Thursday, December 31, 2009

Set Up Your Automated Blog

Hey guys in this video I explain exactly how I did the White Hat Marketing Blog so I don't every have to post. Here is the link to Free Traffic System I hope you enjoy:)~

Remember I could really use help getting my Kings Of Internet Marketing Forum up and going so please join and make a few posts thank you.

Building Your Brand

Just an article I wrote and would like to share with you guys enjoy!~~

If you have ever watched TV you have seen branding at its finest. Companies such as Walmart, Microsoft, and Pepsi spend millions of dollars each and every year making sure everyone knows their name. Now online it is a little different, no longer do you need to have millions in your bank account. Today we stand on an open playing field with anyone being able to set themselves apart even to the extent of beating major companies. Without money it is going to take a tremendous amount of work and patience, but when all is said and done it will be possible to stand above the wikis, major chain stores, and others well known names. First I would like to discuss some people who I respect greatly and who have branded themselves to an amazing extent having a few hundred thousand followers something Walmart or Microsoft would pay millions for.

First let’s start with my favorite which is Darren over at Right now he has 134 thousand readers and it seems to be on a constant increase. This is a prime example of how one man can lead thousands becoming more popular than the million dollar companies. The reason for such a popularity is he connected/connects with the blogosphere proves he is the expert and provides a constant stream of content. When Darren makes a move or does something new it streams across the web with great speed. Another person who makes a huge difference online is Cricket & John Scott over at the V7N webmaster network. They decided to really expand on the traditional website or blog. Rather than setting up one or two presences they set up a full network equipped with a blog, a fully functioning forum, and a directory. They offer a bit more, but these are the core. Anyway they now have around a hundred thousand people on the forum and many blog readers. So how did they reach such a feat? Well it comes down to the core of humanity they noticed that forums that were up and running chastised members not letting them speak freely using so many rules that the majority of members were getting banned. This was the beginning of an idea which sparked the growth of a webmaster community rivaled by only the top of the top. They let community members speak their mind and place a domain knowing the difference between an actual question and spam something other forum admins know nothing about. Anyway they provided a true community for webmasters.

This brings us to what you can do when out their trying to make your presence known. Well first thing is keeping your ambitions in check remember it takes YEARS to really build a brand which is why the majority fail. Personally I think that social networking is a great step for those who want to really start building a brand. After the creation of a web presence get on twitter, facebook, and the other major networking sites. Make sure to place your links to these profiles on your web presence and as traffic starts following your and becoming friends on facebook be sure to add them and talk with them. Tell them about your experiences and what you are doing. It is even OK to tell them how you feel trust me they like that. Remember this is not the place to spam, but rather build up your online profile. When people really like you on twitter they retweet your tweets. This is key to making your brand online get people to like, trust, and believe in you and your brand will grow and grow.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hey Guys I Need Some Help

Well I don't know why, but after I built my directory at Free Link Directory it was not enough so I decided to build a forum. I call it Kings Of Internet Marketing. Now with it I decided to let users have 3 links in their sig from the very first post. I also allow a sig from the first post so their is not a waiting period. As long as your posting good quality content you will be building links and start doing better in the SERPs. I plan on doing a good size link building campaign, but when people see an empty forum they don't think it worthwhile to join so I need your guys help getting started. Anyway I would really appreciate you signing up and making a few posts. Thanks in advance.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Well I am Moving To Unlimited Hosting

Luckily not with this blog since I have not had a problem with exceeding bandwidth, but my blog Whitehat Internet Marketing on the other hand is growing at an amazing rate so I decided to not take any chances and upgrade from free hosting to paid hosting. I got a deal for 6 a month which is not to bad since everything is truly unlimited. It is a good feeling to be given unlimited access to a server. Anyways I just wanted to keep you guys up on what I am doing. Let's get into some e-marketing concepts.

First thing I would really like to talk about is keep changing your marketing plan. Google is always searching for the sites which are not popular and are being marketed only by their webmasters. To them these are bad sites usually and if Google catches on they will not give them very good placement which is why when marketing you don't want to beat a dead horse and be in a constant state of change. I personally really like exploring the social medias for new websites which allow you to either post a profile or a link. These are excellent opportunities to showcase your web presences and build your brand. If your looking for a list I have a post 55 Social Bookmarking Sites. Please take the time and build your profile on each one then submit all of your presences.

Another thing I would like to bring up really quick is when you are a blogger social bookmarking is your best friend. Most of these sites allow you to submit every single post meaning you will not get one link from high authority high pr sites, but many. Anyway submit each and every post to at least 10 or so major bookmarking sites.

Now with the directory submission don't beleive the new guys when they say this is a dead form of link building. If someone says this please call them out and say "YOUR AN IDIOT!" really you don't need to explain yourself. I found this out quickly when I built a directory for free ~ Link Directory. Now the personal results that I saw after the creation of the directory my serps rank for my site How To Make Money Online cut in half for the keywords how to make money online. I was 400 and when I checked today I was 212 still bouncing a little, but overall doing quite well. Anyway another example is The Open Directory Project which AOL works with closley and Google uses for info on websites.

Now to close I have been thinking of a couple posts, but I am not sure if you guys would like them. I was thinking of a How To Build Backlinks going over some diffrent resources which I use, a How To Upload Wordpress, or a How To Build a Directory for free. Anyway if you guys have any thoughts let me know also I could really use help with this blog so if you have a twitter or facebook please let your friends know. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Big 100: What's Next?

Wow I started this blog a few months back and never thought I would reach the 100th post. Through it all I have gained thousands of backlinks for this blog and with your help. I have seen some of my websites grow into power houses taking over Google for keywords which net 50,000+ search volume monthly. I have created squidoo pages, a forum, a directory, learned wordpress and other PHP/MYSQL sites. Studied and spoke with the greats of both internet marketing and blogging. I HAVE EARNED MONEY ONLINE! How many people actually get the chance to pay their car payment every month with online revenue. After doing a couple searches I have been considered an expert in internet marketing and online business by some blogs and on forums. So what is next? I seem to be running out of diffrent ways to gain backlinks, content, seo a site, and master the web 2.0.

I guess I should keep you up on what I am working on. I just busted my but building a directory please submit your site for FREE at ~ Free Link Directory make sure to get your links in now because when it begins to gain PR I will probably stop letting free links in and require payment or recipriocal. Another thing I have been working on is having a constant stream of content for my website How To Make Money Online. You guys have seen my blog Whitehat Internet Marketing which is at around 600 posts. With very little marketing it easily climbed to the top ten for the keywords whitehat internet marketing because of the massive content creation. Well I decided to try the same thing on my site creating a sub domain. Anyway at this point in time it has no posts because The Free Traffic System has not yet approved the blog. By the way The Free Traffic System is where I have built around 5 thousand backlinks for my websites and blogs if you want to be top 10 you need to join. Anyway you can check out my new blog which I hope will be accepted in the next day or so at Make Money Blog.

So what should you expect from the next 100 posts on this blog? Well I am really going to focus on the basics which are link building, SEO, and content creation. With these three things you will be able to reach the top of any search engine and make quite a bit of money. I wish you guys all the best and thank you for sticking with me through my learning process.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Stay Caught Up On New Internet Marketing Concepts

One of the greatest challenges which faces webmasters today is the access of information concerning basic to advanced internet marketing. One thing is certain there is no one stop shop and internet marketing is a constantly changing process. This is not a bad thing (since there is no actual "degree") anyone can be an internet marketer. You will find around 90% of the webmasters/bloggers online today have no clue how to market a website and when it comes to SEO I would guess the number of ignorant grows. After reading this post you will not understand internet marketing, but you will know about several great sources which you can go to if you would like to learn quality internet marketing.

The first step which any up and coming internet marketer should take is joining forums which promote white hat ways of marketing and do no allow any ideas which will lead you to get banned. Personally the place which I learned how to market my websites and blogs is The other forum which I have gotten a few good marketing ideas is Digital Point which you can find by doing a Google search. The best thing about the forums is they allow you to ask the specific questions which you can not find answers to by doing a Google search.

After you have signed up for the forum and begin learning there it is time to move into the blogosphere. I must warn you remember about the 90% of the people online not knowing jack about internet marketing everyone of those people probably have blogs and are spurting out how to reach Google top 10. You will see such ideas such as stuffing keywords throughout your page, gaining links from anywhere, and all around bad ideas which will lead you to getting banned from Google's index. So before you begin trying what a blogger is teaching be sure you have a good idea of what will get you banned. Here is a page which will explain what not to do when marketing Black Hat Techniques. Now I would like to recommend some bloggers which I follow and know they do not promote bad ideas.

1. ProBlogger


3. SEO Book

4. Hubspot

5. Yaro's Blog

All of these guys post daily so that should be a good amount of reading. If you have found this blog useful then of course become a reader.

Another place which I have found very useful when I was trying to learn the basics of SEO is SEO Tutorial. If you have a website and are trying to learn any type of web code you can always rely on W3 Schools.

A couple of SEO tools which i use is:

1. Google Adwords Tool ~~ Which tells you the monthly search volume of any given keyword or keyterm.

2. SERPs Checker ~~ Which shows you the location of your website for any term up to 1000.

3. Google Insights Tells you the popularity of a keyterm over a long time period.

If you internet marketers are interested in solid affiliate programs to market I have many which I market on my website How To Make Money Online. They are all free to join which is huge when you are trying to get people to sign up anyway give them a look over and see if they would fit somewhere into your marketing campaign. Also the way which I gain many links is using The Free Traffic System.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Auto Blog Is Kicking My Ass

For those who have been reading they know a couple of weeks ago I started an auto blog. It is called Whitehat Internet Marketing and over the past couple weeks it has been posted to over 300 times. I of course got it indexed within Google quite quickly and now I am surprised to find that the traffic is exceeding this blog. Usually I moderate 4 or 5 comments daily on this blog, what really surprised me is I am moderating 10+ comments on my auto blog. This has brought a new factor in my understanding of SEO and linkbuilding.

What does content creation have to do with rankings, traffic, and overall success of a website or blog? This is a question that has been surfacing ever since I have seen my auto blog start exploding within a couple of weeks. I am quite confused and really wondering if it is just a fluke or if it is the start to a great thing. I do have one theory and that is each time someone posts it gives an automatic link back to the home page. Like I said over a couple of weeks the blog has had over 300 posts and growing rapidly so I guess I will have a good control when I test what is better mass content creation or link building. Anyways I don't know much right now, but after watching this blog go I think I may be onto something. I will of course be keeping you guys up to date.

Now if you want a auto blog there is a couple things you need to do. The first is get free hosting then set up a fully functional wordpress platform on the server. The Free Traffic System is the website which facilitates the contstant publishing on my blog you need to sign up and follow their instruction on how to submit a blog. Everything is free and if you do it you will have a blog which is being posted to constantly and perhaps see the same growth that I have seen. Anyway I found this extremely interesting from an internet marketers standpoint and I hope you stick around to see how the blog does after a few months.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Difference between SEO and SEM

SEM is one of the newer terms within the webmaster world and is quite frequently mixed up with SEO which is completely different. SEM means Search Engine Marketing and is the process of buying top placement or preferred placement from search engines. If you use Google adwords you are using SEM to promote your website. There is nothing really special about this form of marketing and is for those who have a bank account or very little time to perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Personally I have no experience with this since I am an SEO expert I have no problem getting traffic through free means. One problem that I have noticed with SEM is lately with some of the search engines it has compromised SEO. Websites such as place one good listing then 5 sponsored listings then the rest of the actual organic results. Other search engines are better listing fewer and others worse listing up to ten paid listing before the websites who are actually brought up for the terms. Either way SEM is the main form of income for search engines and is not going away anytime soon.

SEO on the other hand is when a webmaster constructs his website in a way which it will perform well in the search engines without having to pay them for first page placement. It is a way in which the rich online and poor are picked since the rich are the ones at top of all the major search engines. This is an internet marketers biggest challenge and is a challenge which is constantly changing and making an internet marketer or SEO expert change their marketing formulas with the changing algorithms. When you begin SEO it will seem overwhelming, but after a year or two of work you will find yourself with the ability to at least gauge the amount of work it takes to reach the top of Google and other major search engines for any given key term. If you have spent this year or so practicing techniques then you should also have a couple presences up on top of Google for at least mildly competitive keywords.

What should the average internet marketer invest in. This is a question which is throughout webmaster forums and a hot topic in debates whether or not buying traffic from search engines rival working hard and reaching the top of Google free of charge. The advice I would offer you is unless you have a $50,000 dollar marketing account and absolutely no time to commit to free marketing then SEM is a viable option. For the rest stick with learning the basics of SEO which you can do by searching Google for free seo tutorial and also signing up for the webmaster forum V7N Forums.

Everyone Needs Lots Of Links

I just got done building a few different websites. The two big ones are Edgar Allan Poe and my auto blog (I have not wrote one post:) whitehat Marketing. I noticed that both were indexed in Google within an hour and started getting hits within a couple days. The thing that really surprised me was the hits were organic. So I built a couple sites and did some basic marketing and within a couple days I was getting organic traffic (not alot), but a couple here and there. It took me a few months when I started my first site How To Make Money Online to get a "few organic hits", but days with these new sites.

I was sitting trying to figure out how I got this so quickly then decided it was everyone needs links. When I started the sites I placed links on all of my presences (around 40) ranging from PR 0 to PR 3 and that was all she wrote. This was enough to place me at the top of the SERPs for very low competitive keywords. I have said it before you need keyword anchored links to push sites to the top of Google.

So backlinks are the foundation of a marketing campaign, but what does this really mean. Well if you have videos on youtube it means for each video I recommend building at least 1000 links to each video. This will take quite a bit of time, but you will find it worthwhile when your hit counts are through the roof and subscribers are lining up down the street. When you put up a squidoo page guess what that means you should be building 1000 links towards that page. This should be done with all of your presences and the number 1000 is only a starting point. These links are what will seperate you from your competition and will really help you out when you need high quality one way links for your newer websites.

Now if your wondering where to get the links I have a list of the best places just scroll down this site and on the right side you will see "my best posts" there are plenty of places to get links. Personally the place that I get my links and the place which has pushed me to the top of Google fore competitive keywords is The Free Traffic System. I have used the system and it has pushed me to the top of Google for such phrases as make money free, make money online free, how to make money free, earn money online free, and many others. Anyway remember no matter what you should be building links and building them by the thousands.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When Marketing Always Go Manual

There are many different ways which you can market your website and the majority of webmasters on the web today agree that building backlinks is still the best way to reach the top of Google and other major search engine sites. Building backlinks is an extremely tedious task and most will give up before they even begin seeing a payoff for their efforts. Others opt for the easy road which is the auto submitters,which of course leads their website being placed on very poor quality web presences which are link farms. Any website which does not have a review process and whos main priority is to increase backlink counts is considered a link farm. These are the type of presences which you should be avoiding when marketing and if they are giving you links for free and by the thousands then I highly recommend not using them.

If you would like to have a successful website then taking the time to submit your presence to each and every directory, article directory, and blog is crucial. The only exception I have seen to this rule has been the free traffic system which I have used and seen no adverse affect. On the other hand when I have used link farms I saw no positive affect on my website and luckily since Google only frowns on the links pointing out from a site I saw no negative affect. Take your time when marketing and if you are willing to put in the hours and submit to high quality websites then you will receive high quality traffic and start seeing a rise within the SERPs.

So automatic marketing tools are out (except for the free traffic system) what else is left? There are many diffrent places which you can gain both high quality links and traffic. First go to the webmaster forum v7n and Digital Point. These forums allow you to place a link in your signiture and will help you get traffic and links. When on the forum ask the webmasters in the community for a list of directories which they will give freely then start spreading your presence throughout social networking and bookmarking sites. It is also good to write articles and submit them to high quality article directories. My favorite markeitng is video markeitng (since I don't have to type) and one nice thing about you tube is they are in the top hundred most visted websites in the world so having a few hundred videos will bring you an audience quite large.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

To The Top Of Google and Beyond

I really don't know where I got that title, but the discussion will be me talking about the different things I have noticed as I climb serp after serp. First off I am sorry that I have not posted recently I have been quite busy first finally getting around to a website dedicated to my favorite author Edgar Allan Poe and second building a internet marketing blog which is updated several times daily, but I don't actually write any of the articles Whitehat Internet Marketing. This is also the first blog which I have created on my own server with wordpress. Let me tell you if you are going to do this be sure you have some serious patience.

On to the discussion when internet marketing you are told build backlinks for a paticular keyword and you will rank well for that keyword. This is not the case all the time. One you need to research around and make sure that you can build enough backlinks to beat your competitors in that niche and second you don't always need to build for every keyword you rank well for. This second idea is where I got the idea for the post and is something which I am having a hard time understanding. I built thousands of backlinks for the terms How To Make Money Online and Make Money Online. Now I only rank in the top 200 which is what I expected thus far. What I did not expect is to be ranked in the top ten for keywords such as make money online free, make money free online, make money free, and quite a few others which I spent hardly any time with. I keep my rank on these and I am coming up on a few others which I did not expect as well.

So I have a couple thoughts on this. The first is Google looks through my site and associates keywords which I have not even thought of. Google sees that my site has a good amount of authority for a make money site and has the term make money online free in it. So they put two and two together and decide to place me on the top ten. Personally I find this very helpful and it is also I am sure the reason that Google is the number one search engine in the world.

So what does this mean to you. When going after terms go big. Go for the make money online which is a half million monthly search volume term or whatever the biggest term is. As you build the backlinks you will gain authority and as you build the authority you will rank for terms which you did not even think of. Anyway this is my little spill for today I will see you guys again soon.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Building A New Website

Well I decided to try building another website to see if there is a diffrence between non-commercial and commercial websites. This website is about Edgar Allan Poe all of his works and biography. If you guys want follow check back time and again to see if it takes off faster than this blog or my site How To Make Money Online. Personally I think it will do much better since not only does it not sale anything there is really no way for me to make money. Money is not even mentioned. I think this will be the diffrence between a website reaching high rank and PR easily compared with a fight day in and day out.

So what do you guys think? Does the category of a website matter when it comes to rank and PR?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Keep Track Of Your Websites Placement

One important aspect is knowing where your website is within the serps and other stats which are important for your website. There are many different checks you can do for your website. First is the simple backlink check. Personally I use two different checkers which are Yahoo's site explorer which you use by going to Yahoo's Search Engine and typing link: Yahoo will bring up the number of links and a list of who is linking to you. The second website which I trust to count backlinks is Google's webmaster tools. To use this checker you will need to sign up for a Google account and then sign up and verify your website at Google Webmaster Tools. I use to use third party websites until I spoke with another experienced webmaster and asked him which counters he used and he told me the only two that matter. He said why use a website which does not decide where you will be placed in the serps when the search engines you are so worried about will tell you exactly which links they are counting and how many of your links actually matter. It seems pointless having a website which has no authority of your placement tell you how many links you have if they say 10 million and Google says 50 guess what you will be at the bottom of the SERPs.

Webmaster tools has become imperative for webmasters. Now only will they tell you how many links you have and give a list of the top thousand websites linking to you they go much more in depth. My favorite aspect of Webmaster Tools is the SERPs tracker which tells me my top hundred keywords I am ranking well for. They not only let me know what keywords I am ranked well for but the keywords which are actually getting the click throughs. Here is a little example of my top ten keywords which my website How To Make Money Online ranks well for:
# Query Position
1 make money online free 4
2 earn money online free 6
3 how to make money online for free 8
4 make money online for free 8
5 how to make money online free 5
6 make money free 5
7 make free money online 7
8 making money online for free 9
9 making money online free 6
10 make money free online 3
Updated Nov 26, 2009

Anyway you can see what I am ranked for so I don't need to actually go to Google and type in each and every one. What is also nice they make the query into links so I click on one of the terms and it will go right to my position proving to me that I am ranked for that word. Anyway I don't know what I would do without webmaster tools and if you are not using it you really need to start.

Now the next step is keeping track of your visitors. For this again I have two main sources first Stat Counter which is a free counter that will give you decent reports on how much traffic you are getting where it is coming from and where they are leaving. I also really like Google Analytics which is a great resource with tons of graphs and reports that will tell you anything you want to know about your site. Both of these are great alone I prefer to have both, but really it is not neccessary.

The last subject I would like to cover is the value of a search term. Now for this I have two resources which I use both are quite powerful and will provide you with excellent info for whatever term you are wanting to learn about. The first is Google Adwords Tool. This is the tool which will tell you the search volume of a keyword for the previous month. Not the best for a long term unless you check the keyword monthly for a couple months. Now this is usually what makes me decide on what keywords to go after since I can see how many times last month any given terms was searched for. Now for the long term I use a diffrent tool which is Google Insights which is STILL in its beta, but offers very valuable info. This tool will tell you the popularity of a keyword over a period of time (1 month - years). You will be able to find up and coming terms and if a term has spiked and went back down. In other words let say you go to the adwords tool and they say for last month the key term website marketing had 2 million searches. You think it is a good term with plenty of traffic, but when you go to insights it says that the term had a 1000% increase over previous months which means more than likely it was a fluke month and the term will drop back down to its average. Anyway a great tool for those wanting to know what terms are popular and what terms should be avoided.

I hope you guys liked the post if so please share it with a friend or on a forum/blog/website wherever. Also let me know what you guys think of the tools.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Keep It Simple Video

Here is my newest video on keeping your web presence simple and to the point. The main focus is making sure you are doing what you set out to do rather than getting tied up in the new marketing ideas. Anyway I hope you enjoy be sure to leave a comment.

If you are looking for affiliate programs to market or want to see the site I spoke about in the video go to How To Make Money Online.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Build Links To Internal Pages

As any internet marketer knows links are the driving force behind the web and should be done by anyone to get their website to the top of Google and other search engines. Most out there choose to only build links towards their main URL/Index/Home page. This is a great way to start and should of course be done, but it should only be a starting point and the rest of your website should not be forgotten. Personally I recommend making sure every page that you would like someone to land on (click on from a search engine) has content worth building its own links, but being in the make money niche I know from personal experience that this is not always possible and there are alternatives for those who have a difficult time providing a steady stream of rich useful content on every single landing page.

First I would like to discuss internal link structure since like building links to sub pages is a forgotten art of today’s webmaster. Your internal link structure consists of all links that are on your site that point to another page (or same page), but do not point off your site. These are the links that you should have set up from an seo point of view. A couple of rules when setting up your internal link structure is first always and I mean ALWAYS optimize the link for the keywords you would like the page to do well on in the search engines. This means between your starting anchor and ending anchor you should place your keywords. The second thing about internal link structure I would like to discuss is the hierarchy. Your primary page or home page should only have links to your most important sub pages. Your important sub pages can carry the rest of the links outward/downward into your site. Every single page should have an optimized link to your home page and it is also good to have each and every page point towards your important/landing sub pages.

The next step after you have completed a linking campaign for your home page is to begin building links off your website towards your sub pages that are worthy landing pages. Remember just like building links towards your home page they should have keywords suited for the sub page between the anchor tags. When evaluating your seo be sure to pick ten or so keywords per serps position and track how well your sub pages are doing within the search engines rather than only worrying about your home page. Building links to your sub pages will also help build authority for your home page since the authority will pass from the links you build to your sub pages then as your sub pages build more authority they will pass it to your home page.

Just Remade My Website Need Your Help

Well after some time thinking about it I had a couple of thoughts which I am going to share with you. The first being clutter is bad. As I got better and learned more about building websites and online business I found I loved adding things even if they did not work with my number one goal of making money. This was the biggest prompt that made me change my website. I also think that it has a more professional look and feel to it. Anyway would one of you guys look at it then tell me what you think in a comment I would really appreciate it. Here is a link to my site:How To Make Money Online

I would really like to hear what you guys think:)

Monday, November 16, 2009

SEO Evaluation

Where I have made the majority of my money and one of the most important aspects of internet marketing is SEO. A SEO evaluation is when you go over your website and look intensively at your competition and keywords. This post is aimed at what you should be looking at for a basic evaluation. Usually when I do one for a client it usually takes me 12-24 hours of work before I am finished with the results analyzed. The evaluation I am going to go over with you should only take 6 hours or so since you will not be going into the same depth as when I work on my clients website. I will probably be going into more depth at a later time so be sure to become a reader and keep coming back. If you have read through this blog you will notice that I cover all aspects of web marketing from topics such as web 2.0 to building links and of course SEO (my favorite aspect of web marketing).

The most crucial part of a SEO evaluation is an overall understanding of keywords and how they apply to your web presence. First you need to decide which keywords you will be working with both on site and off site. I have found having around 10 keywords is a good rounded number and allows you plenty of leeway when marketing. You do not want to few since it will look to Google as if you are building links rather than having them come natural. You also will not want to many since you won't really get anywhere so between 5-15 should be your range. Once you have decided which keywords you want to attempt to reach the top of Google for the next step is make sure your site is SEO'd for those words.

After you have the list of keywords you want to reach the top for run them through Google adwords checker at to make sure that the keywords have enough traffic. The number it shows is a monthly average rather than the exact amount of searches. I have found around 50,000 searches monthly to be very profitable though the competition goes up with the amount of numbers. When you have ran your keyword selection through this tool and feel you have enough keywords and the search volume is appropriate pick your most searched word and place it in your URL (uniform resource locator) as well as in a h1 tag at the top of your site. It is also helpful to place it a couple times throughout your site being sure that you do not go over board. You should also put the rest of your keywords/keyterms at least once throughout your home page.

Next you will want to check to see your competition. Personally I stick with Google since they handle 60% or so of the worlds search volume. Search Google for each term and look at the top ten search results since you will want to be in the top ten for all of your keyterms and if you work hard enough this is a very realistic goal. You should not have a list of 100 sites that you will be looking at. This is the most time consuming process of the evaluation. First run every site through Yahoo's site explorer to see how many backlinks each of these have. Now thinking about it you will only need to run a couple for each term through to get a rough estimate of how many backlinks you will need (the more the better estimate).

Something that is interesting is the regular search on Google does not show exactly who is placing the keyterms in their anchor when building links. To see who is the top link builders for a certain term you will need to do a more specific Google search. For example if you look at my site How To Make Money Online you will notice that for the search on google make money free it is in the second place, but if you look at who is building links for make money free by doing the inanchor search I am number one. To do this search go to Google and type inanchor:"make money free" and this search will show me who has the most/best backlinks for this certain keyterm. I am number 1 for this search and have been so for quite some time though I am number 2 for a search of make money free. Anyway this shows that building links is the best way to reach the top for a keyword or term.

Well this is at least a start for you. Now if you are not sure where to build links the way I have reached the top of Google for hundreds of keywords is using this system at Free Backlinks. This will give you a base to start your backlink campaign. Also if you have any questions about what I have covered or comments please leave a comment.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

How I Market My Websites and Blogs

For this post I will be sharing with you everything which I do including what is going through my head as I market my websites and what I am trying to achieve. Remember there is no one way or right way to market a website or blog, but I do quite well in the SERPs and really have not problems getting traffic and making money online. I am still somewhat new only being on for a couple years, but have a decent grasp of internet marketing. Now the problem with this post will be the amount of information since I spend months and months on each and every web presence. I am sorry if it is somewhat scattered or difficult to read I will try to cover all the important points, but as I forget or remember things they will be inserted. Anyway I expect this to be one of my longest posts and I really hope you enjoy it.

Marketing especially SEO begins in the creation of your website, blog, forum, or whatever other web presence you are starting. First figure out what niche you would like to be a part of and focus on around 10 keywords you would like to be on the front page of Google for. As you are bouncing ideas there are two things you must do to really get to know your keywords the first being making sure the keyword is being searched for. To see the search volume of any given keyword or keyterm use this tool:

Using this tool will give you an idea of whether or not the keyword is worth working on. Do not spend a ton of time for anything under 1,000 a month. Really you should be looking in the range of 5,000-50,000 monthly searches for a keyword worth working on. Now this is only the first aspect of keyword research and usually is the one filled with hope and happy feelings since you are only looking at possible traffic rather than actual competition.

Now we move onto looking at the actual competition and for this I will be showing you a couple tricks one being how to look at your top ten competitors backlinks and finding who is linking to them as well as which websites are placing the keyword in their anchor text when building links. Remember this is advanced aspects of SEO and will take quite a bit of work.

The first check I would like you to do is simply type the keyword or term into Google. The first ten websites that come up will give you a good idea of what you will need to do in order to take the first page. Personally I really look at the first site since they reached the top of the top. Since backlinks are the backbone of serps placement run the top ten URL's through Yahoo's Site Explorer here the link:

After running this check you will see how many pages your competitor has as well as the number of backlinks your competitor has acquired. This will give you the number of backlinks which you should be attempting to gain from websites and blogs within your niche. The second test I would like you to run is an operator for Google. It is a search you can do to find how many websites are placing certain words in their anchor text. Let say you want to be on the first page for make money online. When you type just make money online into Google the search engine will show you every website even relating to the keyword so it will show up around 200 million. Now if you want to see how many websites have actually placed make money online into the hyperlinks pointing towards their website place this in the google's search query:
inanchor:"make money online" which shows that there is 8 million websites placing that word in the hyperlinks pointing towards their website.

Let me cover what I mean placing the keyword into the hyperlink. This is what I mean:

The keywords you place between the a tag or anchor tag is what you will rank well for in the SERPs.

So after your keywords figured out it is a good idea to place them throughout your content and in your meta title as well as in the headings throughout your website. You do not need to stuff but having around 5%-7% density is fine. The tool I use to find the density of any keyword or term throughout a web page is:

This will help you find the density of any and all of your keywords throughout your web page. This will show what word are repetitious even if you did not plan them to be and should give you enough insight to work on the words you would like to repeat.

Now lets move past the basic setting up and optimization into off site marketing which I feel is the most important aspect of website marketing. The reason I think it is the most important is the amount of crap that Google allows to be on top of their SERPs even without any good content. The only way to reach the top of Google is through mass creation of backlinks with the keywords you want to rank well for.

Personally I really like starting with press releases. These are about the same size as an article 450 words and explains what is new or happening in your business. The key to having success with a press release is being able to acquire media coverage and to do this the release must be exciting. Anyway here is a list of press release sites which I use: This should get you started.

The next step of marketing your website and/or blog is hitting up the social networking sites. I highly recommend starting a new account for each website so you have your target audiences separated. The big three networking sites anyone should be involved in is,, and Start getting followers by placing a link to your profile on your web presence. One important thing is to not spam your followers and friends, but rather share what is new with your blog or website and make friends.

I also really like social bookmarking and would recommend my own list for this one. Here is a link to the sites you need to submit your site to: these are the best 55 social bookmarking sites. With social bookmarking sites usually you can only submit your website once, but with your blogs you can submit each new post.

It is also important to build backlinks which point towards your website and to do this I really like the free traffic system which has pushed my websites to the top of search engines and given my websites and blogs the PR they have. Here is a link:
The Free Traffic System

Directories are also important (I think) here is a list of 5k or so:

Anyway if you really want to market a website or blog remember it is a constantly changing process and if you want to succeed start following blogs which you have found helpful. Anyway please leave a comment if you would like me to talk about something in further depth. Also if your interested in making money feel free to visit my site How To Make Money Online.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The "Bad Places" or "Bad Neighborhoods"

One of the discussions around the web marketing forums is what types of websites to stay away from. These are called the “bad places” and “bad neighborhoods” and when performing SEO and e-marketing these places should be avoided. There are a few different types of bad places and there are also different levels of bad where some will not do much damage if you link to them yet others will actually hurt your website and make you drop within the SERPs. Notice how I say link too rather than get links from this is because no matter where the links are coming in they will not hurt. If you link towards a bad place then you will see a drop within the SERPs. Black hat seo is the reason that links towards a website do not hurt it, back when Google cared who linked to you black hat seors would place their competitors links on spammy places. This is no longer the case and Google does not care which links are pointing to you they will never hurt, but some will not help. What is looked at thoroughly is the links which you place on your web presence so if you have a website on blog be sure to look through the links that you place on your site being sure that the site will not only be helpful to your visitors, but also does not have more out links than in links.

Before we get much further discussing who to link to lets talk about what a bad place is. There is two different types of bad places the first being “bad” such as immoral which by the way is looked down upon by Google. If you run a porn site or drug site don’t expect to be getting visitors unless you SEO the site correctly. Google has pulled Porn sites from the rank no longer can you type in a very obscure keyword which has nothing to do with porn and have tons of porn sites come up. Don’t get me wrong if you correctly seo your site and build links from the appropriate sources you will do good. Now the second and much more seo unfriendly type of bad place is spammy places such as the Viagra, make money, and other niches which have a bad rap for being really spammy. I have found after running a make money site it is quite hard not only to get people to link to me, but to move up at all within the serps. I of course understand why others are somewhat scared of linking to me and why I must work so hard to keep my top page serps. So any place that is spammy such as porn, gambling, Viagra, make money, and many more stay away and never link to. Remember Google will judge your website by the links you point out to so if you would like Google to see you in a good light it would be a good idea to keep good links rather than crap.

Now that we have a good understanding of what the bad places are remember that any website which has many more out links than in will probably be looked down on by Google. There are some exceptions, but the majority will be looked down on. If there is no manual review of the link then the link is worthless and you should not link to them for any reason unless you yourself are running a link farm. Remember be careful out there if Google does not like you more than likely they will not change their mind so try your best to follow the best path.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Say No to Traffic Exchange

When new webmasters set out to take their claim on the online business world they use Google searching for ways to get free traffic. Usually their searches will lead them to some undesirable places which are known as “the bad places” of the web. I remember when I first started I was desperate to get even the smallest amount of traffic and if a website said they would get me traffic I would be quick to sign up. Something strange I noticed was the people using the traffic exchange would be very willing to sign up for my affiliate programs making it easy to make a little money. Something else I noticed was they would be quick to quite the programs as well probably giving it up for the next flashy thing to come their way. I guess to understand the quality of traffic you are getting you must understand what a traffic exchange is. A traffic exchange is a directory of sites and when you visit someone else’s website you earn a credit usually worth one visit from another webmaster.

The major problem with traffic exchanges is the traffic you are getting already has their own system or product they are selling and is usually not in the market for more. This means you are getting traffic to your site that has already started their own money making endeavor. So you spend eight hours looking at ad after ad and website after website while others do the same and you all look at each other’s website artificially inflating the stat counter. What is also funny is the majority of traffic exchanges are set on auto pilot so people don’t actually have to look at your website just click next page after 20 seconds. This means that you are getting hits from people that are not even looking at your website. There are also programmers which can create bots to visit your website giving the webmaster credit for visiting your website without them actually doing anything. So your actually taking the time to look at websites when a bot is looking at yours.

Search engines are also not big fans of traffic exchanges. They are not big fans of any website which uses artificial means to inflate traffic. They also do not like the websites because of the amount of spam which fills traffic exchanges so when submitting your website to one of these places do not expect much of a boost from Google and other major search engines and if you decide to link back to the traffic exchanges then you can expect to actually drop within the SERPs. Anyway it is much better to learn SEO and other forms of getting traffic organically rather than using traffic exchanges.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get On Facebook and Start Making Friends

Facebook has well over 200 million people on it and lets you use your page however you please. This is important for us internet marketers and rather than having the majority kids adults tend to be on facebook frequently why is this important you may ask well for the majority of us anyone under 18 falls out of our target audience since they "usually" can not sign up for programs or they do not have a credit card. So you want to begin networking with people or have an interface for your customer or traffic base for this I would highly recommend Facebook.

Once you have your facebook page go to your profile and use that URL to point others to become your friend. If you look through my side bar on the right side of this blog you will see a link which says "Join Me On Facebook" click it add me as a friend and I will of course do the same. This is one of the easiest ways to get to know your traffic and in the world of affiliate marketing usually your referrals will need help no matter what program you are selling or product you are selling.

I have also found facebook fun as well and a great way to spend time. I can chat with others making actual friends. I also love the games on face book. Right now I play Mafia Wars and Evony every day they are both great ways to break up the monotony of internet marketing letting me break up the long days. This is a great resource for us it only takes minutes to set up so if you are an internet marketer and not on facebook today is the day.

Also if you are looking for affiliate programs or ways to make money my site How To Make Money Online is full of diffrent high paying free programs which you can market.

Social Media and Search

Being an internet marketer for quite a few years I have heard many people talk about the incorporation of social media into Googles algo. I have thought and thought about the subject, but find that with the majority of social medias using No Follow and usually redirecting the URL this will probably be unlikely. Even the place where millions went to get there first backlink and get indexed into Google quickly is no longer webmaster friendly. My guess is that this is because of the importance which Google places on outgoing vs. incoming links. If your outgoing links are above your incoming links then expect to see an adverse affect on your SERPs placement and Page Rank. This incorporated with the amount of junk and spam which social sites are filled with leads me to believe that Google and other major search engines will not be looking to the social medias to find which sites are carrying the most important.

Now I would like to discuss what I have noticed which is a little different and have in common with The Free Traffic System. You can have a hundred thousand backlinks and still be at the bottom of the search engines. This happens because you are not creating and new links. Now they I wouldn't say believe this but have theorized it. I personally put the plan into action leaving a site which was at the top of the search engines for many different keywords for months watching it fall deep into the SERPs. I made sure to keep track of my competition and noticed that not one had more backlinks or better quality backlinks than me the only thing which separated us is they were getting new backlinks.

So when you stop building backlinks you will run into this problem. Now if you decide to let a website fall deep into the SERPs and in my case pretty much off the SERPs it is very easy to get it back. It took me two weeks to get back what a year of work got me. Something interesting is now after only a couple hundred backlinks I am doing better for super competitive keywords than I was doing before I stopped. The website which I am judging is How To Make Money Online if you want to look at it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Little About Rel="Nofollow"

As I browse through the webmaster forums I notice a common confusion among the webmasters and bloggers and that is the use of the no follow tag. Several questions arise surrounding the myths of this tag and the misconceptions that many have. I have read that people absolutely refuse to place a link on a no follow website or blog and I have heard that others think that it helps their search engine results. First let’s discuss what the no follow actually does and where it derives from. The alt=”nofollow” tag is a way which a website can link to another website without actually helping that website increase in page rank or search engine position. That is what people mean when they say a no follow blog (default) or when the no follow is removed that is what people call a do follow website or blog. Why would the major search engines use such a tag? I mean if a website does not want to give a vote then they would just not link to the website. Well a few years back blogging really took off and led to some serious spam. Since a blogger really doesn’t have the same control as a webmaster or perhaps not the same understanding of linking structure Google (the creator of and wordpress decided to combat this spam by making all comments on blogs no follow meaning when someone commented on a blog and left their link it would not count.

The main reason Google and other search engines use the no follow is your in links are NOT the only thing that matter. You can build or receive hundreds of thousands of in links which are high quality, but you can still not see first page results. The reason for this is Google will look at your outgoing links and judge the quality of your website on that rather than the link coming in. The reason they stopped placing the majority of importance of where links are coming from is webmasters who reached the top by placing their competitor’s websites on crappy areas of the web. So Google and other major search engines decided to start placing more and more importance on where outgoing links were pointed. Now if you are sending links/votes towards crappy spammy places on the web then you should expect to see a severe drop within the SERPs. If you for some reason would like to talk about or link to without giving a vote then placing the alt=”nofollow” would be the way to go. If you want to show your traffic who your competitors are without giving them a boost in the SERPs then placing the nofollow in the hyper link would be a good way to go. Remember that if you have a ton of outgoing links you should expect to do poorly if they are not no follow. Also it is good to send out good links to authoritative places on the web give your votes to the websites which deserve them and you would like Google to associate you with.

If you would like to learn how to make money online visit my site make money online free.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Diffrence Between Social Networking and Social Bookmarking

The social media websites both networking and bookmarking have found a place in the world of internet marketing. I have heard theories from top experts in SEO and general internet marketing that Google and other major search engines are headed in the direction of using these as resources to figure out what is popular on the web and give the sites a bump up in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Of course these are only theories and Google right now is still using mainly older ways of figuring out who should be on top of SERPs mainly through determining authority through links coming into a website. Now even though social media websites both networking and bookmarking offer backlinks (most nofollow) they also offer referral traffic and enough referral traffic to provide a reasonable income.

Before beginning a social marketing campaign you must have an understanding of the different social websites. First and usually the most helpful to a webmaster or blogger is social bookmarking. These websites include,, and others. A brief description of a social bookmarking website is a community of people usually in the millions which votes on the websites which are submitted. If a website submitted to the community is well liked then the votes for the website if the quantity is enough will reach the front page of the social bookmarking site which will lead to a tremendous amount of traffic and for a while the website will receive a nice backlink from a very authoritative source. Social bookmarking is good for anything new, personally I use it for all of my new blog posts and if I create a new page on squidoo, hub pages, or a knol I will submit it to a few social bookmarking websites.

The second type of social media website I would like to discuss is social networking and probably websites which you are a little more familiar with. These websites include,, and Where many internet marketers go wrong is misusing these websites and rather than network with others they spam the hell out of them. This is not the correct way to market on social networking. The reason social networking is a great resource for internet marketers, webmasters, and bloggers is they allow us to really connect with people which can be potentially rewarding. I have found it very useful setting up guest posts, link exchanges, and other marketing endeavors using social networking. The number one rule of social networking is to connect with others not to promote your website. Now myspace, facebook, and twitter, all have different places to place your URL to your home page and this of course is fine, but if the only thing you tell people which follow you is to visit your blogs and website more than likely they will not follow you for long.

The third and last type of social media is blogging and cover pages. These websites include,,,,, Googles knol, and many others. This type of social media can truly make you quite wealthy just ask Darren over at Pro Blogger. These websites made starting, running, and making money off a web presence very simple and provided it all for free. I tell everyone even when they already have a website to start a blog in there niche. I just read on technorati that there are over 100 million blogs so if you do not have one it is time to start.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post if so be sure to sign up and become a reader (top right) I hope to see you again.

Content is the King of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has truly become an art form which millions upon millions compete to become the most unique and individualistic trying to drive just a few more hits to their web presence. The major discussion behind internet marketing has to do with which is more important in a marketing campaign backlinks or content. I can truly say that content is the most important aspect of internet marketing and not only through articles directories, but also link bait. The goal of an internet marketer should always include being published by all the major article directories on the web such as,,,, and All of these have a page rank of 5 or better and is one of the top 500 most visited websites in the world. Now when it comes to your own web presence having a constant stream of fresh unique content is also very important and should be done on a daily basis.

First let’s discuss the concept of using content as a way to market your web presence whether it is a blog or website on third party websites such as article directories. Usually when you write an article and submit it there will be some type of compensation. Some websites such as is a website that pays you a certain sum for the content which you create. Other websites such as the ones which I listed in the previous paragraph pay in backlinks and getting paid in backlinks is usually the most common form of payment among article directories and in most cases the most prosperous form since the traffic driven will usually lead to a higher financial income then a website such as associated content. Also when you write articles for these websites if they prove the expertise which you have then you will slowly become an expert in your field. This is one of the easiest ways which to gain backlinks, money, fame, what we all attempt to acquire while running an online business.

The second way which content can be quite helpful is when you become good at creating link bait. Link bait is a form of content whether text, audio, video, or pic which through its incredible uniqueness, boldness, information shared, or ability to help that building links is not required the info gains links on its own. There are several ways which to do this and in the online business world usually creating link bait comes with becoming an expert. I have created link bait quite a few times and have found one of the easiest ways in which to do so is through large lists. These lists can be whatever you like in your niche. Personally I run a couple internet marketing blogs and list the best places which to gain backlinks. If for example you are running a business website or blog then I recommend creating a list of the best business websites or a list of the best marketing websites either one would work. You could also create a list of the top 100 things you should do when running a business online.

Google Is Not Mean but Fair

While looking through the webmaster forums I see constantly titles that ask why Google has de-indexed a website or why Google has dropped a website deep into the SERP’s (search engine results pages). Usually when reading the post I notice that the webmaster or blogger takes what Google does to their website or blog very personally. Remember when this happens do not take it personally Google deals with millions upon millions of websites and a few months ago in their blog explained the true growth and size of the internet. They say the internet has reached over 1 billion unique URL’s. That is a massive number so next time something happens in Google remember that you are only one among a billion.

Now after thinking about the size of Google it is important to understand that you can reach the top of Google and not be de-indexed if you follow certain simple theories which will keep you on the up and up of Google. The first I would like to discuss is not doing anything shady and what this means is if you are trying to “trick” the Google Bot then usually you will be struck down and either taken out of Google entirely or dropped way way down into the SERPs. So do not do anything which seems like it is sneaky or anything that is spoke of as black hat SEO or expect to do poorly.

The next thing a webmaster or blogger should do is begin learning about SEO. This is the fundamental and basic process of building a website around being indexed appropriately into Google. Let say you build a website which sales hats and would like to rank for the term “buy hats”. Well on your homepage it is necessary to have the word hats and good practice placing the term hats and buy hats into a heading on your home page. This way as Google goes over your website they will see in big letters buy hats and know that your website has to do with selling hats. Now something which would be considered black hat SEO is if you put the term buy hats 100 times throughout your website this would be seen by the Google bot as you do not care if people can read your web page and you are trying to trick the Google bot into placing your web page above other web pages within your niche not by being a better web page or website, but by having a word repeat a ridiculous amount.

One other aspect a new website owner should think about is acquiring links which is the driving force behind the web. Gain links that are in your niche (category of website such as business or marketing) and gain links from websites that are authoritative which you can find if you download the Page Rank bar onto your Google toolbar so you can see the page rank. This will help you decide the best places to aquire backlinks and rank well in Google as well as other search engines.

I hope you guys like the post and remember if you are interested in making money visit make money online free.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

SEO ~ Determine The Importance Of A Page

Perhaps reading the title you may be thinking I am going to discuss the Page Rank issue which still holds some importance, but very little. This is actually not what the article is going to discuss, but rather which pages you feel are the most important for your visitor to see and some of the actions which you should be taking to make sure that these pages are what your visitors land on. Usually the home page is one of the most important pages which you should be worried about and from there your first sub pages (the pages one click away from your home page should be your next consideration.) The home page as most of you know is the overall description of your website and offers navigation to the rest of your website.

Let's discuss your home page first since the majority of your internal hyperlinks as well as external hyperlinks will be pointing to it. Usually the first page you work on it will need to be the best looking, most informational, and easiest to navigate around. If you have a low bounce rate usually this means the visitor clicking onto your home page has found exactly what they are looking for. If you have a bounce rate of over 50% and your visitors are not leaving to your affiliate sites or other web pages/blogs then you should think about re working your home page so it is clear and easy to understand why you have the presence on the web. Now after your home page is set up and holding a bounce rate which you feel is right the next important thing to do is set up the sub pages for correct internal linking and optimized to become an entrance page.

Before we get to much further it is important to understand that no one knows exactly how Google determines their serps pages, but millions of us have our own theory and mine is still the older theory which is Google places a website in the SERPs ranked on basic SEO (word density, title, anchor text, ect.) and backlinks from external websites. So I am placing a high importance not only on links coming in from external sources, but also the internal linking of the web page which you have in place.

So the sub pages have been created there are a couple things I would like you to think about. The first is the title in the head tag. This should show exactly what your sub page is offering rather than just leaving it blank. Placing a title tag in with the title of your sub page making sure it is diffrent from your home page is key to gaining an increase of visitors from search engines since they will list that sub page in the SERPs (search engine results pages) with the title which you give it. For example I have a website and the title to the home page is Make Money Free. Now my main sub pages right off the root all have titles catered to what they offer. For example I have a sub page named Make Money With Surveys and another Make Money Reading Email. It all depends on what the sub page does.

The sub pages are now all named correctly (right?). The next thing I would like you to consider doing is a little more advanced in terms of SEO and it is thinking about the internal link structure of your website. You will want all your sub pages to link back to your home page and rather than placing home in the link or main I highly recommend placing the title of your site or keywords you would like your main page to rank well for. This will give you free links back to your home page. Also make sure to place your meta keywords (still important for yahoo and other search engines less advanced than google), meta description, and it is a good idea to have an h1 at the top of your sub page with the title/keywords you would like the page to be ranked well for.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little spill on SEO if used correctly you should see an increase in your search engine traffic. I will be going over some of the diffrent concepts in later posts. If you are interested in making money I do have a website which helps and gives plenty of resources to make money you can find it at make money online free.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't Give Up Ever

Well on my well earned break;) I thought about how easy it is to slip away from your blog then when you come back after a couple of weeks you notice your readers are gone and your search position is suffering. This really sucks, but I feel is one of the biggest reasons most people give up. When their blog or website does not go the way they planned it seems to me that this is when you find if you are a true blogger or not.

Now the key to finding out whether you are a true blogger is ask yourself why did I start this blog? What is the actual reason not the BS you give your friends, but the truth to why you spend each night writing a post and commenting on other posts. If the reason is not because you love the subject material at hand and lover expressing yourself then more than likely you will not make it very long. If you start a blog for money in this day and age don't expect to get far or if you start a blog to become as famous as Mr. Chow or well known as Pro Blogger then don't expect to make it very far.

This is something I may have hounded a little on in the past, but passion is one of the greatest attributes of a blogger and when their chips are down guess what they don't close the lap top and go find a real job they keep plugging away. Guess what you are not going to get to the top of the SERPs for a big keyword (one with over 50,000 monthly views) unless you have it set in stone and truly believe that if you stay at the bottom you will keep blogging. I have been at the top for some pretty competitive terms with this blog and my website. I did not expect to be there, which I think was one of the main reasons I reached such high standings. This aspect of blogging is the unwritten law no one gets anywhere quickly and those who don't think of where they are at usually will end up much farther ahead than those who are constantly checking and worrying about the SERPs.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post if so be sure to become a reader. Also if you are interested in making money I have searched and listed the best places which do not charge at my website make money free.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Understanding Link Bait

One of the most powerful marketing/blogging aspects is acquiring link bait. First let us discuss the basic definition of link bait. Link bait is a media whether text video or other that is of a caliber that other web presences automatically link to it without any type of interaction between the webmasters. It is truly the driving force of the internet and separates websites and blogs that make it from those that do not. Now if your in the market for an internet marketing professional something that I strive when marketing for clients and I hope any internet marketer strives for is making sure that the client understands that paying for linkbuilding or backlinks in general is only a quick fix and will not keep the presence up in the SERPs. I have found it much better to spend time on first making sure the website I am working on is well optimized and second the webmaster is constantly striving to create link bait.

There are a few ways in which you can make something link bait. My favorite way to create link bait is to create a list which is not easily replicable. This means that the list must be a size that would take other webmaster quite a while to replicate I would say make your list of whatever it is at least 25 or longer. One good example of link bait that I have created link list format would be my Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites this took be about 15 hours or so to create and whenever I write a really good blog post I use this list to market it.

Making a list is not the only way in which link bait is created. If you become a phenom such as Darren over at Pro Blogger or John over at John then every post you write becomes link bait though this happens only to the very few great bloggers. Now I have made a little money online and the money I have made comes from the links which I have created on my own. This blog makes very little and the only reason I continue to post here is I absolutley love Internet Marketing. So the second way to create link bait is to become a well respected blogger read by thousands. By the way before I forget I am published on and the article was on linkbait. If you would like to read it go to How to Create Link Bait. I have found ehow very helpful in internet marketing and I hope you like the article.

The third way to create link bait is to write an article, post, or create a video so unique and informative that others link to it. Rather than spending so much time buliding links to your website search your niche and find something that is missing whether an idea or perhaps a presence such as a forum or other type of site and build it. I have noticed a lack of niche video sites perhaps this is an unproductive endeavor or perhaps you could make millions only time will tell. Anyways make an effort to find what is missing throughout your niche and fill the gap. You may want to call this niche marketing, but rather than finding a niche an only creating a website try to figure out what that niche is really missing and rather than doing a bland old website put forth the effort to find what that niche is really missing.

The last thing I would like to discuss with you is it is ok to let others know you have just finished creating a new presence post or whatever you just built. This is why it is good to build relationships with bloggers in your niche so they can blog about whatever you built. There are those on twitter who have thousands of followers these are excellent people to get on your side. Most social bookmarking sites have a community aspect that allow you to communicate with others. What this does is give you as a webmaster/blogmaster/forumaster the ability to make friends on a platform that thrives on voting you have a new post on digg + a bunch of friends on digg you will have a steady stream of votes pushing you above the rest. Now it is not easy and this can not be done quickly, but if you put in the time to realy build virtual relationships it will pay off.

A big thanks to Free Reviews on Scams for featureing my blog on their website.

Marketing on Internet Forums

The title is a bit misleading, but if you understand the proper etiquette of forums they can lead to thousands of targeted visitors, leads, and sales. One of the most important thing about marketing with a forum whether in your niche or not is to make sure that you do not spam. If you sign up to a forum and the first post you make is a huge copy and pasted ad then 9 times out of 10 you will be thrown out of the forum banned and pretty much forgotten about. Now if you enter the forum with your first month or so attempting to make friends and learn/teach about the subject of the forum then you should do alright. When on the forum the number one rule is to be friendly, courteous, and helpful.

Now your first month on the forum should be kind of like the first month in a new school. Take your time finding all the clicks and doing your best to not screw up. In this school the preppy good kids who make friends with the teachers (forum admin) will be the ones who will have the most leeway when advertising. If a moderator or well respected member of the community leaves a link to their site usually the forum admin will let it slide as long as the link pertains to the subject material. This is key to getting direct traffic from a forum and is a very good reason to be in forums that have pertain to your web presence. Personally I own a website marketing blog and because of this I spend countless hours within v7n and DP looking through all the new posts answering and asking questions and trying my best to give the best content possible.

Now this will help get visitors, but it is not the only way. Most forums allow you to add a signature where you will be allowed to leave links to your web presences and this can help both get visitors through clicks as well as help your placement in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. Links are definitely the only factor to consider when trying to rank well in Google or others, but should be taken into considerations since they are the deciding placing factor of websites that represent the same content. Now you need to learn BB code and to do this all you need to type into Google is either learn BB code or BB code tag list both of these will bring up websites very useful in giving you the tools necessary to learn how to take full advantage of your forum usage.

One thing I want to make clear is never use a forum to spam this is all too common and the reason there are so many moderators on forums is to ban people who spam. Keep the conversation active on the same topic and try to spend time each and every day in your niches forum learning about all the new things happening. Anyway I hope you found this article active.

I'm Back

Hey guys sorry about being away for so long. I moved into my apartment and had to wait a week for my internet to be set up then once the internet was set up it still did not work. They said I would have to wait another week until they would be able to get out to my new apartment so I decided to rip apart and rewire my phone jack which worked. Anyway I will be back to posting much more regularly.

There is a new site well not really new, but I think that it has some real potential. This website lets you set up your own social network with forums chat whatever you want and it is all for free. The website is Ning I highly recommend you think about setting up an account I am slowly working on my social network for internet marketers. Really though you can set it up for anything the sky is the limit I hope you like it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Started A New Hub Page

This is not just a regular little page which I created hoping to get a hit or two through hub pages itself, but rather a marketing experiment which I plan to go after the keywords "get paid online" which by the way only have 285 websites in competition yet get over 3,000 searches monthly. I think it will take about 500 backlinks to get it into the top hundred and 2,500 to reach page 1 not to bad around 2 months of work until I am again banking. Anyway I just put it up here is the link get paid online as you can see I am going after those keywords and I plan on throwing everything I got at it the same as I did for my site make money online. You know directories, social bookmarking, blog commenting, blogging, and the rest. I feel it is SEO'd quite well for the term get paid online and think it will do quite well.

Now for those who are reading I will try my best to keep you updated weekly on the progress I am making with it right now I am just trying to get it indexed into Google which should take around 1 day. Remember for a quick index place a link on any web presence you already have set up then submit the link to and you should be updated within Google's index after a few hours. Let me know what you guys think of the hub itself.

Google Loves Updated Content

I have said before that the driving factor behind the internet and SEO is backlinks. This is true to a degree, but as you see that squidoo and other extremely static pages no longer have a grip on the SERPs and more content driven sources are rising perhaps content is gaining importance on the placement within the SERPs. I spend a lot of time going over the videos on You Tube going over videos that discuss Google mainly the ones done by Google engineer Matt Cutts. (Here is a link to Matt Cutts Blog) Where he discusses many different aspects of SEO and Google in general.

After going over and over everything out there on Google one constant remains the same Google's main goal is to bring the best service possible to their users and to do so they need to bring their users the freshest, most authoritative, and all around best content possible. Now backlinks are a way for Google to see how the rest of the web reacts to a website. If the website is getting a bunch of backlinks from crap places such as link farms and other spammy places on the web then the website is probably not worth much the same goes for if the website is not getting any backlinks at all. Now if a website is gaining tons of great quality backlinks from very authoritative sources then Google should and does list it high within its serps.

The problem with this is people such as myself which knows where and how to gain high quality backlinks without actually having content worth the rank it is getting. In the past I could spend a couple months on a squidoo page and have it dominate the niche I created it for. I could push the page up past forums with hundreds of thousands of content filled pages. I could push it past the wikis and .edus through the pure power of link dominance. Is it fair that I could easily beat out these authoritative pages purely through SEO knowledge? Of course not and now Google has begun a change. No longer can a page be pushed through the serps through pure linking it must have a couple other things done to be able to dominate a niche.

The update of a website shows Google that you are not running a super static website where the content is old and out of date. Put plenty of fresh content on your website or blog. If you need content or are a content writer looking for backlinks I highly recommend The Free Traffic System (which is how I easily dominate niches within months). Using this will keep a daily stream of content to your blogs and since all the content is moderated it is guaranteed not to be crap. You can also of course use sources such as Articles Base for your content needs.

This next aspect of marketing is one kinda new to me as well as the rest of the marketing world. I heard about it on the free traffic systems blog which you have access to once you sign up for a free membership. Anyway they discuss the importance of fresh backlinks or updated backlinks. This could be a load of crap, but I think there is something to it. I have noticed when I do a little link building my stats increase dramatically. I would like you guys to give this a try if possible and let me know what you think. To do this you need a web presence which can be a page on Googles knol or a hub page and then do some marketing gaining a decent rank then stop for a month or so. Build a couple hundred fresh backlinks and see if your page rises dramatically or stays where its at. Anyways I hope you like the blog if you are interested in learning how to make money online visit my website make money free or head over to my make money blog. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Set Goals

LOL this is what my Dad is always preaching asking me what exactly are my goals and if I am writing them down. Personally I live in the moment, but have the what if dreams and they drive all of my online presences. To me when it comes to internet marketing and goals SERPs (search engine result pages) come to mind. Where does my website or blog fall in Google's index for certain terms. For example when I first started I wanted to be ranked number one for the keyterm "make money free" I checked the position for my website earn money online free and saw that for make money free at Google I was ranked #5 no not page five for the term make money free I am ranked number 5 on the first page. That took 3 months to get with me working on my marketing campaign at least 40 hours a week. In the past 6 months I have seen the first page for make money online though as soon as I hit the first page it seemed everyone stepped up their marketing campaign and dropped me way back down. So right now I want to dominate my niche for make money online, make money, earn money, and earn money online. These are my long term goals and what every day I strive to get.

It is also very helpful to set daily or weekly marketing goals. Just recently I set the goal of writing 10 articles in a day really just wanting to see the effect on the keyword earn money online free. I was ranked 11, but after a mid sized marketing campaign pushed my site up to #7 I am thinking about doing a little more and get into the top 3. So if you are not happy with the position your website is for a certain keyword take a day or two and build at least 400 backlinks all with the keywords you would like to rank well for. Then you should keep track of the position your site sits in the index for the keyterm.

White boards are a must! I have to say especially when it comes to running multiple marketing campaigns all with diffrent web presences white boards and listing goals on them is a must. I went to wal-mart spent twenty dollars and bought 2 big white boards that I use daily and helps me keep track of everything. It is also great for brain storming just jotting down an idea erasing it and jotting down another idea.

Persistance and realism. You should be setting realistic goals do not go after the key term "money" which is pushing a billion websites that actually have put the word money when link building. Pick something that you actually feel you can get and go after it. If you want to reach the top of Google give yourself 6 months to a year depending on the competitivness of the keywords and don't give up on it. This will be difficult, but will seperate you from all those who wanted to work from home, but when the time came they gave up. If you work every day you will see results.

Anyway I hope you liked this post and I hope it has convinced you to set goals for your online business whether it be through the marketing aspect or business aspect begin looking ahead.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog Promotion

An article I thought you guys might like:

For those who wish to make money online blogging should definitely be a consideration not only to support an existing website marketing campaign, but for a standalone business endeavor. For older marketers that understand the importance of backlinks and how they have driven the old web into what it is they may have issues letting go of the older ways of marketing and stepping into the newer field of marketing and online business in general. Blogs in themselves have brought forth the Web 2.0 or a web where rather than showing the visitor what you offer the option for 2 way communication is now open and should be utilized through the use of different networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and myspace all of which offer the ability for a static website to open lines of communication with its visitors.

We have also seen a new generation of social bookmarking beginning to rise where the incorporation of blogging becomes increasingly compressed and integrated meaning you now have sites such as technorati doing you marketing for your blog as long as your blogs authority stays in the thousands (something extremely difficult to do it took months before mine rose above 100. Still the option of using these excellent promotional resources and social medias have increased exponentially.

Now to really understand the fundamentals of blog promotion we must understand the attraction which people have with the blogosphere. I find the biggest ting which drives someone to a blog is when that person is looking for info or perhaps a different aspect on a subject. They can do a blog search or regular search and if you have properly optimized your blog they find you and begin reading your blog. There will be a couple things this person is looking for first of which they will check and see how old the post is making sure the info they are reading is not severely outdated and the blog itself is not dead. This is why when you run a blog keeping it updated very regularly is extremely important. The number one thing that blogging has compared to other informational platforms or presences is the ability to spread info within hours sending a story, thought, or idea screaming across the web with speed unmatched by traditional media. When you read something on a blog more than likely it is from that day compared to a newspaper where the idea can be days if not week old. Another advantage blogging has over other informational gateways is the reader gets to pick where they gain the information. This means that you must separate yourself from others writing about the same concepts and ideas whether it be through your means of obtaining info or your writing style there has to be something that separates your writing from those around you. This is actually a promotional concept within the blogosphere and differs from conventional website marketing.

So when promoting a blog let’s focus on the differences from traditional marketing. First use social media’s constantly trying to get your blog as the focus of buzz in these communities. Second make sure that your info is different in some way from those around you and is consistently updated with fresh, unique, and helpful content.