Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Article Marketing Tips

I would like to cover some things any webmasters that want high SERPs (search engine ranking pages) should be doing when marketing their website. As you can see by the title the subject of this post will be article marketing so to begin I would like to discuss some thing TO do when marketing your article.

1st. Don't submit your article to only one article directory. Now there are many webmasters who say this infringes on Google' duplicate content guideline, but you must realize placing an article on more than one directory is not the same as having a thousand webpages that are exactly alike. Plus you will miss out on the greatest part of article marketing which is the viral affect which I will explain later in the post.

2nd. A good article should be over 600 words and to be able to get it into the majority of directories should be under 1500 words. If your article contains less than 600 then you probably don't have any unique helpful ideas and if you do they should probably be explained better. If your article looks like it will be going over 1500 words try to split it into various sub articles. For example let say this post was going to be 3000 words and I wanted to place it in article directories the best way I could do so is to start cutting the different points within the post such as the dos, donts, resources, and any other talked about in this post and make them each into an article therefore increasing your exposure and possible backlinks.

3rd. Take time when writing your article. I can't value this third one enough it is the difference between getting republished and getting laughed at. Personally I have somewhat of an advantage since I have been through college and was forced to write paper after paper. One of the best things you can do when writing an article is take the time to research if you don't then expect to loose credibility. Take time to review your article making sure there is no spelling or grammar errors. Personally I write the majority of my articles in Microsoft Word which does the checking/fixing for me. (Don't judge me on this post I don't take the same amount of time as I do when article writing if you would like to see my article just type in Kris Beus into Google and my articles base and ezine articles will come up)

4th. Choose the intellectual wording appropriately. This was a somewhat strange concept for me when I began my work as a webmaster/blogger. I found that there were people who had difficulty understanding the way I spoke and rather than looking up words in Google they chose to bypass my website or blog and move on to something they could easily understand. If you did not graduate high school and you have did not seek out independent learning then more than likely you will have the edge when writer (weird right?). You have to realize that your visitor demographic will come from the extremely well educated down to people with very little education. What you should do is when possible use plainer words. So big words good little words bad. Now this only includes websites and blogs that are for everyone if you are writing only for the highly educated then by all means use every word in your vocabulary, but if you are writing for the general public make sure that even a fourth grader could manage to gain an understanding of what your website or blog is.

Now I would like to share with you my favorite 10 article directories:

1. Ezine Articles: This my friends is within the world's top 500 websites so get your free account. Well by it's alexa ranking 199 here is the link- Ezine Article Ranking if that link does not work go Alexa Top Sites and find ezine which should be very close in not 199. Anyway these guys are a serious website don't screw around when submitting your articles. If you write an article you are not 100% sure is some of your best work then don't submit it. They will reject poorly writer/revised articles, spammy articles, or really any article they feel is not up to par. Guys this is your key to truly become an "expert within your niche" so be sure your article kicks ass before submitting here. Now after your have submitter your article here or you feel it is not one of your best, but still want to get some backlinks then you should try these next websites.

2. Articles Base The reason I chose this website for my second pick is the reproduction of your article is made very easy and your links will be spread. Very easy to submit and as long as you don't spam they will publish your article. Also there is not a trial period like ezine so submit your articles wait a couple days until they get approved then feel the link love.

3. Go Articles this is another high PR easy to submit to website and I highly recommend you submitting your work here. They allow for the republication which again will have a viral affect on your article.

4. Web Pro News I can't believe that I am placing them 4th since they were such dicks to me in their forum, but they have always published my articles and when doing searches for my website I noticed an article which I wrote and submitted here that is the only reason why they are listed here.

5. Article Alley good site to submit your articles to.

6. Article City I like it not sure why ;)

7. Article Geek Now I should not put this in the list since they are down right now due to spam, but this is an excellent place to submit your articles when they come back up. I will tell you what I will email them to find out when they are going to be back up and let you guys know.

8. Articles Factory Not bad easy to submit with decent PR.

9. Article Click Decent directory easy to submit your article to.

10. Articlesphere The only way I even added this one is because I liked the name.

Now one more I wanted to help, but they turned me down telling me you can write article and submit them to get a link. They could have had coverage on a PR 2 blog and now I am doing it out of pity they have and decent directory perhaps if they contact me and offer a featured spot on their website I will remove the nofollow. Anyway here it is a PR 1 directory who will do quite well if they learn how to work with us in the blogosphere Electric Articles. Hey would you guys do me a favor if you have time email them and tell them they should have worked with me in a cross promotional campaign perhaps with a few people other than themselves doing the promotion they could get over PR1. Sorry just a little irritated they turned me down.

Now on to why article writing is one of the best forms of promotion. The number one reason I use article promotion is the websites above allow their readers to take your article and place it in their newsletter, blog, and/or website. If you are a decent writer one article can turn into hundreds if not thousands of backlinks all pointing towards your website. Use these resources.

For one last link this really put the bang in my marketing and allowed me to climb the SERPs much faster than those who have even been around for years. The way I got thousands of backlinks on tons of diffrent blogs is the Free Traffic System. Now usually I have a hard time promoting any type of system, but since this was free I gave it a shot. They have two options free and paid personally I am not sure how well the paid is since I only use the free. Anyway what it does is when you submit an article it will submit it to thirty blogs that you choose from a list that is closley related to your niche. It is somewhat difficult when you begin so make sure you watch the videos and download the instructions which they give you links to when you finish signing up. If you run into complications email me at and I will attempt to help you out. Now this is free and by the way it looks will remain free. I hope you take advantage and enjoy!!

Well as you can see I am not PR 2 of course with your help since I have done very little marketing for this blog. This blog has the nofollow attribute removed so if you leave a comment you will get a backlink from a PR 2 blog. Make sure to comment on the post and please don't spam me. By the way huge thanks on the technorati I am now in the top 50k still shooting for the top 100 I started at 4 million so I think it is possible. If you enjoyed this post please help the blog by linking to it here is my link code just copy and paste into your html:

Well for the next post I will either go over some diffrent html tags every blogger/webmaster should know to help them with marketing, how to implement them and what each does such as no follow and target blank both of which will help a lot when marketing or I will be showing you how to make your blogs no follow both blogger and wordpress will be covered. Anyway if you guys have a preference let me know I hope you enjoyed the post!!


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  2. I personally find GoArticles produces very little traffic for me, but EzineArticles is worth the battle to get listings. (I don't know why, but they took almost 3 weeks to review most of my articles).

    Curious about your first tip. It says send article to multiple directories - you post exactly the same article to multiple directories?

  3. Your collection of places to post articles is very comprehensive. Thanks write Essay

  4. I will definitely save link to this blog. Thanks for offering nofollow links from your post. Welcomed to place nofollow links from my site to you too. Thanks Researcher

  5. No - Its never advisable to post exactly the same article to multiple directories - always make a few minor changes before submitting. The key here is to target similar keywords :)

  6. Great post and when done right keeps you in the game. I signed up with free traffic system about a little over a month ago but didn't get a chance to check it out fully yet but I will. Thanks for the great information.

  7. You are so right about writing articles using words that are easy to understand...I also share the same thought..I mean, why would you use words that majority of people won't understand..when you can choose simple words? in my opinion, it is more interesting to read simply written articles compared to those that have rich vocabulary.