Sunday, February 21, 2010

Learn From Scammers and Spammers

I hate to say it, but simply the only reason that these two still exist is their ability to market. In this post I will be going over both and how to accomplish using their tactics without going across into spam or scams. First you need to understand the difference between these two and exactly what each one is. A scam or scammer is someone marketing a product or service which has no actual use or value. The best example of this is a pyramid scheme which is somewhat like a affiliate marketing website the only difference is the affiliate marketing website acquires income from either advertisers or some other external source whereas a pyramid scheme makes money from the downline of existing members. I don't know if any pyramid schemes still exist and to tell you the truth I really don't care, there is tons of affiliate marketing websites though. One popular affiliate website is Amazon. Now the big one which I market and make most of my money is:

It is a survey website which gains its income from advertisers who are looking for gaining insight from customers and they are willing to pay for it. Now the reason I really like this survey site rather than others is first it is free to join. When you are out on the web trying to gain referrals for affiliate programs it is important that the site is free. Remember what I said about pyramid schemes they gain income from their members internally rather than offering a worth while service or product. Cash Crate offers companies a chance to see what their customers want by running surveys.

So before working with a company find out where it gains income and how long it has been around. If it is still brand new then you may want to pass. I found out the hard way spending time with a new company can turn into a big loss when the company goes under. I sent hundreds of people to a ppc website where they were paid to click on ads and read emails. Well a couple months later they went under not paying me or the people I sent. Just remember it is important to check before you jump in head first.

Now spammers are the people who place ads anywhere. They are not bad people just really annoying since they lack internet etiquette. One thing they are decent at is getting links, but if they were more tactful their links would probably stick around a little longer. These are the guys who go to forums and rather than post useful content they post an ad about their company. It is important to learn from these people. They do work hard and got the right thing on their mind which is links. Now if you keep links in mind, but gain some etiquette you will be doing good. Go to a forum with the thought of getting links (this is fine), but rather than posting ads put some good content and place your links where they belong which is the signiture. I really try to teach people how to be good marketers at my forum~ Internet Marketing Forum, but I still run into those who go place their ads on my forum then leave. I of course delete any posts they have made making sure they do not gain any links.

One guy I warned about putting ads actually had the balls to put 30 or so more ads so rather than giving him a second warning I banned his email and IP. Don't let this happen to you forums are everywhere and are a great place to gain info and links as long as you put good content rather than crap. If you know nothing about the category of the forum then post a question and start learning. Once you have asked enough you will be able to post answers. Anyway watch these guys they both have something to offer don't follow in their footsteps, but keep their tactics in mind when marketing your website.

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