Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop Forcing Your Visitors!

Traffic is a gift not a commodity it is something earned and should be treated with the utmost respect. As I roam the web time after time I run into "jerks" that make me do this or that before I get to read or acquire certain things. Guess what I do when a website tells me to do something; I click out never to visit that website again. Now if a website treats me right and lets me in to their info or whatever they offer without stupid hurdles they will usually get plenty of link love from all of my high PR websites and blogs. As an internet marketer I understand the want to gain a visitors email address or at least more info, but not letting a visitor gain access to your web page until they give their email (which most people fear because of spam). So rather than letting the visitor on their page these webmasters force them to give up their personal email and validate it. DONT DO THIS.

Now lets move into a discussion on how to make a USER friendly website or blog. First and foremost everything done with your presence should encourage visitor enjoyment and interaction. When visitors like coming to your website they will be likely to share it with others and after a while your stat counter will explode. You must be friendly and on social networking sites. Set up a blog so you can post your ideas and when people comment you can comment back actually setting up a discussion. Start a forum for the ultimate discussion and interaction platform I started mine using a free script at phpbb. Here is my forum if you would like to discuss internet marketing~ Internet Marketing Forum. Anyway your goal should be to have your visitors love your site and want to come back.

Now if your not a good web designer(making your presence look pretty) such as myself then look for free templates. Personally my favorite selection is at Wordpress they give you free software and many diffrent styles of themes for your blog. If your looking for free website themes I have always used Free Css Templates. I have found these themes exceptional when trying to get a good look for my diffrent websites. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post if so be sure to comment.


  1. This blog is of great importance to me as it has just answered me the reason for the slow business i was having. Now i feel the difference when i have given space to my customers.

  2. I am glad to help treat your customers as you would like to be treated. Would you like an advert email in your box everyday or once a month? Really ask these questions and you will be surprised on the increase of visitor activity.

  3. Very good insights. I see that in forums a lot. Free e-books, free software, free everything and when you go check their website, you can't help but feel like it's just your email they want. That is what totally puts me off.