Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothing New In Internet Marketing

Well I am officially out of ideas when I type into to google free backlinks and free traffic the only thing that comes up is my videos, articles, websites I know and work with, crappy programs, ect. You know I started a couple years back never thinking my work online would be in a new niche. Internet marketing has no black and white it is in a constant state of evolution. There are great programs one you have heard me talk of before which is:

Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free<br />Unlimited One Way Links

Which from one article gives you thirty backlinks published on blogs that you choose. Is it better than going from article directory to article directory? Heck yes and that is why I use this system rather than manual article submission. Anyway it is a great system, but what else is there. I have found something new which I think you guys will love it is called Comment Kahuna. Here is the link~ www.commentkahuna.com.

Now let me explain what this new program is about. Comment Kahuna is a browser and searches the internet just like your internet explorer or firefox. The diffrence is it was built for internet marketers and it's primary purpose is to search out do follow blogs. You can search for do follow blogger, typepad, keyword luv, comment luv, and more. They also offer an autofill feature so you no longer need to put your name, email, and comment though I highly recommend writing a comment relevant to the post since it will have a much better chance to get posted. Anyway go to the site and download the software it is good.

Now if you are missing some of the basics then ask questions on my Internet Marketing Forum. I have also created a good website to help those in need of internet marketing resources it is called Free Website Traffic.


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