Saturday, August 1, 2009

Build Links Towards Your Backlinks

Now this is going a little past the basic link building technique and should be done carefully because if you spend to much time building links for other backlinks you could potentially waste quite a bit of time, but I think it is still a valuable marketing aspect to discuss and should be taken into consideration when you begin a marketing campaign. Now the hardest part of building links towards your backlinks is choosing which ones would benefit the most from having the backlinks.

I will try to make this clear as possible, you should build backlinks towards any of your backlinks which you have total control over. So if you have a link on a blog which is not yours and have no control over the blog, post, page, website, whatever it is then it is pointless to build backlinks towards the page since at any time your link can be removed "especially if the webmaster values the rise of PR". Now let say you have a page over on or which you do have complete control of these are the pages which you will want to build backlinks for. You can place 20 or so backlinks on a page from either of these two sources then build the authority therefore increasing the strength of the backlinks on the squidoo lense or hub page. If you have a website and decide to start a blog placing a link towards your website on each and every blog post then it is a good idea to build backlinks towards the blog and each post increasing the authority of the backlink from your blog to your website. If you want to start a free blog I recommend starting one at and/or both have excellent free platforms which you can start a blog.

If you start a blogger blog or squidoo lense take the time and treat that web presence the same as you would a full blown website. This means taking the time to submit to directories here is a list of 2 thousand~, write articles for such directories as, submit to social bookmarking here is a list~, anyway you should really take the time and build the same backlinks that you would for a regular website. This is very time consuming, but will give you another authoritative high page rank web presence.

Now once you have a couple (for example I have 1 PR 3 presence, 2 PR 2 presences, and 1 PR 1 presence) then starting a new website or blog the process will be rushed. In other words it is very difficult when you do not have much authority online to build authority for an online presence, but if your running many diffrent places which have authority then starting a new presence you have the ability to throw all the authority you own at your new web presence speeding its rise through the SERPs and gaining Page Rank. This is why it is important to bulid backlinks towards your backlinks and build authority to every presence which you own.

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  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. You can do some social bookmarking in order for your site to become popular on the web. You may sign-up through some social networking sites for a greater chances of being viewed by the online uers.

  3. Nice post, Linking is really matters in eyes of search engines. Beside the link-building there are also variouse methods to improve you ranking.

  4. These are really helpful piece of advice..however, nowadays, most of the links on Squidoo have "nofollow" attirbutes...there is also some problem with Hubpages because they are now stricter when it comes to putting links...they now only allow 2 links per hub..but I agree with you on creating blogs on both WP and Blogger..creating blogs on these 2 sites really did a lot of help on my site's ranking.