Monday, February 15, 2010

Focus On Your Brand

One thing before we begin is branding does not mean you have to have a multimillion dollar corporation. Anyone can build a brand around there web presence or name. Bloggers usually specialize in separating themselves from the crowd so I will be using them as examples when discussing branding. Now the first blogger which built their name from their presence rather than name is Darren over at Pro Blogger. Most people in the blogosphere has heard of Pro Blogger, but not the blogger behind the blog. He focuses on making the name "Pro Blogger" bigger than his name for a reason. This is branding taking the website name and making it well known. Now let's move onto a blogger who has branded his name. The blogger who sticks out in my mind when I think of who made a brand out of his name is John Chow over at Everything including the domain has his name in it and that was his plan to brand his name then associate it with making money online.

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Now lets move onto my thoughts on branding. The first and one of the most important factors when trying to brand your web presence or name is gaining the trust of both visitors and competitors in your niche. If everyone hates you then expect to do poorly and have horrible things written about you within your niche. When the average Joe types in keywords for your niche and a post trashing you comes up. Guess what happens when that guy visits your website, they bounce. Well this is why making enemies may get you backlinks, but it is a much better idea to get backlinks from friends. If you get a circle of friends going rather than enemies then you will find backlinks left and right. So be careful when interacting.

Now gaining trust from your traffic is just as important. It can and will damage your brand if you get caught lying and refuse to retract your statement. Whenever possible double check the facts of your content attempting to come as close as possible to the truth. The next and last step I would like to discuss when it comes to branding marketing and networking are key. You will want to build backlinks everywhere and anywhere that are both relevant and high authority. Niche directories are a great start as well as niche forums. Anyway this should be a good start for those who would like to build a brand.

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  1. Trust plays a huge role in any branding campaigns...once you've earned your customers' trust it will be easier for you to promote your products...also when making a brand for your products, see to it that you stand out against your competitors.