Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Auto Blog Is Kicking My Ass

For those who have been reading they know a couple of weeks ago I started an auto blog. It is called Whitehat Internet Marketing and over the past couple weeks it has been posted to over 300 times. I of course got it indexed within Google quite quickly and now I am surprised to find that the traffic is exceeding this blog. Usually I moderate 4 or 5 comments daily on this blog, what really surprised me is I am moderating 10+ comments on my auto blog. This has brought a new factor in my understanding of SEO and linkbuilding.

What does content creation have to do with rankings, traffic, and overall success of a website or blog? This is a question that has been surfacing ever since I have seen my auto blog start exploding within a couple of weeks. I am quite confused and really wondering if it is just a fluke or if it is the start to a great thing. I do have one theory and that is each time someone posts it gives an automatic link back to the home page. Like I said over a couple of weeks the blog has had over 300 posts and growing rapidly so I guess I will have a good control when I test what is better mass content creation or link building. Anyways I don't know much right now, but after watching this blog go I think I may be onto something. I will of course be keeping you guys up to date.

Now if you want a auto blog there is a couple things you need to do. The first is get free hosting then set up a fully functional wordpress platform on the server. The Free Traffic System is the website which facilitates the contstant publishing on my blog you need to sign up and follow their instruction on how to submit a blog. Everything is free and if you do it you will have a blog which is being posted to constantly and perhaps see the same growth that I have seen. Anyway I found this extremely interesting from an internet marketers standpoint and I hope you stick around to see how the blog does after a few months.

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