Monday, January 25, 2010

I Love Twitter Tools

As you guys know (if you have been reading for a little while) I love twitter apps and tools. This will be a short little post, but full of some good info. First off one great site I used for a while was worked great for when I wanted to follow anyone that followed me as well as unfollowing all who did not follow back. This was my ideal site and I still highly recommend it to you guys. Now what sucks is for some odd reason twitter suspended access to this app so I was up the creek without a paddle. Well I found the Huitter replacement and I gave it a shot and found it worked great. If your looking for a tool to:

1. Unfollow anyone who is not following you

2. Follow those who follow you

3. Get a quick 20 followers per use of this app

Now each of these you can choose you don't have to do all three. If you would prefer to do one or two the app has check boxes which you can use. Anyway this is a great app I would really recommend you checking it out. Anyway here is the link~ Twitter Mutuality. Now I just started using this app so I don't have much experiance with it. From what I seen I like it, but if you guys notice anything fishy with the program please leave a comment telling me about it so I can investigate and perhaps retract this post. Hopefully it is as good as I hope and keeps working.

Just a bit of personal news my forum Internet Marketing Forum reached the top hundred for internet marketing forum on Google. I think as soon as it hits PR 3 I will be on front page. Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe (top right corner of this blog).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marketing A New Website

Just another one of my articles for beginners.

After the creation of your first website the next step you will want to take is constructing a marketing campaign to fit the website you created. The foundation of internet marketing remains similar for most of the different types of websites, but there will be small differences depending on the type of presence you set up. For example backlinks are much more important for a static website and content creation will be the most important aspect of marketing a forum or blog. Two important things that you will need no matter what type of presence you build is the basics of SEO and plenty of keyword anchored backlinks. After reading this article you should have a basic understanding of basic SEO and where to gain backlinks.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing a webpage so it is indexed appropriately in search engines. The most common search engine a website is optimized for is Google which is the search engine I will most commonly be referring to. When you optimize a website for Google there are several things that you should be aware of. The first is your website will be primarily indexed by the content on your website. If you would like to be indexed for the keywords “make money online” then it will be important to have the keywords make money online at least once in the content and in one of the titles. You should also be focused on the meta tags. When it comes to Google the ones that matter will be the title and description since these will be displayed to the user after a Google search. Attempt to write the most provocative title and description making sure to never stray from what your site is about. I have also found that having a fresh stream of unique content will benefit your placement in the SERPs so attempt to write about your niche and place it on your presence therefore increasing your position, traffic, and income.

The second part of internet marketing that you will want to accomplish after site creation and basic optimization is building backlinks towards your website. There are many places which you will be able to do this my favorite is The Free Traffic System which you can find by doing a Google search. Another few places that will help (which you can also find by searching Google) are V7N Forums, Directory Critic, and Webmaster Elements. All of these will provide the ability for a new webmaster to gain thousands of external one way links towards their website and the majority will allow you to place keywords in place of the URL. This should be done whenever building backlinks you will want keywords in between the anchor tags rather than placing your URL.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Running A Network Rather Than A Web Presence

Well I really want to speak about the importance of running a network rather than a web presence. First I would like to explain what my definition of a network. I think of your online network as more than one web presences working together pushing each other up. You can of course have more than two, but never less. Personally I started with a website at Make Money Free. I learned everything I know about marketing and running a website with this website. Finally I started a couple blogs including this one and Online Business Basics. I really enjoy writing so my blogs are doing quite well. Now I had these three things I started to see how I could market each one separately then when the time was just right I could push my website with both blogs. If there was a post I thought would bring in a substantial amount of traffic I could also update my site and drive traffic from my site to the post which would increase readership on the blog.

Well two blogs and one site would probably be enough for most people, but I really felt like growing my network and went with a forum. The first forum I created had 50 people and was somewhat active, but rather than running a free script I went with having the forum itself hosted on a free server kinda like wordpress free blogs that you can start with a free sub domain on their server. Well this sucked so I decided recently to try the whole forum thing once more this time on my server and on my domain using the free script phpbb (which you can find by doing a quick Google search or just go to Anyway the new forum I have been working on is an internet marketing forum called Kings Of Marketing. It has had a slow start, but members are slowly joining.

With the forum I have seen an major increase in backlinks for all websites which I placed on the template of the forum. When someone posts on a forum that post is a brand new page which therefore gives me a backlink and if the forum really takes off I could be looking at hundreds of thousands of backlinks. Now I did the same thing with my blogs which have helped increase backlink counts for my websites and also when I cross link the blog each post will give numerous backlinks to many of my different web presences. The last type of presence I have been working on is squidoo pages and hub pages. You can build these at Squidoo or Hubpages. These are excellent for creating a page either for link bait or to show case a product or affiliate program. The two pages which I have seen the most productivity is Free Backlinks and Get Paid To Take Surveys. Both of these are squidoo pages and both I have been able to raise in the SERPs so they have by themselves created traffic and income. Also they have their own page rank and have provided free one way links that have helped my other presences succeed within the SERPs.

After reading this you should be thinking of different places which you can create web presences and grow your network therefore increasing the chances of gaining new clients. I highly recommend making as many as you can making sure not to spam, but rather create useful content.

Gaining Multiple Links From One Source

A debate argued constantly by webmasters, but one that needs to be looked at seriously. When you begin building backlinks this will be one question you should ask yourself "will it help my site to acquire more than one backlink from this source?". Well my opinion is clear two backlinks from the same source is better than one as long as the source contains PR (Page Rank). I will admit that I still think that there rests importance in PR though it has little or nothing to do with SERPs (search engine result pages). PR is how Google decides the importance of a website and high SERPs position is given to the website which is optimized the best and acquires the most authoritative relevant backlinks.

The reason that most believe gaining two backlinks from the same source does not count is usually when a website allows more than one link they are a social media, blog, or forum. Single pages on these usually carry very low link juice and require quite a few backlinks before you will see improvement. Now the reason I have gone with more links to one source is valuable is because Google giving each URL it's own unique Page Rank and SERPs position. If you look at squidoo you will find an array of different pages ranking well for every different keyword under the sun they will also have many different page ranks. Personally I have two ranked well and one has a PR of 2 the other a PR of 1. They are in the same niche though are a bit different keyword wise. If I was in the make money niche and I saw these two pages pretty much standing alone search wise I would want to gain backlinks from them both even though they are both sub pages of

I have also seen this quite often in forum where a solid post can sometimes have more rank than the forum itself. If you gain one backlink from a websites home page and it is a PR of 2 then gain a backlink from a sub page of that website which has a PR of 4 don't you think that both of these links will be benificial to raising your SERP position or do you think Google will only give you credit for one and if so which one. I think that Google will give you link juice for both, but the only people who know for sure is Google.

Anyway thanks for reading I would like to know what you guys think please leave a comment.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Understanding Press Releases


This post is inspired by questions asked on this blog. Now personally I have never paid for any of my traffic, but I do have a good understanding of paid marketing.

First you must understand how a press release fits into the internet marketing world. A press release is where reall world marketing meets real world marketing. Usually you will have a choice between either a free press release or a paid press release. This is one of the few charging marketing campaigns which I will endorse. If you spend money somewhere such as they give you many diffrent options. If you would like go to the site look at prices and features. I will go over some of the free options compared to paid options here.

First lets look at a free press release distribution. If you register for a free account and submit a free press release it of course costs nothing. With the free version they do very little for you the release will be indexed into Google within 24 hours (great way to be indexed) it will be shown instantly, but other than that it is pretty much the same as submitting an article to a directory. Sure you get backlinks, but they just throw it on their website and forget about it.

Now lets check out what you get for $30.00 (premium package). First I notice that the release will be indexed within Google in a hour rather than a day very helpful for those trying to get indexed quickly. Next I see that they allow an image and will send your PR to all of their subscribers. You will also be able to remove the ad links, the release will be added to an extra page, and you will be able to bulid a seperate page just for your press release.

Now for those who do not have the thirty bucks the free one will of course be the only choice. For those who have thirty, but were planning on spending every last dime on an adwords account think about this. What seperates a press release from other forms of paid advertising? Well a press release is for those wanting news to put on their website, radio station, and TV Channel. You have a chance being picked up by a news station getting coverage and from that thirty dollars rather than getting a hundred visitors you gain thousands. If you submit a good release that is sent to all the reporters and people looking for news and they like your story then you have a chance to gain thousands of backlinks by ending up on all the news sites and affiliated website (websites that take the stories from news sites and publish them on their site). This chain reaction can take an unknown presence and make it an authority over night.

Now this is the best case possible usually what will occur with that thirty dollars is a few hundred hits and a few hundred backlinks (which I can build within a few hours at The Free Traffic System). Remember you are trying to get the attention from news agencies so if you do not have anything news worthy stay away from these sites they will not help. At most write a short release and submit for a free backlink, but other than that don't expect anything if you have nothing exciting about your website. There are many other means in which you will be able to do well rather than news such as old fashioned backlink building. The only way to have a successful press release campaign is if your story is actually news worthy if so you may wind up gaining 20,000 backlinks of one story, but if it is like the rest of the websites just trying to get by then a press release will probably not help.

Anyway I tried to help those confused understand where press releases fit online. If you are interested in submitting one to a few free sites and attempt to get noticed by some bigger new agencies feel free at this list of List Of Free Press Release Distribution Websites. Most also offer paid distribution if you are looking for it. Please if you have any more questions feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Working With Content Creation

I know this is a topic I cover again and again, but I found something quite interesting. I found that after I took all the articles off my site How To Make Money Online the traffic and SERPs placement dropped significantly. Now there are several bloggers out there that say content has nothing to do with marketing and the only thing that counts is backlinks. I find this is true to a point, but there are many other factors which should be taken into account before you build 100k backlinks to your site without having any content to back it up. One thing should be clear I am working in one of the most spammed niches and one of the most competitive. I have seen everything under the sun trying to get google to notice and few see the results I have seen. I have been on the first page for make money online and make money online free both well searched terms and after I took my article directory down I noticed the fall off the first page for make money online.

When I say content I don't mean a couple paragraphs per page explaining your product or affiliate program. I am talking about major constant content creation. On my make money site I had over 300 articles explaining everything from how to make money online to everything internet marketing. Google had indexed several hundred of my articles and began putting the articles first for the title. I have also created a couple of blogs and used The Free Traffic System to place articles on the blogs usually 10-20 a day. I had to stop since I was using free servers and they overloaded, but found extremely positive results from mass content creation. I have also created a forum which has had a slow start, but I expect to see grow at Kings Of Marketing which by the way you can ask me anything about marketing if you wish.

To end I would like to explain what I will be doing. Rather than focusing 100% of my time on building links to my website, blogs, and forum I will be spending about 75% of the time on content creation and the rest on backlinks. I do not want to sway your from your old backlink building ways, jut remember that people come to your site for something and usually it is your content so keep it fresh and innovative. Find new ways to create mass content whether it is from a blog which you allow writers to post on, a forum which users create your content, or any other means of mass content creation.