Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 Ways to Increase Traffic without Spamming

When attempting to increase the traffic to a website webmasters and bloggers that are new to website marketing usually will do anything to increase traffic. The problem is when they hit the webmaster forums and begin reading articles on how to increase traffic backlinks tend to be the hot topic. If you are a new webmaster and want to begin building backlinks towards your website make sure to understand the difference between building a quality backlinks and placing your backlink where it will be considered spam. Before I share with you the way to increase your backlinks and therefore increase the ranking in Google’s index make sure to not go to these areas and begin placing your link without first reading the guidelines for advertising.

1. Link Exchange: The fundamental process that has been around since the internet began. You will come across websites in your niche (category of website such as business or travel) that would increase the value of your site because they offer something you do not. When you come across these websites email the webmaster and tell him that you think your website would be beneficial to their visitors and you feel his website would be beneficial to your visitors and ask them if they would be interested in exchanging links.

2. Press Release: Such websites as prlog.org will allow you to submit a release for free. The trick of getting valuable backlinks and press coverage is to write the release keeping in mind that it is targeted towards getting noticed by a reporter whether online or offline looking for a good news story. Make sure to use a catchy title then write the release about your website and why it would be worthy of press coverage.

3. Social Bookmarking: These are websites such as digg.com which the millions of users vote on websites and/or blogs. If the user enjoys your website or thinks it would be useful to others you will move up in rank and if you receive enough votes you will reach the front page where your website will be visible to millions of users that use digg.

4. Directory Submission: This is one that is highly disputed among webmasters on whether it helps or hurts a website’s placement. This is simple if the directory let’s you submit without a manual review it is a link farm. If the directory makes your site wait until it has been reviewed it will be beneficial in the SERPs. Now if you would like a list of 900 SEO friendly directories feel free to submit your blog or website to addurl.nu. I submitted to all 900 and have received a lot of good backlinks.

5. Article Directories: If you have a website or blog then hopefully you have decent English. There are directories out there that need your articles and will be more than happy to give a backlink or two. I would recommend using ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com both of which I have received plenty of high quality relevant backlinks from and traffic. Each article that passes review and gets published will not only give you a backlink, but will also help you distinguish yourself from others in your niche. If you become an expert then your word is golden and articles are one of the best ways to increase your reputation online.

6. Blogs: The creation which flipped the web upside down. No longer does someone need to know code to build a website. Visit blogger.com to get your free blog and begin linking back to your website. If you already have a blog then make another one and send yourself links just make sure there is some unique content so it will not be condemned as spam and removed.

7. Blog Commenting: Both of my blogs marketing-a-website.blogspot.com and makemoneydontpay.blogspot.com have the no follow attribute removed so when you post a comment It will send a link back to your website. If you would like a list of more here is a directory dofollowblogs.com. Now there is a trick that will make sure your comment is not rejected and that is to not spam the blog. When placing your name rather than just putting keywords place your name @ your keywords. Then when you comment make sure it actually has something to do with the post you’re commenting on. If you just spam then expect to receive nothing leave a good post and get a free backlink.

8. Guest Posting: When you begin diving into your niche you will come across thousands of webmasters and bloggers. Make contact and offer them a guest post. They receive good unique fresh content and in return will usually offer you a backlink.

9. Forum Posting: This is not only useful for backlinks, but if you join a webmaster forum there will be thousands willing to help you. The forum that I participate in regularly and has helped me increase my knowledge exponentially has been forums.digitalpoint.com and if you ask a question about marketing don’t be surprised if you see kbeus21 answer since that is my user name on the forum.

10. Social Networking: myspace.com, facebook.com and twitter.com all have the ability to increase your exposure. Now one thing that stinks with these websites is they are all no follow, but they will give you the ability to network with not only your visitors, but also other webmasters and help you increase your reach.

Well if you follow these ways and are persistent it will be possible to climb the ranks in search engines which will help you increase the amount of targeted visitors helping you make money online free. I hope this helps and if you have any questions then feel free comment on this post.


  1. I read your all post, it is really very useful, i can read your this post u can mention all the all the topic is proper way, but i can't understand your 8th topic of guest posting, can u explain me some more about that topic.

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  3. Mountain bikes when you become an expert in your field through forums and article writing it is ok to ask webmasters and bloggers if you can guest write a article on their site. When doing so make sure to place a link back to your site in the author bio. This is really more advanced and you should hold off until you are established in your niche.

  4. This is an awesome post and full of very truthful information. Forums and social networking have provided the best targeted traffic for me. Link exchanges I never had much luck with :( Keep up good posts like this!

    When you've become fairly well known in your niche (the subject that your blog/website is focused on), you may feel confident in contacting fellow bloggers in your niche and proposing a guest post. There are specific ways to do this, however, besides just flat out asking. If you just ask without showing any reason that person should allow you to guest post, it will probably backfire.

  5. I've tried doing all of the above link building techniques and they indeed worked! Before my site can hardly get in on SERPs 1st and 2nd pages but after using the techniques you've mentioned, my site moved up drastically.