Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Google SERPs Is Changing Big

As I continue to run check after check I have noticed considerable changes within the Google index. The first and probably biggest change is my websites and blogs not coming up high in the SERPs for closely associated keywords. Before if I typed in a keyword which was very close to a keyword I was building links for I would show up. For example I worked hard on the keyword make money online free and was showing up within the top hundred for make money online. Well I checked and now Google is not even listing me in the top 1000 for make money online. I understand that I did not build links for this keyword, but I was ranked high and the thousands of links that I built were closely related to the keyterm.

This is when I realized that Google is no longer guessing what sites should be ranked for which keywords. Before they would allow a website to rank high for multiple keywords as long as they related to the keyword which the webmaster was building links for. Well the change happened and now from what I am seeing you must bulid links for the keywords which you would like to rank well for. This means building links for every keyword or term you would like to rank well for. What will be nice is there will be less competition in the long tailed keyword department so keywords which have low traffic will be a waste of time for most webmasters and easily taken by the newer webmasters. This also means that you should not spend to much time only working on one keyword and really spread out your SEO and link building campaign to take all keywords which are associated with your main keyword.

Now this is only my view and I would love to hear if you guys have seen any changes in the serps.

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  1. Yes i have seen so many changes in SERP of Google and i think Bing is growing day by day and its good for search engine optimization point of view.