Monday, September 21, 2009

Google Is Not Mean but Fair

While looking through the webmaster forums I see constantly titles that ask why Google has de-indexed a website or why Google has dropped a website deep into the SERP’s (search engine results pages). Usually when reading the post I notice that the webmaster or blogger takes what Google does to their website or blog very personally. Remember when this happens do not take it personally Google deals with millions upon millions of websites and a few months ago in their blog explained the true growth and size of the internet. They say the internet has reached over 1 billion unique URL’s. That is a massive number so next time something happens in Google remember that you are only one among a billion.

Now after thinking about the size of Google it is important to understand that you can reach the top of Google and not be de-indexed if you follow certain simple theories which will keep you on the up and up of Google. The first I would like to discuss is not doing anything shady and what this means is if you are trying to “trick” the Google Bot then usually you will be struck down and either taken out of Google entirely or dropped way way down into the SERPs. So do not do anything which seems like it is sneaky or anything that is spoke of as black hat SEO or expect to do poorly.

The next thing a webmaster or blogger should do is begin learning about SEO. This is the fundamental and basic process of building a website around being indexed appropriately into Google. Let say you build a website which sales hats and would like to rank for the term “buy hats”. Well on your homepage it is necessary to have the word hats and good practice placing the term hats and buy hats into a heading on your home page. This way as Google goes over your website they will see in big letters buy hats and know that your website has to do with selling hats. Now something which would be considered black hat SEO is if you put the term buy hats 100 times throughout your website this would be seen by the Google bot as you do not care if people can read your web page and you are trying to trick the Google bot into placing your web page above other web pages within your niche not by being a better web page or website, but by having a word repeat a ridiculous amount.

One other aspect a new website owner should think about is acquiring links which is the driving force behind the web. Gain links that are in your niche (category of website such as business or marketing) and gain links from websites that are authoritative which you can find if you download the Page Rank bar onto your Google toolbar so you can see the page rank. This will help you decide the best places to aquire backlinks and rank well in Google as well as other search engines.

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  1. I agree with you Kris..Google is by far mean and unfair because they are just implementing the rules and is our part, as business owners, to follow the above rules and terms to avoid being penalized or worst getting banned by Google.