Thursday, August 6, 2009

Backlinks Are Key NOT Content

Hey guys I am back for another post and after reading a little on The Free Traffic Systems blog and what they had to say about backlinks VS. SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) they make a great point. If you want Google page 1 for any keyword then having unique, quality, quantity, when it comes to backlinks will get you the top spot. For my backlinks I use two different ways link bait and the free traffic system which you can find in the side bar. Anyway there was another reason which I have thought that Google places much more importance on the amount of backlinks rather than the amount of content or freshness of content and that is Grizzly's blog which you can find by typing in make money online into Google and check that number #1 spot. Seriously he updates the blog "how to make money online for beginners" once a month if that yet still holds the tip top of my (and millions of others) wanted keywords yet has very little to no unique content and updates very rarely. So how does he hold the top spot and make thousands monthly?

This is what I have spent months searching and searching to find that he has interlocked with an elite club of bloggers where he is either in their blog roll or at the bottom of their page under link partners. Him and Court have aligned as well as others and every new presence they have becomes interlocked with others. The magnitude of this inner clicks link structure is flat out amazing. This my friends is how the top stays on top and defeats us who are not intertwined with hundreds of other top bloggers/blogs. Now as I go from blog to blog I notice that quite a bit of the backlinks are either from other blogs or from their own blog. This tells me if you want to have a top spot internal link structure is crucial make sure to have a ton of links (2-5) with your keywords pointing to your home/index. Then begin building links using the resources I have listed under "my top posts". Remember if you need content hit article sites such as Articles Base for content then make sure you place links towards your site at the bottom I have done this to increase not only internal link structure, but also my sites girth.

So as of right now we have everything to date pointing towards what Google is really looking at what do we do about it. We build link structures that blow any and everything out of the water. Something that I want everyone to do right now is start a new blog that is close to your website/blog niche. If you need content go to the site I listed above (making sure you keep the links of the writer you don't want to get nailed for plagiarism) once you have it up and running and are ready to add content either self written or from articles base bring up note pad. In note pad I want you to get 4-5 copy and paste codes ready which I will show you how to write the code now:

then either write or post an article and paste your link with the anchored keywords at the bottom or top of each article. Now if you would like to know how many times to do this check the site for the keywords you want in Yahoo's site explorer and make as many posts necessary to reach your top competitors backlink count. Then build 100 links towards the blog which you are making all these posts on making sure is one of the links so it will be indexed. This will be one way to not only match your competitor, but also surpass him in backlinks. Anyway it is worth a shot isn't it?

Here is a couple that I did~~ and both of these full of adsense ads and links towards my site and main blogs. I of course used articles making sure that when Google over looked them they would see more content then html. Anyway this may be the way to catch those who seem to be invincible. I hope you enjoyed the post:)

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  1. Is this technique ok with Google? I mean is this not considered as Black Hat SEO? I haven't tried this technique before and I have little knowledge on SEO techniques so I'm a little worried that my site might get penalized if I use wrong SEO techniques.