Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love The Game Or Get Out

Well another day has come and once again I feel like talking about what working online is about. This post will be quite a bit more personal rather than informative. Well I have now held a top ten spot for make money free on Google for a couple of months and of course enjoyed the traffic coming in. I just recently got accepted to become an author at www.buzzle.com and www.ehow.com both very reputable. These should really do well when I attempt to gain exposure for this blog and my other presences across the web. Anyway enough about my stuff it is time to speak of the game.

The game, the game, the blood drenched tower of steel crumbling horrible cutthroat evil vindictive game. This is the world I live in and I personally set out to do good in the world of 90% evil 10% good. My site make money online was not built to make millions, but to give people the chance to make money without paying, it is a website which battles those who wish to take someone that has little and steal that little which they have. Is this a sales pitch well I have tried to use it, but have found that the truth is not always the most productive way when marketing. I have found that offering to make people rich by charging them several hundred dollars for crap such as a couple mini books and a website that has been copied well over a thousand times. These are the forces which I step into the cage with and usually I get beat down since I do not have the financial backing these scam artists do. Have I thought about going over to the dark side and ripping people off? Of course for my personal benefit it would be the best course of action though after making a ton of money my name and site would be ruined thrown into the bucked mixed with scammers. So what do I do? Stay on the straight and narrow or move towards more profitable endeavors not caring about hurting people. Really and truly I have struggled over which is best moral value or money and still to this day choose moral value, but I think if times were hard enough taking someones money not offering near the value being charged would seem like a better and better option as time goes on.

You think the last one is bad? You think that not charging people for scams is hard what about info. This blog gives you the power to take a site or blog and build/market it using white hat techniques that will not only get you to the top of Google, but build a foundation so you will stay at the top and have an everlasting flow of traffic. I have seen other sites that offer the same thing, but never for free yet this blog goes nowhere. I find it funny that when a person is offered something for free they usually opt to pay for the service rather than learning or doing for themselves. When it comes to making money online getting rich quick is what people want and then once they have been scammed out of a few hundred to a few thousand they opt to make legit money from trusted companies. Why must people do this opt for the easy way even though it is all hype.

That my friends brings me to the topic of the post you have to love the game. Personally I love nothing more that writing for you guys and trying to bring you the best info that I possibly can. Does this lead to thousands of followers even though I market, ping, and update daily? No I have like 5 or so even though my blog is the second blog for the keyword website marketing blog. I find it very interesting I reach the top of SERPs yet very few still follow me. Well it is for the few readers that I post every day such as SAP Jobs who comments often and really drives me to help. By the way SAP if you would like me to discuss something please let me know. Anyway if you don't love being online and understand that you will get screwed over and over then working online is right for you. The last note I would like to leave on is do your best and please work on making this web a great place if you see a resource which is free and helpful spread it to others. I do constantly on this blog and hope that it will be paid back in return though I am not holding my breath. Anyway best of luck to you thanks for reading.

Monday, July 27, 2009

10 Diffrent Places To Get Do Follow Backlinks

What's up guys I have been searching and searching for places which I can gain free, one way, relevant, authoritative backlinks. Well I found several different ways to get backlinks and I know there are many out there that think Google no longer relies on backlinks as a way to judge the importance of a site and to those I have to say you are wrong. Now backlinks are not everything your site or blog should also be optimized for the search engines. If you read through this blog I speak often on the subject of how to optimize through keyword association and relevance. Soon I will be doing a post on how to correctly interlink a website, but for now I will stick with sources where you can gain backlinks which will help you in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

1. http://www.blogger.com/ is my favorite place to gain backlinks. I start a blog monthly and post daily on my favorite blogs such as this one. Anyway begin a blog and post as often as possible with excellent content then at the bottom of the post or in your navigation place the links to your websites and blogs you would like backlinks to making sure to place keywords in the text between the anchor tags rather than the URL itself.

2. http://www.squidoo.com/ another place where rather than setting up a blog you set up one page and are able to place as many backlinks as you would like is squidoo.com. Now with squidoo do not have more html or backlinks than text you should write a nice long article about whatever then at the end place links with anchored keywords. I highly recommend submitting your lenses to a few directories just to give them a basic authority. Good place.

3. http://www.wordpress.com/ here is another place where you should be setting up at least a couple free blogs posting daily and having links going back to your site. Post and post and post remember each post is one more link to not only your external sites, but also a link to your main URL and carries weight helping to boost your blogs authority. If you notice the successful blogs have well over 1000 posts and over a hundred thousand backlinks. Content can only bring so much success you must work hard on your presence to see true success.

4. http://www.000webhost.com/ This is a web host which offers a free gig of space meaning you will have plenty of space to build a couple pages. If you would like to learn html try http://www.w3schools.com/ this is where I learned how to build pages.

5. http://www.linkmarket.com/ This is a free directory of sites that want to link exchange and they make the process very simple. Now you really need to be careful of the sites that you exchange links with and do not go over board with your exchanges. Personally I recommend staying under 100 exchanges. Also remember that a reciprocal link is no where close to effective as a one way link, but they still have a minor effect on the SERPs and can prove useful when trying to beat competition.

6. Free Traffic System This is the system which I use to get the majority of my backlinks and has put me to the first page of serps on Google for make money free and earn money free. I thought about keeping this one secret, but since they have an affiliate system which pays in backlinks rather than money I decided to go for it. Anyway it is somewhat difficult to use so you need to be computer savvy before giving the system a shot or it may be overwhelming.

7. Time for article sites and the big ones which I use to gain backlinks are www.ezinearticles.com, www.articlesbase.com, www.goarticles.com, and www.isnare.com all of which give very authoritative backlinks and if your article is well liked by the readers it will be republished giving the article and backlinks within a viral effect. Anyway article writing is the way which you can gain respect among your competition and visitors to the article directory.

8. Dang I am starting to run out of ideas, the next good way to get backlinks would be through commenting on do follow blogs. Now the ways which you can find do follow blogs is either through searching or through do follow blog directories. The directory which I use to find do follow blogs is~ http://www.dofollowblogs.com/ and the search engine which I use to find do follow blogs is http://advancedseo.nickopedia.com/2009/05/04/dofollow-blog-search-engine/ both of these are excellent sources of backlinks. One thing though if you want to get your comment published rather than rejected there are a couple things you must do:

a. Read the full post
b. Comment on the post not a comment about your site
c. Before placing keywords in the name box look at other comments to see if the blogger allows this usually with keyword luv you should be putting your name @ your keywords in the name box every blog is different. I have a couple blogs which let me place keywords in the name and only keywords the blogs are PR 6-7 and I use them when building links for my clients using my site www.webdesignandseoservices.com really it takes time to find the best blogs within your niche and sometimes it is also worth contacting them asking what they allow.

9. Forum posting is another way to get backlinks towards your site, but you should follow the same rules as blogging find out the rules before posting and add to the community rather than spamming it. My favorite forum to participate in is
http://www.v7n.com/forums/ and http://www.webtalkforums.com/ I am not going to send you to DP or Web Pro News since they have been complete dicks since I started and quite a few I have talked to have had a bad experience when using the forums so we will stick with the nice forums for now. If worse comes to worse and your really needing links do a search for DP forums or Web Pro News Forums (feel free to spam the hell out of them perhaps they will start being nicer:))

10. Well I have covered all the basics for the tenth way to get backlinks I think writing a few press releases would be good. Now writing a press release is different from writing an article. Here is a link which instructs you on how to write press releases~ http://www.prwebdirect.com/pressreleasetips.php and here is my post on the top ten free press releases~ http://marketing-a-website.blogspot.com/2009/06/best-free-press-release-websites.html Dang I totally forgot to mention social bookmarking well it is also a great way to get free one way backlinks here is my list of social bookmarking sites~ http://marketing-a-website.blogspot.com/2009/05/top-55-social-bookmarking-websites.html

There it is enough resources to get ten thousand one way relevant backlinks enough for the top page of most competitive keywords. Remember keep plugging away and if this is not enough for you scroll down on the right side of my blog until you find "my best posts" and I have a post listing lists of thousands of directories. Remember if this post helped you out please return the favor by sharing it with someone else. By the way thank you guys a ton I almost have an authority of 100 on technorati and also thanks for the thousands of backlinks which you guys have built it really gives me motivation to reveal the tricks and hints that I use in my marketing campaign. You guys have helped me get to the second spot on Google for website marketing blog (go ahead and check then pat yourself on the back). Anyways I am always thankful to my readers:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Look into The World of SPAM

Hey guys for this post I wanted to discuss what spam is and why you should not be a spammer. Now as the online communities tend to sway with the Google tide link building and popularity becomes an ever more pressing issue. With this need for link building there are many that understand that they must get their link out to be noticed by Google, but are not exactly sure how to do so and therefore the creation of the spammer is born.

Spam is an advertisement in a location where it is not welcome. For example if you buy a list of email addresses and send those addresses constant emails about how great your product is then you should consider yourself a spammer or lowest form of internet marketer with no chance of acquiring great heights in the webmaster community. Now there are many different forms of spam including forum spam, blog spam, creation of spammy cover pages such as squidoo lenses, and many more.

Well this is what spam is now it is time to discuss why someone may want to spam. Personally the biggest reason I feel that people spam is they are left very little option for proper link building when it comes to what Google likes and does not like. Now Google does not allow websites to sale link space on their website unless they are using them as a middle man through the adsense and adwords program. If you go to adwords you can buy traffic and you will notice that your links will appear on pages all across the internet. So I guess the lesson is if you want to buy link space Google is the only one to do it through. Now I am being sarcastic, if you have the money go ahead and buy link space where ever you damn well please just be sure to work out with the webmaster where your link will appear and make sure that it is integrated into the content rather than being listed under "sponsored listing/sites".

Now if the webmaster allows your link to be on their web presence it is not SPAM. Now a big thing that I have noticed is people wanting to place their ad for their website or blog on forums and this is fine as long as your in a place where it is acceptable to do so. Now it is fine since it is not spam, but I personally recommend staying away from any place that allows you to place your site and does not manually review it. These are link farms which were created to boost a websites link popularity and should be avoided in a marketing campaign where the presence being promoted is not spam itself. In other words if your pushing a good site, blog, service, or whatever and you want to have respect from Google, other webmasters, and the web in general then stay away from link farms, ffa pages, and traffic exchanges. These are the bad places that webmasters talk about and should be avoided unless you yourself are pushing crap. Now I have used link exchanges, but only to push affiliate links since I really don't care how well they rank in the SERPs. For my websites and blogs you will see backlinks from only reputable sources such as high PR article directories and blogs which themselves have gained a quite high PR. Now I know that many suggest that PR means nothing and this is inaccurate. PR (Page Rank) is the authority that a page holds in Google's eyes and has many diffrent factors affecting it. Page rank is based on the incoming vs. outgoing links taking into account quantity, quality, and relevance of the backlinks coming into a site. They also take into account the number of incoming vs. outgoing links so when you decide to create your marketing campaign I highly suggest staying away from link exchanges.

Sorry let's get back onto topic which is forum spam. Don't do it period there is no good reason and when you spam a forum within a week your post will be removed and if you continue you will be banned from the forum. If you would like to get thousands of one way links from forums then treat the community well trying to ask and answer questions on a regular basis. Then once you have become a trusted member within the forum and after you passed the limits of required number of posts place your link using bb code here is an example of how you can place your link in a signiture and get anchored keywords~ [url="http://makemoneyfree.comuv.com"]make money online[/url] and that my friends is bb code and how you get a keyword backlink well thousands depending on the frequency of your posting from forums. When it comes to forums the best forum is V7N Forums the only forum that rather than banned me tried to help me understand what being a good forum member meant and to them "especially Cricket" I am greatful.

Now blog spam has become another huge problem as well. If you comment on a blog for the sole purpose of increasing link popularity do not expect to do well. I run multiple do follow blogs and those that leave a comment about the actual post I publish those that leave even one link to their site I reject their comments. So when blog commenting there are a couple of rules you should follow the first being check and see what type of comments the blogger is publishing. If they allow you to place keywords in the name you will see others be doing this and being published. Now no matter what do not leave a big ad where the comment goes this is a no no and even if the blogger is publishing I highly recommend you writing a comment about the post rather than leaving a spammy ad.

The third type of spam is creating a web presence for the sole purpose of building links. You can see these all over though Google has done a great job of finding and crushing these types of presences. Guys it no longer works (creating a wordpress blog and putting thousands of links on it). This is old trickery and should be stopped. Now if your looking to gain backlinks I highly recommend you scroll down find "my best posts" and look at the thousands of directories, PR sites, and social bookmarking sites. All of these are great for growing your backlink count the white hat way.

I have to give a shout out to my friend Marcus over at Bookies for keeping me on even though I slack from time to time. We will get you to the top of SERPs!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Case Study #3 Offline Marketing

Well this one will probably the most expensive since there really is no good free way to market your website offline. Now personally I really prefer free everything. As of right now I have spent $25.00 on marketing and it was probably not the best $25.00 which I have spent. I have made several hundred dollars helping others market their sites (using free resources). The problem with free marketing is you must run a site or blog which is appealing and really offers something to your visitor. This can be quite difficult and usually means having your site or blog in a constant state of change being sure to find new and better ways to help the traffic which crosses your site. Now if you are an e-commerce site this can be a bit more difficult, but is still quite possible. Some different ways to really offer more than your competitor is pick something that sets you apart which can be something as simple as a sale then market the hell out of it. You can also offer the best customer assistance around, the largest inventory, or several other ways in which your business beats out your competition. If you don't do this then your marketing efforts will not take on wings of their own so FIND SOMETHING which sets you apart and market too your target audience.

Anyways on with the study. First week you should be printing off all the basics and if you don't have a printer for your computer then get one because you will be printing thousands of fliers and business cards so make sure it can do both. For the first week I recommend printing off 2,000 business cards and 1,000 fliers for your site. This will take quite a bit of time and with the fliers I recommend switching it up regularly with different pics words and overall layout doing tests to find which layout brings the best return.

For the second week it is time for distribution. This is where you keep hundreds of business cards in your pocket and if you run into a chance where you can promote your site face to face be sure to hand them your business card with your site printed on it. The fliers should be placed everywhere legal such as convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. When possible try to hit your target audience for example I run a make money site at make money online and took a bunch of fliers to the unemployment office. Now I live in a small town, but after we hit a dip in the economy I hit a peak in traffic and quite a bit was local.

The third week will be newspaper ads and I recommend either after having the ad written for you or you writing the ad to take it online and use it in your press release distribution. This will be very helpful if it gets picked up by reporters and the newspaper ads will help you gain exposure locally as well.

The forth week should be devoted to T.V. exposure as well as radio exposure. Try and find the best price when looking into these types of advertising and if possible take time researching your target audience finding not only the best time, but best channels for your target audience. This way you may lack on quantity of traffic, but the traffic which you get will be very targeted and easily converted. Perhaps your asking "is this effective" well if your ever watching TV late at night you will notice many make money websites which still utilize/dominate the late night infomercials. Now the majority are scams and flat out lie about how easy it is to work online. I know this from personal experience I bought a website from one of these late night scams and got a website for $300.00 which was a duplicate of thousands upon thousands of others and I was unable to make a dime. If you want to spend money on a website hire a web design company and of course I recommend my design and seo company at Web Design and SEO Services for all of your design and marketing needs. I made sure to undercut the competition and feel it is the best for your dollar. Anyways TV and radio are still very powerful marketing tools and if you have the money I highly recommend using them.

Well this will be the most expensive of the campaigns ranging from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars, but these marketing platforms are excellent resources to promote a website. Be sure to do your research and really get to know your target audience before you begin this study so your not wasting money placing your ad in front of people which have no interest in your product or service. I hope you enjoyed the post and if you try this campaign please let me know by commenting on the effectiveness.

Bounce Rate IS NOT Always Bad

Hey guys I am back for another post this time discussing bounce rate. First off bounce rate is when someone hits your site then "bounce" to another site. Here is a good page explaining it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bounce_rate

So if a visitor comes to your website then clicks on your blog which is hosted on a separate domain your bounce rate just increased. What if a visitor comes to your blog then leaves through an adsense add? So when you sit back and worry that your bounce rate is rising personally I sit back and worry when people are spending to much time on my site rather than going to the numerous profitable systems I promote.

This is me I really like making money and if you notice my website make money online you will notice that I help others do the same. Now if you really want to decrease bounce rate which in turn will more than likely decrease the amount of money your web presence is making then there are several ways to do so.

Put your content before any and all ads. This will decrease the amount of money your website is making, but the visitors will tend to stay longer decreasing bounce rate. Really I recommend anyone trying to decrease bounce rate make sure as soon as the visitor comes into your site you make it very easy for them to not only see what your site is about you should also be trying to convince them that the site is exactly what they need.

Now this is a little easier said then done. I have found when looking over webmaster forums the question comes up ten time more "how do I get traffic" then "how do I increase conversions". This is important since all "traffic" does is burn up bandwidth, but if you work on increasing conversions the traffic actually becomes money. So one tip I would like to share is quit worrying about the bounce rate especially if they are converting in your affiliate programs or going to read your blog these are better than the visitors that spend two hours reading on your website or blog.

These are of course my opinions and should not be taken as fact. Like I said before I consider my self an expert marketer and have built a site offering my services at Web Design and SEO Services so if you need help with optimization or link building be sure to buy some of my time. Anyway I wish you all the best of luck and hope you enjoyed the post, I will be finishing the case studies later I need time to think of some creative ways to market a website.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Case Study #2: Focus On Content

Well it is time for another case study and for this one I want to layout a plan which rather than consists of outside resources consists of internal improvement. There is a lot of talk about content being king and personally I am split with this. I have seen websites and blogs that have crap throughout their pages, but the webmaster/bloggers spent 1000's of hours building links towards the site to put it at number one. Personally I feel that these "troopers" have heart and understand without a doubt the marketing grind, but if they would spend half the time working on their site or blog and had the links happen naturally perhaps they would hold the top spot with only half the work. So let's get onto a monthly marketing plan which does have some outside marketing, but a larger focus on creating a website which is worth linking to.

Week #1
4 Hours each and everyday either reading about your niche or updating content within your website/blog.

Estimated time 28 hours
Estimated price $0.00

Week #2
Mon-Fri spend 4 hours daily on content and/or research and updating

Sat-Sun Outside promotion spend one day on social bookmarking and one day on writing and submitting free press releases. I have a list of both these resources if you scroll down and find "my top posts" 55 social bookmarking sites and 10 free press release distribution sites.

Estimated time 30 hours
Estimated price $0.00

Week #3

Take three days off mon-wed

Thu-Fri 4 hours updating/adding content to your blog/site
Sat-Sun 4 hours finding the other sites in your niche and doing checks such as backlinks and keyword density

Estimated time 16 hours
Estimated price $0.00

Week #4

First three days Mon-Wed 4 hours daily updating/adding content
Wed-Sun spend 4 hours daily split between social bookmarking, press releases, and writing articles and submitting them to directories.

Estimated time 28 hours
Estimated price $0.00

Well case study two down three more to go. Like I said this one should be spent working on your site. If you need resources to research try ezinearticles.com and wikipedia.com both offer excellent info for you to come one step closer to being the top expert in your niche. This should be the strive of any webmaster/blogger and once accomplished there really is no need to do much marketing since when you write a post or update your site the whole niche will take notice. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post and if this blog helped please give a link.

Blog Promotion / Website Marketing

Hey guys not a case study, but an article which I think will be helpful for you.

One of the most frustrating things about starting a blog is trying to get the traffic to it. There are several ways to do this most of which usually end up hurting your blog rather than actually helping though in the short term will sometimes look good on your stat counter. Now first and foremost there are some key aspects which we should discuss and will work as the foundation of not only a blog, but in most cases any web presence which you have.

When you begin your blog the most important thing is having content which is unique, helpful, and well written. This is what will separate you from others within your niche and will keep people from coming back time and time again. Now it sounds easy to write a post each and every day, but from my personal experience around the third month is when I get really sick of writing and want a break. This is not ok when you want to run a successful blog it is mandatory that you write each and every day so what do you do when you really don’t want to write, but “have to” if you want a successful blog.

Well this is one of the biggest issues facing bloggers today since the success of the promotion relies heavily on the content being updated. Some of the different things I do when not wanting to post is write posts in advance. This can be very useful when you want to take a few days off. All you need to do is log in and copy the post over to your blogging platform publish and you are done for the day. This means your readers will not be disappointed in the fact that you took a day off. Another thing you can do instead of writing a full post is giving four or five links to either articles or posts which are related to your niche. That way you are still providing your readers with sources for content. Now if worst comes to worst and you must take a day or more off it is very important that you inform your readers and anyone new coming to your blog about your absence. Do not leave them in suspense because they could get the perception that you are not blogging anymore and you could possibly lose thousands of readers depending on the length of your absence.

One important aspect of blogging is backlinks. Any internet marketing expert that is an actual expert at internet marketing will not dispute the importance of backlinks when trying to rank well within the serps. When trying to build backlinks to a blog the first thing you must do is have plenty of posts which are link bait meaning they are unique and helpful so other webmasters or bloggers would want to throw you a link. After you have several posts which are “good” the next thing is to get noticed. Though there are many different ways to get noticed my favorite two are social bookmarking and free press releases. If you need resources go to google and search for a list of each. Submit to several free press release sites and social bookmarking sites and if your content is link worthy these sites will be the platform where your site will be promoted to millions.

New Ideas For Marketing Case Studies

Hey guys back for another post. This one is going to be a bit different since I will be taking several different ideas and using them in the creation of case studies. I would like to ask my readers if you have the time to try out and let me know how the marketing plans work. I am thinking about doing 5-10 and each should be done for at the least one month before any affect will be prevalent. Remember these are untested marketing plans I just want to put them down and give the webmaster community a chance at testing hopefully if you use one of these plans you will leave a comment on the effectiveness. Now onto the first marketing plan:

For the first one I want to go back to the basics nothing flashy just simple grind marketing. If you want to try this plan make sure to do everything on the list:

Week #1
2 Press Releases submitted to 10 diffrent free PR sites (which you can find under "my best posts in the side bar"

Open an account at Link Market and exchange 10 links with websites in your niche.

Read the complete SEO guide and follow recommendations at SEO Guy's Free SEO Tutorial

Estimated time= 10 hours
Estimated price= 0$

Week #2

It is article time. This week write 5 articles each between 500-1500 words and submit them to 10 directories. For a list use 450 Article Directories. Now when choosing the 4 that are mandatory are ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com, articlesbase.com, and isnare.com.

For this week it is also important to find 5 blogs within your niche and begin commenting. Do not worry about do follow or no follow the reason for commenting is not for backlinks, but building the chance to guest post and letting the blogger get aquantied with your website or blog.

Estimated time= 20 hours
Estimated price= 0$

Week #3

This week is a little bit of spending. Buy a webcam and make 5 videos of you talking about your niche/website. The videos should be submitted to youtube.com, metacafe.com, and dailymotion.com. Guys youtube.com in terms of traffic it becoming a rival to the big sites such as google.com and yahoo.com so they should be in your marketing plan period.

I also want you to find 5 more bloggers in your niche and write big comments that are VERY RELEVANT AND HELPFUL to the bloggers blog. This is the key to guest posting become helpful to the blogger and the blogger will ask if you want to guest post. (Make sure your site is relevant to the blog)

Estimated time= 15-20 hours
Estimated Price= $20.00-$100.00 depending on the price of webcam

Week #4

I think I have been a nice thus far it is time to really put in work. For this week I want 200+ backlinks and to do this blog commenting is key. Find do follow blogs using Do Follow Blog Directory and the Keyword Luv Search Engine. Now when commenting on Blogs take 2 hours daily on each blog comment on 5-15 posts. Meaning you will need to comment on at most 40 blogs and at least 14 depending on whether you choose to comment on 5 posts or 15 posts. The key to this is to get your posts published and to do this you must take the time to read the posts and leave a relevant comment. I want you to spend 30 hours purely reading and commenting on blogs this week this gives you a little less then ten minutes per post so read the majority of the post and leave a good comment about the blog. Try and make the comment over 100 characters so no "good post" or "thank" leave a GOOD comment.

Estimated time=30+ hours
Estimated price=$0

This is it. I hope one of you try this out and it works well for you. I will be racking my brain for new marketing plans and more than likely will come back and use these marketing plans over and over so I hope you do as well. Now with the blog commenting I want to give you a few examples of the types of comments which will get published and a couple comments that will get rejected "on this post".

Let's start with the rejected comments (that more than likely I will reject if they happen to land on this blog):
"Great Post"
"Good Post Thank You"
"I Like Your Article"
"I Like Your Post"
"Your Post Was Very Helpful To Me"

You see the similarity each comment could be posted with an auto commentor and has nothing to do with this post. Now here is the types of comments which I would publish:

"I like your marketing plan what do you think about social bookmarking?"
"This was not helpful your marketing plan only covered the basics"(though the commentor is not kissing my ass they actually read the post and had something to say about it)

"I tried your marketing plan and found blog commenting to be the most useful. What if in your next plan you got rid of some of the article submissions and replaced the time with blog commenting."-King of comments right there this type of comment will not only get published, but more than likely I will click on the link and see the commentors website. If you can leave these types of comments you will see not only tons of link luv, but also many guest post invitations. This type of comment is very interactive with the blog and really makes blogging worth blogging.

Anyways I hope you can see the diffrence if you would like to ask a question feel free to in the comments section. I will try my best to answer anyway thanks for reading.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Keep Building

Hey guys sorry I have been away for a while, but I have been building a new website which offers web design and linkbuilding services if you want to check it out here is the link~ http://www.webdesignandseoservices.com/. It is very new, but I got it listed into Google's index within hours. I did this by building a few high authority backlinks if you would like to know the ones I used; scroll down and on the right side of this blog and in the my best posts there is a list of 55 social bookmarking sites useful to bloggers which will help get yours listed as fast.

Now onto the post. Over the past few weeks my website make money online has been suffering. The traffic has gone down from over a hundred hits coming from organic sources daily to less then fifty. I have been taking a break as I said with the construction of my new site, but I am still confused why the traffic has dropped so dramatically. This coming from seeing older sites not update or market for months and still hold excellent position within the SERPs. After thinking for a while I decided to do some research and I came up with something very interesting the websites which were beating me in the SERPs out marketed me. They built more quality links then I had and were pretty much stealing my traffic.

Well I wanted to understand why and when I ran checks on the older websites which held excellent position within the SERPs what I came up with was the websites which held top rank had enough backlinks that catching the site would be nearly impossible. So when wanting a spot at the top of SERPs which holds plan on making it a long term goal and begin linkbuilding. The key is build as many links as possible and when you get sick and tired of building links take a "little" time off then continue building links until you are so far above the other websites whithin your niche they would not even consider trying to overtake you and settle for second place.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post remember that this is a do follow blog meaning if you post a comment about the post if you spam me the comment will be rejected. Please try and make the comment over 100 characters anyway thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Off-Site SEO (Anchoring Keywords Within Backlinks)

Hey guys I am back for another one. This post will cover one of the most crucial techniques when promoting a website. Now if you need resources scroll down and on the right side there will be "my top posts" where I have tons of different resources useful for any internet marketer. This post will not be covering "where" to gain backlinks, but when building links how to make them effective for certain keyterms you would like to rank well for.

Well let's get right in to it when you build backlinks if you want them to help you rank well within the SERPs (search engine results pages) then you must anchor in the keywords you would like to rank well for. Here is an example:

Now when you build links whether through directory submission, press releases, blog commenting, or other making sure to have the keywords in your link's text is the deciding factor of ranking well. The problem with this is if you are not rotating your keywords then Google will be able to easily tell that you are building the links rather than them growing naturally. So as you build your links remember to pick 5-10 keywords that are closely related and rotate them. Let me give you an example for my site make money online I use several keywords other than make money online. I use as you can see make money online, but also make money free, earn money free, earn money online, how to earn money, how to make money, make money online free, and several others. So when Google scours the web it will notice the websites linking back to my website all have an array of keywords within the opening and closing anchor tags leading them to hopefully believe that the links are not ones that I created, but rather other sites and chose the keywords in which they felt fit my website the best.

So as you market your website across the web and you submit your site to all the places which it is acceptable to do so keep in mind the keywords which link back to your site are the keywords that you will rank well for. Also make sure you have a selection of keywords you would like to rank well for rather than just using the same one or two keyterms.

Short, sweet, and to the point. This is how you rank well for any keyterm and believe me you can rank well if you build enough quality seo links. I wish you the best of luck and remember that this is a do follow blog so if you leave a decent comment on the post I will be more than happy to publish giving you a free one way backlink just remember that if you spam your wasting your time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Give Up!!

The hardest thing about reaching the top is getting over that ugly feeling that hits before becoming successful. Any that wish to reach the top for any search term they want can do so, but must work and in the majority of cases extremely hard. Internet marketers are the absolute toughest SOBs out there and are willing to put their site/blog up against millions saying I am the best or my site will help people more that yours. Guys you want traffic and usually want it from Google. Personally I have done this within months, but only after years of study and the heart to do so.

While you read this you perhaps are thinking "years?" I don't have that time. Well you really don't need years it is possible to reach a great spot in the SERPs (search engine results pages) within months. Now if you would like to learn I suggest becoming a reader on this blog and using comments to ask questions. You of course should also be a participant of the greatest forum online which is http://www.v7n.com/forums/. I am on this forum daily helping anyone that asks about internet marketing.

Really and truly if you want to succeed all you need to do online is try and never stop learning. I have found it very easy to make money and quickly and if you don't give up so will you. Now it is ok to take a break whether it be from blogging or your website, but don't forget about it. At most a week should be the longest your away from your web presence. Now I would like to explain why you should not give up even though you think your efforts are meaningless.

When you begin your online campaign and start building up links more than likely you will not see any traffic especially from Google. Each day you spend a couple hours working on your marketing campaign pluging along and you keep in your mind that "soon this will count for something". First days pass then weeks and finally it has been months since you have begun your marketing efforts. After all this time you keep in your head "soon this will count for something". Let's say three months have passed and you have built 5 thousand backlinks, but are only getting 5-10 hits from Google daily this my friends is the breaking point of most people. They don't understand that soon if they stay with it there efforts will be paid off. Remember that your work will be recorded by Google and each link is giving you a slightly better position.

When you build your website or blog the majority of people coming from the real world think that they work and hour they will get paid an hour. This is not the case the first 1000 hours is you setting up a foundation and getting to the point of becoming a contender within your niche. These hours Will Be Paid Off! The problem is they will be paid off later rather than while your completing them. You build those 5k links they will stick with your website forever and keep you on top of Google. Of course you will have to keep building, but nothing compared to reaching the top. So while your working on your marketing campaign keep in mind that the work your putting in now is what will separate you from the pack later and is mandatory for anyone trying to make it online. So DON'T GIVE UP your efforts will be paid off.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Constant Updates Increase Readership

For this post I would like to cover the importance of having a constant stream of fresh unique content. This does not only help with SERPs position, but also the return of traffic to your website or blog. Something important to remember is Google constantly searches for the best match when keywords are entered into the query and when a website remains unchanged and stale Google will think it is no longer helpful to their users and let it begin to fall within the SERPs. Now a constant update is not the only way to increase the ranking of your site/blog or how websites reach high ranking within the SERPs.

When you want to rank well in the SERPs there is three factors to keep in mind:

1st and most important is fresh unique helpful content. Though this is the first without the next two you will not get far.

2nd is SEO (search engine optimization) which consists of making sure when Google bot crawls your website it can easily tell where you belong meaning which keywords to list your site under. After watching a couple of videos Matt Cutts (Google Engineer) created I noticed that a small hint he gave is when trying to rank well for a specific term it is important to have that term on your site. So I would like to rank well for website marketing on this blog so I need to have it in my title and throughout my posts. Now there is a flip side to those who stuff keywords (density over 10%) where Google will think the webmaster is trying to manipulate rankings and drop them within the SERPs. My recommendation when trying to find a nice balance is between the density of 3%-6% is a safe balance.

Now with the keyword density it is important to use association for example on my site make money online I try to swap out make money free with make money online and earn money online. Doing this has helped greatly not only be ranked well for the term make money online, but it has helped greatly with ranking well for many different terms. Anyway just a little tip.

3rd is the dreaded backlinks. Personally building backlinks is the most boring part of being a webmasaster and I dread spending time each day building the links. The problem is backlinks are what drive the SERPs pages. Since Google has hit over a trillion URL's according to their offical blog so how can Google tell which website is more important? Well when another website that is not completely stuffed with links (link farm) places a link on your website to the search engines this is a vote kinda. Now when getting these votes it is important to pick what type of vote you want if you want the vote from a crack head then go to the world of spam/"bad neighborhood" and begin throwing your links around. If you want the links from the doctors or lawyers online then get your backlinks from high PR, relevant, and low outgoing compared to incoming link websites. Remember it takes 30 seconds to throw your link on a FFA (Free For All) links page and days if not weeks to work out a promotional campaign with a legit high PR authoritative site. What you need to realize is the one link from the high PR site will be worth thousands upon thousands of link farm links. So either take the time to gain quality links or expect to sit on the bottom of the SERPs.

Now back to updated content; besides being helpful within the SERPs when a visitor visits your blog or site and notices it is helpful they will be likely to return. When they return and find nothing new if you don't have incredible link bait expect to never see that person again. You only get one shot at the return visit to gain a trustful visitor that returns over and over so take the time each and every day to write something useful. If your running short on time find a couple of good blog posts and link to them that way the visitor will see that you are still providing helpful content and will return.

On a last note if you need to check the keyword density of your webpage then use this tool: http://www.ranks.nl/tools/spider.html it is free of course and I have found it very helpful.

Remember this is a Do Follow PR 2 Blog so make sure you comment and get your free one way backlink. If your comment has nothing to do with the post consider it rejected you need to actually take the time and read the post then talk about what you read none of the "good post" or "check out my website" kinda stuff. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it if so make sure to help spread the link:)

Outsource Your Work

Well I was hired by the webmaster of Compare Bookies Online, which gave me the idea for this post. Personally I charge $10.00 hourly for link building and only build links that are worth getting and will not end up getting you banned or pushed down in the SERPs. The reason for this post is to discuss the good points, bad points, and what to watch for when outsourcing link building, SEO, or any other type of online promotion.

The first thing I would like to discuss is when paying for work be sure the person you are paying is extremely honest about where your link will be going and be willing to give you the links to all places where they have promoted your site. This is a very good way to make sure your link will not end up in the "bad neighbourhoods" and also a good way to make sure that you are not getting scammed. If the person refuses to tell you because it is "their secret" this is a big red flag. Now if they refuse to give up informational sources then it is understandable, but you should know before hand what type of link building your are buying.

From what I have researched $1.00 per link is not a bad price for one way link building and the partner I discussed earlier purchased 4 hours of marketing and I was able to get them around a hundred one way backlinks so they paid $40.00 for a hundred quality links. Don't pay over $1.00 per baclink I have seen promotions for link builders that are charging $1.40 per backlink and personally I feel that is screwing over their clientele, but if people are willing to pay this amount then I guess more power to them. Now after you discuss in depth what links your marketer will be building for you the next step is making sure that they follow through.

After payment it is important that the person sends you a list of links which they have built for you. I make sure to do this after all of my transactions and have found it useful whenever my clients are looking for more links. They know that I will give them a list of all links which I have built for them (some trust me/value the time bought to let me work without recording the links that I build for them getting them more links for the time). If you hire someone make sure that they are willing to send you a list of places which they have promoted your website. I do not mind at all, but always explain to my clients it will cut down on marketing time. Usually after the first couple transactions they understand that I rely on repeat business and are out to do the best job possible so they prefer to skip the recording and pay for only links rather than links and time recording.

Now the bad points of outsourcing work is you can do it for free if you spend a while learning. It of course also costs money and in this recession buying promotion for your website is difficult. There is of course the possibility of getting screwed so I recommend to anyone looking to buy work pay only for a small amount at first until you know the person you are working with is not out to screw you.

The good points are of course better search engine ranking. If you hire somebody to help promote your site and they know what they are doing the promotional work will pay off in better SERPs placement. This of course turns to money. You might be asking why not opt for an adwords campaign. Adwords is great for those looking to be around for a short while, but for those who would like consistent success getting a nice placement in SERPs is key and the only way to rise is thousands upon thousands of backlinks. If you don't have the time to build then outsourcing your link building is very useful and much more bang for your buck than using a PPC (Pay Per Click).

Anyway just some tips when you are looking for someone to promote your website. I am a free lance internet marketer and you can hire me at $10.00 hourly. If you are interested feel free to email me at webmaster@makemoneyfree.comuv.com for details. One last note BE CAREFUL when paying for promotional services I have heard that it is very easy to get ripped off.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Become The Authority

Well back again for another mediocre post:) Today I want to discuss how and why to become an authority when trying to make it online. First and foremost if you ever look up one of the top bloggers you will notice they usually have well over 100k links. Now when a new webmaster looks at this they wonder how in the hell is that possible especially when they spend 12 hours daily building links and only have a few thousand. Well the major blogs that have a tremendous amount of backlinks DID NOT BUILD THEIR OWN. How these bloggers/webmasters reaches such tremendous heights on the amount of backlinks was through link bait.

In short link bait is a creation that sparks attention. Link bait can be video, audio, or text and the niche really is not a consideration. Really the only thing that link bait creations have in common is the ability to be difficult to recreate so the blogosphere/webmaster world chooses to link rather than recreate. Personally my best link baitable post was the top 55 social bookmarking sites that every webmaster needs which you can find on the right just scroll down until you see "my top posts". Anyway what I did was spent a couple of days and looked through hundreds of social bookmarking sites to find the most helpful to webmasters and bloggers.

Throughout my surfing I have come across several forms of link bait. The most common is like mine which is lists. The reason a list is such a great form of link bait is the majority of good lists usually hit the favorites of surfers and when the person who places your list in their favorites wants to discuss the subject usually your link will come up. Now a list is not the only way to create link bait. From what I have read at Yaro's blog he feels that creating a mini-book less than a hundred pages and give it away for free. Now I know this sounds crazy, but once people get a great mini-book from you they will want to share it with all of their friends which gets you links.

The last type of link bait I would like to discuss is flat out becoming the authority. You are the authority when what you say goes no matter what it is. If you tell the world blue is not grey and a few hundred thousand people stand behind you guess what, you have become the authority. This power is very difficult to get and easy to lose so be sure to always tell the truth and when you find that a post was not entirely accurate retract it immediately. This will help you stand out as one of the few constantly searching for and publishing the truth. Now don't expect to become the authority over night it will take months if not years of hard work the best and only way to become the authority and therefore turn each post your create into link bait is to keep trying and don't give up.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Build Your Online Profile

This is really a key component of becoming an online presence to be reckoned with. Personally I hope you read this post before you begin just to get headed in the right direction. Anyway when you begin your online campaign you will have an overload especially when it comes to marketing and a lot of new people get sucked into the world of black hat and spam. First let's discuss what exactly these two are:

Black Hat SEO: Is when you use unethical means to achieve high position within the SERPs (search engine result pages). There are several ways to do this such as placing your competitors on the so called "bad places" online such as ffa pages and link farms. Some other techniques that would fit are keyword stuffing (repetition of over 10% density)you can check your density with this tool- http://www.ranks.nl/tools/spider.html if you see any keyword or phrase over 10% it is a good idea to replace some of the keywords with synonyms. Another black hat technique considered black hat is cloaking which is when you have headings or text on your page the same color or very close to your back ground color in an attempt to make it impossible for your visitor to see the words, but the search bot of course can see them. The other one that I have heard of people using is when people change their entire website to heading 1 and disguise it with CSS. Now if you decide to do this with your website/page you may perhaps see a jump in the SERPs, but Google is always looking for trickery and when they catch you expect to see your site banned from the index or dropped severely within the SERPs.

Spam & Spammers: This is when people place their link on a platform which it is not welcome and can come in many different styles. Everyone knows the email spam since your email address is bought and sold the same as any commodity. The best tip I can give any new webmaster to the online world is never place your link until you see someone within the community place it. Let's go over some different places where you will see a quick rejection if you decide to spam. First forums, these are the places where people communicate and for some reason these act as a vacuum sucking in the spammers. When in a forum it is suitable to place your link once you have reached the appropriate post number and only place your link in the signature. Blogs are another place where spammers seem to thrive though when you leave your comment spam on a blog it is quickly rejected. When you are trying to gain backlinks and you think that blogs will help you it is important you actually read the post before commenting. If you notice there are quite a few posts that have no comments on this blog even though it is a do follow PR 2 blog. I delete 3-4 crappy comments each day only letting comments in that are actually about the post. I actually do this from my email and guess what I can't tell/remember which posts are which and if I can't tell which post you are commenting on your comment gets rejected. Such comments as "good post" "great ideas" "thanks" "thanks for the article" or whatever bland generic comment people leave gets the boot. So you want a PR 2 one way backlink? Then talk about how much you hate spammers as well and maybe discuss a concept talked about in this post and you will be published and get the backlink or 2 or 3 depending on how many posts you read and comment on. Anyway when trying to promote your site read the rules and interact appropriately. Also those who have resorted to spamming emails just get off this blog if you have resorted to that level of low spam then you are pretty much helpless.

So I have spoken in length about what not to do when building your online presence perhaps it would be wise to suggest some places and ways in which to effectively and appropriately promote your presence. I want you to look on the right side of this blog and scroll until you see "my best posts" these have thousands upon thousands of free one way backlinks. Very important for those of you trying to market and do not want to receive the label of spammer. If you wish to use Google rather than the resources that I have provided I recommend searching for article directory list, social bookmarking list, and free directory list. These three should be the foundation of your marketing campaign since they all offer one way, relevant, high authority backlinks.

Web 2.0 should really be the place which you begin building your profile. Every top blogger has a twitter, myspace, facebook, digg, and any other social profile out there so be sure you get yours. When you build your myspace be sure to make it about what your built your website or blog about and explain yourself then leave links back to your main presence. Build your twitter account and when you update your website or blog be sure to tell your followers. If you need more info on twitter then I suggest you look back through the posts until you find the beginning of twitter week where I explain how to use twitter as well as give you a ton of tools. This is where you will personalize your website and/or blog making your visitors feel not only welcome, but important enough to open the lines of communication.

So as you embark on your online endeavors be sure to never leave a bad taste in anyones mouth. Market something worth marketing and you must truely beleive in what your are selling. Personally I have found it easy to sale my blogs and website since they excite me greatly. If you do not have love for what you do then you will be within the 97% that fail at the online world. Anyway if you like this blog or post please share it with others and by the way thanks for reading.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Content Vs. Links

The question of the century what should a webmaster/blogger focus on getting exceptional links or having the best damn content online. Everyone knows that links are what drives the algo behind the majority of search engines, but to get very high PR links seems to be a full time task itself. Personally I feel that gaining one way links comes with making content worth linking to which for any internet marketer will cut into their online marketing time. What you must get through your head is the time working on your site = double the time you spend marketing. In other words you spend 12 hours building your webpage this equals 24 hours marketing.

A concept somewhat difficult for newer webmasters that don't understand that the blogosphere and in fact entire web 2.0 is always looking for excellent content to talk about and every hour you spend working on your site's or blogs content making it better and better is an hour closer on being the talk of the web. Anyway I found this video where Matt Cutt's a Google engineer who works on the search aspect of Google discusses the argument of which is better links or content~

I know not even the words from the mouth of Google will sway many, but hopefully it will reach the ears of some wanting to know why they are not number 1.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Build Your Network

One of the biggest questions when someone new comes online trying to earn money online is where do I find people to build my network. Usually after the quick and sometimes crushing realization that their marketing campaign relies on the help of other people they want to begin participating within the world of Web 2.0. Now Web 2.0 is no specific type of website marketing, but the conglomeration of any web platform which provides user side feedback. This means any website out there that accepts visitors to interact in a way that gives them the ability to speak is considered Web 2.0. Good examples of websites within the Web 2.0 world are blogs, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, Forums, and other ways that people may transmit info while increasing their network of friends or business partners. Personally I thrive in the social web and use it constantly to not only build friendships that will potentially lead to cross promotion such as three way linking and guest posting, but also learn what is new throughout the online marketing world.

When you begin building your network it will seem like a very daunting task. There will be millions of potential contacts and you are to decide which will be the most productive and useful to your goals. The biggest tip that I can give anyone trying to build a network is start slow and remember etiquette is everything. Never think that anyone owes you or should have your link on their website or blog. It sounds quite simple, but after spending some of your valuable time helping someone out on a social medium to find that they did nothing for you in return may seem irritating to say the least, but in fact is quite common in the webmaster world. Example I personally gave a shout out to a few of the “top dogs” in my niche giving them free backlinks and while reading of course I saw nothing. Should I have taken the links down or placed the rel=”nofollow” tag on them stopping the flow of link juice from my blog to theirs? The simple answer is no, but there are many reasons for this. The biggest one is when you give a link to someone deserving and Google notices who you are linking to they will not consider your site linking to crap and place you in the category of online crap.

Building a network consists of not only personal relationships, but also technical ones. The example above when sharing links is a relationship of technicality rather than personal. These are the relationships that drive the web and should be a consideration when you decide to build a network in the Web 2.0 world. If you run into someone that runs crap (link farm, ffa page, or other “bad neighborhood”) even though they may be the nicest person online do not place them in your network it will only lead to poor placement within the SERPs and this can damage the income of a website dramatically. It is ok to stray from your niche somewhat, but usually when building a network the best relationships will be within your niche. Remember start slow and build your network brick by brick don’t give up.

Relax and Focus On Your Content

This has to be the most hypocritical statement I have ever made, but perhaps it is for me. Guys I love to write and over the past year have learned tons of great info on website marketing, but I feel after showing you how to build backlinks and really grasp social media I have forgotten the key to any marketing campaign which is build something worth the page it is written on. The biggest mistake you can make is creating a web page, web site, squido lense, wordpress blog, or any other online creation for the reason of purely making money and really succeed.

It is so important to build something you are passionate about and rather than spending 100% of your time (which is one of my biggest mistakes) marketing, work on the content of the web site (referrers to all online production). I jumped from blog to blog leaving my comments (comment spam) without taking a few minutes to read the about me page and perhaps truly discuss a subject with the blogger. I have thousands of friends all across the world which I neglect for the sake of writing another article or making another video. Truly neglectful and poor networking.

You know I get contacted daily with link exchange requests and guest post opportunities that I usually don't respond to, don't get me wrong I make enough to do this full time, but I really think that perhaps I have been sending the wrong message to you. Take time and really fall into the web 2.0 rather than worrying about your next backlinks (perhaps I am addicted to backlinks) I mean in the last three months I build well over 10k backlinks to my website http://makemoneyfree.comuv.com. For what first page position of the key terms make money free and earn money free. Don't get me wrong the work has paid off I get at min 50 unique daily just from Google alone, but if I were to really connect with some successful people I really feel that I could be doing so much better.

It is not all about the networking if I were to spend hours on my posts rather than just a half hour to 1 hour perhaps the content itself would have spiked. I should have at least 500 posts really divulging in the art that is marketing and my blog would be a smash hit right now with 100k backlinks though perhaps that is not how it works online. To tell you the truth I want to be an expert in my niches and feel that I have made excellent headway, but rather than becoming an expert through pure marketing I want people to come to my blogs ready to learn not just because they typed website marketing blog into Google. Do I know how to get blogs, websites, forums, cover pages, to the first page of Google for very competitive keywords ya and really it is not difficult work just boring and extensive.

If you make it about your reader and making the best experience for them I feel that you will reach the top of Google. Look at the top bloggers and you will notice none without at least 50k readership backing them and when they read something exciting on the blog don't you think they will want to share it? Of course it will get emailed or you will get a free backlink on their blog talking about you and your work.

Well this is what I am going to try and do make it about you and when I find something online that will help you succeed after trying it I will let you know for free. One more promise I will not be like Yaro and/or Court and start a program where I charge you to learn when I find something new helpful or have tips to share I will give them freely and this will not change. Perhaps this openness will be the key to success or they might have the right idea charge people a bunch of money then use the money to further promote their charging program I guess it is really up to the audience so do you as bloggers want to promote free learning or promote those trying to charge for info?

I hope you enjoyed the post be sure to leave a comment the no follow has been removed so you will get link juice. Be sure to comment on the post if you spam your ads I will reject it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Important Tags To Know When Blogging

Now I have showed you how to get thousands of one way backlinks and how to appropriately ask for a link exchange. I think for this post I will cover how you can cut down on the bounce rate and outgoing VS. incoming links. These will help in your SERPs position and make sure someone that wants to become a reader will sign up rather than clicking on a link going to another website or blog that you are talking about and forget your blog. I will also be showing you how to make a text box so you can place code in case you want to make it easy for people to copy and paste the HTML code to their website getting you a free one way backlink.

The first little piece of code I will be showing you today is the rel="nofollow". This is what you use when you want to list websites, but do not want to give backlinks. I use it on all of my lists to directories, social bookmarking, and article directories. If these websites want the nofollow removed they email me and ask if they have a good offer on where they will place my link without the nofollow I remove the nofollow and let the link juice flow. This is what stops a website or blog from losing link juice and Page Rank. If you have 1000 incoming links and 10000 outgoing links it is pretty much the same as having 1 or 2 incoming you lose a lot of the authority coming in if you throw out way more backlinks that are coming in. These are only my thoughts I feel that you should have way more links coming in than going out. Personally I follow the 1/10 ratio meaning every 10 links coming in I will send out 1. I feel this is what has put me in the top 5 for website marketing blog on Google and until I see concrete proof that having tons of outgoing links does not matter I will continue to use nofollow. Anyway let me show you how to use it on a link you place on your site or blog:

The nofollow will stop the "vote" from your site or blog to the link you are pointing to. Now don't be a jerk with this in other words don't offer a link exchange then make the link nofollow. This will come back to bite you since webmasters/bloggers are anal about their links so they will notice if you are being unethical in your marketing practices. If you do this you will be partaking in the art of black hat SEO and it can damage your credibility so DON'T!

Now let say you want to give your visitors a link to a valuable resource, but you don't want to have them leave. This is when you use the tag target="_blank" and what this does is opens up another window which can be annoying at times, but if you want your visitors to check out a resource and you want to have them remember your site or blog this is a very good tool. When I place a link that I think my traffic would enjoy I do not want them leaving my blog only to never return again, I want them to check it out by opening a new window forcing them to close my window. This means if they don't want to become a reader it is their choice rather than an accidental click off my Blog. I hope you can see how this can be useful. Anyway this is how you implement it into your links:

If you want throw the rel="nofollow" in as well stoping link juice from passing. Anyway the nofollow will help you decide how many outgoing links Google will count on your blog or site and the target="_blank" will help you keep your traffic with your site/blog rather than leaving on some resource that you show them. Now lets say at the end of a post or even on your website you would like to show other bloggers/webmasters your chosen link code. I use this quite often and have found it useful so I hope you will to. Now this is going to be difficult since the the box is actually what I will be showing you anyway let's see if it works.

Now this is what I usually put at the end of my posts~ If you have found this blog helpful please help me by giving a backlink just copy and paste this code:

Now that is how I use the code feel free to use it to explain any html or use it as I do by making it easy for my visitors to help me out with a backlink. I highly recommend learning html and the site that I use is W3 Schools all their tutorials are free so please take advantage.

To end I really need you guys, there is a new webmaster forum that looks great I just signed up so it would be an excellent place to discuss anything you would like to. Anyway look for me on it my name will be kbeus21 here is the forum Webmaster Forum. I hope to see you on and chatting make sure you make note that you came from my blog:)