Monday, December 28, 2009

Well I am Moving To Unlimited Hosting

Luckily not with this blog since I have not had a problem with exceeding bandwidth, but my blog Whitehat Internet Marketing on the other hand is growing at an amazing rate so I decided to not take any chances and upgrade from free hosting to paid hosting. I got a deal for 6 a month which is not to bad since everything is truly unlimited. It is a good feeling to be given unlimited access to a server. Anyways I just wanted to keep you guys up on what I am doing. Let's get into some e-marketing concepts.

First thing I would really like to talk about is keep changing your marketing plan. Google is always searching for the sites which are not popular and are being marketed only by their webmasters. To them these are bad sites usually and if Google catches on they will not give them very good placement which is why when marketing you don't want to beat a dead horse and be in a constant state of change. I personally really like exploring the social medias for new websites which allow you to either post a profile or a link. These are excellent opportunities to showcase your web presences and build your brand. If your looking for a list I have a post 55 Social Bookmarking Sites. Please take the time and build your profile on each one then submit all of your presences.

Another thing I would like to bring up really quick is when you are a blogger social bookmarking is your best friend. Most of these sites allow you to submit every single post meaning you will not get one link from high authority high pr sites, but many. Anyway submit each and every post to at least 10 or so major bookmarking sites.

Now with the directory submission don't beleive the new guys when they say this is a dead form of link building. If someone says this please call them out and say "YOUR AN IDIOT!" really you don't need to explain yourself. I found this out quickly when I built a directory for free ~ Link Directory. Now the personal results that I saw after the creation of the directory my serps rank for my site How To Make Money Online cut in half for the keywords how to make money online. I was 400 and when I checked today I was 212 still bouncing a little, but overall doing quite well. Anyway another example is The Open Directory Project which AOL works with closley and Google uses for info on websites.

Now to close I have been thinking of a couple posts, but I am not sure if you guys would like them. I was thinking of a How To Build Backlinks going over some diffrent resources which I use, a How To Upload Wordpress, or a How To Build a Directory for free. Anyway if you guys have any thoughts let me know also I could really use help with this blog so if you have a twitter or facebook please let your friends know. Thanks for reading.


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