Friday, April 2, 2010

Overcoming The Google Sandbox

This idea came to me recently after doing some searches for my newest website Make Money Online I found even though I have enough backlinks and content to show up my website does not have the time. So what I will be doing in the next six months to a year with this website is building a link or two weekly making sure the website does not get de indexed (Google thinks it is dying). I will add content on the wordpress blog I installed with the site maybe a post a week or so nothing real big just enough to let Google know it is growing. That is it "the big plan". Now it may not seem very big to someone that does not know about what it means to be an internet marketer, but if you know about Google you know they don't trust new websites. You must prove yourself with time and once Google and other search engines knows you are here to say then your marketing will not go to waste.

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For those new bloggers and webmasters out there here is some tips that will help you save time rather then waste. If you start a blog build a few hundred links making sure that Google indexes your blog. Over the next year make sure to post new and helpful content often, but do not worry about search engine placement or backlinks. If Google does not keep your home URL in their index then go ahead and build a few hundred new links to get re indexed. Over a years time you should have at least a few hundred good quality posts with great information. It is after this first year that you want to begin your link building campaign. This is the time to go all out and build thousands of good quality one way links that are optimized for your keywords. It is now the time to really attempt to take the top of SERPs for your niche and start building an income through traffic generation.

Now for a webmaster who has their website complete and ready to go they are not able to write post after post since they will not have a blog. For these people they will need to build a few hundred backlinks making sure their website is indexed. That is it they are done for the next six months to a year. Only check to see if your website is still indexed do not worry about traffic or position for a certain term. This is the time to let Google build trust towards your website. Now with a webmaster rather than writing hundreds of post during the wait they can build more websites which will increase their network and reach.

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