Monday, April 12, 2010

Moving This Blog

Well for some reason or another Google will not rank this blog. It is possible that it is banned or some other issues have happened. Anyway I am going to set up the exact same blog with the same set up. I am going to keep the old posts on this blog, but all new posts will be written on a wordpress engine on my own domain. Personally I feel like telling Google to bite me, but I guess it is not their fault they can't index the blog. I have never had the problem of having every sub page indexed, but the root URL not indexed so I am going to move. I will be spending the rest of the night setting up a brand new wordpress blog and I hope to see everyone over there for future posts. I will edit this post to add the link to the new blog.

Hey guys I have the URL though no content yet I will work on getting at least one post by tommorow:) Anyway here is the URL where I will continue this blog at my online business blog


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