Monday, April 12, 2010

Tips On Blog Commenting

Well I run a few blogs some that I write for and some I just manage and enjoy the income for. One thing is I moderate all the comments on all the blogs. Now when you comment on a blog such as this one which has the no follow removed and allows keywords in the name box meaning you get a keyword targeted do follow backlink it is a good idea to actually read the post. If I get something like Great Post! Very informative I will return soon! I am going to delete it immediately. I have used comment kahuna which is blog commenting software and I know what general comments look like. If you want to get your comment published then first read the full post not skimming. Then take a minute to absorb the information and post a useful thoughtful comment.

If you really want to get your comment published then bring up something within the post. If someone wanted to comment on this post they could say "good post on blog commenting I did or didn't agree with taking time to absorb the information" or whatever part of the post you want to bring up. This tells me that you actually read the post and remembered at least one point brought up in the post.

You should also not be to concerned with if a blog has the no follow attribute or not. The point of blog commenting is not to increase your backlinks, but rather increase your network "who you know". If you were to comment on my blog for a while then asked if you could guest post by emailing me asking to guest post and including the actual post showing that it is done. I would of course give you full credit, but I would only publish the article if you had been hanging around the blog for a while. Anyway just a few tips.


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