Saturday, May 23, 2009

Build Backlinks Free

Hey there I hope you all enjoyed my post with the 55 social bookmarking sites for webmasters. You should also be expecting a list of free PR 5+ directories and a solid list of free article directories with free PR. Anyways I have found an interesting system that I would like to share with my readers and I really hope you enjoy.

I understand that when any webmaster/blogger even uses the word system any surfers mind automatically goes to the red zone thinking it is a scam well this is different and to make sure you believe me I am not going to give you my referral link just the link to the site to prove that this is a system worth mentioning.

Ok there is the link now let me explain exactly what the system is and how it works without leaving any details out. Well maybe a few since I only submit articles to this system rather than building a blog that would receive constantly updated content. First off I would like to assure any new readers that I am not a new webmaster/blogger. I have a well established blog at and a website at which you can see a picture of me:) Anyways I have been in the online game for a while and I understand how hard it is to find good quality backlinks.

When you first sign up for the free traffic system it is completely free and painless. After signing up there is two options to choose from first you can submit an article to their system. Now this can be a little tricky so I would like to try and explain it to you. When you look at the screen to place the article there are four text four text boxes. The first text box is for link 1 keywords. For my website I placed make money free and then hit enter and placed make money online. These were the two keywords I wanted to rotate every time the article was reviewed. Now next to the keyword article there is a link 1 text box and this is where you place the link you would like to point back to your site. I place and that is it for the first part. Now you need to decide if you would like to promote a different site or would like to stick with the link 1 and keywords 1 box. Personally I decided to promote this blog with the next link and keyword box. If you would like to do so place the keywords making sure to hit enter after each one. Ok now here is the tricky part the keywords you picked must have a spot in your article.

If you notice make money free and make money online are pretty much interchangeable and they have to be to fit into your article. Instead of placing make money free I type %link1% and this will let the system know where to rotate the keywords. So rather than type learn how to make money online or learn how to make money free I type learn how to %link1% into the article before I copy and paste it into the box. For my marketing blog I used website marketing and online marketing so instead of to succeed online you will need to learn website marketing or online marketing you put to succeed online you will need to learn %link2%. Now one important thing you can only have two backlinks per article, if you would prefer it to be to only one site then just use two %link1% in your article. Either way will work perfectly fine. So after you copy and paste your article with two %link% into it you should pick your blogs. To find blogs type in the some keywords into the input Keyword box under the article.

I usually just type marketing or business into the keyword box. What this input keyword box will find is all the blogs with that keyword. A big list will come up you are allowed to pick thirty blogs to post your article on. There is a little trick though to make sure your article is not rejected. There will be a bold title with one or more blogs listed, you are only allowed to post one time under the black headings. So after you click one blog move down to under the next black heading. Most only have one or two, but there are some with 10-20 different blogs under a specific heading. After you choose thirty then scroll down to the bottom and click submit. A moderator will look your article over making sure it falls into the specifications above and begin placing your article onto the blogs.

The Free Traffic System makes great strides to attempt to make these blogs not look like duplicate content and spam. One thing they do is only submit your article usually to one blog every 12 or so hours so it may take 15 days to get the full thirty of course they let you see when each article is posted to a blog. Another thing they do is let you rotate the words your link is shown as. I understand that this may not be clear and if it is not feel free to email me, but before you do they have a pdf file and a video that will help make things clear. Anyway I understand that it may take 15 days to get the full thirty links to your website what is nice though is that they allow you to submit unlimited article and though I am still new to the system both of my articles were submitted within a couple days they don't send a notification you will need to keep checking your stats page. I was extremely impressed with the system and wrote the webmaster personally telling him I would be more than happy to write a testimonial though it seems he has plenty. I would really recommend using this system while it remains free, though there is not mention on their website I really can't see such a useful website building quality backlinks on unique URL that are relevant to your site 60 per article remaining free for very much longer. Anyway if the PDF and video do not make it clear enough you can email me at or leave a comment. ENJOY

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  1. FTS is one way of distributing your articles to a number of article is great because it makes the over all process faster and more efficient...also it is used by other site owners so you need not worry of getting penalized.