Sunday, May 31, 2009

Top 5 Webmaster Forums

Hey guys sorry I have not posted for a while it has been a little crazy since I reached the top of google for make money free. Anyway on with forum posting how and why. First and foremost if your not on at least one webmaster forum your missing out on new ideas and changes in the webmaster world. Don't get me wrong to keep up with website marketing you need to be a reader of blogs such as this one and be participating in webmaster forums which I spend alot of time. The top 5 webmaster forums that any self respecting webmaster/blogger participates in are:

1. PR 5/10 - For my first choice in forums it was a toss up between this one and Digital Point. Both offer valuable information though I feel there are alot more newbies to internet marketing surfing the threads at Digital Point. This was the first forum I participated in and now I consider it one of the very few places online that I can actually increase my knowledge of SEO, SEM and general website marketing. A definite must for any new or upcoming webmaster/blogger.

2. PR 6/10 - Just barley missing out on the top spot DP is one of the best places to get backlinks. The only reason that this forum did not get the number one is the amount of new webmasters it has. Be very careful, there are quite a few concepts that the webmasters on this forum have misconstrued into fact that will actually end up in being docked or banned in Google's index. It would be a good idea to gain a grasp of marketing on V7N before joining DP so you will be able to call BS when new webmasters attempt to promote their flawed logic.

3. PR 6/10 - Sitepoint is an excellent place to improve your knowledge of code. This site has a focus on building webpages rather than promoting them. Still the links in the signiture are do follow and will help increase your placement in Google SERPs.

4. PR 5/10 - Webproworld the dicks of the internet. I thought it was funny when I scrolled through the threads I noticed that the majority of it's members have red reputation. Don't be suprised to get a red rep before your tenth post, now the only reason this forum is on the list is they do have experts in website marketing that should be respected. Good place to learn, but the least friendly online.

5. PR 4/10 Webtalk Forums Well I had to kick off geek village for link juice hording they decided to remove sigs. Anyway I think I found a better replacement since not only is this forum PR 4, but it also an ad revenue sharing. Perhaps Geek village will see the error of their ways piss of webmasters and fall hard.

Well this is the list of must participate forums for webmasters. When you participate in the forums DO NOT DO SO FOR LINKS ONLY!! What this means is going to the forums and posting one word responses in an attempt to build backlinks. Take the time to think and put something in your posts the same applies when commenting on blogs. If your new to forum posting here is the code you use to put a link in your signiture either [url][/url] or you can use [url=""]your keywords[/url]. The second way will get backlinks with your keywords which will provide better position in the SERPs. I hope you enjoyed the post if you feel that there is a forum worth participating in then feel free to leave it in a comment and remember this is a dofollow blog so your comment will get you a backlink.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Basics of Search Engine Optimization

For this post I would like to cover the basics of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and clear up some misconceptions that the only thing you must do is gain a bunch of backlinks to rank well in the SERPs(Search Engine Ranking Pages). So to begin search engine optimization is utilizing off page and on page content to rank well in the SERPs. Let me explain if you would like to rank well for the keywords Bass Fishing there will be a couple things done SEO wise to make it possible to rank well for the certain term.

1st. Heading- Your html h1, h2, and h3 tags are important for telling the Google, Yahoo, and MSN search bot's what is important on your page. For this post You will notice that basics of search engine optimization are in the title. I do this to let the bots know what I think is important on my page and what I would like to rank well for.

2nd. Keyword Density- The keyword density is the percentage that either a certain word or phrase is repeated within your page. The tool I use to figure this out is just type what ever page you would like analyzed and it will show the number of times any certain term is repeated as well as the percentage that any certain term is found within the page. You should also consider using this tool on your competitors pages to find what density they are sitting at. One thing for a three word keyword phrase your goal should be 7-8% density a two word phrase should be around 5-6% and a one word density should be around 3-4%. If you stuff your page full of keywords having like 50% one word density then search engines will dock you and you will not ever see the first page of the SERPs. Try to take the time making sure there is a repetition of the keywords you would like, but do not over do it to the point that the readability is jeopardized.

3rd. Meta Tags- Now the majority of us know about them, but if you would like a tutorial on what they are and how to use them try This will give you a good description and how to utilize them. For this post I would like to explain the importance of using metas. First off they will not help you at all with Google, but if you would like to rank well with yahoo and have people actually click on your page then I recommend using them. The meta description Google still uses letting you explain to people that are searching what your website is about. Yahoo still places importance on all of the tags so make sure that the keywords you are wanting to rank well for are placed throughout your meta keywords and description.

4th. Time- I hate to say it, but you can bust your ass for the first year and not see anything. There are a couple of ways to get around this, but the majority means spending money. This is why the majority of webmasters fail, they forget that there are experienced webmasters that have been around for years in their niche and are not willing to just role over and die opening up a space for your little project. If you actually want to compete within a competitive niche you must be willing to spend the first year constantly building backlinks and also posting new fresh content that is well SEO'd (keyword density is checked and you have the keywords you want within the content repeated). Remember there is over a trillion unique URL's so don't think that your the first with a certain idea, no matter what niche (category of website) you pick there will be stiff competition.

Well these are some basics you should understand if you would like to rank well within the SERPs. Remember these are only the basics so be sure to become a reader if you would like to read about more advanced techniques. Next post I will probably be covering either advanced SEO or the importance of Page Rank. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post feel free to leave a comment remember that this is a do follow blog so you will receive a backlink. (Please leave a comment about the post not about your website or blog unless it relates)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Market Your Image

Back again for another post. For the past few days I have been thinking of how to put this post together. I knew what I wanted to post about, but I was not sure exactly the correct way to do so. It finally came together when I began reading some of Grizzles posts over at Now after learning the basics to online marketing such as SEO and building quality backlinks the traffic begins to come in. What then?

Well as a visitor arrives you really need to make sure that you have an image and the image you marketed is fulfilled when someone clicks the link that you set up on a site and enters your domain. This is a crucial step in online marketing and should never be over looked. I really screwed up when I began my first blog at I began building a readership and was up to 50 readers with 50 or so unique visitors a day. The way I got there was through constant marketing and when I marketed my website I made sure that people should come to my blog because I was an expert on online marketing. Well this was not true then and I let my readers know. This dropped my readership to 5 and completely discredited me as a leader in my field cutting all of my earnings and making it difficult to rebuild my reputation. Slowly it is coming back up, but I feel my readership has been severely damaged to the point where it will take a very long time to build it back up. Anyway this brings me to my point, when you market a website or blog be sure that you make yourself the leader/expert in your field and do not tell anyone different. Is it true? Is it lying? Personally I do not think so. I feel that your an expert in your field if you say your an expert in your field and as long as you don't sound like a complete idiot and make sure your providing unique helpful content to your website/blog no one can say differently.

If you want to gain a readership to your blog there are a couple things you need to do. First and foremost post daily if possible this will make your blog look much less new if it is filled with content. I know this may be misconstrued as manipulation, but when we are online to become successful people need to believe in you and your product. This may mean you have to stretch the truth on your accomplishment how else can someone new to a field break through? Now a days I can truthfully tell my readers I make decent money this is because I used these techniques when I was new and had many people believe in me purchasing my products and signing up for affiliate programs I offered. When you want to become a "someone" in your field you have to act it. If you are able to keep the facade long enough slowly you will become the person to go to in your field and will be able to rake in on the profits.

Remember this does not give you permission to lie and/or use unethical practice when attempting to raise your SERPs position what this post is telling you is believe your an expert and portray it to your visitors and readers. Soon enough it will become true and then your online worries will be over. I hope this helped and please feel free to leave a comment it is do follow and I do allow you to place a link within your comment. I hope you enjoyed the post and will be back to read more.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 Ways to Increase Traffic without Spamming

When attempting to increase the traffic to a website webmasters and bloggers that are new to website marketing usually will do anything to increase traffic. The problem is when they hit the webmaster forums and begin reading articles on how to increase traffic backlinks tend to be the hot topic. If you are a new webmaster and want to begin building backlinks towards your website make sure to understand the difference between building a quality backlinks and placing your backlink where it will be considered spam. Before I share with you the way to increase your backlinks and therefore increase the ranking in Google’s index make sure to not go to these areas and begin placing your link without first reading the guidelines for advertising.

1. Link Exchange: The fundamental process that has been around since the internet began. You will come across websites in your niche (category of website such as business or travel) that would increase the value of your site because they offer something you do not. When you come across these websites email the webmaster and tell him that you think your website would be beneficial to their visitors and you feel his website would be beneficial to your visitors and ask them if they would be interested in exchanging links.

2. Press Release: Such websites as will allow you to submit a release for free. The trick of getting valuable backlinks and press coverage is to write the release keeping in mind that it is targeted towards getting noticed by a reporter whether online or offline looking for a good news story. Make sure to use a catchy title then write the release about your website and why it would be worthy of press coverage.

3. Social Bookmarking: These are websites such as which the millions of users vote on websites and/or blogs. If the user enjoys your website or thinks it would be useful to others you will move up in rank and if you receive enough votes you will reach the front page where your website will be visible to millions of users that use digg.

4. Directory Submission: This is one that is highly disputed among webmasters on whether it helps or hurts a website’s placement. This is simple if the directory let’s you submit without a manual review it is a link farm. If the directory makes your site wait until it has been reviewed it will be beneficial in the SERPs. Now if you would like a list of 900 SEO friendly directories feel free to submit your blog or website to I submitted to all 900 and have received a lot of good backlinks.

5. Article Directories: If you have a website or blog then hopefully you have decent English. There are directories out there that need your articles and will be more than happy to give a backlink or two. I would recommend using and both of which I have received plenty of high quality relevant backlinks from and traffic. Each article that passes review and gets published will not only give you a backlink, but will also help you distinguish yourself from others in your niche. If you become an expert then your word is golden and articles are one of the best ways to increase your reputation online.

6. Blogs: The creation which flipped the web upside down. No longer does someone need to know code to build a website. Visit to get your free blog and begin linking back to your website. If you already have a blog then make another one and send yourself links just make sure there is some unique content so it will not be condemned as spam and removed.

7. Blog Commenting: Both of my blogs and have the no follow attribute removed so when you post a comment It will send a link back to your website. If you would like a list of more here is a directory Now there is a trick that will make sure your comment is not rejected and that is to not spam the blog. When placing your name rather than just putting keywords place your name @ your keywords. Then when you comment make sure it actually has something to do with the post you’re commenting on. If you just spam then expect to receive nothing leave a good post and get a free backlink.

8. Guest Posting: When you begin diving into your niche you will come across thousands of webmasters and bloggers. Make contact and offer them a guest post. They receive good unique fresh content and in return will usually offer you a backlink.

9. Forum Posting: This is not only useful for backlinks, but if you join a webmaster forum there will be thousands willing to help you. The forum that I participate in regularly and has helped me increase my knowledge exponentially has been and if you ask a question about marketing don’t be surprised if you see kbeus21 answer since that is my user name on the forum.

10. Social Networking:, and all have the ability to increase your exposure. Now one thing that stinks with these websites is they are all no follow, but they will give you the ability to network with not only your visitors, but also other webmasters and help you increase your reach.

Well if you follow these ways and are persistent it will be possible to climb the ranks in search engines which will help you increase the amount of targeted visitors helping you make money online free. I hope this helps and if you have any questions then feel free comment on this post.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spammers VS Bloggers Battle of Comment Spam

This post is to help the newbies out their listening to people that say get backlinks anyway possible. Let me help you so you may actually have a chance on having a comment or two published rather than wasting your time. This is a do follow blog and every day I reject comments that are crap!! I will keep rejecting them, in fact you could not pay me to accept the spammy comments that people try to publish on this blog. If your wondering why your backlinks are not increasing even though your spending hours placing your link on blogs and forums I will let you in on a little secret; when webmasters, bloggers, and forum moderators see your link and no useful content added they automatically delete it. I understand you want to have a couple ads that you just copy and paste, but marketing a website is much more difficult and if you keep spamming your website will be blacklisted and probably be deleted if your web host receives enough reports of your spammy ways. Ok let's move on to how you get you receive backlinks without automatically being deleted.

Participate in the web presence that your visiting whether it be a blog, forum, or any other. This will take time, but the time used will be ten times more beneficial than bouncing around the web placing ads. If your website is spam then please take the time to think and come up with some unique content that will benefit people. Now this will be difficult for those that bought websites and I am sorry if you believed the TV when they told you to spend a couple hundred dollars on a bunch of copied websites. I actually bought one of these products and much to my surprise my website was the duplicate of thousands. If you want to build a website then do so legitimately. If you would like to take the time to learn how to build a website then visit they offer free tutorials for all of your web building needs. If you would rather have a blog which is much easier to maintain visit or they will both let you set up and begin blogging for free. I will not go into how to monetize these since this is a marketing blog. Now once you have your unique website or blog it is time to begin marketing. A couple of things you need to be aware of:

1st when trying to get your website or blog to the top of Google backlinks are NOT key. The only way to get your website ranked highly in the SERPs is to make sure you have a website that will be helpful to the visitors. The best way to do this is to have unique content that is constantly updated. Put just as much work into your blog or website as you do in your marketing campaign, if you do this than more than likely bloggers and webmasters will also see the usefulness of your website and/or blog and give you a free backlink.

2nd Take the time to learn where you are allowed to place your link. Now by doing this you avoid being out casted from the forums and having all the work you have done deleted. Take time and read the rules before posting. For blogs which can become your websites best friend let me take you through the appropriate way to get your link with keywords into the comment section. The first thing you will need to do is read the post, if you don't want to take the time to read the post then blog commenting is not for you. After you read the post put your name in the name box followed by the keywords (name: your name @ your keywords) this will help you get a link back with your keywords. Then place your email, now for the comments please don't put anything about your site unless it actually fits well with the conversation. Such as if you want to get a link back from my blog and your reading this post please don't put anything about a gym membership or tell me you sale canoes. Now if you have a website or blog that teaches the appropriate way to comment on blogs I would more than likely like to read about it and since I have a blog about website marketing it is very possible that we could help market each other. Anyway talk about the post not your website unless it has something to do with the post. Now on to the resources to find do follow blogs.

The two search engines I use to find the blogs are: and if you don't find what your looking for their you can try the do follow blog directory

Anyway if you would like free backlink from this blog leave a comment just make sure in the name to place: your name @ your keywords then leave a comment about the post and nothing else.

102 ways to get serious backlinks.

Hey guys, I was just going through some of the big marketing sites and found a list of 102 ways to get backlinks to your website or blog. Now what makes this list amazing is the fact that it goes way past the conventional ways to gain backlinks to a site IE directories, social bookmarking, link exchanges, and the rest. This blog post actually steps into gaining backlinks with the theory that a website will succeed and also gaining backlinks in payment for information and other things. As I read this list it actually improved on my personal list so I am offering it to my readers as pretty much a 101 course on gaining backlinks. Now does it mean use this list and you will succeed, I guess it depends, but either way it is a must have. Anyway I hope you enjoy>> I would recommend becoming a reader I have!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Build Backlinks Free

Hey there I hope you all enjoyed my post with the 55 social bookmarking sites for webmasters. You should also be expecting a list of free PR 5+ directories and a solid list of free article directories with free PR. Anyways I have found an interesting system that I would like to share with my readers and I really hope you enjoy.

I understand that when any webmaster/blogger even uses the word system any surfers mind automatically goes to the red zone thinking it is a scam well this is different and to make sure you believe me I am not going to give you my referral link just the link to the site to prove that this is a system worth mentioning.

Ok there is the link now let me explain exactly what the system is and how it works without leaving any details out. Well maybe a few since I only submit articles to this system rather than building a blog that would receive constantly updated content. First off I would like to assure any new readers that I am not a new webmaster/blogger. I have a well established blog at and a website at which you can see a picture of me:) Anyways I have been in the online game for a while and I understand how hard it is to find good quality backlinks.

When you first sign up for the free traffic system it is completely free and painless. After signing up there is two options to choose from first you can submit an article to their system. Now this can be a little tricky so I would like to try and explain it to you. When you look at the screen to place the article there are four text four text boxes. The first text box is for link 1 keywords. For my website I placed make money free and then hit enter and placed make money online. These were the two keywords I wanted to rotate every time the article was reviewed. Now next to the keyword article there is a link 1 text box and this is where you place the link you would like to point back to your site. I place and that is it for the first part. Now you need to decide if you would like to promote a different site or would like to stick with the link 1 and keywords 1 box. Personally I decided to promote this blog with the next link and keyword box. If you would like to do so place the keywords making sure to hit enter after each one. Ok now here is the tricky part the keywords you picked must have a spot in your article.

If you notice make money free and make money online are pretty much interchangeable and they have to be to fit into your article. Instead of placing make money free I type %link1% and this will let the system know where to rotate the keywords. So rather than type learn how to make money online or learn how to make money free I type learn how to %link1% into the article before I copy and paste it into the box. For my marketing blog I used website marketing and online marketing so instead of to succeed online you will need to learn website marketing or online marketing you put to succeed online you will need to learn %link2%. Now one important thing you can only have two backlinks per article, if you would prefer it to be to only one site then just use two %link1% in your article. Either way will work perfectly fine. So after you copy and paste your article with two %link% into it you should pick your blogs. To find blogs type in the some keywords into the input Keyword box under the article.

I usually just type marketing or business into the keyword box. What this input keyword box will find is all the blogs with that keyword. A big list will come up you are allowed to pick thirty blogs to post your article on. There is a little trick though to make sure your article is not rejected. There will be a bold title with one or more blogs listed, you are only allowed to post one time under the black headings. So after you click one blog move down to under the next black heading. Most only have one or two, but there are some with 10-20 different blogs under a specific heading. After you choose thirty then scroll down to the bottom and click submit. A moderator will look your article over making sure it falls into the specifications above and begin placing your article onto the blogs.

The Free Traffic System makes great strides to attempt to make these blogs not look like duplicate content and spam. One thing they do is only submit your article usually to one blog every 12 or so hours so it may take 15 days to get the full thirty of course they let you see when each article is posted to a blog. Another thing they do is let you rotate the words your link is shown as. I understand that this may not be clear and if it is not feel free to email me, but before you do they have a pdf file and a video that will help make things clear. Anyway I understand that it may take 15 days to get the full thirty links to your website what is nice though is that they allow you to submit unlimited article and though I am still new to the system both of my articles were submitted within a couple days they don't send a notification you will need to keep checking your stats page. I was extremely impressed with the system and wrote the webmaster personally telling him I would be more than happy to write a testimonial though it seems he has plenty. I would really recommend using this system while it remains free, though there is not mention on their website I really can't see such a useful website building quality backlinks on unique URL that are relevant to your site 60 per article remaining free for very much longer. Anyway if the PDF and video do not make it clear enough you can email me at or leave a comment. ENJOY

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites Every Webmaster/Blogger Needs

This list of 55 social bookmarking sites I have specifically chosen for the usefullness they offer towards webmasters and blogger. These will not only get you noticed, but also build high PR links towards your website. I of course and giving away this list freely so if you find it usefull please spread it around either through sending a link from your website/blog, tweeting about it, or just emailing it to a friend. Anyways I hope you enjoy leave a comment if I missed any useful ones and I will be sure to update the list. Also let me know if any links are broken.

1.Digg PR 8/10 Here is the key website when attempting to get your website indexed by google. Also If you submit your website here and it is well liked by the members you have the chance to reach the front page giving you thousands of visitors.

2. Yahoo Buzz PR 7/10 Really be careful when submitting your website to this one in fact I recommend setting up a second account because if you are labeled a spammer you will have your account erased. This is an excellent place to get your website noticed.

3. Yahoo Bookmarks PR 5/10 This website is still in it's beta version and personally I have not used it and in fact was very surprised when I came across it. If it helped you out please leave a comment and tell me about it.

4. Technorati PR 9/10 This is the dmoz for bloggers. If you run a blog or two it is mandatory that you submit your blog here. They will not only send you traffic through their search, but also let you see your blog rank. VERY IMPORTANT FOR BLOGGERS!!

5. Stumble Upon PR 8/10 A very good social bookmark site where members can share links. This site like digg will help you get backlinks as well as direct visitors if the members like your site.

6. Delicious PR 8/10 Social bookmark site that you share your website or blog with a large community. There is alot of webmasters that don't believe you get link love from this site, but with the amount of users on delicious it is still useful to submit your website and/or blog here.

7. Kaboodle PR 6/10 This site is good if you submit your blog or have a shopping website that you would like to recommend to the users. It is a shopping based social bookmarking site.

8. Reddit PR 8/10 Basic social bookmark site good link juice if you submit something that everyone likes be ready for a good flow of traffic.

9. Mixx PR 8/10 Nice social bookmarking site that lets you submit a website or blog of any category. Great for backlinks and direct traffic.

10. Propeller PR 8/10 Good social bookmarking site for websites and blogs. Submit your articles and hope it gets to the top. Excellent for direct traffic and backlinks.

11. Fark PR 4/10 I like the fact that they allow comments on the links submitted. Not very high PR, but I definitely feel worth submitting to. Excellent user interface and very simple to submit your link to.

12. News Vine PR 7/10 This social bookmark site is for those on the cutting edge that can submit news stories. I think a tech website or blog would fit well into this bookmark site.

13. Slash Dot PR 9/10 A social bookmark site for nerds and no I am not trying to insult "US", they actually advertise their site this way. I have submitted my site and blogs with good results.

14. Clip Marks PR 6/10 Good social bookmark site that allows you to save and share clips of text, images, or video. One of the reasons I like this site is if you run a blog they have plug ins if you want to keep updated content on your blog. Very useful site for webmasters and bloggers.

15. Diigo 6/10 (not for long) This is the social bookmark site formally known as furl. You can expect the same service and backlinks from the site and though they only have a 0 now I am sure it will reach the same prestige as it once had as Furl. Good for backlinks and other community opportunities.

16. Faves 6/10 Not unlike digg or other well ranked social bookmarking sites. Submit your link with a good description and soak up the backlinks and direct traffic.

17. Dzone PR 6/10 This is a social bookmarking website for webmasters. Even if you don't run a website or blog about being a webmaster they have constantly updated sites on the home page that are very valuable for us.

18. Blink List PR 7/10 Good social bookmark site I think the only problem I have with the site is it seems like the programmers have no clue how to make it look good. Now they are still an excellent resource for those attempting to aquire high quality backlinks.

19. Simpy PR 6/10 Ok I have a bit of an issue with this site. My problem is the links are not organized making it look like a ffa site, but it does have a PR of 6 meaning google has not stripped it rank so use at your own risk. Personally I don't use it, but if you feel it looks legit go ahead.

20. Blog Marks PR 4/10 I am guessing a website attempting to reach the same rank as technorati. Good social bookmark site for bloggers easy to share your articles and links.

21. Back Flip PR 6/10 One of the oldest sites which is now being ran by volunteers. Back Flip is an excellent social bookmarking site and has lasted quite a while.

22. Bibsonomy PR 6/10 This is a social bookmarking site for those braniacs out their. Ran by the knowledge and data engineering group as a way for researchers to share links that are of academic importance. Though I run a website about making money I still submitted my site and saw some rewards.

23. Blog Bookmark PR 3/10 Though one PR less than Blog Mark it is still a good site for you bloggers or webmasters that have articles you feel would be liked by the masses. Good place to grab some backlinks.

24. Blurpalicious PR 4/10 Good social bookmark site to get backlinks and direct traffic. I really like the fact that I can have a website be blurped for some reason the name makes me smile. Anyway good resource for webmasters.

25. BmAccess PR 4/10 Well done social bookmarking site very easy to register and submit your links and you will see a good return for doing so.

26. Book Mark All PR 2/10 This is an online community bookmarking site that allows you to save your links and if they are liked they will move up into the hot links section displayed on the home page.

27. Buddy Marks PR 5/10 Not a bad social bookmarking site kinda bland, but still a good place for those webmasters/bloggers trying to build backlinks.

28. Buk Mark PR 2/10 Here is a newer social bookmarking site and instead of getting blurped or dug you get buc marked. Kinda boring, but again useful in a marketing campaign.

29. Cite U Like PR 7/10 Pretty simple you submit an article from a site and if it is liked you will see good traffic. Good place to build backlinks.

30. Claim ID PR 6/10 This is a very interesting bookmarking site that allows users to create their identy and find sites that relate. Good for webmasters with personal sites.

31. Cloudy Tags PR 2/10 A good social bookmarking site that allows you to add as many links as you wish to the community.

32. Connotea PR 7/10 Social bookmarking site for researchers. I do not recommend this for the average webmaster this site was created for scientists. If you do run a academic site this bookmark site may be worth your time.

33. Co Rank PR 5/10 This social bookmark site like the rest allows you to submit links and if your lucky get to a featured link. They also show recently added links on their home page.

34. PR 5/10 Not exactly a social bookmarking site per say, but a local search engine. This will help reach local visitors for those wanting higher local traffic.

35. Drop Jack PR 4/10 A news oriented social bookmarking site. I would recommend updating any changes to blogs or websites through these guys. They remind me of digg and the others.

36. Ez4u PR 2/10 I don't know why these guys don't move to unlimited bandwidth, but if you can catch their site up they are excellent resource for those looking for backlinks.

37. Folkd PR 7/10 I'm guessing your getting used to the post; a social bookmarking site that will help you get links and visits. What is nice is this site does not seem to be over populated compared with the other high PR websites.

38. Gather PR 6/10 This site kinda leans towards social networking rather than bookmarking, but with the ease that it takes to build a profile and share writing and links if your willing to take the time it is a great marketing resource.

39. Get Boo PR 4/10 Basic social bookmarking site easy to submit links good place to get your site out.

40. Icio PR 6/10 I think this site if from Denmark, simple social bookmarking easy to get a free backlink.

41. Link A Gogo PR 5/10 Another basic social bookmarking site. Add your site and get the link juice.

42. Link Arena PR 5/10 German bookmarking site mostly in english. Easy to sign up and submit.

43. Lister Lister PR 3/10 One of the newer social bookmarking sites kinda like digg.

44. Magnolia Pr 6/10 This is a big social bookmark site though it is down until late summer 2009 it will be worth it to keep checking and attempt to be one of the first that submit.

45. Marktd PR 3/10 Excellent resource for webmasters. It is a social site that deals with online marketing you will more than likely see all of my posts on it:)

46. Memotoo PR 4/10 A good community to share what you have found.

47. Mister Wrong PR 7/10 Here is one of the undiscovered bookmark sites that alot of people miss when marketing a website. I think it should be right up their with digg and stumble upon, slowly it is catching on more and more.

48. Mobleo PR 3/10 A spin off site from normal social bookmarking they take it mobile.

49. Multiply PR 7/10 Again a little to the side of social networking, but still a valuable resource for marketers since it holds a PR 7.

50. Murl PR 3/10 I say help this site out, I enjoy watching social sites succeed.

51. Wire Fan PR 3/10 Another up and coming social bookmarking site, submit your site and watch it climb to the top.

52. Zlitt PR 3/10 Share your links videos and images with this community site.

53. My Site Vote PR 3/10 Good to get a free backlinks they use the same system as digg and the rest if your site is liked it will be voted to the front page.

54. Vote Lists PR 3/10 Submit your site and be ready to hear the truth. This site has the social bookmarking feature that allows your site to be voted up and down and also allows users to comment on what you submit.

55. Blog Engage PR 3/10 Another social bookmarking site targetted to bloggers. Submit your site/article and if it is well liked then you will reach the top page. A good place to get noticed and begin building a following.

I am the webmaster of Make Money free which I help people find ways to make money online free. Take a look if interested.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts On Backlinks

Two things decide your rank in google and those two things are Search Engine Optimization and Backlinks. For this post I would like to cover the importance of backlinks as I know them and how they effect rankings. Before I begin the post one thing that needs to be pointed out is backlinks is not the solution to your problems, but only one step towards success. You need to build as many as possible spending at least six hours daily promoting and building up backlinks to see results. Also there are a couple of things you should take into consideration when attempting to market your website and grow the number of backlinks pointing towards your website. First and foremost for those completely new to Internet marketing a backlink is your domain name in the anchor tag on a website besides your own.

I would like to attempt placing an numeric value to the backlinks 10 being a backlink of the highest backlink and 1 being a backlinks with very little value.

10-Backlinks on a webpage with a high Page Rank, low number of out going links, and relevant to your niche

7-Backlinks that are on a webpage that has a high Page Rank, low number of outgoing links and is NOT relevant to your website

5-Backlinks that are on a webpage with low Page Rank, low number of outgoing links and is relevant to your website

3-Backlinks with a low Page Rank, high number of outgoing links, and are relevant to your website

1-Backlinks with a low Page Rank, high number of outgoing links, and are not relevant to your website

This should give you an idea of what you should be going for when attempting to get backlinks. One question I get all the time is "I submitted to hundreds of directories and social bookmarking sites and still I don't have any Page Rank and I am not listed in the first page of google for the keywords I optimized my site for what am I doing wrong?"

The answer to this is simple you are off to a good start. That is all a couple hundred submissions is, think about it there is over a billion websites that are all competing for visitors and just because you did some basic website advertising and optimization you think there is not a thousand other websites like yours that did the exact same thing? If you want to become a successful website marketer you need to keep going join the major webmaster forums to keep track of google and the newest marketing techniques. These are also excellent resources if your looking for lists of sites such as directories, press release sites, and other types of marketing websites. The two main forums I use to learn about being a webmaster is and If you get on these two they will greatly enhance your ability to effectively run a website/blog and help you learn the best ways to market. You should also be following blogs such as this one to learn the concepts of marketing a website effectively.

Before I give you some resources to gain backlinks I would like to go over the myth that every link back to your website is helpful. This is completely wrong and if your link is found on websites that are considered link farms google will actually punish your site by pushing it down in the serps or deindex it entirely. A link farm is any website that allows you to place a link on it for the only purpose of raising their website in google serps. Stay away from any website that looks like it is full of spam these are what google considers the "bad places" and they will bring you down. Fill your site with usefull content keeping it updated regularly and build links naturally nice and slow around 100 daily or so. Also another stupid thing to do is buy 50,000 backlinks google will see the jump instantly and your website will be de indexed or pushed down into the index where you will never see a visitor. If you want to build backlinks naturally I will help you out here is a few ways to do so in a manner which is consistant to what google allows.

1. Free Directories that are SEO friendly>> here is 900 free directories that do not allow auto posts only manual. Also submit your website to and yahoos directory.

2. Social Bookmarking>>
here is a list of the top twenty social bookmarking sites that are ranked very well and will help you get indexed quickly as well as gain some high quality backlinks.

3. Blog Commenting>> Here is a directory full of do follow blogs. I will go into do follow and no follow when I begin covering SEO.

4. Begin a Blog this will help you in many ways you can link back to your site like this>> Guess what I just gained a free backlink:)

5. Forum Posting-Now this one is a little tricky you need to know bb code for your signiture link. Go to your user cp after signing up for the forum and after you have finished the mandatory posts to get a signiture you will be able to place a link in both v7n which has a mandatory post of 50 before allowing signitures and Digital Point which has a mandatory post of 10 I think. Anyway once you reach the mandatory post use bb code to place your link in your signiture which you can do like this [url][/url] or if you would like to place keywords you can do it like this [url="">Make Money Free[/url] place that in the forum and not only will you increase your backlinks but also gain direct traffic from the forums.

Anyway this post should give you a good start on your link marketing campaign if you were expecting me to get into more specifics you will have to wait. I plan on going over everything from social bookmarking to who and how to exchange links. If you would like me to post about something please leave a comment anyway I hope you enjoyed the post:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome To Website Marketing I Hope You Enjoy

Hi, my name is Kris and I have been a webmaster for a few years now and the reason for this blog is to help newbies with their internet marketing campaign as well as bring forth some of the more avanced aspects of internet marketing. I will cover all the new trends such as social marketing as well as the more traditional link exchanges. This blog will be full of links as I find them and this will be the only place that I will be offering them. I also have a website Make Money Free, a forum Make Money Forum, and a second blog Make Money Blog. So if your interested in making money online these would be a better resource for you.

Marketing a website tends to be the most difficult aspect of being a webmaster/blogger and I feel this is do to the lack of understanding most have. Now I will not be organizing old posts since my thoughts will be changing as I learn more and it is hard to keep up with google. Please if you feel I am incorrect with my posts feel free to leave a comment I will make sure to respond letting you know my thoughts and observations.

First and foremost for those new webmasters remember Rome was not built in a day so don't expect to beat thousands/millions depending on the niche(category your website/blog is in such as business or technology) my niche is make money and I have been working on my website for about a year now and have not yet reached an held the first page for make money free. My competitors usually have upwords of 20 thousand links towards their site and so I have been steadily building as of now I am just passing the two thousand mark though I have submitted to well over a thousand directories have much more than a thousand forum posts with signitures pointing towards my website and a couple hundred articles. Which by the way I do offer guest posting and article writing for a 500 word article to go on your website or blog I will do for free as long as I can place an authors bio with one link back to my website if interested email me at or Remember take your time, if your starting a website in the hopes of making money within a year or a blog you might as well quit now since this is extremely rare.

Since this is my first post I would like to go over a key aspect of when you begin a website that alot of people usually do not do and that is to write a press release. If done correctly and your website is of interest to media companies then it is possible to rack up thousands of backlinks. One of my friends that is an excellent writer wrote 50 press releases and submitted them to free distribution websites and after three months recieved 23,000 backlinks off the press he recieved. My favorite free press release distribution website is Remember that this is only to get your feet wet and the majority of websites that do not bring something extremely press worthy and unique to their niche will probably only recieve a couple of backlinks.

When writing a press release you need to remember who you are writing to which is reporters. You will need to determine the most news worthy subject of your website or blog and what it brings to the web. Write the press relelase with a captivating caption at the top, for this blog I would put something like Revealed: The Hidden Secrets Of Online Marketing. Then I would go into the description of the blog where I would give an overview of why a story would be worthy to cover me. Make sure to use a word processing or some type of online application that can spellcheck your release. Nothing turns off a reporter quicker than seeing a word mispelled and bad grammer. Now if you you really think your website or blog has usefull information for visitors and is an asset to the web take the time to submit to 50 or so more. Thats right her is a good list, I would recommend writing a few releases that would help promote your website anyway here is the list>>

Well I hope you enjoyed the post I would like to offer the choice to you for my next post. I was either thinking of covering blog commenting where I will give you a directory that is do follow as well as a do follow blog search engine or directories which I have a list of well over 6 thousand free directories to submit to. Anyway leave a comment if you have a preference if not I guess I will choose next week.