Sunday, October 18, 2009

How I Market My Websites and Blogs

For this post I will be sharing with you everything which I do including what is going through my head as I market my websites and what I am trying to achieve. Remember there is no one way or right way to market a website or blog, but I do quite well in the SERPs and really have not problems getting traffic and making money online. I am still somewhat new only being on for a couple years, but have a decent grasp of internet marketing. Now the problem with this post will be the amount of information since I spend months and months on each and every web presence. I am sorry if it is somewhat scattered or difficult to read I will try to cover all the important points, but as I forget or remember things they will be inserted. Anyway I expect this to be one of my longest posts and I really hope you enjoy it.

Marketing especially SEO begins in the creation of your website, blog, forum, or whatever other web presence you are starting. First figure out what niche you would like to be a part of and focus on around 10 keywords you would like to be on the front page of Google for. As you are bouncing ideas there are two things you must do to really get to know your keywords the first being making sure the keyword is being searched for. To see the search volume of any given keyword or keyterm use this tool:

Using this tool will give you an idea of whether or not the keyword is worth working on. Do not spend a ton of time for anything under 1,000 a month. Really you should be looking in the range of 5,000-50,000 monthly searches for a keyword worth working on. Now this is only the first aspect of keyword research and usually is the one filled with hope and happy feelings since you are only looking at possible traffic rather than actual competition.

Now we move onto looking at the actual competition and for this I will be showing you a couple tricks one being how to look at your top ten competitors backlinks and finding who is linking to them as well as which websites are placing the keyword in their anchor text when building links. Remember this is advanced aspects of SEO and will take quite a bit of work.

The first check I would like you to do is simply type the keyword or term into Google. The first ten websites that come up will give you a good idea of what you will need to do in order to take the first page. Personally I really look at the first site since they reached the top of the top. Since backlinks are the backbone of serps placement run the top ten URL's through Yahoo's Site Explorer here the link:

After running this check you will see how many pages your competitor has as well as the number of backlinks your competitor has acquired. This will give you the number of backlinks which you should be attempting to gain from websites and blogs within your niche. The second test I would like you to run is an operator for Google. It is a search you can do to find how many websites are placing certain words in their anchor text. Let say you want to be on the first page for make money online. When you type just make money online into Google the search engine will show you every website even relating to the keyword so it will show up around 200 million. Now if you want to see how many websites have actually placed make money online into the hyperlinks pointing towards their website place this in the google's search query:
inanchor:"make money online" which shows that there is 8 million websites placing that word in the hyperlinks pointing towards their website.

Let me cover what I mean placing the keyword into the hyperlink. This is what I mean:

The keywords you place between the a tag or anchor tag is what you will rank well for in the SERPs.

So after your keywords figured out it is a good idea to place them throughout your content and in your meta title as well as in the headings throughout your website. You do not need to stuff but having around 5%-7% density is fine. The tool I use to find the density of any keyword or term throughout a web page is:

This will help you find the density of any and all of your keywords throughout your web page. This will show what word are repetitious even if you did not plan them to be and should give you enough insight to work on the words you would like to repeat.

Now lets move past the basic setting up and optimization into off site marketing which I feel is the most important aspect of website marketing. The reason I think it is the most important is the amount of crap that Google allows to be on top of their SERPs even without any good content. The only way to reach the top of Google is through mass creation of backlinks with the keywords you want to rank well for.

Personally I really like starting with press releases. These are about the same size as an article 450 words and explains what is new or happening in your business. The key to having success with a press release is being able to acquire media coverage and to do this the release must be exciting. Anyway here is a list of press release sites which I use: This should get you started.

The next step of marketing your website and/or blog is hitting up the social networking sites. I highly recommend starting a new account for each website so you have your target audiences separated. The big three networking sites anyone should be involved in is,, and Start getting followers by placing a link to your profile on your web presence. One important thing is to not spam your followers and friends, but rather share what is new with your blog or website and make friends.

I also really like social bookmarking and would recommend my own list for this one. Here is a link to the sites you need to submit your site to: these are the best 55 social bookmarking sites. With social bookmarking sites usually you can only submit your website once, but with your blogs you can submit each new post.

It is also important to build backlinks which point towards your website and to do this I really like the free traffic system which has pushed my websites to the top of search engines and given my websites and blogs the PR they have. Here is a link:
The Free Traffic System

Directories are also important (I think) here is a list of 5k or so:

Anyway if you really want to market a website or blog remember it is a constantly changing process and if you want to succeed start following blogs which you have found helpful. Anyway please leave a comment if you would like me to talk about something in further depth. Also if your interested in making money feel free to visit my site How To Make Money Online.


  1. Your explanation on the keyword density usage was cliche. I always wonder on how to use keywords wisely on a page so that it doesnt look spammy. 5-7% usage seesm to be appropriate and with that we can generate good and meaningful content too. Thanks for writing this article and sharing your knoweldge on e-marketing with us.

  2. Really the keyword density is not important. What is important is to have the word or term appear once and then have plenty of backlinks with this combination I have seen so-so sites rise to the first page of Google.

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  4. Hi, love your blog.

    I agree with previous poster about 5-7% keyword density, it's important not to overdo it.

    Thanks for the link to the social bookmarking site too, 55 that's a lot, I only use 5, but maybe I'll use more of them now.

  5. Ya that is the list which I use and submit to all of them. Each is a little diffrent, but all have decent authority.

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  15. These are really effective tips on marketing and promoting your website...I just want to add one more thing, Google Local Rankings...this method is what I used to identify which sites are linked to my competitors..I will then submit my site to the said sites so I can compete head on with my competitors.