks, but it is a much better idea to get backlinks from friends. If you get a circle of friends going rather than enemies then you will find backlinks left and right. So be careful when interacting.

Now gaining trust from your traffic is just as important. It can and will damage your brand if you get caught lying and refuse to retract your statement. Whenever possible double check the facts of your content attempting to come as close as possible to the truth. The next and last step I would like to discuss when it comes to branding marketing and networking are key. You will want to build backlinks everywhere and anywhere that are both relevant and high authority. Niche directories are a great start as well as niche forums. Anyway this should be a good start for those who would like to build a brand.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Internet Marketing Basics

I just covered the basics of an internet marketing campaign. Read over this and see if you are doing everything.

Internet marketing is a blank landscape with many trying to paint at the same time. Everyone knows a little, but there is no definitive guide whether it is social media, SEO, link building, or any other aspect of an internet marketing campaign. Now if you want to be successful there are a few different things that will help you succeed. This article is going to focus on making sure to round your marketing campaign so it encompasses as many aspects as possible not letting possible clients, readers, visitors, or whatever you consider your target audience slip away. After reading this article you should be able to take a good look at your internet marketing campaign and hopefully make adjustments so you do not allow a decrease of visitors or income.

The basics of internet marketing which you should have in your marketing campaign are content creation, link building, social media optimization, search engine optimization, and branding. Personally I believe that content creation is the most crucial factor for a successful internet marketer since the internet and its audience is driven by a constant stream of unique helpful content. Link building is another important aspect that is done popular will help drive your web presence to the top of search engines. One of the newer aspects of internet marketing is social media optimization and marketing. This is utilizing websites such as twitter, facebook, squidoo, blogger, myspace, and others within your marketing campaign. SEO (search engine optimization) has been and will be the foundation of most internet marketing campaigns. When you SEO a website what you do is make it easily indexed and take certain steps so it ranks well for certain keywords. The last topic, but certainly not the least is branding. The simple definition of branding is when you as a webmaster take the title of your presence or your own name and make it a brand that everyone knows. You work diligently to associate your name or website with your niche so when someone thinks of the niche they think of you. One good example of this is when I think of blogging I think of Darren over at problogger he did a fantastic job of becoming the expert of his niche.

As you reach the end of this article I hope your mind is thinking of different things you can do with your marketing campaign. Right here you have read about the basics for a more in depth discussion about specific topics feel free to search Google. If you are a webmaster who has done all of these then it is time for you to begin making up new ways to market your website. I have always found it useful when I get “stuck” to start something I have never done before. This is how I created a forum which brings me thousands of backlinks and blogs which I don’t have to write to. I worked around the normal pushing the limits and have had excellent results when doing so. We are in an unknown frontier and the ones that will be the most successful will be the ones which are the most creative.

Watch Your Little Green Bar

As everyone knows the Page Rank bar on your google tool bar is losing importance when it comes to direct impact on SERPs (search engine result pages). So why does Google keep that little green bar? Well it still is a major factor when trying to decide the importance of a single page. When I say watch your green bar I do not mean for your own site. I have learned from experiance that low PR high SEO'd web pages can fair much better in search engines. Especially if they pay attention to anchor text when building backlinks. So what can us as internet marketers use this little green bar for?

Well I think I have something which may be useful. I say we use the green bar to determine what a backlink will be worth. Let say you enjoy blog commenting and use this as a means of marketing. Well rather than comment on any post wait until you know what the posts PR is then comment on it. Now I think that the authority of a page is a mix between the place on Google SERPs and Page Rank. I am sorry if this post is a little jumbled I am just trying to put a new internet marketing tactic together one which I have never heard of. Anyway we need to find a page which you can post to or comment on which has a high PR and high SERPs position. I have been working with a few diffrent searches, but have not yet found the right kind. One of these searches which turned up in a complete bust was my search for the precious .edu link. I searched for "forums .edu". Now it worked great I found tons of .edu forums, but the problem was none of these forums were open to the public.

So I found a list of 1000 .edu blogs which I spent some time commenting on. Anyway it worked somewhat most the links were no follow though. Anyway what I propose is you go to google search for your keywords. You should have a list of 20-50 that have to do with your topic. I recommend going into advanced search and having Google list 100 sites at a time. Search for a term such as (if your niche is fishing) sucker fish or gold fish. Then pay close attention to the URLs under the titles. If you cross a blogger blog, wordpress, squidoo lense, ezine article, or any thing like it stop read the article and post a comment. A few things to look for is the pr of the post and the rank of the page. You should also be aware of how many other people posted comments on that post, lense, hub, or article.

I also recommend you look for diffrent ways to search google. I know of a "keywords" + "keyword luv" search. Also look for solid lists to find backlinks. If you find one bookmark it and go back over and over to gain good quality backlinks. I will give you one of mine since I have hundreds it is a do follow directory which has been growing quite a bit. It is a Do Follow Blog Directory.

Also if you want to make money visit my site Make Money Free and to see a list of my websites visit Kris Beus.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Someone Build A Guest Post Marketplace

You know I have been working and working on trying to figure out which diffrent NEW ways to market a website. Well I figured out one area online that has remained untouched and I feel can be a great new platform where bloggers find content. Now I spent a little while searching a guest post marketplace. Here is my idea (which I hope one of you make a reality). Take a forum, blog, or some other type of platform and transform it into a marketplace where bloggers come and post guest post opportunities. Then webmasters or bloggers come to the marketplace with articles and offer to give a blogger an article free of charge in return for a backlink. I think this would be huge and allow older bloggers to take a break while new bloggers get a little promotion and stat boost.

Now this will be a full time gig whoever starts this and should expect to work quite a bit. I as well as many bloggers would love to be able to get free content that is unique to our blogs for the price of one link and I would also be willing to write articles for a backlink. I think it would really take off in the blogosphere and should at least be tried. I know websites such as Constant Content have made it huge buy setting up a marketplace which content is bought and sold rather than traded for links. Anyway just something for you guys to think about I would do it myself, but as it is I am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of presences I already have. If someone decides to give it a try please leave a comment and tell everyone about it. Also if this has already been done I have been looking and looking so leave a link and I would be much appreciated.

Stop Forcing Your Visitors!

Traffic is a gift not a commodity it is something earned and should be treated with the utmost respect. As I roam the web time after time I run into "jerks" that make me do this or that before I get to read or acquire certain things. Guess what I do when a website tells me to do something; I click out never to visit that website again. Now if a website treats me right and lets me in to their info or whatever they offer without stupid hurdles they will usually get plenty of link love from all of my high PR websites and blogs. As an internet marketer I understand the want to gain a visitors email address or at least more info, but not letting a visitor gain access to your web page until they give their email (which most people fear because of spam). So rather than letting the visitor on their page these webmasters force them to give up their personal email and validate it. DONT DO THIS.

Now lets move into a discussion on how to make a USER friendly website or blog. First and foremost everything done with your presence should encourage visitor enjoyment and interaction. When visitors like coming to your website they will be likely to share it with others and after a while your stat counter will explode. You must be friendly and on social networking sites. Set up a blog so you can post your ideas and when people comment you can comment back actually setting up a discussion. Start a forum for the ultimate discussion and interaction platform I started mine using a free script at phpbb. Here is my forum if you would like to discuss internet marketing~ Internet Marketing Forum. Anyway your goal should be to have your visitors love your site and want to come back.

Now if your not a good web designer(making your presence look pretty) such as myself then look for free templates. Personally my favorite selection is at Wordpress they give you free software and many diffrent styles of themes for your blog. If your looking for free website themes I have always used Free Css Templates. I have found these themes exceptional when trying to get a good look for my diffrent websites. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post if so be sure to comment.