Monday, January 18, 2010

Understanding Press Releases


This post is inspired by questions asked on this blog. Now personally I have never paid for any of my traffic, but I do have a good understanding of paid marketing.

First you must understand how a press release fits into the internet marketing world. A press release is where reall world marketing meets real world marketing. Usually you will have a choice between either a free press release or a paid press release. This is one of the few charging marketing campaigns which I will endorse. If you spend money somewhere such as they give you many diffrent options. If you would like go to the site look at prices and features. I will go over some of the free options compared to paid options here.

First lets look at a free press release distribution. If you register for a free account and submit a free press release it of course costs nothing. With the free version they do very little for you the release will be indexed into Google within 24 hours (great way to be indexed) it will be shown instantly, but other than that it is pretty much the same as submitting an article to a directory. Sure you get backlinks, but they just throw it on their website and forget about it.

Now lets check out what you get for $30.00 (premium package). First I notice that the release will be indexed within Google in a hour rather than a day very helpful for those trying to get indexed quickly. Next I see that they allow an image and will send your PR to all of their subscribers. You will also be able to remove the ad links, the release will be added to an extra page, and you will be able to bulid a seperate page just for your press release.

Now for those who do not have the thirty bucks the free one will of course be the only choice. For those who have thirty, but were planning on spending every last dime on an adwords account think about this. What seperates a press release from other forms of paid advertising? Well a press release is for those wanting news to put on their website, radio station, and TV Channel. You have a chance being picked up by a news station getting coverage and from that thirty dollars rather than getting a hundred visitors you gain thousands. If you submit a good release that is sent to all the reporters and people looking for news and they like your story then you have a chance to gain thousands of backlinks by ending up on all the news sites and affiliated website (websites that take the stories from news sites and publish them on their site). This chain reaction can take an unknown presence and make it an authority over night.

Now this is the best case possible usually what will occur with that thirty dollars is a few hundred hits and a few hundred backlinks (which I can build within a few hours at The Free Traffic System). Remember you are trying to get the attention from news agencies so if you do not have anything news worthy stay away from these sites they will not help. At most write a short release and submit for a free backlink, but other than that don't expect anything if you have nothing exciting about your website. There are many other means in which you will be able to do well rather than news such as old fashioned backlink building. The only way to have a successful press release campaign is if your story is actually news worthy if so you may wind up gaining 20,000 backlinks of one story, but if it is like the rest of the websites just trying to get by then a press release will probably not help.

Anyway I tried to help those confused understand where press releases fit online. If you are interested in submitting one to a few free sites and attempt to get noticed by some bigger new agencies feel free at this list of List Of Free Press Release Distribution Websites. Most also offer paid distribution if you are looking for it. Please if you have any more questions feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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