Sunday, May 31, 2009

Top 5 Webmaster Forums

Hey guys sorry I have not posted for a while it has been a little crazy since I reached the top of google for make money free. Anyway on with forum posting how and why. First and foremost if your not on at least one webmaster forum your missing out on new ideas and changes in the webmaster world. Don't get me wrong to keep up with website marketing you need to be a reader of blogs such as this one and be participating in webmaster forums which I spend alot of time. The top 5 webmaster forums that any self respecting webmaster/blogger participates in are:

1. PR 5/10 - For my first choice in forums it was a toss up between this one and Digital Point. Both offer valuable information though I feel there are alot more newbies to internet marketing surfing the threads at Digital Point. This was the first forum I participated in and now I consider it one of the very few places online that I can actually increase my knowledge of SEO, SEM and general website marketing. A definite must for any new or upcoming webmaster/blogger.

2. PR 6/10 - Just barley missing out on the top spot DP is one of the best places to get backlinks. The only reason that this forum did not get the number one is the amount of new webmasters it has. Be very careful, there are quite a few concepts that the webmasters on this forum have misconstrued into fact that will actually end up in being docked or banned in Google's index. It would be a good idea to gain a grasp of marketing on V7N before joining DP so you will be able to call BS when new webmasters attempt to promote their flawed logic.

3. PR 6/10 - Sitepoint is an excellent place to improve your knowledge of code. This site has a focus on building webpages rather than promoting them. Still the links in the signiture are do follow and will help increase your placement in Google SERPs.

4. PR 5/10 - Webproworld the dicks of the internet. I thought it was funny when I scrolled through the threads I noticed that the majority of it's members have red reputation. Don't be suprised to get a red rep before your tenth post, now the only reason this forum is on the list is they do have experts in website marketing that should be respected. Good place to learn, but the least friendly online.

5. PR 4/10 Webtalk Forums Well I had to kick off geek village for link juice hording they decided to remove sigs. Anyway I think I found a better replacement since not only is this forum PR 4, but it also an ad revenue sharing. Perhaps Geek village will see the error of their ways piss of webmasters and fall hard.

Well this is the list of must participate forums for webmasters. When you participate in the forums DO NOT DO SO FOR LINKS ONLY!! What this means is going to the forums and posting one word responses in an attempt to build backlinks. Take the time to think and put something in your posts the same applies when commenting on blogs. If your new to forum posting here is the code you use to put a link in your signiture either [url][/url] or you can use [url=""]your keywords[/url]. The second way will get backlinks with your keywords which will provide better position in the SERPs. I hope you enjoyed the post if you feel that there is a forum worth participating in then feel free to leave it in a comment and remember this is a dofollow blog so your comment will get you a backlink.


  1. Just an FYI here guys. The sites page rank is irrelevant to the link that you get from that forum. The posts that you end up getting a link on will likely only have a 0 PR. That will be divided between evry link on that page!

  2. You are right, but you should factor in the amount of times a forum post is linked to when explaining certain concepts. Forum posts can get their own PR depending on the quality.

  3. Thanks for providing the best marketing forums.Really nice indeed.

  4. no longer helps increasing placement in Google SERP-s. Newest rules bring in that only log in visitors can see signatures, google isn’t able to log in so it doesn’t see signatures.

  5. Among the five forums you've posted..I'm only familiar with DP..and I agree with you..DP is one of the best forums now..however, they are very strict in implementing their rules which is also good for a forum...that's why when posting on this forum be sure that you are not spamming their threads to avoid getting suspended or worst getting banned.

  6. Nice list, I would add and, they are very useful.