Monday, August 24, 2009

Google Loves Updated Content

I have said before that the driving factor behind the internet and SEO is backlinks. This is true to a degree, but as you see that squidoo and other extremely static pages no longer have a grip on the SERPs and more content driven sources are rising perhaps content is gaining importance on the placement within the SERPs. I spend a lot of time going over the videos on You Tube going over videos that discuss Google mainly the ones done by Google engineer Matt Cutts. (Here is a link to Matt Cutts Blog) Where he discusses many different aspects of SEO and Google in general.

After going over and over everything out there on Google one constant remains the same Google's main goal is to bring the best service possible to their users and to do so they need to bring their users the freshest, most authoritative, and all around best content possible. Now backlinks are a way for Google to see how the rest of the web reacts to a website. If the website is getting a bunch of backlinks from crap places such as link farms and other spammy places on the web then the website is probably not worth much the same goes for if the website is not getting any backlinks at all. Now if a website is gaining tons of great quality backlinks from very authoritative sources then Google should and does list it high within its serps.

The problem with this is people such as myself which knows where and how to gain high quality backlinks without actually having content worth the rank it is getting. In the past I could spend a couple months on a squidoo page and have it dominate the niche I created it for. I could push the page up past forums with hundreds of thousands of content filled pages. I could push it past the wikis and .edus through the pure power of link dominance. Is it fair that I could easily beat out these authoritative pages purely through SEO knowledge? Of course not and now Google has begun a change. No longer can a page be pushed through the serps through pure linking it must have a couple other things done to be able to dominate a niche.

The update of a website shows Google that you are not running a super static website where the content is old and out of date. Put plenty of fresh content on your website or blog. If you need content or are a content writer looking for backlinks I highly recommend The Free Traffic System (which is how I easily dominate niches within months). Using this will keep a daily stream of content to your blogs and since all the content is moderated it is guaranteed not to be crap. You can also of course use sources such as Articles Base for your content needs.

This next aspect of marketing is one kinda new to me as well as the rest of the marketing world. I heard about it on the free traffic systems blog which you have access to once you sign up for a free membership. Anyway they discuss the importance of fresh backlinks or updated backlinks. This could be a load of crap, but I think there is something to it. I have noticed when I do a little link building my stats increase dramatically. I would like you guys to give this a try if possible and let me know what you think. To do this you need a web presence which can be a page on Googles knol or a hub page and then do some marketing gaining a decent rank then stop for a month or so. Build a couple hundred fresh backlinks and see if your page rises dramatically or stays where its at. Anyways I hope you like the blog if you are interested in learning how to make money online visit my website make money free or head over to my make money blog. Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Kris
    Nice blog thanks for the information. Keep up the good work

  2. True, with the hot topic going around these days regarding 'real-time search', it's not a surprise that search engines want fresher content. It's always been the case, they want websites which are constantly updating and providing value to customers.

    CONTENT has always and will always be the king. However, the overall website needs to be updated often so that you can not only keep your loyal visitors interested but also search engines.

  3. Of course, if you update your content too much google will think there's something wrong with you and refuse to rank you well at all.

  4. Yea, if it's too often google won't even have time to spider your site before there's new info on it. I don't hear a lot of people addressing that issue.