Sunday, December 20, 2009

Everyone Needs Lots Of Links

I just got done building a few different websites. The two big ones are Edgar Allan Poe and my auto blog (I have not wrote one post:) whitehat Marketing. I noticed that both were indexed in Google within an hour and started getting hits within a couple days. The thing that really surprised me was the hits were organic. So I built a couple sites and did some basic marketing and within a couple days I was getting organic traffic (not alot), but a couple here and there. It took me a few months when I started my first site How To Make Money Online to get a "few organic hits", but days with these new sites.

I was sitting trying to figure out how I got this so quickly then decided it was everyone needs links. When I started the sites I placed links on all of my presences (around 40) ranging from PR 0 to PR 3 and that was all she wrote. This was enough to place me at the top of the SERPs for very low competitive keywords. I have said it before you need keyword anchored links to push sites to the top of Google.

So backlinks are the foundation of a marketing campaign, but what does this really mean. Well if you have videos on youtube it means for each video I recommend building at least 1000 links to each video. This will take quite a bit of time, but you will find it worthwhile when your hit counts are through the roof and subscribers are lining up down the street. When you put up a squidoo page guess what that means you should be building 1000 links towards that page. This should be done with all of your presences and the number 1000 is only a starting point. These links are what will seperate you from your competition and will really help you out when you need high quality one way links for your newer websites.

Now if your wondering where to get the links I have a list of the best places just scroll down this site and on the right side you will see "my best posts" there are plenty of places to get links. Personally the place that I get my links and the place which has pushed me to the top of Google fore competitive keywords is The Free Traffic System. I have used the system and it has pushed me to the top of Google for such phrases as make money free, make money online free, how to make money free, earn money online free, and many others. Anyway remember no matter what you should be building links and building them by the thousands.

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  1. You are right Kris, we need to build a lot of links but that doesn't end there...we also have to remember to always make our content interesting and informative so that visitors will keep on coming back to your website because they know you have something to offer on your site.