Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome To Website Marketing I Hope You Enjoy

Hi, my name is Kris and I have been a webmaster for a few years now and the reason for this blog is to help newbies with their internet marketing campaign as well as bring forth some of the more avanced aspects of internet marketing. I will cover all the new trends such as social marketing as well as the more traditional link exchanges. This blog will be full of links as I find them and this will be the only place that I will be offering them. I also have a website Make Money Free, a forum Make Money Forum, and a second blog Make Money Blog. So if your interested in making money online these would be a better resource for you.

Marketing a website tends to be the most difficult aspect of being a webmaster/blogger and I feel this is do to the lack of understanding most have. Now I will not be organizing old posts since my thoughts will be changing as I learn more and it is hard to keep up with google. Please if you feel I am incorrect with my posts feel free to leave a comment I will make sure to respond letting you know my thoughts and observations.

First and foremost for those new webmasters remember Rome was not built in a day so don't expect to beat thousands/millions depending on the niche(category your website/blog is in such as business or technology) my niche is make money and I have been working on my website for about a year now and have not yet reached an held the first page for make money free. My competitors usually have upwords of 20 thousand links towards their site and so I have been steadily building as of now I am just passing the two thousand mark though I have submitted to well over a thousand directories have much more than a thousand forum posts with signitures pointing towards my website and a couple hundred articles. Which by the way I do offer guest posting and article writing for a 500 word article to go on your website or blog I will do for free as long as I can place an authors bio with one link back to my website if interested email me at or Remember take your time, if your starting a website in the hopes of making money within a year or a blog you might as well quit now since this is extremely rare.

Since this is my first post I would like to go over a key aspect of when you begin a website that alot of people usually do not do and that is to write a press release. If done correctly and your website is of interest to media companies then it is possible to rack up thousands of backlinks. One of my friends that is an excellent writer wrote 50 press releases and submitted them to free distribution websites and after three months recieved 23,000 backlinks off the press he recieved. My favorite free press release distribution website is Remember that this is only to get your feet wet and the majority of websites that do not bring something extremely press worthy and unique to their niche will probably only recieve a couple of backlinks.

When writing a press release you need to remember who you are writing to which is reporters. You will need to determine the most news worthy subject of your website or blog and what it brings to the web. Write the press relelase with a captivating caption at the top, for this blog I would put something like Revealed: The Hidden Secrets Of Online Marketing. Then I would go into the description of the blog where I would give an overview of why a story would be worthy to cover me. Make sure to use a word processing or some type of online application that can spellcheck your release. Nothing turns off a reporter quicker than seeing a word mispelled and bad grammer. Now if you you really think your website or blog has usefull information for visitors and is an asset to the web take the time to submit to 50 or so more. Thats right her is a good list, I would recommend writing a few releases that would help promote your website anyway here is the list>>

Well I hope you enjoyed the post I would like to offer the choice to you for my next post. I was either thinking of covering blog commenting where I will give you a directory that is do follow as well as a do follow blog search engine or directories which I have a list of well over 6 thousand free directories to submit to. Anyway leave a comment if you have a preference if not I guess I will choose next week.


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