Sunday, December 27, 2009

Big 100: What's Next?

Wow I started this blog a few months back and never thought I would reach the 100th post. Through it all I have gained thousands of backlinks for this blog and with your help. I have seen some of my websites grow into power houses taking over Google for keywords which net 50,000+ search volume monthly. I have created squidoo pages, a forum, a directory, learned wordpress and other PHP/MYSQL sites. Studied and spoke with the greats of both internet marketing and blogging. I HAVE EARNED MONEY ONLINE! How many people actually get the chance to pay their car payment every month with online revenue. After doing a couple searches I have been considered an expert in internet marketing and online business by some blogs and on forums. So what is next? I seem to be running out of diffrent ways to gain backlinks, content, seo a site, and master the web 2.0.

I guess I should keep you up on what I am working on. I just busted my but building a directory please submit your site for FREE at ~ Free Link Directory make sure to get your links in now because when it begins to gain PR I will probably stop letting free links in and require payment or recipriocal. Another thing I have been working on is having a constant stream of content for my website How To Make Money Online. You guys have seen my blog Whitehat Internet Marketing which is at around 600 posts. With very little marketing it easily climbed to the top ten for the keywords whitehat internet marketing because of the massive content creation. Well I decided to try the same thing on my site creating a sub domain. Anyway at this point in time it has no posts because The Free Traffic System has not yet approved the blog. By the way The Free Traffic System is where I have built around 5 thousand backlinks for my websites and blogs if you want to be top 10 you need to join. Anyway you can check out my new blog which I hope will be accepted in the next day or so at Make Money Blog.

So what should you expect from the next 100 posts on this blog? Well I am really going to focus on the basics which are link building, SEO, and content creation. With these three things you will be able to reach the top of any search engine and make quite a bit of money. I wish you guys all the best and thank you for sticking with me through my learning process.

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  1. Why hello there, busybody! You have kept yourself busy alright. You created blogs, squidoo pages, a forum and a directory, all that from scratch? I am impressed. I really am. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of genius to earn money online especially with the niche you have chosen.