Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts On Backlinks

Two things decide your rank in google and those two things are Search Engine Optimization and Backlinks. For this post I would like to cover the importance of backlinks as I know them and how they effect rankings. Before I begin the post one thing that needs to be pointed out is backlinks is not the solution to your problems, but only one step towards success. You need to build as many as possible spending at least six hours daily promoting and building up backlinks to see results. Also there are a couple of things you should take into consideration when attempting to market your website and grow the number of backlinks pointing towards your website. First and foremost for those completely new to Internet marketing a backlink is your domain name in the anchor tag on a website besides your own.

I would like to attempt placing an numeric value to the backlinks 10 being a backlink of the highest backlink and 1 being a backlinks with very little value.

10-Backlinks on a webpage with a high Page Rank, low number of out going links, and relevant to your niche

7-Backlinks that are on a webpage that has a high Page Rank, low number of outgoing links and is NOT relevant to your website

5-Backlinks that are on a webpage with low Page Rank, low number of outgoing links and is relevant to your website

3-Backlinks with a low Page Rank, high number of outgoing links, and are relevant to your website

1-Backlinks with a low Page Rank, high number of outgoing links, and are not relevant to your website

This should give you an idea of what you should be going for when attempting to get backlinks. One question I get all the time is "I submitted to hundreds of directories and social bookmarking sites and still I don't have any Page Rank and I am not listed in the first page of google for the keywords I optimized my site for what am I doing wrong?"

The answer to this is simple you are off to a good start. That is all a couple hundred submissions is, think about it there is over a billion websites that are all competing for visitors and just because you did some basic website advertising and optimization you think there is not a thousand other websites like yours that did the exact same thing? If you want to become a successful website marketer you need to keep going join the major webmaster forums to keep track of google and the newest marketing techniques. These are also excellent resources if your looking for lists of sites such as directories, press release sites, and other types of marketing websites. The two main forums I use to learn about being a webmaster is and If you get on these two they will greatly enhance your ability to effectively run a website/blog and help you learn the best ways to market. You should also be following blogs such as this one to learn the concepts of marketing a website effectively.

Before I give you some resources to gain backlinks I would like to go over the myth that every link back to your website is helpful. This is completely wrong and if your link is found on websites that are considered link farms google will actually punish your site by pushing it down in the serps or deindex it entirely. A link farm is any website that allows you to place a link on it for the only purpose of raising their website in google serps. Stay away from any website that looks like it is full of spam these are what google considers the "bad places" and they will bring you down. Fill your site with usefull content keeping it updated regularly and build links naturally nice and slow around 100 daily or so. Also another stupid thing to do is buy 50,000 backlinks google will see the jump instantly and your website will be de indexed or pushed down into the index where you will never see a visitor. If you want to build backlinks naturally I will help you out here is a few ways to do so in a manner which is consistant to what google allows.

1. Free Directories that are SEO friendly>> here is 900 free directories that do not allow auto posts only manual. Also submit your website to and yahoos directory.

2. Social Bookmarking>>
here is a list of the top twenty social bookmarking sites that are ranked very well and will help you get indexed quickly as well as gain some high quality backlinks.

3. Blog Commenting>> Here is a directory full of do follow blogs. I will go into do follow and no follow when I begin covering SEO.

4. Begin a Blog this will help you in many ways you can link back to your site like this>> Guess what I just gained a free backlink:)

5. Forum Posting-Now this one is a little tricky you need to know bb code for your signiture link. Go to your user cp after signing up for the forum and after you have finished the mandatory posts to get a signiture you will be able to place a link in both v7n which has a mandatory post of 50 before allowing signitures and Digital Point which has a mandatory post of 10 I think. Anyway once you reach the mandatory post use bb code to place your link in your signiture which you can do like this [url][/url] or if you would like to place keywords you can do it like this [url="">Make Money Free[/url] place that in the forum and not only will you increase your backlinks but also gain direct traffic from the forums.

Anyway this post should give you a good start on your link marketing campaign if you were expecting me to get into more specifics you will have to wait. I plan on going over everything from social bookmarking to who and how to exchange links. If you would like me to post about something please leave a comment anyway I hope you enjoyed the post:)


  1. Thanks so much for all the lists but more importantly, the explanations you provide; very informative.

    Alot of people just figure a backlink is a backlink regardless of how they go about getting it which included me. Now I know better.

  2. You are right, backlinks are important in helping you increase your site's ranking on different SERPs...however, just make sure that the techniques you use are legitimate ones to avoid getting penalized..just like the examples of techniques you gave..those are considered white hat so they are safe to use for your sites.