Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Internal Linking and Networking

When you build your first website usually it is depressing when the stat counter you have pasted says 0 day after day. This will usually be the case for about 6 months until you learn how to build free website traffic. There are a couple basic steps which you will need to learn before having organic traffic will even be a possibility. The first step is creating a web presence that has good quality keyword rich content. The second step is a bit more tricky and that is creating keyword anchored one way backlinks. Remember having good SERPs position is key when trying to learn how to make money online. This article is going to go beyond the basics and reach into the more advanced aspects of internet marketing such as creating backlinks by creating a user generated website therefore not having to create any backlinks yourself. I have personally used several means when doing this the most successful being a forum and the second most successful being a wordpress blog submitted to the free traffic system.

The reason I call this article networking and linkbuilding is I will be going over why you should be linking all of your websites together when trying to increase backlinks as well as providing your websites with a solid keyword anchored navigation. One mistake many webmasters make is after creating a website they think the work is done. I have personally found it is extremely difficult to be on top of Google with only one website especially if it is static. The most common websites on top of Google are websites within a network. There are many simple free web presences that you can build after the completion of your website that will help advance it higher in the SERPs. If you do not have a blog to help your website then visit blogger.com or wordpress.com and start one for free. If you don’t have the time to blog then squidoo.com and hubpages.com allows you to build single pages free and send backlinks to your website. Free scripts are also out there so even if you do not know php or other server side codes you can create interactive websites such as forums. I used the free script at phpbb.com to create my forum and found every single post that is made is another backlink towards a few of my websites since I placed links on the main template. The backlinks have really soared since I did this and my competition has to work overtime just to keep up.

The last topic I would like to cover is making sure to have an internal linking structure which promotes your website within the SERPs. Too often I have landed on a website and found they use the word home to point to their main index page. This is a huge mistake. When you create your navigation be sure to first have the link back to your index on all sub pages and replace the word home or index with your websites title or your most wanted keywords. You should also put the keywords towards your main sub pages in your navigation so they too will receive the SEO benefits.


  1. I think article marketing is really good,Glad to read this post,I appreciate it that you have shared so useful and helpful with the readers of this blog.

  2. Excellent post! Everything you've said is right on point! I've dropped the ball on using my primary keword in my subpages. Great tip!