Friday, January 22, 2010

Running A Network Rather Than A Web Presence

Well I really want to speak about the importance of running a network rather than a web presence. First I would like to explain what my definition of a network. I think of your online network as more than one web presences working together pushing each other up. You can of course have more than two, but never less. Personally I started with a website at Make Money Free. I learned everything I know about marketing and running a website with this website. Finally I started a couple blogs including this one and Online Business Basics. I really enjoy writing so my blogs are doing quite well. Now I had these three things I started to see how I could market each one separately then when the time was just right I could push my website with both blogs. If there was a post I thought would bring in a substantial amount of traffic I could also update my site and drive traffic from my site to the post which would increase readership on the blog.

Well two blogs and one site would probably be enough for most people, but I really felt like growing my network and went with a forum. The first forum I created had 50 people and was somewhat active, but rather than running a free script I went with having the forum itself hosted on a free server kinda like wordpress free blogs that you can start with a free sub domain on their server. Well this sucked so I decided recently to try the whole forum thing once more this time on my server and on my domain using the free script phpbb (which you can find by doing a quick Google search or just go to Anyway the new forum I have been working on is an internet marketing forum called Kings Of Marketing. It has had a slow start, but members are slowly joining.

With the forum I have seen an major increase in backlinks for all websites which I placed on the template of the forum. When someone posts on a forum that post is a brand new page which therefore gives me a backlink and if the forum really takes off I could be looking at hundreds of thousands of backlinks. Now I did the same thing with my blogs which have helped increase backlink counts for my websites and also when I cross link the blog each post will give numerous backlinks to many of my different web presences. The last type of presence I have been working on is squidoo pages and hub pages. You can build these at Squidoo or Hubpages. These are excellent for creating a page either for link bait or to show case a product or affiliate program. The two pages which I have seen the most productivity is Free Backlinks and Get Paid To Take Surveys. Both of these are squidoo pages and both I have been able to raise in the SERPs so they have by themselves created traffic and income. Also they have their own page rank and have provided free one way links that have helped my other presences succeed within the SERPs.

After reading this you should be thinking of different places which you can create web presences and grow your network therefore increasing the chances of gaining new clients. I highly recommend making as many as you can making sure not to spam, but rather create useful content.


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