Monday, February 8, 2010

Someone Build A Guest Post Marketplace

You know I have been working and working on trying to figure out which diffrent NEW ways to market a website. Well I figured out one area online that has remained untouched and I feel can be a great new platform where bloggers find content. Now I spent a little while searching a guest post marketplace. Here is my idea (which I hope one of you make a reality). Take a forum, blog, or some other type of platform and transform it into a marketplace where bloggers come and post guest post opportunities. Then webmasters or bloggers come to the marketplace with articles and offer to give a blogger an article free of charge in return for a backlink. I think this would be huge and allow older bloggers to take a break while new bloggers get a little promotion and stat boost.

Now this will be a full time gig whoever starts this and should expect to work quite a bit. I as well as many bloggers would love to be able to get free content that is unique to our blogs for the price of one link and I would also be willing to write articles for a backlink. I think it would really take off in the blogosphere and should at least be tried. I know websites such as Constant Content have made it huge buy setting up a marketplace which content is bought and sold rather than traded for links. Anyway just something for you guys to think about I would do it myself, but as it is I am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of presences I already have. If someone decides to give it a try please leave a comment and tell everyone about it. Also if this has already been done I have been looking and looking so leave a link and I would be much appreciated.

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  1. I have tried doing some guest blogging before and it was really a refreshing experience not only because I was able to share my contents to different sets of readers but also I was able to meet new friends (especially the owner of the blog where I've posted my content) are right, I think it is a nice to idea to create a site like this, a site where bloggers can do guest blogging...anyways thank you for sharing the link of Constant Content..I'll surely check their site.