Monday, September 14, 2009

Understanding Link Bait

One of the most powerful marketing/blogging aspects is acquiring link bait. First let us discuss the basic definition of link bait. Link bait is a media whether text video or other that is of a caliber that other web presences automatically link to it without any type of interaction between the webmasters. It is truly the driving force of the internet and separates websites and blogs that make it from those that do not. Now if your in the market for an internet marketing professional something that I strive when marketing for clients and I hope any internet marketer strives for is making sure that the client understands that paying for linkbuilding or backlinks in general is only a quick fix and will not keep the presence up in the SERPs. I have found it much better to spend time on first making sure the website I am working on is well optimized and second the webmaster is constantly striving to create link bait.

There are a few ways in which you can make something link bait. My favorite way to create link bait is to create a list which is not easily replicable. This means that the list must be a size that would take other webmaster quite a while to replicate I would say make your list of whatever it is at least 25 or longer. One good example of link bait that I have created link list format would be my Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites this took be about 15 hours or so to create and whenever I write a really good blog post I use this list to market it.

Making a list is not the only way in which link bait is created. If you become a phenom such as Darren over at Pro Blogger or John over at John then every post you write becomes link bait though this happens only to the very few great bloggers. Now I have made a little money online and the money I have made comes from the links which I have created on my own. This blog makes very little and the only reason I continue to post here is I absolutley love Internet Marketing. So the second way to create link bait is to become a well respected blogger read by thousands. By the way before I forget I am published on and the article was on linkbait. If you would like to read it go to How to Create Link Bait. I have found ehow very helpful in internet marketing and I hope you like the article.

The third way to create link bait is to write an article, post, or create a video so unique and informative that others link to it. Rather than spending so much time buliding links to your website search your niche and find something that is missing whether an idea or perhaps a presence such as a forum or other type of site and build it. I have noticed a lack of niche video sites perhaps this is an unproductive endeavor or perhaps you could make millions only time will tell. Anyways make an effort to find what is missing throughout your niche and fill the gap. You may want to call this niche marketing, but rather than finding a niche an only creating a website try to figure out what that niche is really missing and rather than doing a bland old website put forth the effort to find what that niche is really missing.

The last thing I would like to discuss with you is it is ok to let others know you have just finished creating a new presence post or whatever you just built. This is why it is good to build relationships with bloggers in your niche so they can blog about whatever you built. There are those on twitter who have thousands of followers these are excellent people to get on your side. Most social bookmarking sites have a community aspect that allow you to communicate with others. What this does is give you as a webmaster/blogmaster/forumaster the ability to make friends on a platform that thrives on voting you have a new post on digg + a bunch of friends on digg you will have a steady stream of votes pushing you above the rest. Now it is not easy and this can not be done quickly, but if you put in the time to realy build virtual relationships it will pay off.

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