Sunday, December 6, 2009

To The Top Of Google and Beyond

I really don't know where I got that title, but the discussion will be me talking about the different things I have noticed as I climb serp after serp. First off I am sorry that I have not posted recently I have been quite busy first finally getting around to a website dedicated to my favorite author Edgar Allan Poe and second building a internet marketing blog which is updated several times daily, but I don't actually write any of the articles Whitehat Internet Marketing. This is also the first blog which I have created on my own server with wordpress. Let me tell you if you are going to do this be sure you have some serious patience.

On to the discussion when internet marketing you are told build backlinks for a paticular keyword and you will rank well for that keyword. This is not the case all the time. One you need to research around and make sure that you can build enough backlinks to beat your competitors in that niche and second you don't always need to build for every keyword you rank well for. This second idea is where I got the idea for the post and is something which I am having a hard time understanding. I built thousands of backlinks for the terms How To Make Money Online and Make Money Online. Now I only rank in the top 200 which is what I expected thus far. What I did not expect is to be ranked in the top ten for keywords such as make money online free, make money free online, make money free, and quite a few others which I spent hardly any time with. I keep my rank on these and I am coming up on a few others which I did not expect as well.

So I have a couple thoughts on this. The first is Google looks through my site and associates keywords which I have not even thought of. Google sees that my site has a good amount of authority for a make money site and has the term make money online free in it. So they put two and two together and decide to place me on the top ten. Personally I find this very helpful and it is also I am sure the reason that Google is the number one search engine in the world.

So what does this mean to you. When going after terms go big. Go for the make money online which is a half million monthly search volume term or whatever the biggest term is. As you build the backlinks you will gain authority and as you build the authority you will rank for terms which you did not even think of. Anyway this is my little spill for today I will see you guys again soon.

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  1. I like your taste. Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorites. Top three that I like is The Gold Bug, The Pit and the Pendulum and The Cask of Amontillado. I went to your website and have taken a look. I am bookmarking it too by the way, hope you post all his stories.