Saturday, January 16, 2010

Working With Content Creation

I know this is a topic I cover again and again, but I found something quite interesting. I found that after I took all the articles off my site How To Make Money Online the traffic and SERPs placement dropped significantly. Now there are several bloggers out there that say content has nothing to do with marketing and the only thing that counts is backlinks. I find this is true to a point, but there are many other factors which should be taken into account before you build 100k backlinks to your site without having any content to back it up. One thing should be clear I am working in one of the most spammed niches and one of the most competitive. I have seen everything under the sun trying to get google to notice and few see the results I have seen. I have been on the first page for make money online and make money online free both well searched terms and after I took my article directory down I noticed the fall off the first page for make money online.

When I say content I don't mean a couple paragraphs per page explaining your product or affiliate program. I am talking about major constant content creation. On my make money site I had over 300 articles explaining everything from how to make money online to everything internet marketing. Google had indexed several hundred of my articles and began putting the articles first for the title. I have also created a couple of blogs and used The Free Traffic System to place articles on the blogs usually 10-20 a day. I had to stop since I was using free servers and they overloaded, but found extremely positive results from mass content creation. I have also created a forum which has had a slow start, but I expect to see grow at Kings Of Marketing which by the way you can ask me anything about marketing if you wish.

To end I would like to explain what I will be doing. Rather than focusing 100% of my time on building links to my website, blogs, and forum I will be spending about 75% of the time on content creation and the rest on backlinks. I do not want to sway your from your old backlink building ways, jut remember that people come to your site for something and usually it is your content so keep it fresh and innovative. Find new ways to create mass content whether it is from a blog which you allow writers to post on, a forum which users create your content, or any other means of mass content creation.


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