Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Website Marketing Tips

I would like to discuss some important aspects when trying to market a website or blog. When I say website marketing I am also talking about blog marketing, forum marketing, squido lenses, and any other web presences. Anyway when you begin marketing the most important thing to keep in mind is that the niche you are entering has had websites and/or blogs building backlinks for a while so to catch up you will need to put in quite a bit of work and be VERY patient.

One key aspect of being successful online is when trying to pick a niche it is important that you have passion for what ever category of web presence you are setting up. You will have to fight through the ranks of thousands or millions depending on how competitive your niche is. When you get tired you will have to love the subject enough to write new content and read the top blogs in your niche. The usual consensus for getting to the top of Google for a certain key term is 6 months to a year. Personally I think this is a little much since I reached excellent position for many keywords within months, though I worked at it 12 hours a day 7 days a week for 3 and a half months so I guess if you are only able to work on your blog or website for a few hours daily then it could take this long.

Now dedication is a very important aspect of internet marketing, but so is learning. It is crucial to gaining and staying successful that you stay on top of not only new ideas that are coming out in your niche, but also new marketing technologies which seem to appear daily. Don't expect to keep up on everything happening online, but it is a good idea to stay up with some of the prominent bloggers (such as myself lol) as well as Darren over at Pro Blogger, John Chow at John Chow Dot Com, and Yaro's Blog. These are the top bloggers online today and should be listened to so I give my full recommendation that you stay up with their writings.

I talk a lot about backlinks and if you look in my side bar find "my top posts" where I list excellent places to get backlinks. One thing I feel that I have perhaps missed when explaining how to get backlinks is the theory of viral spreading and link bait both of which means you gain backlinks without any personal work. In my top posts I list Top 55 Social Bookmarking Sites. Now if you click the link you will notice the Page Rank does not change meaning it has received it's own link juice from webmasters and bloggers refrencing it either in their blogs, forums, or articles. This is link bait build a list that can be a very helpful reference point and watch it build it's own authority within Google. Right now it holds the second spot for "top social bookmarking websites" which has 260 million in competition. How? Well when webmasters find a list helpful it gets placed in their favorites then when they write something on the subject whether it be in an article or in their blog they will give a link for explanation.

Viral spreading of a link can be done many ways. You can place send this link to your friends then make it possible for a visitor to send your website or blogs link to their friends. Another viral spreading system is done through allowing people to use your content on their web presences as long as they give a backlink. You can also submit your content to article directories allowing people to use it as long as the leave a link towards which ever web presence you choose.

Anyway these are just some basic tips if you find them helpful please give a link here is the linking code for this post:

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Stop The Spamming Build Links The Right Way

This post is crucial for new website marketers as well as those that still think placing your ads within forums or jumping from blog to blog only commenting for the link juice thinking you have the correct marketing strategy. I do have sympathy for spammers since I was once one before I gained a grasp of appropriate website marketing. You must realize that spamming and building backlinks go hand in hand with the only difference between them being spam is building links where they are not welcome. When a new webmaster or blogger begins their online marketing campaign and hit the webmaster forums they are taught that only two things matter when trying to rank well within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) which are building backlinks making sure to rotate the keywords between the opening and closing anchor tags and onpage/offpage SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Surprisingly the second one is easy enough if you have the right tools and understand keyword stuffing which you can learn about on this blog just visit some of the posts dealing with SEO. The second one becomes a little more difficult especially when your dealing with niches (category of website such as website marketing or online business).

So you have begun your blog and/or website and have completed the SEO. It is now time to begin the task of gaining exposure by building backlinks. This is probably the most crucial step in website marketing since major search engines will frown on your website if your are gaining links from the "bad neighborhoods" online. Google recognizes the bad neighborhoods by any web presence who's sole purpose is to inflate backlinks manipulating the SERPs results for the websites involved. This really sucks for newer webmasters since they have it engraved in their head that they must gain backlinks as quickly as possible and when doing searches on Google they don't realize when typing in get backlinks free or other terms related to link farms they are crossing the threshold and becoming a certified spammer. At the end of this post I will list many appropriate areas where to gain backlinks rather than using the websites that will hurt your SERPs rankings.

Now even though most webmasters in the beginning will screw up and place bad links usually they correct the behavior and begin placing links on more suitable and effective areas on the Web. The only problem is they still have the spammer frame of mind which is to place an ad for their website wherever possible and this passes over into their participation within the forums, writing articles, blog commenting, and other forums of white hat SEM.

First I would like to discuss forums if you need a list check the the right side of this blog locate "My Best Posts" and I have a list of the top five webmaster forums. These are excellent resources for backlinks, but you must not participate for the sole purpose of building backlinks. When you enter any forum attempt to make friends with the admin and moderators if they like you then you will get many chances which means if you screw up and get a little spammy rather than receiving a official warning you will get a friendly prompt from the mods or admin. The same goes if you get in an argument that goes a little overboard rather than getting a quick ban you will get will be told to leave it alone, which will save the work that you have put in. Now this does not mean go make friends then purposely and blatantly spam or fight, but when you really get into participating in a forum sometimes you forget. Now it is also important to learn BB code which will let you modify text and place your website links within your signature which will where you gain backlinks. If you want to learn BB code then try This Website.

Article writing for me has been the "bread and butter" of my internet marketing campaign. The reason for this is rather than getting one free backlink it is possible to get endless amounts of relevant, high priority, one way backlinks. When you write an article on Ezine Articles, Articles Base, or Go Articles not only will you receive a backlink from the high PR article directory, but these directories allow republishing of all articles as long as the publisher keeps the links active within the article and in the Bio. My best time for the republication of an article on one of these directories has been 3 hours. On go articles I have had one article published up to 20 times really helping my backlinks. Now rather than writing spammy articles making a big ad for your website or blog you should write about something closely related and prove to the web that you have an expertise within your niche.

Blog commenting is also an excellent way to gain high priority free one way backlinks. The problem is rather than taking a couple minutes to read the post people jump from blog to blog placing their link and writing "good post" or "nice job" this in the blogosphere is known as comment spam and is an excellent way to not only get your comment deleted quickly, but also gain a bad reputation. You must remember the blogophere is where information is passed very quickly and if you piss off the wrong blogger they will make sure to bury your blog. You could be the power someone has online when they have a readership of over 100k and the people are dedicated to the blogger. It is a good idea when using blog commenting to always read the post and reply to what was written rather than placing an advertisement in the comments section. Personally I like to place keywords within the name tag, then write a comment about my thoughts on the post. You should be weary of this as well because of the comment spam I have noticed that some bloggers do not even read my comment they immediately reject so it is helpful when placing your name to put your name @ your keywords so the backlink will have some relevance to your site or blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post on website marketing. I hope you become a reader and remember the no follow attribute is removed so feel free to leave a comment and gain some link juice.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Review of Free Traffic System

Probably the most productive system I have ever used is the Free Traffic System. Now those who have been reading know that I never support any system, product, or service unless I have personally tested and seen a positive result. Well this is the program that launched my website makemoneyfree.comuv.com to the top page on Google for the term "make money free" and the top hundred for "make money online". Is it the only form of website/internet marketing that I have used no. It is the main way I have built so many one way and relevant backlinks from unique URLs. Anyway check out the video I made explaining how the free traffic system has helped me:

If you want to try the free membership here is the link:Free Traffic System

I hope you take advantage the same way I have.

Leave a comment letting me know how your experience using the free traffic system goes and if you have any questions or need any help.

SEO Tips

Hey guys I just wanted to covers some different aspects of SEO that you may want to think about when trying to gain rank in the SERPs for a certain keyword. First off I would like to share a little tool that I really like and you should be using.

Keyword Density Checker.

Now I have used this tool frequently, but before judging the SEO let me try to explain some aspects when you want excellent SEO on your website. First stop thinking the Google bot is an idiot and needs to have the same words thrown in it's face over and over. Now if you would like to see the advances in technology specifically towards AI please discuss this with:


You need to talk with her for at least ten minutes my favorite discussions have been about God and life. Anyway give it a shot then think if bots can think what about Google bot. This is what led me to believe that repetition or keyword density is a seo technique of the past and now you should focus on keyword association. Let me give you an example:

I have a website make money online where I have tried to rather repeat the same keyword over and over I try to use associated keyterms. So I really want to rank well for make money online, but rather than repeating the words make money online I do place it once or twice, but then place make money free, earn money online, and others. If you repeat the same words over and over will this make your site or blog hard to read, but if you go overboard into keyword stuffing you will see an adverse affect meaning you will drop within the serps for that keyword. So try to switch out your keywords on your website and know that as your site gains authority rather than rising for just one or two keywords you will be rising for many.

The keyword analyzing tool above is an excellent resource for those trying to stay away from keyword stuffing. When you run a check and find a keyword going over 10% it is time to break out the Thesaurus and find words to replace the one your stuffing.

You should be doing the same when building links towards your website or blog as well. I am not 100% sure on this concept, but if it is accurate then those building links with the same anchor tags will not see the pay off from their efforts. Let me give you an example:

Now anyone online that has been around for a while knows this is the key to getting ranked well online. If you want to do a check on my competency on the issue do a search on Google for the keyterm make money free and look for makemoneyfree.comuv.com. You will find that I have made it to the top ten for a semi competitive keyterm (semi since it only receives a couple thousand monthly searches). I simply did this by placing make money free within the keywords between my opening and closing anchor tags and making sure it was on my site. Once I reached the top page I did notice an incline in organic traffic though for the work I put in not enough I have found using this tool:

Google Keyword Tool

This tool allows you to see the monthly search volume for any keyword that you choose. To see the most accurate reflection of actual search volume there is a drop down menu which you will be allowed to switch your match type from broad to exact. This will really help you find the keywords to target, make sure you pick 5 or 6 similar keywords that you place on your page so you don't end up keyword stuffing and being banned or dropped down within the SERPs.

Well if you want to build links check my top posts where I list tons of link building resources. It is down a little bit on the right side of this blog.

To end I would like to give you one last tool that will save you time when trying to find your website in the SERPs for any particular key term. I use it almost daily and think once you start you will find it extremely accurate:

SERPs Checker

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finding Your Competitors

Now when people are trying to find their competition they usually just type their keywords into Google when the results come up they think that these are the people who they are in competition with. Now the majority are, but if you want to find who is placing the keywords you are trying to rank well for in their anchor text- here is an example:

This is how you rank well and there is a search that you can do in Google to show which websites use these keywords when linkbuilding. The search is inanchor:"keywords" anyway for a better example of how to use this feature I made a video for your.

I hope this video helps when researching competition. Remember this is a dofollow blog so leave a comment and get a free backlink. Also if you found this blog helpful please help me build backlinks this niche is very competitive so your help is appreciated.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gain Huge Coverage!!

Hey guys I was just thinking probably to much and begin thinking of how I gained a high PR backlink. Now this really does not fall into the normal promotion or marketing though I find it may be helpful when your are trying to gain high PR backlinks. As an internet marketer I have found that running into marketing tools, lists, services, whatever happens a lot. Well as you have seen from my earlier posts I vouched for Twittley and I was not completely honest. First and foremost it is a brilliant system they created a social bookmarking site with twitter incorporated into the voting system, what you may not know is I actually did the review of their service and in exchange I received a backlink from their main blog.

Now I really feel that this should be mentioned on my blog since it is an excellent way to gain backlinks from well established sources. If you come across a program that you really like then contact the webmaster or blogger and ask them if they would like you to do a review of their product or service on your blog and in exchange a back link to their post. Well I guess you could call it selling testimonials for backlinks, but it could possibly be one of the best ways to gain backlinks towards inner pages of your blog. You will of course only be doing reviews on websites that you back 100% and are very helpful to your traffic. I mean if someone came to this blog I would recommend twittley to them with the backlink or not it is a free service that will get a website traffic if the submitter can make their website sound at least a little interesting. Anyway just my thoughts; by the way huge thanks to everyone that gave this blog a backlink I did VERY LITTLE marketing and received Page Rank 2 for this last update you guys rock. Also the ban on one post a day I am lifting so expect at the very least one post daily I will of course be informing your if I am taking a break. This blog is do follow so get your free backlinks by commenting!! I hope you like this idea please tell me what you think (do you see any problems?)

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Best Free Press Release Websites

Here is going to be another ever growing post. I will try to work on it from time to time searching out and finding the best free press release websites. I will of course be trying them all making sure that I can to submit my releases free. Make sure you read the bottom it goes over tips on the difference between writing articles and press releases.

1. PR Log PR 6

2. 24-7 Press Release PR 4 (They do have a free press release though they do not guarantee acceptance)

3. PR.com PR 5 (Like the rest they try and try to squeeze money out of you, but if you remain dedicated you will submit your press release free of charge)

4. Free-Press-Release PR 5 (Well I can't tell you much since I already had an account and I can not remember how hard it was to sign up, but once you have a free account it is very easy to submit a free press release they have home page coverage for only a dollar if your interested)

5. PR 9 PR 4 Very easy to sign up and get your release out. (hopefully effective:))

6. PR Free PR 4 (Big pain in the ass a little tip press releases have to be under 500 words to be free which is a joke and since I didn't want to turn my release into a tiny summary I decided to say screw it, but for those really needing exposure I am sure you will be willing to do so)

7. Internet Marketing News Watch PR 4 (Well at first I was a little frustrated they to only accept 500 word press releases, but they allow submission of new content on blogs, just regular news, to submit content, and submit new product. This site is definitely an extension of regular press release websites.)

8. Promotion World PR 4 (Well this site is kinda a half breed of an article directory and a news site mixed into one still an excellent place to become invested)

9. Press Box PR 5 (No need to sign up easy to do highly recommended!)

10. 1888 Press Release PR 5 (Guys be careful on this one they do allow free press releases, but you have to watch and click free two or three times. If you miss one they rather than submission they will go to a payment page.)

If you have the ability to write an article you have the ability to write a press release. You must first realize the difference between them and what you will be expected to do. First let's discuss what article writing is. Article writing is placing information into an article, well information, theories, thoughts, or wisdom. Now a press release is the attempt to bait a reporter or some other news seeking presence and should be written as such. Now when writing a press release here is what you will be expected to write:

1st. Heading (The first thing you will write and usually contains from 100-200 characters. This is the most important part of your press release since this is what reporters skim through when trying to find stories so use powerful exciting words rather than just a bland description of what your website is. For example I run a simple marketing blog, but when I write a press release my heading turns from "website marketing with kris" into "save your online business with successful marketing" or "You Can Survive Online If You Build a Marketing Campaign Appropriately" if you notice I use "save your business" and "survive online" both of which are much more powerful then "learn website marketing". The best suggestion I could give is find a newspaper and read the headings or go to the grocery store and look through the tabloids whatever title catches your eye you should try to study find out what part of the title caught your eye and try to make your heading for your press release similar.)

2nd. Summary (Not quite as important, but still should be very interesting even more than whatever your are talking about. I hate to say it Internet marketing is not full of thrills, but if I want to promote successfully with a press release I better find what is exciting about it and why it should be reported on or forget getting any kind of press coverage. Now a summary usually is usually two 10-15 word sentences giving a thrilling description of what your release is about. MAKE IT INTERESTING!

3rd. Body Of Release (If you have the reporter actually reading this far then you have done fantastic just keep it exciting. This is where you really get to describe why your website, blog, product, or whatever you are trying to get press coverage on deserves to be reported about. A lot of the websites above only allow 500 words or less for the free PR's so you should probably not make it larger if you want to submit to all of them. Make sure to separate your paragraphs correctly. This is also where it get's very tricky because you don't want to sound spammy yet you want to get the reporter or other so excited that they report on it. So I guess make it kinda spammy (since you are writing about your site or blog), but make it so interesting and exciting that anyone seeing it would want to find out more about whatever you are writing about.

4th. Closing (Some of these websites have a place for a closing this is where you will want to place any details to sum up what you are promoting. Usually I will take the most important part of my release and rephrase it in the closing. Do what you feel closes your release up the best.)

Now these are what you should be considering when writing your press release, personally I feel that press releases are very diffrent from article writing because rather than the primary reason for writing being backlinks it is press coverage though you will gain backlinks from some of the sites such as PR Log. So personally when I write a press release I do it in microsoft word and copy and paste. This way I can get it perfect before I submit and since I want to get it in front of as many reporters as possible I submit the same one to every PR site.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post this will be one that as I find more Free Press Release website I will be updating. This blog has the no follow removed so you will get a free backlink from your comments and if you liked this blog please give a backlink here is my link code:

Remember everything is helpful and gives me the time to really help you with my posts thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Article Marketing Tips

I would like to cover some things any webmasters that want high SERPs (search engine ranking pages) should be doing when marketing their website. As you can see by the title the subject of this post will be article marketing so to begin I would like to discuss some thing TO do when marketing your article.

1st. Don't submit your article to only one article directory. Now there are many webmasters who say this infringes on Google' duplicate content guideline, but you must realize placing an article on more than one directory is not the same as having a thousand webpages that are exactly alike. Plus you will miss out on the greatest part of article marketing which is the viral affect which I will explain later in the post.

2nd. A good article should be over 600 words and to be able to get it into the majority of directories should be under 1500 words. If your article contains less than 600 then you probably don't have any unique helpful ideas and if you do they should probably be explained better. If your article looks like it will be going over 1500 words try to split it into various sub articles. For example let say this post was going to be 3000 words and I wanted to place it in article directories the best way I could do so is to start cutting the different points within the post such as the dos, donts, resources, and any other talked about in this post and make them each into an article therefore increasing your exposure and possible backlinks.

3rd. Take time when writing your article. I can't value this third one enough it is the difference between getting republished and getting laughed at. Personally I have somewhat of an advantage since I have been through college and was forced to write paper after paper. One of the best things you can do when writing an article is take the time to research if you don't then expect to loose credibility. Take time to review your article making sure there is no spelling or grammar errors. Personally I write the majority of my articles in Microsoft Word which does the checking/fixing for me. (Don't judge me on this post I don't take the same amount of time as I do when article writing if you would like to see my article just type in Kris Beus into Google and my articles base and ezine articles will come up)

4th. Choose the intellectual wording appropriately. This was a somewhat strange concept for me when I began my work as a webmaster/blogger. I found that there were people who had difficulty understanding the way I spoke and rather than looking up words in Google they chose to bypass my website or blog and move on to something they could easily understand. If you did not graduate high school and you have did not seek out independent learning then more than likely you will have the edge when writer (weird right?). You have to realize that your visitor demographic will come from the extremely well educated down to people with very little education. What you should do is when possible use plainer words. So big words good little words bad. Now this only includes websites and blogs that are for everyone if you are writing only for the highly educated then by all means use every word in your vocabulary, but if you are writing for the general public make sure that even a fourth grader could manage to gain an understanding of what your website or blog is.

Now I would like to share with you my favorite 10 article directories:

1. Ezine Articles: This my friends is within the world's top 500 websites so get your free account. Well by it's alexa ranking 199 here is the link- Ezine Article Ranking if that link does not work go Alexa Top Sites and find ezine which should be very close in not 199. Anyway these guys are a serious website don't screw around when submitting your articles. If you write an article you are not 100% sure is some of your best work then don't submit it. They will reject poorly writer/revised articles, spammy articles, or really any article they feel is not up to par. Guys this is your key to truly become an "expert within your niche" so be sure your article kicks ass before submitting here. Now after your have submitter your article here or you feel it is not one of your best, but still want to get some backlinks then you should try these next websites.

2. Articles Base The reason I chose this website for my second pick is the reproduction of your article is made very easy and your links will be spread. Very easy to submit and as long as you don't spam they will publish your article. Also there is not a trial period like ezine so submit your articles wait a couple days until they get approved then feel the link love.

3. Go Articles this is another high PR easy to submit to website and I highly recommend you submitting your work here. They allow for the republication which again will have a viral affect on your article.

4. Web Pro News I can't believe that I am placing them 4th since they were such dicks to me in their forum, but they have always published my articles and when doing searches for my website http://makemoneyfree.comuv.com I noticed an article which I wrote and submitted here that is the only reason why they are listed here.

5. Article Alley good site to submit your articles to.

6. Article City I like it not sure why ;)

7. Article Geek Now I should not put this in the list since they are down right now due to spam, but this is an excellent place to submit your articles when they come back up. I will tell you what I will email them to find out when they are going to be back up and let you guys know.

8. Articles Factory Not bad easy to submit with decent PR.

9. Article Click Decent directory easy to submit your article to.

10. Articlesphere The only way I even added this one is because I liked the name.

Now one more I wanted to help, but they turned me down telling me you can write article and submit them to get a link. They could have had coverage on a PR 2 blog and now I am doing it out of pity they have and decent directory perhaps if they contact me and offer a featured spot on their website I will remove the nofollow. Anyway here it is a PR 1 directory who will do quite well if they learn how to work with us in the blogosphere Electric Articles. Hey would you guys do me a favor if you have time email them and tell them they should have worked with me in a cross promotional campaign perhaps with a few people other than themselves doing the promotion they could get over PR1. Sorry just a little irritated they turned me down.

Now on to why article writing is one of the best forms of promotion. The number one reason I use article promotion is the websites above allow their readers to take your article and place it in their newsletter, blog, and/or website. If you are a decent writer one article can turn into hundreds if not thousands of backlinks all pointing towards your website. Use these resources.

For one last link this really put the bang in my marketing and allowed me to climb the SERPs much faster than those who have even been around for years. The way I got thousands of backlinks on tons of diffrent blogs is the Free Traffic System. Now usually I have a hard time promoting any type of system, but since this was free I gave it a shot. They have two options free and paid personally I am not sure how well the paid is since I only use the free. Anyway what it does is when you submit an article it will submit it to thirty blogs that you choose from a list that is closley related to your niche. It is somewhat difficult when you begin so make sure you watch the videos and download the instructions which they give you links to when you finish signing up. If you run into complications email me at kbeus21@gmail.com and I will attempt to help you out. Now this is free and by the way it looks will remain free. I hope you take advantage and enjoy!!

Well as you can see I am not PR 2 of course with your help since I have done very little marketing for this blog. This blog has the nofollow attribute removed so if you leave a comment you will get a backlink from a PR 2 blog. Make sure to comment on the post and please don't spam me. By the way huge thanks on the technorati I am now in the top 50k still shooting for the top 100 I started at 4 million so I think it is possible. If you enjoyed this post please help the blog by linking to it here is my link code just copy and paste into your html:

Well for the next post I will either go over some diffrent html tags every blogger/webmaster should know to help them with marketing, how to implement them and what each does such as no follow and target blank both of which will help a lot when marketing or I will be showing you how to make your blogs no follow both blogger and wordpress will be covered. Anyway if you guys have a preference let me know I hope you enjoyed the post!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Page Rank Update June 23 2009

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know there is an update happening as you can see this blog jumped to PR2 leave a comment I would like to hear if anyone else jumped. By the way thank you for helping with the links personally I have not had time since I have been working hard on my site http://makemoneyfree.comuv.com. Leave a comment if your PR changed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Request A Link Exchange

I am writing this post to help those that have no idea how to request a link exchange by email. Webmasters definitely have different thoughts on exchanging links, so if you are against link exchanges this is not for you. Now if you would prefer to use a free link exchange directory I really like Link Market. When exchanging links it is of course preferred that you stick with websites within your niche. You should not look at this as a restraint, for example if you run a website marketing blog such as I do it is ok to exchange links with any promotional web presence rather than just sticking with "website marketing". Now if you come across a website or blog that you would really like to exchange links with there are a couple of rules you should abide by.

1st and most important their link always goes on your website or blog first. If I get an email with linking code which I do ever single day it is automatically deleted. If you come across the website email the webmaster requesting his link code rather than requesting him to place your code on his website you will have a much better chance in a successful exchange this way.

2nd Make the email personal. This is another way to get your link request deleted before it is even read. If you use a copy and paste method when emailing webmasters take the time to name their website rather than saying "I came across your website". If you say I came across "website marketing with kris" it will sound much more like a real person and much less like automated spam.

3rd Switch up your subject. Just recently I received an email that said non profit looking for link exchange and rather than deleting I opened. The reason I did not delete the website was the title. Most people out their have a sense of obligation when it comes to charity so if your website has something special make it known when you are requesting link exchanges. With my website http://makemoneyfree.comuv.com which is very difficult to request exchanges for I would probably ask something like "link exchange with a scam free website" or something else rather than "link exchange?". Be creative as possible.

4th The easiest way to gain successful requests is to have PR already. Now you may be thinking how will I get PR without exchanges? Well there is many ways to gain backlinks rather than link exchanges. Page Rank is Googles analysis of the number/priority/relevancy of your backlinks so if you are looking for backlinks go back to the beginning of this blog. I cover free press releases, social bookmarking, forums, and free directories all of which I give plenty of resource links for. You can gain thousands upon thousands of one way links this way which will lead to plenty of PR. Once you have PR then it is much easier to negotiate link exchanges and if you are willing to place a backlink on a high PR web page then you will get the same in return.

Anyway just some tips when requesting a link exchange. One more thing before I end if you want to get your link onto a blog the easiest way is to use this do follow high PR blog directory and rather than requesting an exchange all you have to do is comment. Here is the Do Follow Blog Directory which only allows PR 3 and above do follow blogs. Remeber this is a do follow blog so if you comment it is a free one way link just be sure to not spam. Also if this blog helped please give a backlink just copy and paste this code to your website or blog:

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twitter Day 6 Update

Hey guys I am sorry totally forgot to add this directory for you guys. It is quite a bit bigger than the 2k I follow back. Anyway here it is- We Follow just like I follow back the only requirement is you have to be willing to follow people that follow you. This directory now has over 30k people so get in and start growing your twitter account. Anyway to end I would like to give you a video about basic SEO that I created I was not planning on placing it here and only having it for my you tube subscribers, but why not anyway here you go "the basics of SEO":

Twitter Week Day 6

Well this will be the final day of twitter week so I will be giving you all the tools and tips that I have.

The first tool that I would like to show you is Tweet Later. This tool has a ton a features both free and paid. For this post I would like to focus on the free tools that it offers.

1. Schedule Tweets- When on twitter when you are trying to really grow your twitter account it is important to tweet everyday and any professional marketer has very little time so pre scheduling tweets comes in really handy for those who lack time.

2. Track Keywords- This really help keeping ahead of the curve if you like to build blogs or websites ahead of the buzz. Find out what the new big thing is before it hits main stream.

3. Welcome DM's- Personally I absolutely hate the welcome DM's, but if you would like to send them this is the tool for you.

4. Follow those who follow you- This tool is crucial to keep your following list. When you begin to rise within the serps and you are gaining followers by the hundreds then to keep your followers it is important to follow them back. Sometimes you can get away with not following your followers if you run an extremely well known blog, but I have noticed even in the case of blogs such as John Chow's Blog you will notice he follows back the 49 thousand people following him. So I highly recommend follow and follow back will help you not only increase but sustain your followers list.

5. Unfollow those who unfollow you- Well twitter has already reached the same problems you get by link exchanging with thousands of people which is getting screwed by un ethical people trying to gain the edge within their niche by waiting until right before the PR update and remove you link. In twitter they wait a week or two then unfollow you and if you have numbers within the thousands it can sometimes be hard to notice a drop of one or two people. This tool allows you to unfollow anyone that stops following you very nice for getting rid of the people trying to inflate their follower list and shrink their following list.

Well this tool has others, but I am going to get on with some more links to help you out.

It is the twitter counter and pretty much looks the same as GA when you look at stats. For the link to the home page here you go- Twitter Counter and here is my counter My Twitter Counter which you can see how much progress I have made in a month since my twitter account is less than a month old. Perhaps that would be a great testimonial for the links that I have given you, but since they are not paying me and I don't own them they can find their own advertising:)

Perhaps you are saying to yourself this is not enough what kind of twitter week it this kid running here. Well for those who want a 140 tools to expand your twitter account here you go- 140 Twitter Tools. Anyway use these and you should be doing fine and getting thousands of followers. Let's get onto some tips when twittering.

Tip #1: Be personal when twittering. Just like blogging or running a website when a visitor visits they want to feel as if they already know you and can trust you. Now I hope you are running a campaign that you yourself believe in and are not out there to screw over your visitors, but no matter the goal of any true marketer it to gain the trust of the viewer. I don't care what medium you use for your advertisement the one thing that will fail is 1st: If your advertisement looks dishonest usually by using flash and unbelievable remarks and 2nd: Look corporate, this perhaps worked in the old days, but as the people around the world watch the big business world fall to it's knees the little guys with very personal websites and blogs are coming up. So rather than using all of your efforts to run your campaign trying to get people to believe that your are a huge corporation try telling them that you are the same as them and have been through what they are going through. This my friends will set you apart from those spending the big bucks when marketing.

Tip #2: I am not sure if I have already said this and even if I have it is worth saying again. Nothing happens over night can you get 25 hundred followers within a couple weeks well if you looked at my twitter counter yes it is very possible and to tell you the truth I have not really marketed it very hard since I don't see the monetary value yet. If I believed that having 50k followers would pay 50k dollars then it would take a couple months to reach that number. Since I see is as only a support for my website and blogs I really don't see any other use. Just keep in mind that this twitter is on the increase so if you really want to be able to take advantage of the medium in your marketing campaign then get started now. Also please if you have any ideas onto how I can take monetary advantage let me know.

Tip #3: Choose your name carefully and make sure it falls within your niche. My niche is making money online and my websites URL is http://makemoneyfree.comuv.com. Well to take advantage of twitter I decided to make my name makemoneyfree21 a bunch of damn newbs took all the makemoneyfree so I had to settle with 21 at the end. If you would like to see the power of chosing the correct username type into google makemoneyfree21 and the first few will be my twitter name mixed with a couple of the programs that I am in listed within the posts of twitter week. So choose carefully!!

Damn I can't for the life of me remember tip four. LOL I guess that will be my fourth tip when you have ideas coming to you keep a notebook or my favorite a little white board next to you. You want to see a picture of the white board I look at each day remember I keep forgeting to add video marketing, but anyway here is the board I look at every day:

Sorry it is a little fuzzy I get shaky after to many cups of coffee. I do recommend you begin writing your ideas down and make a list such as the one above filled with where to market. Anyway I guess it is time to say goodbye come back tomorrow I will be going over some more SEO.

Remember this is a do follow blog make sure to leave a comment for your free backlink-comment on the post no spam. I could also use some help with backlinks since I am in a very competitive niche. If this blog helps please give a backlink here is my linking code:

Anyway thanks in advance everyone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Twitter Week Day 5

Well you guys asked for another system to get you more followers. I have found one free to join and I have received a couple hundred followers within the first week so it is not to bad. Anyway the link is Tweeter Follow. Now this system is a little strange you have to follow everyone they show you after you sign up then your added to the "train" that is what they call it. What I like is how easy it is to follow everyone you don't even have to move the mouse you click follow then the twerson fades away and the next person slides over. Really easy to use and really easy to get a bunch of followers quick. Ok now on to some other tools to really automate your twitter account (which is a must when you are having hundreds join daily).

This is the best tool kit I can offer. It is called Huitter and will save you hours of work. Lets go over some of the tools this program offers. First tool and my personal favorite is called mutuality. Now I have always said that if you are not following the people that are following you more than likely you will loose your follower list. This tool allows you to unfollow everyone that is not following you and let you choose to keep people even if they are not following you back. Now why is this important you may ask. If you follow 2k people and do not have 1850 followers you can not follow anyone else so to pass the 2k mark you must get rid of everyone no following you so you can get your followers up to 1850 then you can follow over 2k people. This tool is a must for anyone that is really trying to build a huge follower list.

Ok on to the other tools. They have Gtalk2Twitter which allows you to post your Google status on twitter letting your followers know if your online or not. Then there is the message cleaner (huge time saver) when you start getting hundreds of people following you daily you run into the problem of all the auto direct messages that people send and you have to go one by one and delete the "thanks for following". This tool clears out your twitter inbox with one swipe. Microsites I need to be honest I have not used this tool, but what the website says is "Allows you to build you own site that will represents
twitter's status updates of your twitter users list." what ever that means I don't really care since I have way to many web presences anyway. The last tool this website offers is the twitter to feed which allows you to turn your favorite twerson (which better be me Follow Me;)) and all of their tweets into an RSS feed. I find this very helpful when keeping tabs on the leaders in my niche make money online.

Well these are two very nice tools that will really help out when trying to incorporate twitter into your marketing campaign. It is twitter tip time:) For this tip I have decided to go with when you begin twitter and want to really increase your exposure if your using twitter correctly (for networking rather than promoting) it is ok to ask your followers to tell their followers that you follow back. This is a quick way to get some followers increasing your network.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post and will be back to read more tomorrow. I think I will throw everything else in tomorrow I am getting a little sick of twitter week and have some excellent ideas for new posts focusing on SEO. Remember this is a do follow blog so get your free backlink by leaving a comment. I also really need help getting backlinks since my competitors have backlinks in the hundreds of thousands so if you would please give a backlink here is my code:

Thanks in advanced guys.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twitter Week #4

Day four already. Well I have some good news I have reached the first spot on Google for make money free and the third spot for make money online. I woke up today with a 200% spike in organic traffic. Anyway after twitter week I will show you some of the tatics that I used to reach those positions. I was also propositioned from another established website owner to build a SEO company which I will be working on in the up coming months. Anyway on to the post and remember if you find this blog helpful please share it with others.

For this post I will be sharing with you a couple tools. The first tool that I will be sharing is Flock To Me now it is down right now, but I recommend you join it when it comes back up. One thing I like about this is after the sign up you are able to actually watch people joining you. It is very easy to do and the amount of followers grows quite rapidly. The second tool anyone on twitter that is using it for promotion needs is to use Tiny URL. What Tiny URL does is shrinks any URL that has over 25 characters to a much more managable size and works well if your sharing with your followers a blog post or other long tailed URL. Now I have shown you some tools to get your following into the thousands, but if you really want to succeed you will need to manually market it. In this video I will be showing you how and where to do this:

Remember this is a do follow blog so feel free to get a free backlink by posting a comment just make sure to comment on the blog post rather than spamming me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twitter Week Post 3

Hey guys sorry I really didn't feel like doing a video kinda tired from marketing my website make money online. I just got into the top three for make money free, but I have already noticed certain website increasing their backlinks. Anyway onto the post.

If I remember correctly I was going to show my readers a directory which you can easily get 1000 followers all you have to do is be willing to follow first. The directory is I Follow Back. When I signed up with this directory there was only a few hundred people and now it has well over two thousand and growing daily. It is free to join and the only requirement to stay in is you must be willing to follow people that follow you. Now this directory is best for Internet marketing professionals. It will not help you find leads or people to network with, but if you would like others to perceive you know what your talking about it is excellent. If I hit a blog and the person has a twitter counter (one of the tools I will be showing you later this week)which only has a hundred or so people then I think the person really does not know much about marketing and I am much less likely to take anything that person has to say serious which includes if that person is trying to sale something to me. So it is important to have a large follower count if you would like your visitors to respect the work you have done as a marketer.

For this post the twitter tip I would like to offer any twerson is having the majority of their tweets non promotional. It is difficult when on twitter to not blast your link constantly, but you must remember that people do not like spam and it is very easy to loose followers so take the time each day and post a couple of tweets. It is also good to try and interact with the people you are following as well as the people that are following you so answer questions and offer advice I find quotes are fun and have a good chance to get re tweeted which can help expose you to a larger audience.

Anyway I hope this post helped you with your twitter account remember this is a do follow blog so if you would like a free backlink leave a comment please comment about the post and don't leave spam it will be rejected. Also if this blog has helped you I am in a very competitive niche and could use all the help I can get increasing backlinks so if possible give a backlink on your website or blog it is also helpful if you can reference me in a article or forum thanks for reading:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Twitter tools and tips post 2

Hey guys welcome to the second day of twitter week. For this post I cover the twitter viral url at: Viral Followers
This is an excellent system to increase your followers. In the video I also cover the topic of twitter and spam. Anyway I hope you enjoy this video.

Remember this is a do follow blog so leave a comment about the post and receive your free backlink. Also if you liked this post/blog I could use help in building links so feel free to place one on your site/blog or reference it in an article or blog. Anyway thanks for reading next post I will be showing you a directory of people on twitter willing to follow back.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harness The Power Of Twittley The #1 Tool Of Twitter

Hey guys, for the next post I will be showing you some of the best tools helping you expand your twitter network. Before you begin building your network with Twitter you must understand what it is. Twitter is the newest micro blogging social network. It let's you find friends and tweet messages 140 characters long to everyone that is following you. The hardest part of twitter if finding people to follow and get people to follow you. I will be covering some of the tools to help you with this next post. For this post I feel is for the best tool created for Twitter and that is Twittley. It is a social bookmarking website that incorporates twitter and tweeting rather than a voting system. Anyway here is a video explaining it:

Make sure to sign up with Twittley to begin your marketing campaign on twitter.

Hope you guys liked the video make sure to become a reader so you will get the rest of my twitter tips and tools. If this blog has helped you remember I am in a very competitive niche so please give a link on your website/blog, article, or in a forum. Thanks for reading I will be back tomorrow giving you a tool to increase your following on twitter.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Internet Marketing Tips Video

Well here is my first video blog post-

Here is a couple article directories to get you started Ezine Articles, Go Articles, and Articles Base. Anyway submit your articles with the links in your authors bio. Anyway let me know what you thought of my video.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Website Marketing For New Webmasters

Super guide for newer webmasters:

The first point I would like to make is for any new webmaster that is coming online planning to make money online, you are not alone so be prepared for a fight. This is one of the key concepts a new webmaster and/or blogger must get through their head when joining us other webmasters. We don’t give up our spot on Google SERPs easily and most of us have spent a long time where we are at and have fought for years with other webmasters that try and take what we got. If you create a website trying to teach people to make money you are on my turf and trust me I spend twelve to fourteen hours a day seven days a week marketing and updating my website and blogs. This is the kind of time that you must be willing to give up if you want my spot and believe me every other niche (category of website) has the dominators up in the top ranks of Google who spend as much time if not more making sure they out market you in every way. So then you are new and want in to our little club there will be some steps to earn your rank. If you follow these and refuse to give up then you will make it online. If you want to make money quick then you need to stop reading and buy one of those get rich quick schemes that you see on TV after a few of those let you down feel free to come and find out how to market a website.

1st and foremost build your website for your readers. If you have a website that is really helpful to people then a minimal amount of marketing will be necessary. This goes double for blogs so take the time when building your website to make it a readers dream. Once the reader is done reading more than likely they will bookmark your website or blog and share it with others which usually will get you free one way backlinks as well as viral traffic. Now if you are running a business website in a competitive niche trying to offer what everyone else is offering then a more intensive marketing campaign will be in order.

2nd when creating your site make sure to take the steps to SEO (search engine optimization). This is making sure the on page and off page keyword density is in check. SEO is one of the most complicated aspects of being a webmaster and you should never thing you know how. It is ok to have a good idea, but Google is always changing their algorithm meaning what use to help in the search engines no longer does or actually hurts your website. To learn SEO do a search for webmaster forums in google and you will see Digital Point Forums and V7N forums which are the leading two webmaster forums online. This is the place to ask your questions concerning SEO and find the newest articles and best websites/blogs about the subject. They will also help you with your link building and other aspects of website marketing.

3rd the dreaded link building. Ok once you have your website or blog up and it has been optimized for placement in the SERPs next is beginning a link building campaign. There are several areas which you can go to do this, but before we get into where and how to build links towards your website something must be discussed. If you plan on spamming (placing your link where it does not belong) then please don’t read this you have already failed as a webmaster/blogger and will not succeed online. Do not place your link on a forum with an ad about your website they will kick you out. If you decide to jump from do follow to do follow blog placing only your websites name in the your name box and in the comment section placing an ad for your website then plan on your webhost getting so many complaints about your website they delete you. Now if you are willing to actually take the time to build links correctly and when trying to get links willing to follow the rules read on.

Ok there are a lot of places to get free backlinks online and not just a couple; you can get thousands upon thousands of free backlinks if you work with these types of resources. There are a lot of different ones for this article I will cover the 5 biggest and best. To find a list of any resource look through this blog or just go to google and type list of social bookmarking website or list of webmaster forums.

1. Social Bookmarking: The basic description of a social bookmarking site is a website that has a community that submits a URL, picture, or video and allows the community to view and vote either good or bad. These are the key to get indexed very quickly and if your website is well liked by the community you will receive referral traffic in the thousands. My favorite webmaster social bookmarking site is digg.com and my favorite blogging social bookmarking website is technorati.com. There are hundreds out there if you want a list all you need to do is ask Google.

2. Forum Posting: This is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks and as long as you do not spam a forum is also one of the best ways to build relationships with webmasters and bloggers in your niche. Now to place a link in your signature you must know BB code. Here is the code you should use to place a link within your signature [url=”http://www.yoururl.com”]your keywords[/url]. Place that in your signature and every post that you do will give you 1 free one way backlink. Now to find a forum that is in your niche do a google search for “your niche keywords + forum”. This will help you find a forum in your niche though there is a couple of forums that everyone who runs a website or blog should use and those are forums.digitalpoint.com and v7n.com/forums.

3. Article Writing should also play a role when you are trying to gain high quality one way backlinks. It is simple write an article and read the publishing guidelines of the article directory about how many URL’s you can have per article and where the URL’s are allowed to be placed. The article directories that I use are ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com, and articlesbase.com. These three will help you build backlinks to your website if you write quality articles and submit them.

4. Blog Commenting has two benefits. The first one is you get a backlink for each comment you post on a blog that is do follow. To find do follow blogs search google for a do follow blog directory. Now when commenting on a blog DO NOT SPAM. If you leave only your keywords in the name and a crap advertisement in the comment section your comment will be rejected. Take the time to read the post and write something intelligent. The second benefit when commenting on a blogs is you will start building relationships with the blog owners. This will usually lead to guest posting, them placing a link to your website or blog, and making a new friend. These three things of course will not happen if you spam.

5. Starting a new web presence. I actually had to debate placing press releases, classified ads, or support webpages such as the squido lense, but after thinking about it I feel that starting a new web presence is the most beneficial. There are countless places to start a new web presence. Personally I have found the most helpful wordpress.com and blogger.com when I am trying to expand my exposure on the web. It doesn’t matter if you already have one start another and link back to your primary blog or website. You should be running as many as you can without literally going insane. Personally I run a forum, website, and 7 blogs all that I keep updated daily. Anyway build your presence up to the max and you will see a good return monetarily if that is what you are after.

This is the basic guide that all webmasters and or bloggers should have so if you liked it link to it. Remember free information is not easily accessed for those starting out they need all the help that they can get I hope you choose to link to this post making it possible for those that need help getting started get it.

Getting More Exposure For Your Blog

First I have to recommend a blogger who specializes in this field you can find his blog at Pro Blogger. His posts have increased the traffic to my blogs and website greatly. Anyway lets get on to a couple ways that you can increase the exposure for you blog.

The best way that you can increase the traffic and readership in a blog is to join a blogging community. Personally the one that has helped me out greatly is Technorati. This is the largest blogging community online today, be sure after you join to get the button letting people add your blogs to their technorati favs. This website also has a search feature allowing you to find other blogs within your niche. Once you find them begin commenting even if the blog is nofollow. If you communicate with the blogger then you will have a higher chance developing a relationship, which in the long run will prove useful when your looking for someone to work out a cross promotional marketing campaign with.

Of course any blogger is worried about organic traffic (traffic which comes from search engines). There is only two things you will need to do when trying to gain rank within the SERPs. First and most important is to post on your blog daily the search bots love looking through new content. The second is a little more difficult, build thousands of backlinks pointing towards your post. There are a couple things that will help you do this.

First if you are a blogger you should not fear writing and rather enjoy it since to be successful you will need to do a lot of it. After you have posted to your blog it is a good idea to take that post and submit it to a couple of article directories. Here is a list of like 400 directories listed with PR- Article List. Now after you submit your blog be sure to leave the link in the author bio. Then take 3 or 4 hours and write 4 or 5 five hundred word articles. Go down the list and submit each to 40-50 article directories. I find it good to rotate, but this is your marketing campaign the important thing is to gain as many backlinks as you can. Two article directories which allow their visitors to take the articles and reprint them as long as the keep the links is Article Base and Go Articles. Every post and article should be submitted here this is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks; people republish and you get a free backlink. Personally I use hundreds of these articles monthly on other blogs and I make sure to leave all links intact if I use your article then you have already received a free one way backlink from me. Anyway article writing and submissions should play one of the key aspects in your marketing campaign.

Blog commenting on do follow blogs. Now this will let you establish communication with the blog owner as well as get backlinks. Since I have already explained why it is important to build relationships with bloggers let's get into how to find do follow backlinks. Personally I use three sources when looking first is a do follow blog directory- Do Follow Blog Directory the second two are search engines- Do Follow Blog Search Engine and Second Do Follow Blog Search Engines. These will allow you to gain quick and easy backlinks; be sure to comment on the post not leave a crappy spam message it will be rejected I delete them consistently on this blog. Oh by the way this blog is do follow so if you would like a free one way backlink just comment on this post.

Well those two resources should help you get gain position in the search engines I would like to cover some aspects of tags you should be using in your post especially when posting outgoing links. If the link is to a website or blog you would like to give link juice (webmaster term which implies the amount of authority a link has when pointing to a URL). If you do not want to give link juice then inside your anchor tag which will look like a href="" /a you will want to place rel="nofollow" in between the a and href. Do this for every link that you do not want to help. I pretty much do it for every link I list and the only way I will take the rel="nofollow" away is if the blogger or webmaster places a link to one of my blogs or my website.

The second thing you should be placing between the a and the href is target="_blank". What this does is when your visitor clicks on the link it opens in a new window. Here check it out here is a link without the target="_blank" make money online and here is one with make money online. Do you see how the second opens in a new window? Well this helps you keep a visitor on your page remember that the online loves surfing so when they click on your blog they may click off on a link you offer and totally forget to keep reading. Place the target="_blank" and once they are done reading a reference such as the list of article directories that I listed above once they close the window my blog will be there staring at them and more than likely if they have time they will continue reading and possibly become a reader.

Anyway remember I need alot of backlinks to reach the top of my niche so any backlinks you can give either on your website or blog will be very helpful and I appreciate. If you would like a free one way link feel free to leave a comment just make sure it is about the post and not advertising your website. If you have any questions or suggestions on future posts I would love to hear them just leave them in the comments section. Make sure to sign up and become a reader:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to SEO a Website

Here is an article on SEO I wrote I think it covers some good topics.

Truly one of the most argued aspect of online promotion and one if mastered will grant you the ability to make money online and a lot of it. To begin SEO stands for search engine optimization. To optimize a website for search engines a couple of tasks need to be completed, but before that one rule must always be maintained which is never sacrifice readership for optimization. What this means is never make you visitors suffer just because you would like to rank well within the SERPs. Now another thing before we discuss search engine optimization is you must keep a balance, do not go overboard making your optimization techniques so blatant that a blind search bot will be able to tell that you are trying to rank well for a certain term.

Now the first steps of optimization begin at the first line of code placed on your website. META tags should be placed on each page and differ from page to page. One important step of optimization that new webmasters sometimes forget is every page they create should be optimized as a suitable landing page meaning that every page (with exception of login and other pages that have no useful content) should be built and have the time that matches your home page. Now as you optimize your website make sure that the description and title do have the keyword or phrase that you would like to rank well for and look very pleasing to potential visitors that are searching with Google and other major search engines. Remember your title tag and description is what the search engines will display to people searching online so if you stuff it with keywords even if you rank well for the term most people will skim over it. Attempt to make it pop, think to yourself what title and description would you most be likely to click on. Though some webmasters disagree it is also good to place Meta keywords in your site; Google does not use them, but yahoo still places some degree of importance on the keywords.

Now once you have your metas it is time to work on your websites content. I cannot stress enough it is extremely important to not sacrifice the readability of your website when placing keywords throughout your website. The headings are what search bots will look at when trying to find the main theme so take time and try to implement you main keyword or key phrase when placing your headings. It is also a good idea to use the keyword or phrase within the first couple sentences. Personally I recommend a density of a two keyword phrase that you would like to rank well for in Google to have a density of 5%. If you would like to get a keyword density checker do a Google search for “keyword density checker” and the first site will work fine, in fact the first 5 or 6 are all very useful density checkers. So after you have your content with a prevalence of keywords that you would like to rank well for you should work on your link building making sure to anchor the keywords within your hyper links both on site and off site.

Link building in a nut shell is any and all off site online promotion that you do. You can gain links from an array of resources such as article directories, free URL directories, social bookmarking, blogging, blog commenting, forum posting, and press releases just to name a few. When placing a link on a site besides your own make sure to place the keywords in the text of the anchor tags. For example a hyperlink that you place off your site should look like a href=”www.yoursite.com” your keywords /a I have found it very useful to rotate 6-7 keywords and phrases that you would like to rank well for rather than just the same one over and over. You should also be doing this on site. If you are still using the home button in your navigation bar then get rid of it and replace it with the keyword phrase you would like to rank well for, it is also good to place a keyword phrase on the bottom of each page that points back to your home page.

Anyways this is just the start that is the long process of climbing the Google SERPs (search engine ranking pages). Remember join a couple webmaster forums to stay on top of any new ideas and/or changes. Well you know the basics so get out there and begin to make money.

1000's of Free Directories

Here my friends is the list of all lists. Not only have I picked out the top 25 high PR directories, but have given the links to thousands upon thousands of directories. I highly recommend bookmarking this post for a reference so if you ever get lost and you are not sure what to do when marketing you can be building free one way backlinks. Anyways enjoy!!

1. Dmoz PR 8 One Way Link

2. Yahoo Directory PR 8 One Way Link (the only way to get admitted for free is if your website is non business) $300.00 annually if you own a business website/blog

3. Pen bot Directory PR 7 This directory has both one way and reciprocal links

4. Phantis Directory PR 6 One Way Links

5. My Training Hub PR 3 Both One Way and Reciprocal Links

6. Aardvark Directory PR 6 One Way Link

7. Surf Safely PR 5 One Way Link (your site will need a Surf Safe label from www.surfsafe.com

8. Genius Find PR 6 One Way Links

9. AAAS Meetings PR 6 Both One Way and Reciprocal Links

10. Turn Pike Directory PR 5 One Way Link

11. Free PR Webdirectory PR 5 One Way and Reciprocal links

12. Little Web Directory PR 5 One way and Reciprocal links

13. Re Quest PR 5 I screwed up the survey so was not able to submit my site have to wait till later, I will update and let you know if it is one way or recip.

14. Pro Link Directory PR 5 One Way and Reciprocal links

15. Afuw Act PR 5 Both One Way and Reciprocal links

16. Asialink Eamarnet PR 5 One Way and Reciprocal links

17. Etup PR 4 One Way Links - One of the few high PR directories that submitted me after only a month:)

18. Can Links PR 5 (No Get Paid To Websites Allowed) One Way links

19. Wudses PR 4 Free and Reciprocal links

20. Med Ranks PR 5 One Way and Reciprocal links

21. Elite Web PR 5 One Way links (You have to sign up with their site blah!!)

22. Mixing It UP PR 3 One Way and Reciprocal Links

23. Revue Philoeco PR 5 One way and Reciprocal links

24. Zoock PR 4 One Way and Reciprocal links

25. Femeba PR 5 One Way and Reciprocal Links

Well guys I am sick of posting directories one by one so how about I point you to some huge lists of directories. Anyway here you go:

1. Add URL List of 930 directories.

2. One Way Text Link List of over 2,000 directories free to submit to.

3. Free Web Directories List of over 2,700 free directories

4. Directory Critic List of over 1,700 free directories

5. Info Vilesilencer Not sure how many, but they list the directories with PR

Well here are over six thousand directories which you can submit your site to for free. The majority will let you get a free one way link, there may be some that will require a reprocal link, but if you want backlinks here you go.

If you liked this list and would like to share it with your visitors here is the link:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

20 Marketing Resources

Sorry for posting twice in a day, but I posted this in v7n and feel it is worth sharing to you guys it is the resources to get a website off the ground. Here you go:

1. Social bookmarking- http://marketing-a-website.blogspot.com/2009/05/top-55-social-bookmarking-websites.html

2. Starting blogs keeping them updated with good fresh unique content and then linking back to your site through these.

3. Blog Commenting on blogs in your nich both do follow and no follow-even if you don't get a backlink it is good to build relationships within your niche.

4. Press Release- http://www.webmaster-elements.com/submit-press-releases.htm

5. Guest Posting- Build a relationship with the webmasters and bloggers within your niche and sooner or later you will be asked to guest post.

6. Link Exchange- Be careful with this one you do not want to many outgoing links on your site.
7. Social networking sites - www.twitter.com, www.facebook.com, and www.myspace.com are some

8. Free directory submission- http://www.addurl.nu/ <900 free directories

9. Forum Posting- make sure to put your link in the signature if you don't know how here- www.bbcode.org/reference.php bb tag list For this forum I think there is still a 50 post min before you can add a link to your sig, stick it out get your 50 posts in it is well worth the effort.

10. SEO I will be posting about SEO both advanced and basic concepts if you would like a free tutorial then try http://www.seo-guy.com/tutorial.html

11. Article Marketing here is a list of over 450 article directories- http://www.masonworld.com/masonworld-article-directory-rank I also have an auto article submitter if your interested pm me I can't list here because it is an affiliate link, it is free of course)

12. Email Marketing-Personally I don't use this type of marketing therefore have no resources for you. If you have a resource you would like to share feel free.

13. Viral Marketing- Here is the definition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viral_marketing

14. Traffic Exchanges- I really don't recommend these since the majority have been deemed link farms. Now if you have an affiliate link you would like to promote this may be a viable solution, be sure to check the affiliate sites rules and regulations before placing your affiliate link in one of these programs.

15. Classified ads- the two that come to mind are www.craigslist.com and www.inetgiant.com

16. Offline Marketing-If you are running a website meant for local people/business's then take out a newspaper ad or tv/radio commercial

17. Promotional Webpages- There are many services out there that like a blog will let you set up a free web presence one that I like to use is www.squidoo.com and http://hubpages.com/

18. Build a Newsletter- Here is a site that will help get you started http://www.freenewsletterideas.com/
19. Place your link in your email and ask your friends and family to do the same.

20. Network - Personally I have found this to be the most useful of all twenty. When you build relationships with other webmasters the ability to help each other promote expands exponentially. Remember the web has reached over a trillion unique URLs so it will be much easier to reach the top if you are willing to work with others to get there.

Well I hope you like these twenty I feel these are the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign. Remember if you find this useful to give a link on your website or blog; of course a reference in an article or a forum is also very helpful. This blog does have the no follow removed so make sure to comment and get a free one way link. When commenting please comment about the post and not advertise your site unless it has something to do with this post. Also if you feel that I have missed anything then feel free to add it in a comment.

How To Get Organic Traffic

Well this will probably be a pretty quick post today. I want to share with you some very valuable links that I use online I really hope you appreciate and use these links for your own success. Please If you happen to end up using these links make sure to share a link on your website/blog or give this post a refrence in a forum or article. Anyway onto the links.

The first link is for those new to SEO. I do cover alot on this blog, but it is good to get diffrent perspectives so here is the resources I go to when I want to see what is happening:

1st. http://www.seomoz.org/ Very solid resource for gaining a grasp of the concepts online. I use this resource frequently when I want to brush up on SEO.

2nd. http://www.seo-guy.com/tutorial.html It is a must that I give a shout out to this guy. This was the very first website that I entered on my quest to learn Search Engine Optimization.

3rd. http://www.v7n.com/forums/ Here is the best place to discuss SEO strategies. If you ask a question here in the marketing or seo threads there is a 90% chance you will see my reply (kbeus21) if you want you could even ask for my assistance.

Well these are some good places to start your journey make sure to read my first SEO post http://marketing-a-website.blogspot.com/2009/05/basics-of-search-engine-optimization.html which is an excellent place to begin getting a grasp of search engine optimization.

Well these really help you cover basics of SEO, if you would like to get backlinks out free and quickly I recommend trying Auto Article Submitter. What this does is takes your article and after you place the %link1% into your article make sure you place the keywords for your link then the link itself into the appropriate boxes. The reason for this is if Google sees the exact same anchor text for every link it will be considered spam and you will not recieve the benifits. After you submit your article do a search for blogs within your niche which you can do at the bottom of the bottem of the submission page choose thirty blogs to submit your article two and it will be spread among them a over about two weeks so you won't recieve an unatural looking jump in backlinks. Anyways there is a PDF file and a video that shows you how to use this free system. I hope you take advantage of this it has helped me greatly within the SERPs.

Remember the no follow attribute has been removed so your comments will recieve a backlink make sure to input the name as so your name @ your keywords to take full advantage of the backlink. If this post has helped you I could really use your help in getting backlinks since website promotion is a very competitve niche any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading and if you would like me to cover a specific topic feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Search Engine Optimization

Hello everyone I hope you enjoy today's post. I will be covering some of the more advanced concepts of search engine optimization if you would like to read the basics you can do so here anyway on with the post.

First off one important aspect that I notice alot of webmasters not utilizing in their html is the rel="nofollow" within their anchor tags. The reason this is a mistake is when Google is deciding the importance of a page it calculates the incoming verse the out going. Personally I promote a couple of make money programs on make money free that are displayed on my home page. I do this for the money these programs make me, but placing them on my front page drops me in the SERPs if I do not utilize the no follow attribute. When ever possible place the rel="nofollow" on any links pointing away from your page that you do not want to give link juice to.

The next thing I would like to discuss is when attempting to gain rank within the SERPs it is very important to anchor keywords within the text of hyperlinks. When I am on the webmaster forums and someone asks what am I doing wrong with my SEO when I go to their page I notice that they are still using the "home" button or text link to bring a user back to the index. Take a look at my site make money free which is in the paragraph above and on every page you will notice that rather than placing home I put the keywords which I wanted to rank well for which were "make money free". It is always a good idea to place the keywords that you would like to rank well for in your nav bar. Another thing you may want to consider is if you would like to rank well for more than one keyword place a link on the bottom of your pages for example if I did not want to only rank well for "make money free" I could place a link to my home at the bottom of each page with the keywords "make money online".

Anchoring on site links is only one aspect of utilizing anchor tags when trying to rank well within the SERPs. When you begin building links whether it be through articles, commenting, or forums you should be anchoring the keywords you wish to rank well for. Something I learned a little while ago that has helped me drastically in the SERPs was to rather than use the same keywords in every promoting platform it would be better to rotate 5 or 6. If we keep with the example listed above the keywords I would consider rotating within articles and other forums of promotion are make money, make money free, make money online, earn money, earn money free, earn money online, and others that follow along the lines within my niche.

One point that I feel is necessary to make is when you begin your link building campaign do not stray to far away from your base niche. If you notice in the example above I do not use online jobs, work at home, or other keywords that are to far away from my main phrase. You may argue with this, but let me show you the example of my work here is the copy and paste of the top ten keyword I rank well for and bring in the majority of my traffic:

1 make money free 6
2 make money online free 10
3 earn money online free 9
4 earn money free 8
5 make money free online 9
6 money free 9
7 free make money online 9
8 get money free 9
9 free earn money online 7
10 earn money free online 8

Now if you would like to test these out feel free go to www.google.com type in any phrase shown here and look for my website http://makemoneyfree.comuv.com. You will notice the results to be accurate, but since I am in such a competitive niche these results are always changing. Anyway this shows that if you stick with keywords that are close together you can rank well. Make sure you rotate them, personally I like to rotate the keywords for each forum I join here is a list of the top 5 webmaster forums for those trying to build quality backlinks. Anyway if you do this within your site and when link building you will rise in the SERPs.

I would like to go over some don'ts of optimization.

1st. Do not stuff keywords: I covered this when I went over the basics, but I feel that it is something that experienced webmasters sometimes forget. When doing the metas don't repeat any keyword or phrase more than twice. Within the content keep density below 10%, if you would like to test the density of your sites content here is a tool Keyword Density Checker. This will list any and all keywords that repeat and tell you how prevalent they are throughout your content.

2nd. Please and I mean PLEASE stop spamming forums, blogs, and other areas where webmasters are allowed to gain backlinks. You spammers are shutting the resources that webmasters have used for years to get backlinks. What is funny every hour I spend commenting on a blog is worth 100 of a spammers. I understand you want all the backlinks that you can get, but if you don't take the time to leave a interesting thoughtful remark more than likely your comment or post will be flagged and more than likely deleted. If your looking to spam use such sources as squido where spamming is fine, no body will go to your site if you don't offer any good comment, but at least you won't blow relationships with bloggers and webmasters (which are extremely valuable). Personally I can read a 1000 word post within 10 minutes and leave a 30-40 word response within 1 minute. So I spend 11 minutes posting on a blog whereas a spammer spends 1-2 minutes depending on how elaborate the comment is. My comment get accepted the spammers is rejected. My comment will lead to the blogger or webmaster comeing to my site and if they like it they may promote it the spammers comment ensures that if the blogger or webmaster ever sees that name no matter if they leave a good comment or not it will be rejected. So is it helpful to spam? I really hope everyone in the make money niche keeps it up letting me gain rank in the serps:)

Another thing that webmasters really should be doing is keeping track of there backlinks. Usually newer webmasters will not need to worry very much about this, but when your website begins showing up popular keywords such as what I showed you up above if you keep a good eye on your backlinks more than likely you will see some that you did not place and are placed on websites that allow auto submission and who's purpose if strictly for growing backlinks. You may ask what is wrong with that? If you have read Google's webmaster guidelines the site that I described above is the exact definition of a link farm and if the Google bot finds the majority of your backlinks coming from such places your site will be punished and you will lose SERPs position. Personally the only way I have found to combat such black hat techniques is first and foremost get as many natural high PR backlinks as possible my preference is using article submission. Second contact the webmasters of these link farms and politely ask them to remove your URL. Most of the times this will not work, but it is worth a try.

Well this post should help you rank well in the SERPs. Do not expect it to be the last I have plenty to say about SEO. Anyway if you found this useful I would really appreciate your help if you could give a link from your site or blog even a mention in a forum is helpful. Remember this is a do follow blog so leave a good comment (20+ words and is about the post) and you will get a free one way backlink. I hope you enjoyed this for my next post I will be building a list of do follow blogs.