Thursday, May 28, 2009

Market Your Image

Back again for another post. For the past few days I have been thinking of how to put this post together. I knew what I wanted to post about, but I was not sure exactly the correct way to do so. It finally came together when I began reading some of Grizzles posts over at Now after learning the basics to online marketing such as SEO and building quality backlinks the traffic begins to come in. What then?

Well as a visitor arrives you really need to make sure that you have an image and the image you marketed is fulfilled when someone clicks the link that you set up on a site and enters your domain. This is a crucial step in online marketing and should never be over looked. I really screwed up when I began my first blog at I began building a readership and was up to 50 readers with 50 or so unique visitors a day. The way I got there was through constant marketing and when I marketed my website I made sure that people should come to my blog because I was an expert on online marketing. Well this was not true then and I let my readers know. This dropped my readership to 5 and completely discredited me as a leader in my field cutting all of my earnings and making it difficult to rebuild my reputation. Slowly it is coming back up, but I feel my readership has been severely damaged to the point where it will take a very long time to build it back up. Anyway this brings me to my point, when you market a website or blog be sure that you make yourself the leader/expert in your field and do not tell anyone different. Is it true? Is it lying? Personally I do not think so. I feel that your an expert in your field if you say your an expert in your field and as long as you don't sound like a complete idiot and make sure your providing unique helpful content to your website/blog no one can say differently.

If you want to gain a readership to your blog there are a couple things you need to do. First and foremost post daily if possible this will make your blog look much less new if it is filled with content. I know this may be misconstrued as manipulation, but when we are online to become successful people need to believe in you and your product. This may mean you have to stretch the truth on your accomplishment how else can someone new to a field break through? Now a days I can truthfully tell my readers I make decent money this is because I used these techniques when I was new and had many people believe in me purchasing my products and signing up for affiliate programs I offered. When you want to become a "someone" in your field you have to act it. If you are able to keep the facade long enough slowly you will become the person to go to in your field and will be able to rake in on the profits.

Remember this does not give you permission to lie and/or use unethical practice when attempting to raise your SERPs position what this post is telling you is believe your an expert and portray it to your visitors and readers. Soon enough it will become true and then your online worries will be over. I hope this helped and please feel free to leave a comment it is do follow and I do allow you to place a link within your comment. I hope you enjoyed the post and will be back to read more.


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