Friday, June 26, 2009

The Best Free Press Release Websites

Here is going to be another ever growing post. I will try to work on it from time to time searching out and finding the best free press release websites. I will of course be trying them all making sure that I can to submit my releases free. Make sure you read the bottom it goes over tips on the difference between writing articles and press releases.

1. PR Log PR 6

2. 24-7 Press Release PR 4 (They do have a free press release though they do not guarantee acceptance)

3. PR 5 (Like the rest they try and try to squeeze money out of you, but if you remain dedicated you will submit your press release free of charge)

4. Free-Press-Release PR 5 (Well I can't tell you much since I already had an account and I can not remember how hard it was to sign up, but once you have a free account it is very easy to submit a free press release they have home page coverage for only a dollar if your interested)

5. PR 9 PR 4 Very easy to sign up and get your release out. (hopefully effective:))

6. PR Free PR 4 (Big pain in the ass a little tip press releases have to be under 500 words to be free which is a joke and since I didn't want to turn my release into a tiny summary I decided to say screw it, but for those really needing exposure I am sure you will be willing to do so)

7. Internet Marketing News Watch PR 4 (Well at first I was a little frustrated they to only accept 500 word press releases, but they allow submission of new content on blogs, just regular news, to submit content, and submit new product. This site is definitely an extension of regular press release websites.)

8. Promotion World PR 4 (Well this site is kinda a half breed of an article directory and a news site mixed into one still an excellent place to become invested)

9. Press Box PR 5 (No need to sign up easy to do highly recommended!)

10. 1888 Press Release PR 5 (Guys be careful on this one they do allow free press releases, but you have to watch and click free two or three times. If you miss one they rather than submission they will go to a payment page.)

If you have the ability to write an article you have the ability to write a press release. You must first realize the difference between them and what you will be expected to do. First let's discuss what article writing is. Article writing is placing information into an article, well information, theories, thoughts, or wisdom. Now a press release is the attempt to bait a reporter or some other news seeking presence and should be written as such. Now when writing a press release here is what you will be expected to write:

1st. Heading (The first thing you will write and usually contains from 100-200 characters. This is the most important part of your press release since this is what reporters skim through when trying to find stories so use powerful exciting words rather than just a bland description of what your website is. For example I run a simple marketing blog, but when I write a press release my heading turns from "website marketing with kris" into "save your online business with successful marketing" or "You Can Survive Online If You Build a Marketing Campaign Appropriately" if you notice I use "save your business" and "survive online" both of which are much more powerful then "learn website marketing". The best suggestion I could give is find a newspaper and read the headings or go to the grocery store and look through the tabloids whatever title catches your eye you should try to study find out what part of the title caught your eye and try to make your heading for your press release similar.)

2nd. Summary (Not quite as important, but still should be very interesting even more than whatever your are talking about. I hate to say it Internet marketing is not full of thrills, but if I want to promote successfully with a press release I better find what is exciting about it and why it should be reported on or forget getting any kind of press coverage. Now a summary usually is usually two 10-15 word sentences giving a thrilling description of what your release is about. MAKE IT INTERESTING!

3rd. Body Of Release (If you have the reporter actually reading this far then you have done fantastic just keep it exciting. This is where you really get to describe why your website, blog, product, or whatever you are trying to get press coverage on deserves to be reported about. A lot of the websites above only allow 500 words or less for the free PR's so you should probably not make it larger if you want to submit to all of them. Make sure to separate your paragraphs correctly. This is also where it get's very tricky because you don't want to sound spammy yet you want to get the reporter or other so excited that they report on it. So I guess make it kinda spammy (since you are writing about your site or blog), but make it so interesting and exciting that anyone seeing it would want to find out more about whatever you are writing about.

4th. Closing (Some of these websites have a place for a closing this is where you will want to place any details to sum up what you are promoting. Usually I will take the most important part of my release and rephrase it in the closing. Do what you feel closes your release up the best.)

Now these are what you should be considering when writing your press release, personally I feel that press releases are very diffrent from article writing because rather than the primary reason for writing being backlinks it is press coverage though you will gain backlinks from some of the sites such as PR Log. So personally when I write a press release I do it in microsoft word and copy and paste. This way I can get it perfect before I submit and since I want to get it in front of as many reporters as possible I submit the same one to every PR site.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post this will be one that as I find more Free Press Release website I will be updating. This blog has the no follow removed so you will get a free backlink from your comments and if you liked this blog please give a backlink here is my link code:

Remember everything is helpful and gives me the time to really help you with my posts thanks for reading!


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  2. I skimmed through this and wonder if you've considered that if you are writing for SEO purposes and hoping to get back-links, some of these sites aren't ideal. For example, some sites will allow your word-for-word content to be posted elsewhere. That doesn't help you when it comes to SEO.

  3. Duplicate content is only an issue when everything including the html is duplicated. When you bounce from article site to article site and actually look at the source the diffrence is amazing even if the info or article is exact there is enough differing between the source code there really is no duplicate content issues at least regarding to what the G-bot sees.

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  5. how many back links does a mediocre press release produce and in what frame of time 1 week or 1 month after distribution. I read somewhereon another site, someone did a press release for like 80 bucks and got more than a thousand links in the space of 4 days...can this happen? what is your experience with press release generated backlinks?

  6. Thanks for your post...Where will I get that list of blog directories? I want to promote my site... If you could post about how to improve my site that would be a big help too.

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