Monday, August 24, 2009

Started A New Hub Page

This is not just a regular little page which I created hoping to get a hit or two through hub pages itself, but rather a marketing experiment which I plan to go after the keywords "get paid online" which by the way only have 285 websites in competition yet get over 3,000 searches monthly. I think it will take about 500 backlinks to get it into the top hundred and 2,500 to reach page 1 not to bad around 2 months of work until I am again banking. Anyway I just put it up here is the link get paid online as you can see I am going after those keywords and I plan on throwing everything I got at it the same as I did for my site make money online. You know directories, social bookmarking, blog commenting, blogging, and the rest. I feel it is SEO'd quite well for the term get paid online and think it will do quite well.

Now for those who are reading I will try my best to keep you updated weekly on the progress I am making with it right now I am just trying to get it indexed into Google which should take around 1 day. Remember for a quick index place a link on any web presence you already have set up then submit the link to and you should be updated within Google's index after a few hours. Let me know what you guys think of the hub itself.

Google Loves Updated Content

I have said before that the driving factor behind the internet and SEO is backlinks. This is true to a degree, but as you see that squidoo and other extremely static pages no longer have a grip on the SERPs and more content driven sources are rising perhaps content is gaining importance on the placement within the SERPs. I spend a lot of time going over the videos on You Tube going over videos that discuss Google mainly the ones done by Google engineer Matt Cutts. (Here is a link to Matt Cutts Blog) Where he discusses many different aspects of SEO and Google in general.

After going over and over everything out there on Google one constant remains the same Google's main goal is to bring the best service possible to their users and to do so they need to bring their users the freshest, most authoritative, and all around best content possible. Now backlinks are a way for Google to see how the rest of the web reacts to a website. If the website is getting a bunch of backlinks from crap places such as link farms and other spammy places on the web then the website is probably not worth much the same goes for if the website is not getting any backlinks at all. Now if a website is gaining tons of great quality backlinks from very authoritative sources then Google should and does list it high within its serps.

The problem with this is people such as myself which knows where and how to gain high quality backlinks without actually having content worth the rank it is getting. In the past I could spend a couple months on a squidoo page and have it dominate the niche I created it for. I could push the page up past forums with hundreds of thousands of content filled pages. I could push it past the wikis and .edus through the pure power of link dominance. Is it fair that I could easily beat out these authoritative pages purely through SEO knowledge? Of course not and now Google has begun a change. No longer can a page be pushed through the serps through pure linking it must have a couple other things done to be able to dominate a niche.

The update of a website shows Google that you are not running a super static website where the content is old and out of date. Put plenty of fresh content on your website or blog. If you need content or are a content writer looking for backlinks I highly recommend The Free Traffic System (which is how I easily dominate niches within months). Using this will keep a daily stream of content to your blogs and since all the content is moderated it is guaranteed not to be crap. You can also of course use sources such as Articles Base for your content needs.

This next aspect of marketing is one kinda new to me as well as the rest of the marketing world. I heard about it on the free traffic systems blog which you have access to once you sign up for a free membership. Anyway they discuss the importance of fresh backlinks or updated backlinks. This could be a load of crap, but I think there is something to it. I have noticed when I do a little link building my stats increase dramatically. I would like you guys to give this a try if possible and let me know what you think. To do this you need a web presence which can be a page on Googles knol or a hub page and then do some marketing gaining a decent rank then stop for a month or so. Build a couple hundred fresh backlinks and see if your page rises dramatically or stays where its at. Anyways I hope you like the blog if you are interested in learning how to make money online visit my website make money free or head over to my make money blog. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Set Goals

LOL this is what my Dad is always preaching asking me what exactly are my goals and if I am writing them down. Personally I live in the moment, but have the what if dreams and they drive all of my online presences. To me when it comes to internet marketing and goals SERPs (search engine result pages) come to mind. Where does my website or blog fall in Google's index for certain terms. For example when I first started I wanted to be ranked number one for the keyterm "make money free" I checked the position for my website earn money online free and saw that for make money free at Google I was ranked #5 no not page five for the term make money free I am ranked number 5 on the first page. That took 3 months to get with me working on my marketing campaign at least 40 hours a week. In the past 6 months I have seen the first page for make money online though as soon as I hit the first page it seemed everyone stepped up their marketing campaign and dropped me way back down. So right now I want to dominate my niche for make money online, make money, earn money, and earn money online. These are my long term goals and what every day I strive to get.

It is also very helpful to set daily or weekly marketing goals. Just recently I set the goal of writing 10 articles in a day really just wanting to see the effect on the keyword earn money online free. I was ranked 11, but after a mid sized marketing campaign pushed my site up to #7 I am thinking about doing a little more and get into the top 3. So if you are not happy with the position your website is for a certain keyword take a day or two and build at least 400 backlinks all with the keywords you would like to rank well for. Then you should keep track of the position your site sits in the index for the keyterm.

White boards are a must! I have to say especially when it comes to running multiple marketing campaigns all with diffrent web presences white boards and listing goals on them is a must. I went to wal-mart spent twenty dollars and bought 2 big white boards that I use daily and helps me keep track of everything. It is also great for brain storming just jotting down an idea erasing it and jotting down another idea.

Persistance and realism. You should be setting realistic goals do not go after the key term "money" which is pushing a billion websites that actually have put the word money when link building. Pick something that you actually feel you can get and go after it. If you want to reach the top of Google give yourself 6 months to a year depending on the competitivness of the keywords and don't give up on it. This will be difficult, but will seperate you from all those who wanted to work from home, but when the time came they gave up. If you work every day you will see results.

Anyway I hope you liked this post and I hope it has convinced you to set goals for your online business whether it be through the marketing aspect or business aspect begin looking ahead.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog Promotion

An article I thought you guys might like:

For those who wish to make money online blogging should definitely be a consideration not only to support an existing website marketing campaign, but for a standalone business endeavor. For older marketers that understand the importance of backlinks and how they have driven the old web into what it is they may have issues letting go of the older ways of marketing and stepping into the newer field of marketing and online business in general. Blogs in themselves have brought forth the Web 2.0 or a web where rather than showing the visitor what you offer the option for 2 way communication is now open and should be utilized through the use of different networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and myspace all of which offer the ability for a static website to open lines of communication with its visitors.

We have also seen a new generation of social bookmarking beginning to rise where the incorporation of blogging becomes increasingly compressed and integrated meaning you now have sites such as technorati doing you marketing for your blog as long as your blogs authority stays in the thousands (something extremely difficult to do it took months before mine rose above 100. Still the option of using these excellent promotional resources and social medias have increased exponentially.

Now to really understand the fundamentals of blog promotion we must understand the attraction which people have with the blogosphere. I find the biggest ting which drives someone to a blog is when that person is looking for info or perhaps a different aspect on a subject. They can do a blog search or regular search and if you have properly optimized your blog they find you and begin reading your blog. There will be a couple things this person is looking for first of which they will check and see how old the post is making sure the info they are reading is not severely outdated and the blog itself is not dead. This is why when you run a blog keeping it updated very regularly is extremely important. The number one thing that blogging has compared to other informational platforms or presences is the ability to spread info within hours sending a story, thought, or idea screaming across the web with speed unmatched by traditional media. When you read something on a blog more than likely it is from that day compared to a newspaper where the idea can be days if not week old. Another advantage blogging has over other informational gateways is the reader gets to pick where they gain the information. This means that you must separate yourself from others writing about the same concepts and ideas whether it be through your means of obtaining info or your writing style there has to be something that separates your writing from those around you. This is actually a promotional concept within the blogosphere and differs from conventional website marketing.

So when promoting a blog let’s focus on the differences from traditional marketing. First use social media’s constantly trying to get your blog as the focus of buzz in these communities. Second make sure that your info is different in some way from those around you and is consistently updated with fresh, unique, and helpful content.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do Your Marketing Research

This could possibly be one of the most important aspect of internet marketing and definitley will show you the amount of work that you will need to comit to before taking the top of Google. You know right now I have the goal of getting 100+ Google hits daily the goal before this one was 50. How do I get 50 Google hits daily and around 20-50 from other sources? Well first I picked out a set of keywords for my site make money online.

When doing the research for this site I wanted a key term which was somewhat easy to reach the top of Google for. The keywords I started and built my site around was make money free. If you go to Google and type in make money free you will see my site I think last time I checked it was 6 I have hit 2, but my want to increase traffic by going after make money online and Grizzly's top spot has let competitors catch my link building for make money free. Now I did not pick make money free because it was a ton of traffic I did my research using this tool:
Google Keyword Tool.

Now put the keywords make money free and then switch the match type from broad to exact and you will see the exact (or very close) amount of people who searched for make money free last month. This will tell you if the keywords you want to be ranked well for are worth going after. If you get a number back like 100 then I highly recommend switching the targetted keywords to something with at least a couple thousand and even if you get the first spot you should only expect to be getting 60% of that. If you are two or three then 20-30% is pretty accurate if you are not in the top three then expect to be fighting over 10% of the traffic. Should you be fighting over 10% of 100 searches? Hell No if you cant be number one which would be about 60 hits monthly then forget about it.

So you found some keywords which you feel are worth going after it is time to begin looking at the competition. Now the most important driving force behind the web is backlinks and should be a consideration when trying to find how much work is needed to be done before reaching the top spot. Personally I really like Yahoo's Site Explorer just type the URL in and it will show you how many links the website has and a list of the top 1000 backlinks your competitor has gained. Now when the number comes back don't get to frustrated this is not the exact number since Yahoo usually counts each and every backlink. You need to really look through the backlinks and see how many are coming from the same source these really only count for a small amount. Example if a site has 100k backlinks, but 50k are from the same place then you have just cut the number in half. So don't stress if the number is huge. Personally I want make money online and my top competitor has 25k backlinks and my site make money online has between 6 and 10 thousand depending on the day I check. The diffrence between these sites is mine has been around since march and my competitor has been around since 2001 so you see the diffrence time makes in your marketing campaign.

Anyway run your competitors through Yahoo's backlink checker or site explorer and see how much work you will need to put in. Then get to work if you need resources to build backlink check the side of this blog and I list thousands of places to get backlinks. The title is "My Best Posts" you will see all the places to get free white hat backlinks free also in the top right of this blog is a free auto article submitter not exactly white hat, but will get you 60 backlinks per article. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post if so be sure to link thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

SEO and Keyword Association

It is time for another post and for this one I would like to cover how keyword association in my eyes is taking over SEO mainly on-site keyword density though it is also seen when building links externally. First off I want to define SEO (Search Engine Optimization) now I kinda throw it in with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as anything done to increase position in Google's and other major search engine SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Now we have a basic idea of what SEO is lets get into how keyword association fits in with the subject.

When it comes to SEO there are a certain key aspects to keep in mind. First is always and I mean always place readability and usability over SEO. If for example you have to option to place a keyword, but it would sacrifice how well your site/content reads then do not place the keyword. The reason for doing this is when you build a website for a visitor rather than search engines your site becomes much more linkable and it is much easier to become the authority within your niche (category of website such as business or fishing). So as you read this post and others I have written on SEO remember who comes first.

Now keyword association is the process of search engines mainly Google being able to rank a website high for a keyword through the search bots ability to tell what a site is about through words other than the keyword. For example if you have a blog about "website marketing" such as this one and I go into discussion on "SEO" or "Internet Marketing" the search bot will put those all together and rank me well for website marketing. Another example is if you are running a fishing website and have content on the topic of boating or sportsman wear Google will still rank you well for fishing as long as you stay with content and keywords that are closely associated.

The great thing about keyword association is it allows you to not give up readability since you now have a much wider array of words that you can replace the keyword you want to rank well for. Let us do a little association let's say you have a website about "online business" and those are the keywords which you would like to rank well for. If you would like to have content to reflect that then it would be good to place "online business" once or twice, but after that begin to use associated keywords. Here is a list of keywords that are associated with "online business":"make money" "make money online" "online money" "finance" "online finance" "home business" "business" "work at home" "work from home" "earn money" "earn money online" and the list goes on and on. Put in your mind the subject then think of as many words as you can to describe it.

Well this ends the topic of on-site SEO "keyword association" lets discuss off-site association. When creating or trying to acquire links on websites other than your own there are a couple of rules to follow. I usually place a point system when trying to describe backlinks here it is:

10 pts: The backlink is relevant to your niche, authoritative (such as high PR or very well known), and the backlink is a one way link.

7 pts: The backlink is a one way link that has high authority, but is not relevant.

5 pts: The backlink is one way and relevant, but with little authority, trust, or PR.

3 Pts: The backlink is a reciprocal link that is relevant, but with little authority.

1 Pt: The backlink is a reciprocal that is not relevant and does not have authority.

Now on the topic of keyword association the type of backlink which falls into the category is relevance. So if you run a website which sells fishing line and you want to find relevant backlinks will you only be able to trade links with sites about fishing line? No.

If you use keyword association then you can branch out within your niche and begin to develop links about all topics covering fishing or outdoors. If you gain a backlink from a hunting website Google closely relates these two so you will still have acquired a relevant backlink. If the backlink is one way and authoritative then you have a backlink worth 10 points. This gives you the chance to have a much wider area where the acquiring of backlinks becomes much easier since now rather than only fishing you can pretty much gain a backlink from any website that is associated and count it as relevant. Personally I have found that Google relates e-marketing and e-business very well so when I cross promote my web presences which relate to those two areas they seem to do very well in the SERPs.

Anyway there it is "my thoughts" on how keyword association and SEO if you have thoughts that differ or you agree then please leave a comment I would love to hear what you have to say.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Free Off-Line Promotion

Well some of these may require you to purchase items, but I just wanted to go over some of the different free ways you can market your website. Now like the other posts on this blog the different aspects of marketing should be used in conjunction with many different marketing techniques. Lets move into some of the different ways:

1. Print out business cards. Like I said to do this you may need to purchase some different items, but whenever you leave your house and perhaps a discussion begins about what you do; you can hand the potential client a business card explaining your services and have the websites URL on the back or wherever you feel it looks best.

2. Print out 1000 flyer's or so. This will take quite a bit of leg work and I would like to stress the same ethics that I teach online you use offline meaning do not spam or place your advert where it should not go. Find stores, gas stations, any place where you can talk to the owner and/or manager and ask them if you can place a flyer for your business. Perhaps you can work something out in other words they let you physically place an ad and you them them virtually place an ad on your website.

3. Get your friends and family to help you advertise. If you become a millionaire then you can pay them back, but on the road to the top you need as much help as possible so get the help of friends and family. Now this can be asking them to place a link at the bottom of their out going email or just explaining what exactly your website is the services it has and ask them if the topic comes up in conversation they discuss with whoever your website.

Anyway just a few tips that are very cost efficient and should be done by anyone trying to gain business to their website. I highly recommend using them since I do on a day to day business. If I come across more ideas I will conduct another post, if you guys have ideas for free off-line marketing please leave a comment.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Backlinks Are Key NOT Content

Hey guys I am back for another post and after reading a little on The Free Traffic Systems blog and what they had to say about backlinks VS. SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) they make a great point. If you want Google page 1 for any keyword then having unique, quality, quantity, when it comes to backlinks will get you the top spot. For my backlinks I use two different ways link bait and the free traffic system which you can find in the side bar. Anyway there was another reason which I have thought that Google places much more importance on the amount of backlinks rather than the amount of content or freshness of content and that is Grizzly's blog which you can find by typing in make money online into Google and check that number #1 spot. Seriously he updates the blog "how to make money online for beginners" once a month if that yet still holds the tip top of my (and millions of others) wanted keywords yet has very little to no unique content and updates very rarely. So how does he hold the top spot and make thousands monthly?

This is what I have spent months searching and searching to find that he has interlocked with an elite club of bloggers where he is either in their blog roll or at the bottom of their page under link partners. Him and Court have aligned as well as others and every new presence they have becomes interlocked with others. The magnitude of this inner clicks link structure is flat out amazing. This my friends is how the top stays on top and defeats us who are not intertwined with hundreds of other top bloggers/blogs. Now as I go from blog to blog I notice that quite a bit of the backlinks are either from other blogs or from their own blog. This tells me if you want to have a top spot internal link structure is crucial make sure to have a ton of links (2-5) with your keywords pointing to your home/index. Then begin building links using the resources I have listed under "my top posts". Remember if you need content hit article sites such as Articles Base for content then make sure you place links towards your site at the bottom I have done this to increase not only internal link structure, but also my sites girth.

So as of right now we have everything to date pointing towards what Google is really looking at what do we do about it. We build link structures that blow any and everything out of the water. Something that I want everyone to do right now is start a new blog that is close to your website/blog niche. If you need content go to the site I listed above (making sure you keep the links of the writer you don't want to get nailed for plagiarism) once you have it up and running and are ready to add content either self written or from articles base bring up note pad. In note pad I want you to get 4-5 copy and paste codes ready which I will show you how to write the code now:

then either write or post an article and paste your link with the anchored keywords at the bottom or top of each article. Now if you would like to know how many times to do this check the site for the keywords you want in Yahoo's site explorer and make as many posts necessary to reach your top competitors backlink count. Then build 100 links towards the blog which you are making all these posts on making sure is one of the links so it will be indexed. This will be one way to not only match your competitor, but also surpass him in backlinks. Anyway it is worth a shot isn't it?

Here is a couple that I did~~ and both of these full of adsense ads and links towards my site and main blogs. I of course used articles making sure that when Google over looked them they would see more content then html. Anyway this may be the way to catch those who seem to be invincible. I hope you enjoyed the post:)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Basics On Backlinks

This article will help those starting out and trying to figure out what backlinks are and the importance of them. The article will not help those who already have a fundamental understanding of backlinks though it is always good to brush up. First and foremost I am a believer in the theory that content is king and should not be replaced by linking. When you are building links remember that if your content is great than once people visit your website through the links you place on the web they will be much more likely to offer you links freely usually without even your consultation which is called link baiting though it is a little out of this articles concepts.

If you are online to earn money online or are just trying to learn promotion for your personal website or blog then a backlink should be something constantly on your mind. A backlink is a hyperlink pointing to a URL and is not located on the domain it is pointed towards. For example if you have a blog on and place your URL (Uniform Resource Locator which you can find in the address bar when you access your blog on your explorer) on a site such as the hyperlink on which you placed is called a backlink and is the deciding factor of which site ranks where on major search engines after content has been considered and sometimes even without the consideration of content if the backlinks are strong enough.

The driving force behind internet marketing is the backlink though placing a backlink can sometimes be somewhat tricky. When Google scours the web in an attempt to search out each and every URL the more times they come across your link the more likely you will come up within the SERPs (search engine results pages). Now it is good to have a lot of backlinks, but you should be conscious of which sites are giving you a vote (1 backlink = 1 vote from an external web presence to yours). This makes a big difference on how much each and every vote will count when Google decides how high to place you in their index. The two things which Google takes into account when deciding on the importance of a backlink or vote is the authority/trust and relevancy which the backlink holds. Now is an excellent place to grab a backlink and Google does have trust for digg, but the backlink does not have relevancy unless your marketing another social bookmarking site so the backlink is missing half of the supreme backlink equation.

These are extremely difficult backlinks to acquire and any good internet marketing expert should always be on the lookout for possible high quality highly relevant backlinks. When I say relevant I do not mean the category of your website, but the niche of your website which is a bit broader. For example if your website is about fishing poles that is the category, but the niche is the “fishing” niche and you can gain relevant backlinks for websites in such categories as fishing theory, fishing tips, fishing line, types of fish, really any and every website about fishing you should be seeking a cross promotional relationships with these sites. There are plenty of ways besides gaining relevant high priority links which you will see advertised and the majority of these will get you in trouble. Stay away from any easy links since the majority will be link farms (websites which creation was for the sole purpose of boosting link popularity) and stick with either websites like yours or websites which have a high Page Rank. You can see a websites Page Rank by downloading Google’s toolbar and installing it with the Page Rank feature. Anyway I hope this article has enlightened those that may have been confused by the subject of backlinks and perhaps even helped an experienced marketer or two.

By the way if your interested in earning money visit my website make money online.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Link Bait Basics

On this blog there is quite a bit of discussion on how to gain links through different mediums such as social bookmarking, directories, and article directories. Now these are great to get noticed, but if you really want to set your site or blog on auto pilot then link bait should be in your marketing arsenal as well. As I spend hours reading what others say on link bait I have found a common misconception of people believing that unique helpful content is "link bait". Well in a way this is true, but for the most part writing unique helpful content will more than likely get your post or article rewritten. So what do we do when trying to gain links rather than get rewritten or have our content stolen?

For a blogger it comes with either a post which takes so much time to rewrite that others do not want to take the time or the respect from the blogosphere which can take years to gain. I guess we are jumping the gun a little bit lets discuss what link bait is before we discuss the creation of it.

Link Bait: Content in the form of image, video, or/and text which has such a uniqueness, helpfullness, relevance, and authority that the web sends backlinks either to reference or explain a topic. If that does not make sense please leave a comment asking me to explain further and I will do my best.

Like I said there are two forms of link bait and I will first discuss the type which you can create without being an authority in your niche. So what does it take to create link bait. How much time and effort must you put in when trying to create something worth linking to. I have had posts which have gained links by themselves one of my most linked to is This post has the most useful social bookmarking sites 55 to be exact that help webmasters. The post took around 1 full day 16 hours or so of me going from social bookmarking site to social bookmarking site finding the ones that had a simple submission process and were useful to anyone who owned a website or blog. Then the next day I spent 12 hours or so putting the post together trying to rank my favs first and the soso sites last. So when all said and done it took 28 hours of pure work before I was able to create a post which was linkable and not easily creatable. Now I have had other posts which have been linked to in fact all of the posts in the "my best posts" have gotten links, but not to the extent which the 55 list has had.

Really if I were to put a number onto it I would say 12 hours is the mandatory amount of time which you will need to create link bait. Now if you spend more time doing research and making a larger post or article the linkability will increase and you will find the more hours you put in will get you more links pointing towards your creation.

Now lets move onto becoming an authority something I really wish to be in the upcoming months. I have been steadily climbing the ranks and when I have done searches on my name and the name of this blog it has been talked about (usually good). So how do you become an authority within your niche? There are many ways to get noticed and I find the best is to constantly be creating new unique content for your blog and site as well as building a constant flow of links. Personally I use the free traffic system frequently to build links though I find the blogs which my articles go on usually are not to authoritative, but are still relevant backlinks. Another thing which you can do to increase your authority on a subject is to write articles for prestigious sites either the top blogs in your niche or the highest regarded article directories. The article directories like or will get you backlinks, but they will not get you noticed within any given community. If you would like to really get noticed then you must get on the big sites such as,, and none of these allow even moderately spammy article and expect your best work. So if you want to get noticed then begin writing to these sites and remember these three don't allow mass submissions and expect to have the unique piece so they are not good for any type of mass article submission write the article submit it to one of these three then delete it so you don't break any of the rules. You will also notice sites such as buzzle only allow one link and you may be saying "then whats the point" well this actually works out to your advantage since Google will see the article/site as being mostly content rather than a lil content and a ton of outgoing links. Anyway once you begin getting noticed and you have a constant stream of updated unique helpful content on your presence people will take notice and you will see your readership rise which will lead to you slowly becoming an authority on any given subject.

Once your an authority then anything you write will get backlinks and you will gain a following of people who when you ask will do pretty much anything for you. Don't use this poorly such as charging your readers for info or trying to force feed them products from companies which contact you. Anyway this is link bait and remember if you like the post please link to it here is the code:

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Build Links Towards Your Backlinks

Now this is going a little past the basic link building technique and should be done carefully because if you spend to much time building links for other backlinks you could potentially waste quite a bit of time, but I think it is still a valuable marketing aspect to discuss and should be taken into consideration when you begin a marketing campaign. Now the hardest part of building links towards your backlinks is choosing which ones would benefit the most from having the backlinks.

I will try to make this clear as possible, you should build backlinks towards any of your backlinks which you have total control over. So if you have a link on a blog which is not yours and have no control over the blog, post, page, website, whatever it is then it is pointless to build backlinks towards the page since at any time your link can be removed "especially if the webmaster values the rise of PR". Now let say you have a page over on or which you do have complete control of these are the pages which you will want to build backlinks for. You can place 20 or so backlinks on a page from either of these two sources then build the authority therefore increasing the strength of the backlinks on the squidoo lense or hub page. If you have a website and decide to start a blog placing a link towards your website on each and every blog post then it is a good idea to build backlinks towards the blog and each post increasing the authority of the backlink from your blog to your website. If you want to start a free blog I recommend starting one at and/or both have excellent free platforms which you can start a blog.

If you start a blogger blog or squidoo lense take the time and treat that web presence the same as you would a full blown website. This means taking the time to submit to directories here is a list of 2 thousand~, write articles for such directories as, submit to social bookmarking here is a list~, anyway you should really take the time and build the same backlinks that you would for a regular website. This is very time consuming, but will give you another authoritative high page rank web presence.

Now once you have a couple (for example I have 1 PR 3 presence, 2 PR 2 presences, and 1 PR 1 presence) then starting a new website or blog the process will be rushed. In other words it is very difficult when you do not have much authority online to build authority for an online presence, but if your running many diffrent places which have authority then starting a new presence you have the ability to throw all the authority you own at your new web presence speeding its rise through the SERPs and gaining Page Rank. This is why it is important to bulid backlinks towards your backlinks and build authority to every presence which you own.

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No Matter What Never Spam Your Readers

You know I have been going over the biggest blogs on the net and have found when a blog gains success the spam rate of the blog jumps exponentially. So you finally get the traffic you need to make real money and decide to take your readers and shove anything that makes you even more money down their throats I do have a real problem with this. I could name names, but since it is kinda pointless (the greedy won't change their ways) I will let you find them. Really the easiest way to find the majority is type make money online into Google and look at all the most recent posts you will find the blogger way is slowly turning and no more is it free information it is becoming "buy my program and get the information". No longer is the thousands monthly from advertisements enough they must screw the poor who come to their blogs looking for help only to find someone else ready to charge them.

Mabye I am looking at it wrong should info be free? I mean knowledge drives the web fresh content is the deciding factor between failure and success of a web presence should I judge those who wish to capitalize on every dime?

I noticed a blog (again I can't give the link) who taught e-marketing and did a great job. They showed you everything from A-Z and had a huge amount of interactivity with their readers. This person teamed up with another and set up a new blog even though the older one was making plenty of money and for this new marketing blog/info they charged for the service/info. Do they need the money? Well having one of the highest ranked sites for internet marketing I highly doubt the person needed to charge for the info, but they did and for taking money from their readers I look down on them especially when adsense would have sufficed.

Anyways I am getting off work and have a friend spouting about how he has no addiction even though he has been taking adderall for a year now. He makes me laugh. Talk with you guys later and remember even if you gain success don't start screwing people out of their money when you make plenty through advertising keep giving the info for free and help those around you. I hope you liked the post and remember I can always use help with the link building so if you like the post throw a link on your site or blog.

Patience When Link Building

While doing work for a fellow webmaster in the SEO category I noticed that they became frustrated easily and did not understand why the work which I did was not showing up in Yahoo's Site Explorer which you can find by going to and typing in into the query box showing the links which were pointed towards any given URL. I received numerous emails from this individual stating their disappointment in the search engine rankings hoping for a larger increase. These complaints came after only a week after the job was complete. It was then I understood that there were many out there that do not understand the time which it takes for Google and other major search engines to count and update their index to reflect any changes to the web.

First we must understand what the web is and to give you an idea think about the world. Now there are billions of people and trillions of unique thoughts expressions ect. Well the web is similar think about each web page, blog, forum, or other web presence as a person and each new post or unique URL that web presence creates a new thought or expression from that person a unique URL which Google must keep track of. You have a bot we will call it the G-bot running all over the world trying to keep up with any and all changes that are happening. Personally I think if we could put a face to the G-bot it would look like this:

^That's the G-bot who goes all over the world checking up on the billions of people and each new idea which they come up with. Now just like the real world people and ideas each hold their own value. Do we place the same value on the stoner who thought up putting doritos in ice cream and the scientist who comes up with the cure for AIDS? Of course not and it is fine to call an idea stupid (Google does daily). So as the G-bot jumps around he is putting a value on each and every person as well as the ideas which they come up with. Now he does this on a consistent basis usually spending the majority of his time on the most important web pages and if you are new then he will probably ignore your first attempts until you become a well seasoned person with thoughtful ideas (sticking with the expression). Now let's sat G-bot was real how long do you think it would take him to go around the world and list everyone's name? Do you think he could find and list the billions of people in an hour? A Day? Personally I see him being able to fly and extremely fast so my guess would be about a month or two to find all of the different people (websites, blogs, ect) and list them. Now the hard part begins keeping track of each and every new thought which pass through every head on earth. Last year Google hit the 1 trillion unique URL's by now of course there has been a few billion added. You expect the G-bot to come as soon as you have a new idea? Even the huge sites such as Yahoo, You Tube, and CNN have to wait a couple hours for Google to update their new data and you think your ideas are more important? I am afraid not. Usually for the average site with a decent marketing campaign they will be updated once a day. This is going off how often I see the G-bot hitting my site make money online. This took me three months of working 12 hours daily 7 days a week before I saw this much activity so if your not willing to put this much effort into your marketing campaign or are not willing to outsource the work then expect it to take 6 months before you see this much activity. Either way nothing happens online within an hour or less when it comes to the major search engines. Personally I am really hoping this changes, though I doubt it will.

Let's get into the numbers of what you will be looking at before success. If you want to be indexed and submit to the major social bookmarking sites then you should expect to be indexed into Google within 1 day to a week. If you are using such ways as directory submission and article writing then it will take 2 weeks to over a month to be indexed. Now if your worried about your Page Rank this updates on average once every three months so don't expect much until after the first couple and you have had adequate time to build thousands of backlinks. Also this grows on an exponential number so if it took you a hundred links to get PR 1 then expect it to take 1000 to get to 2 and 10k to get to 3. One number I thought was real interesting was Darren over at has a Page Rank of 6 and 576,000 backlinks so this a number to keep in your mind if you want to become an authority in the eyes of Google. Anyway he did not become a success overnight and talks about the time which a blogger must put in before they can really start making money. So you put a link on the web and let say you put it on a source which has a Page Rank of 3 (which is decent). Google will crawl it within a day or two then on the next schedule index update which happens I see usually monthly. So 1 backlink on an authority will take about a month before the complete effect is seen. Now this speeds up if the link is on a more authoritative source and slows down if the link is on a less authoritative source.

Anyway for you new guys I recommend using this time frame when judging whether or not your marketing campaign is working or the work you are out sourcing is taking effect. I recommend you give it at least a month before you start judging. Anyway if you liked the post please link to it just copy and paste this code onto your website or blog:

Anyway thanks for reading I hope you will be back.