Monday, January 25, 2010

I Love Twitter Tools

As you guys know (if you have been reading for a little while) I love twitter apps and tools. This will be a short little post, but full of some good info. First off one great site I used for a while was worked great for when I wanted to follow anyone that followed me as well as unfollowing all who did not follow back. This was my ideal site and I still highly recommend it to you guys. Now what sucks is for some odd reason twitter suspended access to this app so I was up the creek without a paddle. Well I found the Huitter replacement and I gave it a shot and found it worked great. If your looking for a tool to:

1. Unfollow anyone who is not following you

2. Follow those who follow you

3. Get a quick 20 followers per use of this app

Now each of these you can choose you don't have to do all three. If you would prefer to do one or two the app has check boxes which you can use. Anyway this is a great app I would really recommend you checking it out. Anyway here is the link~ Twitter Mutuality. Now I just started using this app so I don't have much experiance with it. From what I seen I like it, but if you guys notice anything fishy with the program please leave a comment telling me about it so I can investigate and perhaps retract this post. Hopefully it is as good as I hope and keeps working.

Just a bit of personal news my forum Internet Marketing Forum reached the top hundred for internet marketing forum on Google. I think as soon as it hits PR 3 I will be on front page. Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe (top right corner of this blog).


  1. This is good to know about twitter tools ,its really helpful ,great points given here and i will keep those in mind.

  2. wish I had found this blog before today. The advices in this posts are very helpful and I surely will read the other posts of this series too.Thank you for posting this. Your Blog is Bookmarked

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