Thursday, December 31, 2009

Set Up Your Automated Blog

Hey guys in this video I explain exactly how I did the White Hat Marketing Blog so I don't every have to post. Here is the link to Free Traffic System I hope you enjoy:)~

Remember I could really use help getting my Kings Of Internet Marketing Forum up and going so please join and make a few posts thank you.

Building Your Brand

Just an article I wrote and would like to share with you guys enjoy!~~

If you have ever watched TV you have seen branding at its finest. Companies such as Walmart, Microsoft, and Pepsi spend millions of dollars each and every year making sure everyone knows their name. Now online it is a little different, no longer do you need to have millions in your bank account. Today we stand on an open playing field with anyone being able to set themselves apart even to the extent of beating major companies. Without money it is going to take a tremendous amount of work and patience, but when all is said and done it will be possible to stand above the wikis, major chain stores, and others well known names. First I would like to discuss some people who I respect greatly and who have branded themselves to an amazing extent having a few hundred thousand followers something Walmart or Microsoft would pay millions for.

First let’s start with my favorite which is Darren over at Right now he has 134 thousand readers and it seems to be on a constant increase. This is a prime example of how one man can lead thousands becoming more popular than the million dollar companies. The reason for such a popularity is he connected/connects with the blogosphere proves he is the expert and provides a constant stream of content. When Darren makes a move or does something new it streams across the web with great speed. Another person who makes a huge difference online is Cricket & John Scott over at the V7N webmaster network. They decided to really expand on the traditional website or blog. Rather than setting up one or two presences they set up a full network equipped with a blog, a fully functioning forum, and a directory. They offer a bit more, but these are the core. Anyway they now have around a hundred thousand people on the forum and many blog readers. So how did they reach such a feat? Well it comes down to the core of humanity they noticed that forums that were up and running chastised members not letting them speak freely using so many rules that the majority of members were getting banned. This was the beginning of an idea which sparked the growth of a webmaster community rivaled by only the top of the top. They let community members speak their mind and place a domain knowing the difference between an actual question and spam something other forum admins know nothing about. Anyway they provided a true community for webmasters.

This brings us to what you can do when out their trying to make your presence known. Well first thing is keeping your ambitions in check remember it takes YEARS to really build a brand which is why the majority fail. Personally I think that social networking is a great step for those who want to really start building a brand. After the creation of a web presence get on twitter, facebook, and the other major networking sites. Make sure to place your links to these profiles on your web presence and as traffic starts following your and becoming friends on facebook be sure to add them and talk with them. Tell them about your experiences and what you are doing. It is even OK to tell them how you feel trust me they like that. Remember this is not the place to spam, but rather build up your online profile. When people really like you on twitter they retweet your tweets. This is key to making your brand online get people to like, trust, and believe in you and your brand will grow and grow.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hey Guys I Need Some Help

Well I don't know why, but after I built my directory at Free Link Directory it was not enough so I decided to build a forum. I call it Kings Of Internet Marketing. Now with it I decided to let users have 3 links in their sig from the very first post. I also allow a sig from the first post so their is not a waiting period. As long as your posting good quality content you will be building links and start doing better in the SERPs. I plan on doing a good size link building campaign, but when people see an empty forum they don't think it worthwhile to join so I need your guys help getting started. Anyway I would really appreciate you signing up and making a few posts. Thanks in advance.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Well I am Moving To Unlimited Hosting

Luckily not with this blog since I have not had a problem with exceeding bandwidth, but my blog Whitehat Internet Marketing on the other hand is growing at an amazing rate so I decided to not take any chances and upgrade from free hosting to paid hosting. I got a deal for 6 a month which is not to bad since everything is truly unlimited. It is a good feeling to be given unlimited access to a server. Anyways I just wanted to keep you guys up on what I am doing. Let's get into some e-marketing concepts.

First thing I would really like to talk about is keep changing your marketing plan. Google is always searching for the sites which are not popular and are being marketed only by their webmasters. To them these are bad sites usually and if Google catches on they will not give them very good placement which is why when marketing you don't want to beat a dead horse and be in a constant state of change. I personally really like exploring the social medias for new websites which allow you to either post a profile or a link. These are excellent opportunities to showcase your web presences and build your brand. If your looking for a list I have a post 55 Social Bookmarking Sites. Please take the time and build your profile on each one then submit all of your presences.

Another thing I would like to bring up really quick is when you are a blogger social bookmarking is your best friend. Most of these sites allow you to submit every single post meaning you will not get one link from high authority high pr sites, but many. Anyway submit each and every post to at least 10 or so major bookmarking sites.

Now with the directory submission don't beleive the new guys when they say this is a dead form of link building. If someone says this please call them out and say "YOUR AN IDIOT!" really you don't need to explain yourself. I found this out quickly when I built a directory for free ~ Link Directory. Now the personal results that I saw after the creation of the directory my serps rank for my site How To Make Money Online cut in half for the keywords how to make money online. I was 400 and when I checked today I was 212 still bouncing a little, but overall doing quite well. Anyway another example is The Open Directory Project which AOL works with closley and Google uses for info on websites.

Now to close I have been thinking of a couple posts, but I am not sure if you guys would like them. I was thinking of a How To Build Backlinks going over some diffrent resources which I use, a How To Upload Wordpress, or a How To Build a Directory for free. Anyway if you guys have any thoughts let me know also I could really use help with this blog so if you have a twitter or facebook please let your friends know. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Big 100: What's Next?

Wow I started this blog a few months back and never thought I would reach the 100th post. Through it all I have gained thousands of backlinks for this blog and with your help. I have seen some of my websites grow into power houses taking over Google for keywords which net 50,000+ search volume monthly. I have created squidoo pages, a forum, a directory, learned wordpress and other PHP/MYSQL sites. Studied and spoke with the greats of both internet marketing and blogging. I HAVE EARNED MONEY ONLINE! How many people actually get the chance to pay their car payment every month with online revenue. After doing a couple searches I have been considered an expert in internet marketing and online business by some blogs and on forums. So what is next? I seem to be running out of diffrent ways to gain backlinks, content, seo a site, and master the web 2.0.

I guess I should keep you up on what I am working on. I just busted my but building a directory please submit your site for FREE at ~ Free Link Directory make sure to get your links in now because when it begins to gain PR I will probably stop letting free links in and require payment or recipriocal. Another thing I have been working on is having a constant stream of content for my website How To Make Money Online. You guys have seen my blog Whitehat Internet Marketing which is at around 600 posts. With very little marketing it easily climbed to the top ten for the keywords whitehat internet marketing because of the massive content creation. Well I decided to try the same thing on my site creating a sub domain. Anyway at this point in time it has no posts because The Free Traffic System has not yet approved the blog. By the way The Free Traffic System is where I have built around 5 thousand backlinks for my websites and blogs if you want to be top 10 you need to join. Anyway you can check out my new blog which I hope will be accepted in the next day or so at Make Money Blog.

So what should you expect from the next 100 posts on this blog? Well I am really going to focus on the basics which are link building, SEO, and content creation. With these three things you will be able to reach the top of any search engine and make quite a bit of money. I wish you guys all the best and thank you for sticking with me through my learning process.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Stay Caught Up On New Internet Marketing Concepts

One of the greatest challenges which faces webmasters today is the access of information concerning basic to advanced internet marketing. One thing is certain there is no one stop shop and internet marketing is a constantly changing process. This is not a bad thing (since there is no actual "degree") anyone can be an internet marketer. You will find around 90% of the webmasters/bloggers online today have no clue how to market a website and when it comes to SEO I would guess the number of ignorant grows. After reading this post you will not understand internet marketing, but you will know about several great sources which you can go to if you would like to learn quality internet marketing.

The first step which any up and coming internet marketer should take is joining forums which promote white hat ways of marketing and do no allow any ideas which will lead you to get banned. Personally the place which I learned how to market my websites and blogs is The other forum which I have gotten a few good marketing ideas is Digital Point which you can find by doing a Google search. The best thing about the forums is they allow you to ask the specific questions which you can not find answers to by doing a Google search.

After you have signed up for the forum and begin learning there it is time to move into the blogosphere. I must warn you remember about the 90% of the people online not knowing jack about internet marketing everyone of those people probably have blogs and are spurting out how to reach Google top 10. You will see such ideas such as stuffing keywords throughout your page, gaining links from anywhere, and all around bad ideas which will lead you to getting banned from Google's index. So before you begin trying what a blogger is teaching be sure you have a good idea of what will get you banned. Here is a page which will explain what not to do when marketing Black Hat Techniques. Now I would like to recommend some bloggers which I follow and know they do not promote bad ideas.

1. ProBlogger


3. SEO Book

4. Hubspot

5. Yaro's Blog

All of these guys post daily so that should be a good amount of reading. If you have found this blog useful then of course become a reader.

Another place which I have found very useful when I was trying to learn the basics of SEO is SEO Tutorial. If you have a website and are trying to learn any type of web code you can always rely on W3 Schools.

A couple of SEO tools which i use is:

1. Google Adwords Tool ~~ Which tells you the monthly search volume of any given keyword or keyterm.

2. SERPs Checker ~~ Which shows you the location of your website for any term up to 1000.

3. Google Insights Tells you the popularity of a keyterm over a long time period.

If you internet marketers are interested in solid affiliate programs to market I have many which I market on my website How To Make Money Online. They are all free to join which is huge when you are trying to get people to sign up anyway give them a look over and see if they would fit somewhere into your marketing campaign. Also the way which I gain many links is using The Free Traffic System.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Auto Blog Is Kicking My Ass

For those who have been reading they know a couple of weeks ago I started an auto blog. It is called Whitehat Internet Marketing and over the past couple weeks it has been posted to over 300 times. I of course got it indexed within Google quite quickly and now I am surprised to find that the traffic is exceeding this blog. Usually I moderate 4 or 5 comments daily on this blog, what really surprised me is I am moderating 10+ comments on my auto blog. This has brought a new factor in my understanding of SEO and linkbuilding.

What does content creation have to do with rankings, traffic, and overall success of a website or blog? This is a question that has been surfacing ever since I have seen my auto blog start exploding within a couple of weeks. I am quite confused and really wondering if it is just a fluke or if it is the start to a great thing. I do have one theory and that is each time someone posts it gives an automatic link back to the home page. Like I said over a couple of weeks the blog has had over 300 posts and growing rapidly so I guess I will have a good control when I test what is better mass content creation or link building. Anyways I don't know much right now, but after watching this blog go I think I may be onto something. I will of course be keeping you guys up to date.

Now if you want a auto blog there is a couple things you need to do. The first is get free hosting then set up a fully functional wordpress platform on the server. The Free Traffic System is the website which facilitates the contstant publishing on my blog you need to sign up and follow their instruction on how to submit a blog. Everything is free and if you do it you will have a blog which is being posted to constantly and perhaps see the same growth that I have seen. Anyway I found this extremely interesting from an internet marketers standpoint and I hope you stick around to see how the blog does after a few months.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Difference between SEO and SEM

SEM is one of the newer terms within the webmaster world and is quite frequently mixed up with SEO which is completely different. SEM means Search Engine Marketing and is the process of buying top placement or preferred placement from search engines. If you use Google adwords you are using SEM to promote your website. There is nothing really special about this form of marketing and is for those who have a bank account or very little time to perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Personally I have no experience with this since I am an SEO expert I have no problem getting traffic through free means. One problem that I have noticed with SEM is lately with some of the search engines it has compromised SEO. Websites such as place one good listing then 5 sponsored listings then the rest of the actual organic results. Other search engines are better listing fewer and others worse listing up to ten paid listing before the websites who are actually brought up for the terms. Either way SEM is the main form of income for search engines and is not going away anytime soon.

SEO on the other hand is when a webmaster constructs his website in a way which it will perform well in the search engines without having to pay them for first page placement. It is a way in which the rich online and poor are picked since the rich are the ones at top of all the major search engines. This is an internet marketers biggest challenge and is a challenge which is constantly changing and making an internet marketer or SEO expert change their marketing formulas with the changing algorithms. When you begin SEO it will seem overwhelming, but after a year or two of work you will find yourself with the ability to at least gauge the amount of work it takes to reach the top of Google and other major search engines for any given key term. If you have spent this year or so practicing techniques then you should also have a couple presences up on top of Google for at least mildly competitive keywords.

What should the average internet marketer invest in. This is a question which is throughout webmaster forums and a hot topic in debates whether or not buying traffic from search engines rival working hard and reaching the top of Google free of charge. The advice I would offer you is unless you have a $50,000 dollar marketing account and absolutely no time to commit to free marketing then SEM is a viable option. For the rest stick with learning the basics of SEO which you can do by searching Google for free seo tutorial and also signing up for the webmaster forum V7N Forums.

Everyone Needs Lots Of Links

I just got done building a few different websites. The two big ones are Edgar Allan Poe and my auto blog (I have not wrote one post:) whitehat Marketing. I noticed that both were indexed in Google within an hour and started getting hits within a couple days. The thing that really surprised me was the hits were organic. So I built a couple sites and did some basic marketing and within a couple days I was getting organic traffic (not alot), but a couple here and there. It took me a few months when I started my first site How To Make Money Online to get a "few organic hits", but days with these new sites.

I was sitting trying to figure out how I got this so quickly then decided it was everyone needs links. When I started the sites I placed links on all of my presences (around 40) ranging from PR 0 to PR 3 and that was all she wrote. This was enough to place me at the top of the SERPs for very low competitive keywords. I have said it before you need keyword anchored links to push sites to the top of Google.

So backlinks are the foundation of a marketing campaign, but what does this really mean. Well if you have videos on youtube it means for each video I recommend building at least 1000 links to each video. This will take quite a bit of time, but you will find it worthwhile when your hit counts are through the roof and subscribers are lining up down the street. When you put up a squidoo page guess what that means you should be building 1000 links towards that page. This should be done with all of your presences and the number 1000 is only a starting point. These links are what will seperate you from your competition and will really help you out when you need high quality one way links for your newer websites.

Now if your wondering where to get the links I have a list of the best places just scroll down this site and on the right side you will see "my best posts" there are plenty of places to get links. Personally the place that I get my links and the place which has pushed me to the top of Google fore competitive keywords is The Free Traffic System. I have used the system and it has pushed me to the top of Google for such phrases as make money free, make money online free, how to make money free, earn money online free, and many others. Anyway remember no matter what you should be building links and building them by the thousands.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When Marketing Always Go Manual

There are many different ways which you can market your website and the majority of webmasters on the web today agree that building backlinks is still the best way to reach the top of Google and other major search engine sites. Building backlinks is an extremely tedious task and most will give up before they even begin seeing a payoff for their efforts. Others opt for the easy road which is the auto submitters,which of course leads their website being placed on very poor quality web presences which are link farms. Any website which does not have a review process and whos main priority is to increase backlink counts is considered a link farm. These are the type of presences which you should be avoiding when marketing and if they are giving you links for free and by the thousands then I highly recommend not using them.

If you would like to have a successful website then taking the time to submit your presence to each and every directory, article directory, and blog is crucial. The only exception I have seen to this rule has been the free traffic system which I have used and seen no adverse affect. On the other hand when I have used link farms I saw no positive affect on my website and luckily since Google only frowns on the links pointing out from a site I saw no negative affect. Take your time when marketing and if you are willing to put in the hours and submit to high quality websites then you will receive high quality traffic and start seeing a rise within the SERPs.

So automatic marketing tools are out (except for the free traffic system) what else is left? There are many diffrent places which you can gain both high quality links and traffic. First go to the webmaster forum v7n and Digital Point. These forums allow you to place a link in your signiture and will help you get traffic and links. When on the forum ask the webmasters in the community for a list of directories which they will give freely then start spreading your presence throughout social networking and bookmarking sites. It is also good to write articles and submit them to high quality article directories. My favorite markeitng is video markeitng (since I don't have to type) and one nice thing about you tube is they are in the top hundred most visted websites in the world so having a few hundred videos will bring you an audience quite large.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

To The Top Of Google and Beyond

I really don't know where I got that title, but the discussion will be me talking about the different things I have noticed as I climb serp after serp. First off I am sorry that I have not posted recently I have been quite busy first finally getting around to a website dedicated to my favorite author Edgar Allan Poe and second building a internet marketing blog which is updated several times daily, but I don't actually write any of the articles Whitehat Internet Marketing. This is also the first blog which I have created on my own server with wordpress. Let me tell you if you are going to do this be sure you have some serious patience.

On to the discussion when internet marketing you are told build backlinks for a paticular keyword and you will rank well for that keyword. This is not the case all the time. One you need to research around and make sure that you can build enough backlinks to beat your competitors in that niche and second you don't always need to build for every keyword you rank well for. This second idea is where I got the idea for the post and is something which I am having a hard time understanding. I built thousands of backlinks for the terms How To Make Money Online and Make Money Online. Now I only rank in the top 200 which is what I expected thus far. What I did not expect is to be ranked in the top ten for keywords such as make money online free, make money free online, make money free, and quite a few others which I spent hardly any time with. I keep my rank on these and I am coming up on a few others which I did not expect as well.

So I have a couple thoughts on this. The first is Google looks through my site and associates keywords which I have not even thought of. Google sees that my site has a good amount of authority for a make money site and has the term make money online free in it. So they put two and two together and decide to place me on the top ten. Personally I find this very helpful and it is also I am sure the reason that Google is the number one search engine in the world.

So what does this mean to you. When going after terms go big. Go for the make money online which is a half million monthly search volume term or whatever the biggest term is. As you build the backlinks you will gain authority and as you build the authority you will rank for terms which you did not even think of. Anyway this is my little spill for today I will see you guys again soon.