Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little On Interlinking

Well for now I am going to get into the personal aspects of this blog. First and foremost I could not beleive the fact that this blog did not gain it's PR back with the newest update last week or the week before. I am not sure why or how, but the 1,500 links could not even provide a PR of 0. On the other hand my Internet Marketing Forum jumped up to a page rank of two and my website Make Money Online also jumped up to two page rank. My root domain jumped up to page rank of 1 without anything done to it. Yet this blog that had a PR of 2 months ago has had nothing the last two updates. I know some of you may be thinking that it got banned for some reason or another, but when I checked Google and Yahoo they showed that every post that I write and the main domain help their page rank. Personally I think that I have been marketing the hell out of my other websites not really having time to build links towards this page which is why. Either way I just wanted to catch you guys up if you have any suggestions please leave a comment on with the post.

Now when I say interlinking what I am referring to is the links from one of your websites to the others. This has been called a link wheel, but personally I like to only put websites in my blog posts or on my websites that I think will help the visitor to that presence. Now if I have a new website such as the one I have just began marketing which is called Free Web Traffic. This is going to be one of my bigger websites I started out with a four page website really basic just listing the ways to gain more traffic. It of course has links to the resources that I use, but what I am planning to do with it is add a few dozen tutorials covering the basics of SEO, Link Building, and Social Marketing. Now I wanted this website indexed quickly so I put links on everything I own and created a few different presences to support it such as a hub page.

Anyway all four pages are indexed though they don't come up for their keywords yet. The main income for this website will be Google adsense and now that is has been indexed I will be building backlinks very slowly for the next few months. If you are curious why slowly at first look at the post before this one called Overcoming Google Sandbox. I go over why they first few months should be a restful period only making sure that Google has indexed your website. Now after these months I will build a few hundred links and only continue building if Google drops the site. After these months I will then launch a full fledge internet marketing campaign to try and hit the top of Google. It is much easier to reach the top of Google with an older site and if the site does has age then it is much easier to hold a high SERPs position. I will with the link building be adding the tutorials to show Google the site is growing and becoming more useful to readers. After a while the traffic will stablize and I will know my set income. I am not planning on holding the top of Google for free web traffic or free website traffic since:

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

Has the number one spot and will not be going anywhere for a very long time. I will attempt to become second for the key terms. Anyway after I begin marketing hard I will remove the backlinks to the website that are from websites that are not in the same niche. If the website does not have anything to do with internet marketing or internet business I will not have a link to the free web traffic site. I only want relevant links that will actually help. Anyway I am going to attempt to gain upto PR 3 and the top of Google for this site with a constant supply of keyword filled backlinks. Please if you have questions on this matter such as when or how to link your websites leave a comment.


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