Monday, March 1, 2010

Increase Networking Whenever Possible

This post is for those who are in the web 2.0 and would like to expand their internet marketing campaign past SEO and link building into the world of viral marketing. As you begin your blog more than likely you will have a blank screen with big dreams driving the ambition to write. This will be fine for the beginning months, but to see your blog really grow into a well known name it will need recognition from many different industry leaders. For example everyday Pro Blogger has a guest post which is usually excellent. If you get your post read by 100,000 readers guess what you will see your new blog gain hundreds if not thousands of new readers depending on how well your post was written. This is seen time and time again new bloggers explode after networking with more established bloggers. The problem is new bloggers usually have no idea how to connect with these well established bloggers. This post will cover the different ways which I have gained guest posts and perhaps help you increase your chances of guest posting on a well established blog.

First things first when looking for a suitable blog to guest post on you want to make sure they have a large readership 20k + readers as well as decent PR (which suggests it is well liked and not brand new). You should also be check to see if the blog allows guest posts which you can check by going through its archives. So you have found a blog which is in your niche, well established, and allows guest posts. The next step to take is begin building a relationship with the blogger through connecting with twitter, facebook, and commenting on their blog. Be sure to tell them that they have an excellent blog and when the relationship is comfortable enough ask them if they would be interested in you guest posting. Then write up a post (make sure to make it one of your best) and send them a draft to see what they think. If they would like you to change a couple things be sure to oblige them.

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Now the usual rule for guest posting is one link back to your website or blog at the beginning of the article. You will usually gain quite a few hits and build readership if you guest post on a well liked and established blog. Like I said earlier it is crucial to post your best work when guest posting. Your readers are ten times more forgiving compared with readers who don’t know you so don’t make stupid mistakes. Anyway if you are looking for blogs to post on just do a search for your main keywords and type “blog” after the keywords. You will be able to find many different blogs in many different niches. Also being shy will not get you a guest post you must be willing to make the first move even if it means getting shut down. The worst thing that can happen is the blogger telling you to go to hell.

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