Monday, September 21, 2009

Diffrence Between Social Networking and Social Bookmarking

The social media websites both networking and bookmarking have found a place in the world of internet marketing. I have heard theories from top experts in SEO and general internet marketing that Google and other major search engines are headed in the direction of using these as resources to figure out what is popular on the web and give the sites a bump up in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Of course these are only theories and Google right now is still using mainly older ways of figuring out who should be on top of SERPs mainly through determining authority through links coming into a website. Now even though social media websites both networking and bookmarking offer backlinks (most nofollow) they also offer referral traffic and enough referral traffic to provide a reasonable income.

Before beginning a social marketing campaign you must have an understanding of the different social websites. First and usually the most helpful to a webmaster or blogger is social bookmarking. These websites include,, and others. A brief description of a social bookmarking website is a community of people usually in the millions which votes on the websites which are submitted. If a website submitted to the community is well liked then the votes for the website if the quantity is enough will reach the front page of the social bookmarking site which will lead to a tremendous amount of traffic and for a while the website will receive a nice backlink from a very authoritative source. Social bookmarking is good for anything new, personally I use it for all of my new blog posts and if I create a new page on squidoo, hub pages, or a knol I will submit it to a few social bookmarking websites.

The second type of social media website I would like to discuss is social networking and probably websites which you are a little more familiar with. These websites include,, and Where many internet marketers go wrong is misusing these websites and rather than network with others they spam the hell out of them. This is not the correct way to market on social networking. The reason social networking is a great resource for internet marketers, webmasters, and bloggers is they allow us to really connect with people which can be potentially rewarding. I have found it very useful setting up guest posts, link exchanges, and other marketing endeavors using social networking. The number one rule of social networking is to connect with others not to promote your website. Now myspace, facebook, and twitter, all have different places to place your URL to your home page and this of course is fine, but if the only thing you tell people which follow you is to visit your blogs and website more than likely they will not follow you for long.

The third and last type of social media is blogging and cover pages. These websites include,,,,, Googles knol, and many others. This type of social media can truly make you quite wealthy just ask Darren over at Pro Blogger. These websites made starting, running, and making money off a web presence very simple and provided it all for free. I tell everyone even when they already have a website to start a blog in there niche. I just read on technorati that there are over 100 million blogs so if you do not have one it is time to start.

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  1. It's nice to come across your post..:)

    Nowadays, there are so many sites that function both as social networking and bookmarking sites...this is in a way good for us, site owners, because it makes it easier for us to promote our sites.

    Thank you for sharing this post and I'll check your blog regularly for more future tips and ideas.