Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When Marketing Always Go Manual

There are many different ways which you can market your website and the majority of webmasters on the web today agree that building backlinks is still the best way to reach the top of Google and other major search engine sites. Building backlinks is an extremely tedious task and most will give up before they even begin seeing a payoff for their efforts. Others opt for the easy road which is the auto submitters,which of course leads their website being placed on very poor quality web presences which are link farms. Any website which does not have a review process and whos main priority is to increase backlink counts is considered a link farm. These are the type of presences which you should be avoiding when marketing and if they are giving you links for free and by the thousands then I highly recommend not using them.

If you would like to have a successful website then taking the time to submit your presence to each and every directory, article directory, and blog is crucial. The only exception I have seen to this rule has been the free traffic system which I have used and seen no adverse affect. On the other hand when I have used link farms I saw no positive affect on my website and luckily since Google only frowns on the links pointing out from a site I saw no negative affect. Take your time when marketing and if you are willing to put in the hours and submit to high quality websites then you will receive high quality traffic and start seeing a rise within the SERPs.

So automatic marketing tools are out (except for the free traffic system) what else is left? There are many diffrent places which you can gain both high quality links and traffic. First go to the webmaster forum v7n and Digital Point. These forums allow you to place a link in your signiture and will help you get traffic and links. When on the forum ask the webmasters in the community for a list of directories which they will give freely then start spreading your presence throughout social networking and bookmarking sites. It is also good to write articles and submit them to high quality article directories. My favorite markeitng is video markeitng (since I don't have to type) and one nice thing about you tube is they are in the top hundred most visted websites in the world so having a few hundred videos will bring you an audience quite large.


  1. Intenet Marketing is an effective way of boosting up your business. But to make it work, you must have an internet marketing strategy. And if you choose to proceed without one, you should stay prepared for a lot of challeges to hinder your afterwards. This is simply because, internet marketing strategy is as vital as the business plan itself.

  2. Internet marketing is not a get-rich-real-quick scheme. Gotta agree with you there, Kris, it takes time. It is only when you have the patience and the determination to go through all that link building and site promoting that you get the reward in the end. Something that the newbies still don't get.